Steve was getting really frustrated watching his beautiful daughter walk around the house in her bra and panties. Sharon was a well-built blue-eyed blonde who knew she was hot. She was the head cheerleader and had no trouble getting any of her handsome teachers into bed, whether they were married or not. Even the principal, with a wife and three kids, couldn't get enough of her.

The gorgeous girl was teasing her handsome father, deliberately working him into a sexual frenzy over her. He was going to be her top conquest and she wanted to really enjoy the challenge of breaking down his resistance. Sharon knew her beautiful mother Carol was jealous as hell over her and didn't trust her alone around Steve, but that wasn't going to stop the determined girl. She was going to do more things for her dad and give him more pleasure in bed than her mom ever could.

Steve was watching tv one day while Carol was out grocery shopping. Sharon walked into the living room and stopped directly in front of him. As usual, she was in her bra and panties.

"Daddy, do you like my new bra and panties? I bought them yesterday and I want your opinion. The bra is supposed to be uplifting and show my tits to their full advantage. The thong panties are supposed to barely cover my shaved pussy and make me more desirable."

Steve's dick started lengthening and hardening in his shorts. Before long the front of the shorts were tented out with a raging hard-on. The gorgeous girl didn't fail to notice it.

"Daddy, are you getting aroused over me? That's naughty. You shouldn't be having dirty thoughts over your own daughter."

Sharon was gaining confidence. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, then removed it. When her father's mouth fell open, she gave him a warm smile and removed her panties.

"Stand up Daddy. I'm naked, so you need to be naked."

The daughter was acting like she was the parent and her father was the child. Her dominating attitude was turning Steve on like crazy. Whatever will power he had was quickly weakening. He stood up and watched helplessly as his beautiful daughter removed his shorts.

"My god, daddy, you're hung like a horse. Spread your legs apart."

Steve's large fully erected dick was standing straight up from his crotch. Sharon knelt down in front of him in an act of worship. She moved her beautiful face into his crotch, then began licking and kissing all over his balls. The handsome father began breathing hard and had to do everything in his power to keep from cumming on the spot.

The sexy girl made love to her father's large cum-filled balls for a while, then she moved her full soft mouth to the bottom of his dick. She started licking and kissing her way upward, all around the steel-hard shaft. Sharon was working her way up a tower of pleasure, and enjoying every second of it. Her hands moved to her dad's firm muscular ass. She could feel the asscheeks clenching and unclenching with obvious intense enjoyment. She had her stud father right where she wanted him.

When she finally made it up to the head of his dick, Sharon licked all over it, then opened her lips wide and started sliding them down along the shaft. Down, down, down, taking inch after inch into her wet warm mouth and then all the way down her tight throat.

"Jesus christ, honey, you're driving me crazy. I'm going to lose my fucking mind if you keep this up."

Of course, Steve was also going to lose a huge load of cum along the way, but that was completely unavoidable in a situation like this.

Sharon was just getting started. She had every intention of swallowing every drop of her father's precious cum when he went over the edge. However, she hadn't planned on her mother coming home so soon from shopping.

Carol had entered the house quietly and had seen everything. Sherry was a conniving tramp just like she suspected. She had a fit of jealousy over her own daughter. And now she was frustrated as hell. She went into the master bedroom and took off all her clothes, then went to the dresser and removed a large vibrator.

The beautiful woman laid down on her back on the bed, spread her shapely legs wide apart, turned on the vibrator, and then headed deep into her own private world of ecstasy, leaving her husband and daughter complete freedom to explore and enjoy their own selfish world of pleasure.

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