I have always wanted to have sex with a dog. I finally got that opportunity, when visiting my uncle's farm
this summer. I would go to the barn with him, and watch him as he did the milking of his cows with the
milking machine. I helped also by going to the chicken house, and gatthering eggs.
He had other animals also, like ducks, geese, two horses, and three dogs.
One dog was a Collie, another was a mixed breed, and the third was a large dalmation type.
I thought to myself, if possible, I will try to have sex with one of the dogs. I waited for days, before finally
one day, in the barn, I coaxed in the mixed dog, and with no one around, i started to play with his cock,
which in no time i managed to get all hard and stiff. He had quite a cock, about 7 inches I imagined...
I wanted to do something with him, so I sat with him, and played with his cock, then jerked him off.
Ohhh, did he shoot dog sperm out, all over the place, at least 10 shots of it.
That turned me on, and I had to have a fuck. The next day, after doing chores, uncle went into town
with my aunt, and so I quickly went to the barn, and managed to call in the dalmation dog.
He is a huge dog. I got him into a room in the barn, I quickly took off my clothes, and got naked.
Then, I sat with the dog, and began to play with his penis. It got reallly stiff and hard, he had at least
9 inches of cock, it was fantastic. I wrapped my hand around it, and felt it throbbing in my hand.
He was ready for a fuck, so was i.
I laid back, and opened my legs wide, and had him close to my pussy, he began licking it, ohhhhh
it felt so good, his tongue was driving my cunt crazy. I nearly did cum. HIs cock was really hard, and
he needed relief, so did I.

I got onto all fours, and kept trying to get him to mount me. He finally did it, he climbed onto my back
with his front paws digging into my sides, I felt him trying to reach my cunt. I grabbed his hard long cock,
and fed it to my vagina, ohhhhhh it begain to slide in, it felt so good. He was ramming it in, inch after inch,
I felt it at my cervix, and it thrilled me, he rammed on in, and past my cervix, i immediately had an orgasm,
feeling all that cock deep inside my cunt. No man had gotten that far into me. I gasped, wanting it more,
and more, begging that dog to fuck me. Ohhhh did, he fuck me, in, out, so deeply, he made me cum at
least four times, I felt his balls slapping my ass as he fucked me, fast, then faster, and then he was trying
to get his knot into me. I thought there is no way I can take that big knot.
He kept ramming, and fucking me, until I felt his knot slip into my juicy, wet, pussyhole, ohhhh shit, it went
in me. I could not believe the feelings, it was in me and his cock was now in my womb area. Never had I
felt such a thrill from a fuck. He made me cum again, and still kept pumping that long cock in..out, driving
my cunt wild. Then, with a big lunge, he drove all his cock into my stomach, knot and all, and began shooting'
his cock cream deep into my cunt., Ohhhh I nearly passed out with the feel of all that sperm shooting deep
into my womb area. It was heaven. I came again, as he kept spurting his jizz into my pussy.
He filled my cunt full of dog cream. Finally, he pulled out...and fell off me, I quickly got onto my back, and
opened my legs, as his dog sperm was now dribbling out of my well fucked cunt., down over my ass,
and onto the floor. Ohhhh he shot so much into me.
That was the best fucking I had ever had, and I would recommend dog cock to any female.
It is not only safe, and u have no baby from the fucking, but it will make u cum, and have so many orgasms.'
From now on, I am only going to take dog cocks up my cunt.

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