When I was 16 years old, my mother up and left my dad for some guy she met on the internet. I never saw her again.

My father acted as thought everything was fine, going to work and drowning me in presents, money, clothes, allowing me to do as I pleased.

Summer had just started and it was a typical Australian summer day of 36 degrees, I had just got out of the shower and put on my new bikini that daddy had brought me.

I had developed very fast, I wasn’t the stick figure, I was toned from doing a lot of swimming over the years, dark tanned body, long legs, long brown hair and eye’s that were a piercing green, my breasts were a firm  hand full, very perky.

I came prancing down the hall to show off my new bikini to dad who was sitting in his usual chair at the table with his coffee and reading the paper

“Daddy, how do I look?” I said as I entered the kitchen

“Oh princess, you look amazing, daddy’s little girl is growing up so fast, you are becoming a beautiful young lady. Your so much like your mother, when she was a little older then you are now”

“daddy, seen as I’m so grown up, can I have a friend stay the night to keep me company tonight while your at work pleaseee?”

For some reason (Unknown at that time anyway) I found that daddy was staring at me very weird, and looked very flushed,

“Hmm, I’m sure that will be fine princess, who do you have in mind?”
”Well I was going to see if Jenna’s mother would let her come stay over, they don’t have a pool and it would be fun for us to have a little swim and then watch a DVD”

“Sure honey, but you best call her now and see if its ok, if it is we can pick her up on the  way to the store to get some things for you’d tonight, That way I can also speak to her mother to be sure.”

“Okay daddy, I’ll call her now” I said as I pranced into the living room to get the phone.
As I walked back to go to my room to talk to Jenna, daddy looked very hot and sweaty and was breathing a little hard.

I got off the phone and came running down the hall calling out to my dad.

As I turned the corner to the kitchen, I saw my daddy with his hand down his pants, breathing very heavy and making noises.

“Daddy…..” I said as my thoughts trailed off to where his hand was,

Daddy jumped back with a startle and pulled his hand from his pants

“Princess…. I’m so sorry…..” he started

“Daddy what were you doing? You looked like you were in pain or something”
”Oh no baby, daddy was just doing something grown up’s do sometimes, I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t have been doing it, please princess, just forget what you saw, Okay princess?”
Daddy seemed a little bit angry, “Okay daddy, I’m sorry” I said as I started to get upset, in 16 years, I can’t ever remember daddy being angry with me.

“Aw princess, come here, why are you crying”

“I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to make you mad with me” I said as the tears started to fall.

“Honey, I’m not mad with you, daddy was just a little embarrassed that you saw me…. Well saw what you did”

“I don’t even know what it was you were doing daddy, why is it embarrassing if its what grown up’s do daddy?”

“Princess…. Daddy will tell you about it when you are a little older. So is Jenna allowed to stay?”
”Oh yes daddy, but she has to be home by 10.30am because she is going to her grandmother’s”

“Okay sweet pea, well lets get a shake on, I have a lot of things to do before I leave for work, so go get dressed, and we’ll go pick her up and go get some snacks and DVD’s”

“Okay daddy” I said as I ran up to my room, to get dressed.

I grabbed my light pink mini skirt and just threw on a net singlet, as I came out of my room I could here daddy calling my name softly from his bedroom.

The door was open a little so I peeked in; daddy was sitting there on the end of his bed playing with his pee-pee. He started pulling really fast and I thought he heard me as he called out my name again as ‘white stuff’ came out of his pee-pee.

I ran back to my room, not knowing what to do, a few moments later, daddy called out to hurry up.

The rest of the day went by with out anything happening, after daddy left for work, Jenna and I got our pillows and blankets to settle down on the couches to watch the DVD.

It was Blair Witch, and it kind of scared me a bit, Jenna fell asleep before it ended and I  ended up getting real scared, that I went and jumped into daddy’s bed to wait for him to come home.

All day and night I had been thinking about when I saw daddy playing with his pee-pee, and how it made my minni tingle and feel all warm and funny. I wanted to see it again really bad, I wanted to touch daddy’s pee-pee and have him touch me like the people in the pictures in his magazine I found hidden in his bedside draws.

I must have fallen asleep thinking about it, because I woke up as daddy was getting into bed at 5am.

He cuddled up against my back and I could feel his pee-pee up against my back.

I laid there so still pretending I was still asleep. Daddy moved back a little so his pee-pee wasn’t touching me, but he put his arm around my stomach.

I could feel the bed moving and daddy started breathing deep, I could feel his hot breath on my neck. Daddy ran his hand up my stomach to my breasts and started rubbing them.

Daddy started rubbing his pee-pee really fast and playing with my breasts

“Oh princess, you making daddy so horny just looking at you” he whispered while he started to moan.

My “minni” was starting to feel funny and all moist, I didn’t know what was happening to me. Just then daddy started calling out my name and breathing really hard again, then all of a sudden it all stopped.

“God I love you my baby” daddy whispered in between breaths.

I finally worked up the courage to let daddy know I was awake,

“I love you too daddy” I said as I moved my hand over my daddy’s who’s was still lightly rubbing my breasts.

My daddy froze, “princess, daddy is so sorry baby, I just….”

“It’s ok daddy, I saw you playing with your pee-pee today and I wanted to see it again” I said as I rolled over to look at my daddy,

“Can I touch it please daddy?”

“Baby, you cant, it’s wrong. Daddy shouldn’t have done what he did.”

“But daddy it felt so good, and it made my minni feel all tingly, can I just touch it a little bit like you were?”

“Rena baby, it’s wrong for us to do that, its something grown up’s do when they love each other, baby I can get into big trouble if anyone found out what I have already done.”

“I wont tell anyone daddy, I want you to touch me all over, you made me feel so good when you were playing with my breasts just before, and I love you daddy” I said as I reached out and took his pee-pee in my hand.

“Oh daddy your pee-pee is so big!”

Daddy gasped and pulled me into him,  “Hmm baby” he said as he lifted my head and kissed me long and passionate on the lips. “Baby you have to promise never to tell anyone about this EVER, or they will take you away from daddy and I will go to jail for along long time. Okay Rena?”

“I promise I wont tell anyone daddy”

“Okay baby, lay on your back for daddy, so we can get these clothes out of the way”

Daddy started undressing me, and kissing all over my body, making me moan,

“Mmmm daddy my minni feels all funny”

“Good baby, daddy’s going to kiss it and make it feel really good, but baby when it’s just me and you, I want you to call it your pussy or your cunt instead of your minni, and I want you to call your breasts tits, and daddy’s pee-pee his cock, ok baby”

“Okay daddy, make my pussy feel good. Will you put your pee- I mean your cock in my pussy like in the pictures daddy?”

“Oh god baby girl, we can do anything you want baby, I want you to feel so special.”

Daddy slid down and started licking my pussy, really slow at first, I started feeling really funny and in my pussy, daddy started sucking on my clit really hard and lightly biting it, sending a wave of pain and pleasure like lightening right threw my body.

My body started shaking and my breathing was really heavy, I was gasping for breath

“Oh god daddy wwwwhhatts happening to meeeeeeeeeeee?” 

Daddy just keeps on sucking and licking my clit as my body went into an orgasm spasm.

When my body started to come back down daddy stopped sucking

“Hmm princess, daddy just made you cum, do you like it baby?”
”Oh god yes daddy, it felt amazing. Can I make your cock do that too?”

“Yes baby, here daddy will show you”

Daddy laid down and told me to get on my knee’s,

“Okay baby, open your mouth and put daddy’s cock in your mouth, and suck on it like you would if it was an icy pole”

I put daddy’s cock in my mouth and started sucking on it

“Ohhhh god yes baby…. Suck your daddy’s cock…Mmmm that’s it baby, now use your other hand and gently squeeze daddy’s balls, yeah baby like that”

I kept sucking daddy’s cock and playing with his balls for what seemed forever (probably only a 30 minutes)

“Oh baby, daddy is going to cum very soon. Baby try and take it all in your mouth, Mmmm baby I’m gunna cum, get ready……Ohhhh god daddy’s Cumming baby, take it all, don’t spit it out, swallow it all princess”

As daddy started to cum, I let a little spill out; put swallowed most of it all down.

“Hmm baby you like daddy’s cum?”

“It tastes salty, but it’s yummy daddy. But my pussy is all funny again.”

“It’s okay Rena, daddy is going to play with it a little more, lay down baby, daddy wants to eat that sweet little pussy some more before daddy fuck you”
”what’s that daddy?”

“It’s where daddy puts his cock in your pussy baby and makes you into a woman, you want to make daddy feel good don’t you? And make your pussy feel better right? “

“Yes I do daddy, I really do, I ….. “

I lost all thought when I heard Jenna walking up the hall to the bathroom.

“Damn princess, it’s 8am, Jenna is awake, maybe we can take her home early, and finish a little later, quick get dressed baby”

I quickly got dressed and daddy gave me a big kiss, pushing his tongue into my mouth, he broke the kiss when he saw I was shocked,

“It’s fine baby, rub your tongue with mine, it’s how grown up’s kiss, I want you to kiss me like this when ever we are alone okay, baby?”

I leaned in and kissed daddy and pushed my tongue in his mouth, playing with his tongue. “Daddy it’s making my pussy feel funny again”

“Mmmm daddy’s going to take care of that as soon as Jenna goes home. Go on baby, get out there, I’ll come out soon and tell Jenna I have to take her home a little early because I have things to do”

“Okay daddy” I said as I started to walk out, daddy grabbed my arm and pulled me back, kissing me one last time “I love you Rena”

As I walked out the door I looked over my shoulder, “I love you too daddy”
When I got to the lounge room, Jenna was sitting on the couch watching the T.V.

“Hey where were you?” Jenna said as I walked over to the couch. “Morning, sorry I got a little scared, so I went and slept in my father’s room” I said a little embarrassed.

“You okay Rena? You look a little, I don’t know, red?

“Yeah I’m good, But daddy wants to me help out around the house and clean my room up, so he is taking you home early.” Just then daddy walked around the corner, “Yes Rena, you can have friends over later, IF your room is clean and you do all your chores, I’m sorry Jenna, you can come back over tomorrow if you like, you and Rena go get ready so I can drop you off at home.”

We all got in the car and drove Jenna home, as we left Jenna’s house, daddy put his hand on my leg. “Slide your panties off baby, daddy wants to play now, we have a bit of a drive” I lifted my ass off the seat and slid my panties off all the way, daddy grabbed them  and put them in his pocket, “I want these for when your not with me baby”

Daddy started rubbing at my pussy and around my clit, I got all wet very quickly and started feeling and orgasm building up really fast. “Daddy, I’m going to cummmmmm”

I started shouting. “Cum for daddy baby, cum hard Rena” daddy said as he rubbed faster and harder. My body stiffened and started jerking as my orgasm was in full mode.

As my orgasm slowed down daddy started to slowly rub again.

“Baby daddy’s gunna put his finger in your pussy and finger fucks you”
I nodded my head yes as I was still in heaven from my orgasm.

Daddy started pushing his finger in and out slowly, it felt really stuffed in my pussy but felt good, until daddy hit where my hymen was.

“Owweee daddy it hurts” I cried out in pain.

“I’m sorry baby, it’s your cherry, daddy is going to pop that in a few moments when we get inside when I fuck you with my cock, baby lay over here and suck on daddy’s cock, make it nice and hard baby”

I lent over and started sucking on daddy’s cock while he drove the rest of the way home.

“Oh god baby, daddy love you sucking his cock, your really good. Okay baby, hope up, we are almost home.”

I got up and put my belt back on, “Daddy can I put my panties back on now?”

“No honey, I want you to go straight inside, get undressed while your going down the hall and get on my bed okay baby”

“Okay daddy, then are you going to fuck me?”

“Oh god I love when you talk like that baby, daddy is going to fuck you until you cant fuck anymore, I need to feel my cock in your pussy so bad baby.”

As we pulled into the drive, daddy handed me the keys, I don’t think I have ever got insides so fast in my life. By the time daddy got inside and locked the door and came in the room taking his clothes off, I was laying on his bed fully naked.

“Oh baby you are so beautiful, open your legs, that’s it baby, open them wider, I want to see inside your pussy while I’m getting these pants off”

Daddy got undressed and laid on top of me, and started kissing me, pushing our tongues in each others mouth’s, daddy slid his hand between us and started playing with my already dripping wet pussy. My moans were muffled y daddy’s mouth on mine.

He finally broke the kiss when he saw I was close to having another orgasm.

“Baby, daddy needs his cock in your pussy now”

“Is it going to hurt daddy? Your cock is so big”

“It will hurt just a little bit honey, but then it will feel so good baby, and it wont ever hurt again I promise”

“Will it feel as good as when you were kissing my pussy daddy?”

“Oh baby it will feel even better then when daddy was eating you out. You ready”
”Okay daddy, I’m ready.”

“Baby, open you legs really wide, that’s it, put your legs around daddy baby, yes princess that’s it”

Daddy starts to push forward, the head of his cock just pushing inside my virgin hole, he is only quarter of the way in when he hits up against my hymen and I cry out in pain.

“Oh daddy, stop it hurts too much, you’re too big” I cry.

 “Rena, daddy just has to break you’re hymen, then it wont hurt anymore, just one big push then daddy will stop and let you calm down until it doesn’t hurt, okay?”

“Okay daddy, but do it fast please.”

Daddy slowly pulled out a little, and then slammed into my so hard and fast, ripping right through my hymen and hitting against my cervix.

‘Owweee daddy stop stop stop…. It hurts sooooooo bad” I said with tears streaming down my face.

“I’m so sorry baby, daddy didn’t mean to hurt you, I’ll go slow my princess until you feel better okay baby.”

In between sobs, I managed to nod my head yes. Daddy moved slowly in and out of my pussy, it hurt a little and felt very full, but was feeling pretty good.

I started to let out little moans.

“Oh is daddy’s little girl feeling good now aye?’

“Mmmm yes daddy, I want it harder”

“Mmmm god Rena, daddy wants to fuck you so hard and so fast baby”

Daddy starts fucking my pussy really hard, and as I tighten my legs around him, and pulling him into me to kiss him, he starts fucking me faster.

“Oh baby daddy is going to cum soon baby, tell daddy you want me”
”I want you daddy!” I scream in between moan and heavy breaths.

“Rena tell daddy you want him to fuck you and cum, come on baby tell daddy NOW!”

He said out of breath while pounding into my tiny pussy.

“Daddy fuck me, fuck me hard, come on daddy cum for me” I screamed as I felt my body start to stiffen as I could feel an orgasm approaching very fast.

“Daddy I’m gunna cummmmmm”

Daddy started fucking me so hard and fast I thought his cock was going to come out of my mouth, I could feel my orgasm starting as I started thrusting my pussy up and grinding on my daddy.

“FUCK ME DADDY I’M CUMMMMMINNNNGGGG FUCK ME FUCK ME DADDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!!”  I started screaming as my body went into convulsion’s through one of the biggest orgasm’s I have ever had in my life continued.

“I’m cumming baby, daddy’s gunna cum in you’re sweet little pussy”

As daddy started to pound harder as he shot his hot load of cum in my pussy, another orgasm hit which left me breathless. Daddy collapsed on top of me, “god I love you baby, I want you to be mine forever.”

“I love you too daddy” I said as I drifted off to sleep with my daddy’s cock inside me.

We continued to fuck everyday for the next month and a half; no one knew or suspected anything.

When I skipped my period I went and told my daddy, we got a home pregnancy kit, and found out I was pregnant with my father’s baby.

Daddy decided we needed to move where new could be together and where I could have our baby. Just before my 17th birthday, daddy and I moved to Dallas, USA, I was 4 months pregnant.

We acted as a normal couple around everyone we met and I stopped calling him daddy.

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy that year, and married my father the year after.

I am now 34 years old and still happily married to my father, we have 3 children. 2 boys, 17 years and 15 years and a 1 girl, 10 years old.  My father/husband is now 58 years old and has cancer, we have talked about a lot, and our eldest son knows I am not only his mother, but also his sister. Currently I am 8 weeks pregnant, with my 17 year old son’s first child. My father and I  have talked and have filed for a divorce, so I may marry my son. But that is for another story of the time my son came to my bed while I was masturbating. …..

If you want to know more, leave feedback, and I will tell of my story with my 17 year old son and of the 3some with both my sons J

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