Whore me out daddy, make me your whore daddy please!!!" I cried as I sank my nails into his back and I could feel his cock sink deeper in me and fuck me like the little whore slut daughter that I was. I could feel him slowing down as he probably thought "…this is my little girl asking me to fuck her, whore her out…". But I had done all my homework and I was prepared. I pushed him up from me, seriously looked into his eyes and said "Look daddy! I know you are a pervert. I've been in your computer and I've seen the dog movies, the incest stuff, the gang bangs, the S&M and yes even those very sick site you visit that involve sex/incest and snuffing. I want you to treat me like those slut whore in those movies. I want you to call all your friends over for a fuck party, I want you to buy 5 dogs and train them to fuck me all day long, I want you to do all those very sick things that get you so turned on." I said. Daddy tried to speak, but I put my hand over his lips and said. "If you don't use me like a worthless whore I promise you daddy I will NEVER ever fuck you again!" Dad didn't say a word, but I could feel his cock start to get harder inside of me. I laid down and pulled him on top of me. "Now are you going to fuck your 12 year old daughter like the whore she is?" I asked "Yes Becky." He answered. "Are you going to bring all your friends over to gang bang me daddy?" "Yes baby." "Are you going to dog fuck me and rent me out as a dog slut." "Yes honey." "Will you torture me just like those pain sluts in your computer?" "Yes baby." "Will you get me pregnant daddy? And if we have a son will you train him how to use me, his mommy as a fuck slut." He leaned over and gently kissed me on my lips "Yes honey I'll say yes to all of it, but only if….." "Only if what daddy?" I asked him. "You'll marry me." I looked deep into his eyes and drew him close to me and gave him the most passionate French kiss I have ever given anyone. "Yes daddy - I do." This time I felt his cock getting harder. He started to fuck me hard. I knew I had open a gate I wanted open - my dad's perverted imagination. He fucked me like an animal, like the whore I wanted to be, like the slut I was. "So you want to be a fuck slut my little girl, well while I'm fucking you I'm going to think of you fucking 30 - 40 men and them I'm going to cum inside you Becky. "Promise me you'll really have me fuck 30-40 guys." I told my dad. "Next week slut." Was his cry.
As daddy continued to pump me I knew he was fantasying about me getting gang fucked because his pace increased and I could feel his cock grow bigger and bigger in me. My dream of having one man cum inside of me, then another and then another, was only my dads wish away. I knew that he was going to use me from now on. I had given him permission to do with me what ever he wanted to do. Daddy love to see video of women being nipple tortured, of see them having many needles pushed into there nipple or through them, so when I felt he was ready I begged him "Bit my nipples daddy please, bit them hard!" He didn't hesitate; he took one of my tender 12 year old nipple between his teeth and bit down on it hard. I screamed with pain and pleasure as I felt his teeth sink in. With no mercy again he bit down hard except he was now chewing up and down on my nipple like a piece of cheap raw meat. "….held my arms back tight so I couldn’t move and give him encouragement to continue to torture my nipple by pushing them up into his mouth." I begged. He pulled my arms back so tight I thought he was going to rip them off, but I didn't care - I was his slut slave daughter to use as he willed. He then jumped to my other nipple and started biting it hard. Yeaaaaaaooooo. I cried as I felt his teeth sink into my tender nipple.
"Who are you slut?" he asked me in a rough voice. Panting with pain and excitement I answered "I'm your whore slut daughter - use me daddy in any way you want. If you want to kill me daddy do it….do it now if you want to. I want to be your whore daddy. With that he sank back into my nipple and bit even harder. I was were I wanted to be, from now on I was nothing but a piece of meat for daddy to use what ever way he wanted. But before I go on with my story let me tell you a little about myself.
My name is Becky. I'm a 12 year old girl, 4'-6", 85lbs. very fair skin with light brown hair and blue eyes. By the time I was 10 years old I was a complete perverted slut. I had done everything except SCAT. I just couldn't get into in. My dad was a pervert too, but he was a closet pervert - he thought no one knew. I remember when I was six years old I sneaked into his computer room and looked up his computer history. I saw he had visited the incest sites regularly, bestiality sites, group sex site, and S&M sites to mention a few. Poor dad was really into sick sex. I knew where he kept his passwords and I would regularly visit his sites when he was away. When I turned 12 I had already been masterbating to the thoughts of dogs fucking me, large groups of men fucking and using me, pissing on me, in me, drinking their piss, nipple torture, INCEST was a big turn on to me and something I wanted to experience." By the time I was 12 I was truly was a little sick slut, but I hadn't lived out my fantasies - I had just beated off to them. Only a few months after my 12th birthday did I see a real live man naked - and that was my dad.

Let me know if I should continue at a961169a@hotmail.com
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[#5571] pussypumpingcock ( 1229 days ago )
pussypumpingcock avatar I see you are good little slut..Hit me up girl!
[#53] Ranokal ( 1231 days ago )
Ranokal avatar I won't give you my email, but you should definitely continue this story.
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