I have always enjoyed sucking tits. My mom and dad broke up when i was 5 years old and i was an only child. My moma nurtured me for years . When i turned 14 i was a full flegged tit sucker. Mom had some pretty good size tits and i bragged on them all the time and i could see her nipples get hard. When i turned 15 she ask me to eat her pussy . I did that 4 or 5 times a week.Mom finally got a man so i am on my on now but i still want to suck titties.I was stopped at a light one afternoon and a black woman was waiting for the bus so i ask her if she wanted a ride.Her tits were huge and she had on a halter top that didnt cover much. She got in with her bag and after a minute i said please dont get mad at me but you have beautiful tits.When i said that she laughed and shook her tits and ask if i wanted to kiss them. I said no i want to suck them. She suprised me and said pull over and you can. She pulled her top down and she had really pretty tits and i lend over and started kissing and sucking them. Her nipples got hard and i cum in my pants. She said your a tit sucking little bastard arent you. If you let me ill eat your pussy too. She showed me a side rode we could get out and let me eat her for twenty minutes . She cum in my mouth 5 times and it was good. I cum in my pants two more times.She gave me her number and told me to call anytime . Her name is lois and she lives with her mom and sister and brother. I called her the next day and i went to her house. She took me to her bedroom and had me take her clothes off to suck that hot pussy and those big tits.She had pretty large nipples. She had never had a whiteboy eat her out . Her mom came in on us and i didnt know what to do. She sat down on the bed and told me lois told me what you did and i want some too. She took her top off and her tits were as pretty as her daughter but not as big . She took her skirt off and had no panties on . Lois just got up and left and so i started kissing mom and sucking her tits and she pushed my head down to her pussy. Man it tasted good and she cum several times. I had to take my cock out and jack off i was so hot. Moma reached down and started jacking me off She had nice hands and i shot off real quick, Lori came back in and was laughing and ask me if i liked the taste of momas pussy and i said hell yeah. Well she just got thru fucking her step son so you just sucked his cum. As i looked beside her he was standing there with his dick in hand and told me to get on my knees. He came walking up and i looked at his cock it was huge. At least 9 inches and really big around. I couldnt resist so i got down and let him slide that cock in my mouth He did it real slow as to tease me but then he started fucking hard and fast and blowed cum all in my mouth. Well i never saw them again and really want to do that stuff again.

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