My mom is this great looking 58 year old woman.
No, I don't mean that she looks like she's twenty-two or anything. She's mature, on the full-figured side. But she's very attractive, has short silver-blond hair, dresses sensibly, and has a great smile. She and my dad have been divorced for about ten years now, and she has started enjoying her life, dating a little bit, but nothing serious
The two of us have a pretty good relationship, especially now that I'm older.
Lately, the two of us have started having a little bit of this teasingly flirtatious boyfriend-girlfriend kind of thing going on. It's just harmless, a kind of between mom and son kind of thing, is all. It's something that we both enjoy and have been kind of playfully - and a little daringly - encouraging of.
One afternoon a few weeks ago, she was teasing me about coming over to her house and "having fun with mom."
I laughed and said, "Sure, why not?"
We were just joking about it being suggestive, but mom seemed to find the idea a little thrilling, and asked me if I would find doing something like that fun?
Being honest about it, I admitted that it might be kind of fun...getting to do something like that with my mom.
I don't know if she was really expecting me to say that, even if just in an offhand manner. She blushed and giggled, and admitted that it might be fun, just so long as nobody ever found out.
I said that I didn't see how anyone would, just so long as we were discreet about it, addressing the issue from a practical standpoint.
She agreed.
So, teasing her, I asked if she felt like fooling around.
More blushes and giggles, and she questioned, "Like what? Taking off our clothes?"
I laughed and said, "Sure...if she felt like it."
Mom looked sort of modest, and said that she would feel self-conscious about her letting me see her naked, that she didn't have the best figure. I reminded her that I had seen her in a bathing suit, and assured her that she would look fine. I thought, pretty sexy. Well, with that little bit of encouragement, she agreed that maybe we could try having our clothes off together, just to see what it was like.
Instead of going into the bedroom, mom decided to go ahead and get undressed right there in the living room, since that was where we were. As she started to get undressed, I did, too. We ended getting naked about the same time. I had never seen her naked before, and I thought that she looked great! Her figured was very nicely sculpted, with large, full breasts and sizable nipples, and a dark, sandy bush of pubic hair. She appeared sort of modest, but as I stood there, I started to get a boner right away. My penis just went up, big and stiff. Instead of feeling embarrassed about it, I loved how that felt, having a boner in front of her. Mom sure liked the sight of my erection sticking up like that in response to her naked figure. I could see that she was sort of both surprised and flattered by my being aroused so easily by her.
We did this playful naked hug and a couple of small, affectionate kisses on the lips. While we're doing that, my boner is shoving up against her belly. She's telling me how nice that feels, and I'm telling how nice it feels having my dick hard with her, as I start to play with her bare breasts. I go ahead and kiss and suck on her nipples, which she loves. Then I experimentally try slipping my hand down between her legs. She offers no objection, and I'm playing with her clit, and sliding my fingers into her moist vagina. While I'm doing that, her hand is gripping and squeezing my boner, and she's telling me how wonderful big and hard it is.
Sort of throwing caution to the wind, I get her onto the sofa. Then I'm on top of her. We're caressing each other, do a couple more small kisses that are more generous and slightly wet. I'm moving on top of her and I get my stiff length into place and it starts going into her vagina. She gasps a little, and I go ahead and slide it all the way in. It's like this moment of triumph - having my dick in my mother's vagina, and thrilling her with it. The only thing better, is when I start fucking her, sliding mt boner in and out, slowly at first and with deep penetrations. Mom moans and I keep it up. I slide my hand down to play with her clit, which drives her absolutely wild. She tells me that she's about to cum. I help her have an orgasm Her face turns flush and she arches her back, and tells me to keep doing it. I continue to give her every inch of my boner, again and again while she's coming.
Her orgasm just seems to go on and on. I loving this, giving my mother this kind of pleasure.
Then I'm really excited as I start ejaculating in her. It feels so fantastic doing this in her pussy!
First time with my mom, but not my last time!

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