I had tried to meet up with some young ladies, but the dating scene during that summer seemed hopeless, lots of little teenies, but no one for me. I ended up at home most nights, stimulated by my mom's lush body. Since the first day home, I started to daydream a lot about my mom and masturbated, picturing big grapefruit sized tits in my mind. After a few weeks I was eager to get my mouth on her big nipples and my dick squeezed between the soft tits.

The crisis came when I received a little note from my college girlfriend, informing me that she had to call off her planned visit. Apparently, something had come up, and she would contact me later. I had to do something, I was twenty-two, and my pecker was a big enough problem, even without my mother's innocent teasing and stimulation. Maybe, I thought, I should let her see her affect on me; maybe I could let her see my cock pressing to be free from my clothing.

One day I came home early because a water line break made my building unusable. I found my mother taking her ease in the warm sun behind our house. She was dressed in a very daring, two-piece bathing suit that fit like another layer of skin. My mother was relaxing, reading a novel and sipping iced tea. After I changed, I joined her, wearing thin bathing trunks, to take in the rays, and, of course, to enjoy looking at her body. I was watching her and noticed that her boobs were much too big for her top and bulged roundly from the bottom while flowing out over the top. Looking at them was making me hard. I leaned back and spread my legs so that my mother could observe my swollen penis outlined against the fabric of my trunks.

I noticed that I was successful when I saw her eyes glance at my bulging crotch again and again. Meanwhile, I was pretending to be relaxing in the warm sun with my eyes closed. In reality, I was squinting at her. Just to be sure she got the point, I reached down and slowly scratched myself, running my fingers along my distended cock. Her eventual response was to touch herself, ever so briefly, after looking to insure that my eyes were firmly closed. Finally, she spoke out loudly, believing I was dozing.

"Kevin, did you put on any sun screen before you came out?" I pretended to be awakened by her voice.

"Ah... what? What did you say, mom?"

"I asked if you had put sun screen on, dear? Your skin looks a bit pale, and I don't want you to burn."

"No, mom, I didn't bother. Maybe I should go inside."

"Why don't you just put on this sun screen. I like you here, keeping me company." As she held out the bottle for me, I made a gesture indicating I wasn't interested.

"Here," she said. "I'll put some on you." She got up. "And maybe you can put some more on me, too." I stood up, and the thin fabric was hardly capable of concealing my erect penis from my mother. The front of my old bathing suit bulged out so that she could hardly avoid seeing my condition. My mother began by rubbing the oil on my back and shoulders and then on my chest.

She lingered on my chest, and I could see that she was looking down at my bulging trunks. I moved forward and brushed against her, and my cock rubbed across her slightly protuberant belly.

"Let me put some on your shoulders now," I offered. My mother handed me the bottle and slipped the straps of her top down her arms. I not only rubbed the lotion on her; I kneaded her upper back, neck, and shoulders, making her sigh with delight. I made sure that my dick brushed across her ass now and then. After a fifteen-minute massage, my mother appeared to be very relaxed.

"Let me finish you, dear. I need to put some lotion on your legs."

I handed her back the bottle and she knelt down. She began to rub the oil on my thighs and legs. Her face was, at times, only inches from my erection. I played the artless game she had employed and pretended that nothing was amiss.

My mother was spending a great deal of time on my legs, but finally she had to admit that she was finished.

"There we are," she said. "I think that takes care of everything." She began to rise up, but I pressed down on her shoulders. She looked up at my with a questioning glance.

"There is one more thing," I said. She stared up at me, waiting for me to continue. Did I dare to push this... Hell, yes! "How about a nice blowjob."

"WHAT!" she cried. She glared at me and said, "What kind of talk is that, Kevin? What do you mean saying that to me?"

"I mean it, mom. I'd like you to suck my cock for me. You made me hard, as you can see. I'm suffering now, and I need some relief." She stared up at me, her mouth hanging open in amazement. "Mom," I continued. "I'm not joking. I really need some help from a very sexy lady."

"You filthy pervert!" she screamed and tried to wiggle away from me. I dug my fingers into her shoulders and forced her to remain on her knees. She tried to pry my hands away, and, failing that, tried to strike at me with her little fists. Nothing helped her. I was much too strong for her to resist my muscular power.

"Mom, I know that you want this too. Don't make me hurt you. I love you too much." She stopped struggling and glared up at me. "Mom, I know that you have been very lonely these past few years, and you haven't been able to find someone. So I really think that we can help each other now."

"You are sick," she whispered, and she glanced at my bathing suit, still tented out from my cock. "This is incest; you know that. I don't want to do this. I don't!" I pulled her gently closer.

"Come on, mom. Be nice," I said. "We can amuse ourselves. We both need a little help right now." She was watching my bulge, probably wondering how big a dick I had. I heard her heavy breathing as she still made token attempts to free herself from my grip. Then I saw her hand reach up and touch my dick for a fraction of a second before she whipped it down again.

"No," she said firmly. I let go of one shoulder and got a good grip of her thick hair. I twisted it, making her grimace as I pulled her face closer.

"Do it," I directed. "Suck my dick." I twisted her hair more painfully. My mother reached up and reluctantly pulled my trunks down. My cock sprang free and wobbled lewdly in the air as she helped my step out of my trunks. I guided her face back to my cock and watched as she licked it, watching her tongue stroke up the underside from my balls to the purple head. Staring up at me, she took the head into her mouth, and I watched while her indented cheeks applied suction. I could feel her tongue swirling around, rubbing my cockhead.

"Oh god, mom, that feels so good," I moaned, finally finding the relief that I had wanted for so many weeks. "You made me so horny that I've had to masturbate every time you get me stirred up." I leaned down and unfastened her top. Her big tits were now free. One hand rubbed her shoulders, continuing the massage I had started previously. I was hugely excited by our incestuous act, and I could feel my semen begin to surge up. My mother was slurping on my swollen cock and both the sound and sight of her was extremely stimulating.

"Mom, this is so good. You're making me come so good." I didn't want this to end, but I really needed to find relief. I began to move my hips, driving my cock into my mother's mouth. "Ohhh... Ohhh... I'm coming..." I groaned.

My mother let the first shot of cum spurt into her mouth, but she quickly pulled my prick out and jerked me off onto her naked breasts. I watched my thick semen splatter onto her smooth flesh and begin to drip downward. She looked up at me, and I watched her let my semen dribble from her mouth and down her chin to join the drops on her chest. My mother slowed her hand and expertly milked my waning cock, making the remainder of my ejaculate ooze onto her fingers.

I was almost paralyzed from the deep feeling of the moment, and my hands now hung limply on my mother's shoulders. She rose up, glared at me, and fled into the house. I began to feel really bad, and very guilty, for making my loving mother service my uncontrollable urges. I had angered her; I was sure of that. Had I completely misread her? I picked up my trunks and walked slowly into the house. I heard the shower running in her private bath.

I went back outside and lingered in the sun. As I considered what had happened, I knew that I wanted even more of my mother. I needed to fuck her. I was going to fuck her even if I had to force her again and rape her.

Later, I got a call from my boss. The water problem was complex, so I had the next day off. I took a shower, dressed, and went out. Later, I returned with a big bouquet for my mother and left it in the kitchen. Expecting the worst, I later found that she had put them into a vase. Her only statement was, "It seems a shame to waste them." I offered to take her out to dinner, but she said she didn't feel hungry, so I went out for something. When I returned the house was quiet, but I saw a dim light under her bedroom door.

I rose in the morning and went to the kitchen. When I began to make some coffee, my mother came into the room. She was dressed in a bathrobe. I offered to make the breakfast, and she agreed to that along with my suggested menu. After eating, she went to her bathroom for a shower, and I cleaned up the breakfast dishes. Looking at her across the table from me, I had become stimulated from her bare skin exposed by her loose robe. Apparently, she hadn't learned yet, if she really had not meant to turn me on.

I went upstairs and found her bedroom door open. Peeking in, I saw her emerge from her bathroom wrapped only in a big towel. Boldly looking at me, my mother allowed the towel to drop as she reached for some underwear lying on her bed. Her pendulant breasts and the thick dark fur of her mound filled my horny eyes. My cock became a steel rod. I had to have her even if still worried about the consequences of my sodomizing her.

"What do you want?" she asked as she fiddled with her bra as if to put it on. I walked into the room. "What do you want?" she repeated.

"You, mom. I want you. I want to fuck you."

"You wouldn't dare!" she said, looking at me defiantly.

I immediately grabbed her and pushed her onto her bed. My mother lay there and glared up at me, as if to dare me to go further. Quickly, I shed the few clothes I was wearing and lay down next to her. My mother rolled away from me so that her back was toward me. I let my hand stroke her soft curves, admiring the soft roundness of her pelvis.

"You want this, mom. I know it."

"Go to hell, you mother fucker." she mumbled, but she did not pull away from my caresses. I wanted to take it slow, to warm her up to me. When I tried to roll her toward me so that I could mount her, my mother resisted. I yanked her over onto her back and forced her legs apart. Even as she was crying out for me to stop, I pushed my hips between her thighs.

I started licking and sucking her nipples, hoping to calm her down and warm her up more, but she continued to twist under me. Finally, tired of her abusive words and lack of cooperation, I raised my fist. When she saw my gesture, my mother became quiet, even though some tears were rolling down her cheeks. Her cooperation now allowed me to enjoy those magnificent tits and protruding nipples. I felt the pressure of her hands against me fade.

With the storm of my mother's resistance waning. I began to kiss me way down her body until my face was pressed into her plump labia and my forehead rested on the thatch of black hair that decorated her mound. Quickly, my tongue slid between her soft, pudendal lips, stroking her pink inner folds. I kept on licking until her hands found my head and pressed me into her cunt. This was the confirmation I had hoped to achieve. My mother wanted me.

Hurrying along, I moved up her soft, sexy body and lay on my mother while I pushed my penis into her hot, slick pussy. I found it so smooth, so wet. I started ramming my hard meat into her cunt. Now she was crying and screaming, not to make me stop, but to urge me on.

"Fuck me, Kevin. Shove that big dick into me. Your cock is to big; it's feels to great in me." Her hands wrapped around my back. Her legs lifted and clung to my waist, allowing me to drive my penis deep into her hot cunt. "Oh god, Kevin, it feels so good... It's been so long." Her hips began to rock against mine, adding energy to my own passion. My mouth locked onto her, and her tongue darted between my lips. I rolled her nipples between my fingers as she panted into my mouth. My lascivious dreams had become reality: I was fucking my mother.

My mother was enjoying the strokes from my cock and was lifting her lush hips up to meet mine. Suddenly, her pelvis undulated in a frenzy. Gasping and whining, my mother climaxed with her own son's hard prick buried in her cunt.

"Kevin... Ohhh... Kevin, my darling boy, Ohhhh... god!"

I felt the pressure building up in my balls as my mother's vagina gripped my thick cock, and I knew my own orgasm was seconds away. I rammed my shaft deep into my mother's pussy with long, powerful strokes, enjoying her vaginal pressure on my shaft.

"Ohhhh, mommmm... Ohhhhhh... Ohhhhhh... yeahhhh!" I grunted as I spewed my potent semen into her womb. Her mouth sought out mine and our lips locked. I pushed my cock far into her twat with each spurt of cum, sending it deep into her belly. I had never ejaculated with such force. I was certain that I had pumped her full of my creamy semen. When I felt the flow abate, I pulled out and turned around, urging her to take my dick into her mouth. I put it over her mouth and pressed the head against her lips. She didn't resist and opened her mouth, sucking my softening cock, still slick with cum and pussy juice, deep inside.

I lay next to her and pushed my head between her legs. I lapped mom's cunt while I fucked her mouth. I needed to taste her juices that flowed from inside her, and I started licking her cunt lips and tasted sweet, tangy juice. I started pumping my fingers into her vagina as I licked her clitoris. My mother rolled her hips against me as I fucked her with my mouth and fingers. Her body quivered soon, and her own hot cum exploded into my mouth, splashing over my face. I swallowed some of it too; it tasted great.

Turning about again, I started kissing my mom on her lips and our tongues mingled, allowing us to taste each other's cum with our mouths. Slowly coming down from the high of incestuous love, we savored our juices. I was so excited that I became hard again after we had lain together a short time. My mother discovered my early recovery and grasped my hard prick in her hand.

"My god, Kevin, you're insatiable. Thankfully, I haven't had my fill yet either, so fuck me again." She slid down my body and took my cock into her mouth while she fingered my balls. When she had tasted me enough, she moved up again and pulled me over, on top of her soft, feminine body. I inserted my cock into her juicy vagina, but this time without any reluctance on her part. Mom was smooth and slippery, and clearly wanted me to violate her. She had accepted our relationship. Now we would fuck as lovers as often as both would want.

"Yeah, baby, fuck mommy again," she whispered. Her breasts were crushed under my chest as I lay atop her. Bending down, I sucked each hardened nipple and licked her areolas. We were both highly aroused by our forbidden joining. Mom was breathing heavily, in spite of my slow pistoning of my cock in and out. I wanted this fucking to last long, to be more sensuous and passionate that the previous frenzied copulation. Fucking her was now easy; she was whispering lewd requests into my ear and pulling me into herself with her legs.

We fucked long and gently. This time I reached my climax and felt her body jerk beneath mine as I pushed her over the edge with my throbbing cock. She came by grinding her cunt up against me, and I knew that she was now enjoying our fornication. Once again I moved down her body and continued to drink her juices and eat her pussy, hearing low moans and sudden gasps from her mouth. She came repeatedly as her juices flowed out onto my face.

After eating her for almost forever, I got another hardon, but this time I was desired a sensuous, maternal blowjob. I brought my hard cock to her mouth, and she took it inside her without any hesitation. With her lips gripping my shaft tightly, my mother sucked me as expertly as any whore. Occasionally, she would pull my penis from her mouth to kiss the shaft, rub her lips and tongue on it, or suck and lip my balls.

When I came again, I exploded in her mouth, and this time mom swallowed each gush of my semen. I knew that she enjoyed my cum because she smiled up at me when she was finished. At last we were completely satisfied and were able to lie together calmly. I felt so drained, never having ejaculated so many times in such a short span of time. I felt depressed, not only due to my expenditure of energy, but because of having forced myself upon my innocent mother. I felt sorry for being so rough with her. My mother was gazing at me with a mixture of desire, love, and lust. We kissed softly over and over again.

She finally spoke to me and asked, " Why you did do this to me, to your own mother? Why?"

I replied, "I love you, mom, and your body enticed me, the way you flaunted it in front of me. I just lost control and allowed my libidinous passions to carry me away."

"By becoming obsessed by me, you lost control?" she asked. "Did you really want to do this?"

"Yes, I wanted you, and I believed that you also wanted me."

After thinking about what I said, my mother spoke again. "I suppose that I did want you. I sometimes wondered what it would be like, but I never would have initiated anything. Even now, I am still shocked by our incestuous coupling."

"I feel bad that I forced you, mom."

She ruffled my hair with her fingers and asked, "Are we ever going to do this again?"

"I hope so, but from now on, only if you want to also. I really want to love you more, and I promise we both will enjoy sex every time we do it."

My mother smiled at me and began to kiss my face. I knew that she was satisfied, and she would willingly be my lover. Since that day we have fucked almost every day. We sleep together in her bed every night, but I maintain my own bedroom for appearances.

My advice is to enjoy incestuous relationships if you ever have the chance to do so. There is nothing better than combining the love of a close family member with the love stemming from sexual attraction.

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