I go to the rack of shelves where dad keeps most of his tools. On one shelf is a bag of colorful clothespins. I grab six and return to mom. One at a time, I pinch them on her sensitive flesh. One each goes on her stiff nipples. Then I tell her to spread her legs. I pinch two on each of her slimy wet pussy lips.

“Aw fuck! That is intense! It hurts but yet...” she gasps as a shudder runs through her body.

I go back to the shelves and find a roll of duct tape. I tear of a swath and cover mom’s mouth. Her eyes are wide and pleading. Her pleas rise, but are muffled, when she sees the metal ruler I take off the shelf. I approach her and force her to turn her back to me. I position her so that her lush ass is thrust out. “Don’t move.” I order as I raise my arm. I pause, making my mother wait and quiver. Fast and hard I cut the flat of the ruler across her butt cheeks. Her body stiffens and jerks with each hit.

By the time I land the tenth and final strike, mom is scream into the tape, twisting and struggling against the rope. She pushes her ass back as much as she can and pleads through the tape, and with her eyes. One last smack send her into violent convulsions of orgasm. She leans against the pole as I release the rope. When I remove the tape she gasps for air and breathes hard for several minutes.

“You realize, I am going to a hell of a time keeping your father from seeing the bruises on my ass.” she says in a winded voice.

While she is regaining herself, I take off my sweat soaked shirt but leave my jeans on. I surmise my mother has enjoyed herself so far and is ready for more. “I am sure you will find a way, it looks very nice too me.” I tell her, eyeing her battered, and welted ass. The full, shapely cheeks look blistered and inflamed. The are dark and scored with welts. “Get on your knees.” I order. Mom slowly sinks to her knees on the concrete floor. Her thighs are wide apart, the clothespins hang down from her dripping cunt lips.

I step up to my mother and open my jeans to free my rampant cock pole. Nothing is said as she submissively takes the throbbing shaft in her hands, and guides it to her mouth. In moments she is hungrily fucking my cock down her throat and using her tongue like a season street whore. “What a hot cock-sucker you are mom.” I groan. I consider shooting my cum in her mouth. Then I decide to play a little more with her first. Abruptly, I push her away. “Stay right there.”

Going to the shelves a get another clothes pin, and an old dog leash. Attaching the clip to the clothespin I go back to mom and tell her to stand and spread her legs wide. She does what I say willingly and without a word. I spread her pussy lips and pinch the plastic pin onto her exposed clitoris. I wait until her convulsions subside. I push two fingers into my mother twat. Her juices have welled up and overflowed her swamp like gash. Even her inner thighs are damp. “I think you enjoy what I am doing mom.” I tease. I pull my fingers out and, without a word, lead her through the house by the leash. She follows without a word, making a great effort to waddle and move as not to rub or put any pressure on her tortured cunt lips and clit.

Finally I come to the kitchen. “Get up on the table and lay back.” I instruct. I watch as mom carefully, and in great pain sits on the cold table top, wincing and gasping at the stinging burn. I search the kitchen for just the right instrument for what I have planned for my sex slave, who is my mother. There, in an canister on the counter, among ladles, spatulas, and long spoons is a bottle brush. It has a plastic hand, and a cylinder shaped brush of stiff, plastic bristles on one end. The bristles are a good inch and a half in diameter. “Hold your legs up.” I order.

The shame is evident on mom’s tan face as she hold her legs, her knees nearly to her tits. Her snatch and asshole are fully exposed. The clothespin jut obscenely from her cunt lips. They keep her gash slightly open. Her clitoris throbs visibly, compressed by the bright yellow pin. The cheeks of her ass look fuller, and have a pallet of colors like purple, blue, and various hues of pink.

I step over to the table and gently rub the stiff bristles over mom’s pussy, clit, and butt cheeks. Gasps and whimpers low from her throat. I use the bottle brush on my mother’s vagina and clitoris, slow and gentle at first. The stiff bristles scratch the delicate and sensitive flesh. Suddenly, I increase the speed and pressure, getting rougher. Her wet laps become red with inflammation as I scour her twat. A quick turn of my wrist, and I push the bristled end deep int mom’s vagina. Rapidly, and viciously, I churn the brush in and out of her cunt hole.

A whimper turns to a whine, then to a series of pained cries. Finally she yelps frantically, “Stop it! Please take it out! I am raw!”

I keep churning for a few more moments, twisting and shoving with cruel force. Only when she is gritting her teeth in agony do I yank the brush out. I gaze at my mother’s raw, red gash. It is puffy, swollen and inflamed. Moving in, I spread her cunt open, pressing the clothesline against her inner thighs. In one push, I bury my entire cock shaft into mom’s sore snatch.

Mom sobs, whimpers, and moans as I plunge into her with ramming thrusts of brute force. The knob of my dick punches against the back of her cunt. Each thrust forces a grunt from her throat.

As a thick, and heavy load of my cum fills my mother’s gash I continue to fuck her. Our mingled juices become a white froth. When I finish and pull out, I watch the frothy, white cream ooze out of her gash, drool over her pucker pooper, and onto the kitchen table.

“Son, I-I-I really have to pee.” she gasps, as she tries to regain her composure and breath. She still holds her legs up, though I have not told her to. After several minutes, she insists, “I need to pee.”

I tell her to hold it. I ponder whether to let her go or force her to wait until she pisses right where she is. I decide that she would make too much of a mess of the carpet. I order her to get up, and lead her back to the laundry room. I point to the cat’s litter box, “Squat over that and go.”

There is no hesitation. Mom goes right over to the box and squats low. Her knees are wide apart, exposing her twat to me. Her face twists and cringes in severe discomfort as a powerful spray of urine rushes from her ravaged gash.

While mom pees, I move closer. I hold my semi-hard cock at the ready. When she looks up at me, I blast a stream right in her face. Her eyes close, and her mouth opens. It is obvious that she is gulping as much of my piss as she can get, with great excitement.

Mom lays across her bed, exhausted. After the pee shower, I had taken her to the bathroom to clean up. The clothesline removed, I had use the bottle brush with hot water and soap to scrub out her cunt and asshole. This made her whimper in extreme pain as her shitter became as raw and inflamed as her tortured twat. I had shaved her pussy and crotch completely smooth. While she was still on the cold tile floor, I had rolled her over on her stomach and raped her ass.

I am at mom’s dresser. Opening one small drawer, I pull out all her bras and panties. I pick up the waste basket and throw all of her underwear in it. In the bottom of the drawer I find two plastic eggs which are connected to a battery pack by wires. This I toss on the bed for now. In the next drawer I find her stockings, panty-hose, and the black bikini. All the contents go in the trash, save a pair of white lace stockings and a pair of black fish-net, a black garter belt, and a pair of black lace, crotches pantyhose. She asks why I am doing it. “I want to see your ass, you’ll wear thongs, g-strings, if anything at all.” I reply.

I go to her and dad’s closet. I select out every outfit that will show off her body and make it easy to get at her tit’s and crotch. I hang them together. “Wear anything else, and I beat your ass.” I state. She timidly agrees.

My cock is semi-hard cock, but it is a little sore. I take a belt, and a couple bathrobe ties over to the bed. I tie mom’s wrists and cinch them to the headboard. I secure each ankle to the footboard, spreading her legs. One at a time, I push an egg into my mom, one in her shitter, the other in her twat. Turning the power dial to “high”, I say, “Have a good night mom, see you in the morning.” I watch for a moment as she writhes her waist and hips with intense pleasure at the vibrations.

It is around two in the morning when the urge to play with mom wakes me out of sound sleep. I go back to mom and dad’s room. She is laid in the same bound position, she is sound asleep, despite the buzzing of the eggs lodged inside her. I kneels on the bed and straddle her chest. My cock juts turgidly over her pert, conical titties. I lube my throbbing shaft and begin stroking and jerking my cock.

Mom is startled to full awareness. “What? What are you doing?” she gasps. Looking up at me, as I had purposely left her lights on to expose, and humiliate her as much as possible. She stares at my engorged cock as I slide my slide up and down it’s length. “You are going to cum on...” Before mom gets the words out, thick jets of my jism spurt out and splatter over her face, neck, and titties. As soon as the last drops fall on her chest, I climb off her and walk out again. Mom is left with my cum drying on her face.

It is about seven in the morning when I walk into mom’s room again. I am wearing a pair of fake leather pants. I had taken scissors and cut the zipper out so that only my cock is free. I found a black, knit ski mask and have it over my head. Only my eyes are visible. My mother is awake and stares at me with fear in her tired face. I climb on the bed and mount her, sliding my cock into her tight, swollen pussy. The egg is still inside her, the batteries have died. As I plunge my shaft into mom’s vagina, I grab her titties and squeeze them hard in my fists.

“Aawwww! Fuck! Your hurting me!” she whimpers in agony. Her head moves from side to side violently. “I’m so sore down there, my boobs, you’re hurting my boobs!” she sobs, as orgasm wracks her body.

In a few minutes I fill my mother vagina with a load of jism. I pull out and climb off the bed. Untying her legs, I tell her to roll over. I gaze at her bruised and welted ass cheeks. I pick up the metal ruler, I had dropped on the floor when I came in. Standing beside the bed, I blister mom’s ass again. Only when she is begging me to stop and writhing in pain and pleasure do I stop.

While we shower together, I make her bend over while I use the bottle brush on her cunt and asshole again. She weeps openly, “please, no more, I am sore. It burns and feels so raw down there.” she whimpers.

She is wearing a light blue tube top and a fake leather mini skirt that is really tight on her. They are things I found in her closet that she just never got rid of. I have her wear the garter belt, the fish-nets, and a pair of high heel ankle boots. She looks at herself in the full length mirror in the hall. “I look like a cheap whore.” she says. Then she looks at me, and realizes that was the idea. “You want me to go out in public like this?” she asks. The smack on her sore ass, answers her question. She shivers with pain and shame.

I can feel mom trembling in utter humiliation. Her arm grips mine as we walk through the mall. People, men and women, stare at her in lust and disgust. The outfit covers just enough, not to be obscene, yet shows off ever asset. The high heeled boots, with the discomfort of her sore crotch cause her to walk with an extra sway. Her hips and ass move sensuously. I purposely put my hand on her battered, skirt covered ass. We enter the pricey lingerie store and are met by a tall blonde dressed in just bra, panties, and heels. She looks mom up and down with a look mixed with contempt and sexual interest. After and hour of fittings, assisted by the blonde, we are ready to leave. I tell mom to use her personal credit card. She now has thongs and g-strings of animal prints; lace stockings of black, red and white; a black corset, and a leather body harness.

“She took every chance to pinch, poke, and finger me she could.” my mother says, as we walk through the mall once again. “I know she enjoyed fitting me in that harness, she pulled extra hard on the crotch straps and waited til my tits started to swell after she set the buckles on those straps.”

“Tell the truth mom, you’re sopping wet from it too, aren’t you?” I ask her out loud. She glances around to see if anyone heard me.

“Yes, and I itch, it is still sore, but there is an itch that is driving me crazy.” she says in a low voice. She does her best to ignore the tingling sensations in her anus and vagina. It only makes her pussy leak juices down her thighs, and step a little unsteady.

“Stand right here while I get the car.” I tell my mother. I sit in the car and watch her from a distance. My cock is already hard and begins to throb as I watch her pace uncomfortably. Men and boys are eyeing her with raw lust, women are glaring venomously, girls are staring and laughing. Finally, I decide to go and get her. I pull up slowly to the curb and roll down the window as if approaching a hooker. The effect is not lost on her, the look on her face is pure humiliation. A large group of people suddenly emerge from the mall. “Take out my dick and get to work.” I order. She moves without hesitation, both in excitement and a desire to hide shame from lustful eyes.

I drive through the city while my mother eagerly sucks my engorged cock. She is on her knees on the seat beside me with her ass in the air. I reach over, with my free hand and slide my thumb into her pooper. I then bury two fingers into her twat. A whimper vibes through my dick shaft. My mother’s snatch is a juicy swamp.

I pull into a wide, deserted alley between two abandoned buildings in the middle of the city. Turning off the car, I pull mom’s mouth off my cock and tell to get out.

“We’re going to have sex here?” she says, looking around nervously. “What if someone sees us?” I tell her that anyone looking will figure she is a hooker peddling her ass. Her face burns with shame. She meets me at the front of the car and stares in disbelief. “What are you doing?”

While the blond had been assisting mom in the dressing room, a redhead in a white bra and thong had helped me pick out a couple toys. Opening my jeans exposes the leather cock circling the thick root adjusted by heavy duty snaps. The cock ring makes my flesh pole jut out bone hard with veins bulging. I am sliding a sheath of heavy gauge rubber over the shaft. My mother’s saliva makes it go on with some ease. The sheath covers most of the shaft, but not the head. The entire surface of it is cover with stiff rubber spikes bristling a quarter inch in length. “ the redhead with the big tits and cute ass said it’s called ‘The Ravager’.” I explain as I pull the handcuffs out of my jacket pocket.

She gives no resistance as I handcuff her wrists behind her back, and bend her over the searing hot hood of the car. She awkwardly parts her legs wide.

I lift mom’s snug miniskirt up to expose all of her ass to the afternoon sun. The untanned parts gleams against her dark burnished thighs. Her inflamed vagina and puckered anus are obscenely visible. I waste no time, grabbing her wide hips I bury my entire, turgid cock shaft into her twat.

“Yes! Fuck me hard!” mom gasps in pleasure. The maddening itch of need in her sore and raw snatch is satisfied. In a matter of moments though, the spikes are scraping her tender cunt walls. Gasping and panting turn to pained whimpering and sobbing.

The sheath is covering the sensitive parts of my cock shaft. I am able to plunge and churn in and out of my mother’s vagina longer and harder with and steady motion. When her legs start shaking violently with fatigue and orgasm, I pull out of her cunt and stab my meat pole deep into her raw rectum. A shriek of intense pain bounces off the car’s hood. She strain at the handcuffs.

Hard, deep, and brutal I fuck my mom up her tight ass. I dig my fingers into her hips and butt cheeks. Each thrust pushes her against the hot metal, and bangs her knees against the bumper. The spikes of the Ravager scour at her tender, puckered shitter to a raw, reddened and swollen hole.

I groan loudly as a thick and gooey load of cum floods and fills my mother’s bowels. I saw in and out of her hard and steady until the last of my jism is inside her. Still embedded inside her I huff, “Here’s a little something extra mom.” A strong geyser of piss erupts and streams inside her shitter. A sob shame is the only sound she makes.

When I am finished urinating in my mom’s rectum, I pull out slowly and order her to hold it in. She stands upright quickly and clenches her butt cheeks, holding them with her hands. “Go over there.” I command, pointing to the middle of the alley. There is nothing for her to hide behind.

She carefully, and awkwardly steps to the spot indicated and squat low. She spread her feet as far apart as she comfortably can with losing her balance. It will keep her legs from getting wet. My mom looks up at me. “This would be easier if my hands were free.” Yet, in an instant a rushing spray of piss splashes from her twat lips onto the pavement. Suddenly, there is a second spray, one of piss cum and shit. She hangs her head down in utter humiliation, watching the fluids flush from her twat and asshole at the same time.

I stand over my mom and grab her by the hair to raise her face to me. “Clean it off.” I demand, putting my semi hard and sheathed cock inches from her mouth. She obeys, opening her mouth slowly to take it. When she realizes she has to do the work she cranes her neck. I tease her by pulling back a couple times. When I give in, mom dutifully suck the bristling shaft clean. Only when she is finished do I give her a piece of newspaper to wipe her crotch. “Get in the car.” I tell her.

More to come if you like

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