Always wanted to do my mom she,s not that bad looking a little stocky but ok,a mouth that could most likely suck cock all day,large floppy breasts great for sucking and fucking,a nice chunky ass for humping and old worn but very fuck able pussy.Anyway one afternoon she was over visiting and wanted to take a shower,told her go ahead,heard the water running ,she did not close the door all the way so I peeked a little opening the door more
there she stood naked I opened the door the rest of the way she jumped and said what are you doing I replied going to fuck the shit out of you her mouthed dropped she said no told her to bad get down on your knee,s and suck my dick,she said no gave her a light punch in the stomach she dropped to her knee,s,I forced my cock in her mouth and proceeded to fuck it,holding the back of her head rocking it back and force forcing my cock deeper into her mouth,telling suck it suck it good she cried but I just looked at her and laughed,told her I was ready to cum and she will swallow,forced my cock to the back of her throat letting my load loose in her mouth order her to swallow and lick me clean,she did I lifted her up and brought to my bedroom she cried and beg no please don,t
told her ,no sorry this was long time coming thru her in bed lay ed on top of her and shoved my rock hard ready cock into her pumping that pussy harder deeper and faster with every thrust,she cried begging for it to stop but the more she cried more I gave it to her fucking her felt so good didn,t want to stop,dumped numerous loads in her,then I started sucking on those big juicy floppy tits of hers god they were good,sucking licking bitting them,
I sat up and straddled her and began fucking her tits,propping her head just enough that I could get the head of my cock in her mouth too,then I just straddled her face and fucked her mouth again,my cock was good and hard she was still crying and in disbelief that this was happening to her,I flipped her over spread ed her legs and started to hump that chunky ass of her,it was nice and tight,I fucked it hard and fast and deeper with each thrust,you could
her my balls bounce off her ass ,dropped a load in her ass,went to the bathroom washed up a little and made her suck on my cock some more,she spent the night so I fucked her pretty much all night, when I go to visit her I give her the same treatment,love fucking her and having her suck on me,she is now my submissive slut whore sex toy, I make her come to me 3-5 times a week just so I can fuck her,what a great fuck toy

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