We had a normal relationship. She would tell me to do some chore or another and I would grumble about it. Just like any kid I guess. We didn't have a special relationship as I recall. We sort of passed each other in the hall or kitchen. Me on my way to my room and a porno mag and her out for the evening with her girl friends. On the holidays I would visit my father and his new wife Brenda. Bored out of my head I would listen to my step-mom tell me about some new bauble my father had purchased for her or the new painting they had acquired. I would return home laden with gifts my dad and step-mom had piled on me in an attempt to buy my love. All I knew was that I wanted to get home and continue the quest to see my mother naked.

The moment came for me to see my mother in all her naked glory one Saturday afternoon. It was more than I had ever dreamed of. Not only was she naked but she was being pounded into her bed Tony her personal trainer.

You see it was another weekend in the country with my dad and Brenda. Only Brenda got sick from food poisoning and I got my wish to go home. The driver dropped me off at the end of my driveway and I walked up to the house. I opened the front door and proceeded into the kitchen to get a glass of water when I noticed a pair of running shorts hanging over the back of a dining room chair. My mother never left anything lying about and she sure didn't allow me to leave anything out of its place. My interest aroused I walked up the stairway near the front entrance. Stepping over various under garments, stockings and interestingly enough a jock strap I neared my mothers bedroom. I could hear grunting and moans and I was already getting a hard on anticipating what I knew was occurring.

Not expecting her son to be home for another day her door was left wide open. I crept along the wall and did a turkey peek around the entrance to her room. All the while a fever pitch of "ohs" and "ahhhs" was mounting from within. What I saw sent a jolt of electricity from my chest to my cock. I peeked around the door again and beheld a site I will never forget. There on her bed, the tan twin globes of her ass cheeks high in the air and her knees spread wide apart, was my mother getting the shit fucked out of her. Her arms were stretched between her legs and her wrists were attached to ropes tied around her knees. She was bouncing forward to the pounding thrusts of Tony her personal trainer. He had a death grip on her ass cheeks and he was using them for leverage to pull her into his thrusts.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" my mother groaned.

"Come on slut!" Tony hissed. "Take that cock like a good little whore."

From my vantage point I could see the absolute ecstasy on my mothers face. She was loving every minute of it. Even with out the view of her face I could tell from the sloppy wet noises coming from her drenched pussy she was enjoying the hell out it. Her upside down face was clenched and her mouth was open. Her lips shaped in an "O" of pleasure.

"Come on Tony," my mother urged. "Fuck my ass harder. Come on baby. Fuck my slut hole. Make me feel it!"

"Oh.... you little whore! I'm gonna make ya feel every inch of my cock. Come on slut!" Tony continued, degrading my mother. "Fuck that cock. I know you love to be tied up and fuck like a little whore. You love it don't you.... don't you?"

Each word he said would be accompanied by a hard thrust. My mother was barely intelligible with her replies. By know she was too far into this royal screwing to formulate a coherent response. She simply answered any question with a continuous, "YES!"...."YES!"

All the while I had my cock out of my shorts stroking it to the rhythm of their fucking. I couldn't believe I was watching my mother getting banged. Not only getting banged put tied up and banged! This was too good to be true!

They were just nearing their orgasms when I splashed a wad of come along the wall. My hips jerking and twitching as my balls spilled their load. I quickly wiped up as much as possible and scurried down stairs. I ran to my room and changed my shorts shaking from the images ingrained in my mind. As soon as I was dressed I peeked up the stairs to make sure the coast was clear and hurried outside. I had to make like I was just getting home so I wouldn't draw suspicion.

Looking back on that day. Seeing myself sitting behind the hedge waiting for Tony to leave must have been the birth of my twisted plan. I replayed the scene over and over in my head getting more and more excited each time I re-lived it. My mother the housewife and popular socialite was a hard core cock slut. Some times I think that maybe if I hadn't walked in on them that day. That if some how I never knew what my mother was into, then what happened next might never have occurred.

Tony emerged from the front door and strutted around the side of the house out of my view. I heard an engine start up and then a motorcycle speed around the corner and down the driveway.

I brushed myself off and went back into the house expecting to see mother down stairs. But the house was quiet and darkening as the sun went down. Retracing my steps I walked silently up the stairway. This time the only garments lying on the carpet were my mothers. I absent mindedly picked up her panties and brought them to my face. I deeply inhaled her scent rubbing the silky panties again my cheek. My face was hot and flushed and sweat was beading up on my forehead. My mind was slipping from reality with each step I took. Feeling light headed and dizzy I proceeded down the hall stepping closer to the moment that would change my life with my mother forever.

As I stepped through her bedroom door my eyes locked on her still form. Her chest rising and falling to the rhythm of her breath. Slowly, with my cock once again demanding my attention I slid onto the bed with her. As she lay oblivious to her my incestuous actions I reached out and lightly trace her nipples through the flimsy gown she had thrown on after her tryst. My fingertips drew sensuous circles around her areola. As her nipples grew firm and tall she let out a soft sign slowly twisting her hips back and forth. A smile played across her face. Down her body to her belly and back up to her neck I continued to trace lazy circles with my fingertip. My touch moved her slumbering mind into a erotic dream. Most likely a dream of her tied and bound while she was plowed into by Tony and his big cock.

As she sank deeper into her dream I became braver moving my caresses to her bare thighs. Slowly I move my hand further up her inner thigh not caring if she awoke. My heart pounding in my chest and drumming in my head intent only on reaching her treasures. I didn't consider turning back at this point. My course was firmly set and my twisted brain had gone into a realm of its own.

The heat from my engorged cock radiated again my belly and yearned to be free. With one hand I undid my shorts and freed my cock. I slid the other closer to her sweet snatch. I was so close I could feel the heat against my hand. Her legs opened wider as if allowing her dream lover free access to her wet hole. The fragrant aroma of her pussy was rising to my nose making my cock pulse and pre-cum coat the head of my swollen member.

With my arm all the way up her nightgown I briefly wondered when I would feel the light tickle of her pubic hair. Expecting to feel the mound of her pubic hairs against my hand I was surprised to finally reach my goal only to discover she had no hair.

Her pussy was shaved as bald an 11 year old virgin. My head spun and my vision blurred as sweat ran into my eyes. Excited beyond anything I felt before I slid the tip of my finger along the opening of her pussy. All the while I smiled an evil grin panting air out of my lungs through clenched teeth. Her pussy opened like a tropical flower wet with oily dew. I pushed slowly into her fiery hole and then moved my finger up along her slit. Feeling her hard little clit under my finger I pressed into it and moved the fleshy nob around.

A slight gasp issued from her mouth as she opened her legs even wider.

"Ohhh," she moaned in pleasure.

"Mmmm..." she cooed and licked her lips. Her hips were starting to gyrate at an ever increasing rate. Then her eyelids fluttered and she came awake to the site of her son with his hand up her crotch and an evil smile on his face.

"Wha...what's...What are you doing?" she exclaimed sitting up right and twisting her hips to the side.

"What the hell are you doing?" she screamed, coming fully to her senses. She scrambled to the head of the bed trying to get away from me. I had to finish this or I would explode.

I dove on her and pressed her to the bed with my body. We grunted and rolled around on the bed as she thrashed to get away. All the while screaming expletives at me. Demanding then begging me to let her go.

"Stop!" she would yell and then beg me. "Please... what are you doing? Stop Daniel!"

I slapped her hard across the face shocking her into silence. I clasped my hand over her mouth and used all my strength to pull my self on top of her and straddle her hips. With one hand I pulled each of her arms to her sides and trapped them with my legs. I looked around frantically for something to tie her with. Her eyes were wide with fright and tear streaked as she no doubt wondered what on earth had gotten into her son.

There at the end of the bed were the same ropes Tony had used to bind her. I stretched out and grabbed them letting my hand loose from her mouth. She saw the opportunity to fight back and bit into the side of my hand and drew blood. I yelled in pain and reflexively slapped her again across the face.

Her body went limp and she began to cry and whimper. Fright and confusion had allowed me to over power her and she gave up her struggles as in affective. Taking advantage of her lose form I flipped her over onto her stomach. As she whimpered I bound her wrists behind her back pulling the knot cruelly. Then running the ropes around her waist I tied them securely.

I was now free to take her any way I liked. I relaxed and noticed that her gown had torn in the struggle and bunched around her waste. This exposed her bare ass to me. I felt again the urgent pressure of my cock. I quickly discarded my clothing and tore free what was left of her gown. Of course at this point she was fully aware of what was about to happen and was valiantly trying to talk me out of it. In a renewed effort she tried to reason with me.

"Please Daniel. I'm your mother. This is wrong. Daniel I don't know what's got into to you but you have to listen to me." She tried to be calm. Her voice took on the edge of motherly authority. "Daniel you must stop this insanity right know. Do you understand me?"

I finally spoke. My voice cracking. "I'm gonna take some of what you gave to Tony. Mother! I watched how you let Tony fuck you like a whore and I want some of that too," I continued. "I liked watching you all tied up in a bundle and getting that sweet pussy of yours crammed full of cock."

"No Daniel... no," she moaned in despair.

" I saw how much you enjoyed it. If I had known sooner that you liked to be raped I could have helped you out."

"No Daniel."

"You don't know how many times I've wasted cum all over my bed when I could have been making you suck it all down!" With that I lifted her hips high in the air and pressed my engorged cock against the crack of her ass.

"Oh...Daniel. Please don't fuck me!" she whimpered. "Please Daniel!"

"If it's so bad for you I'll help you find a girl. But please don't fuck me!" she reasoned.

"It's to late for that mother, I have to go all the way. Don't you see," I explained, "I've watched you and spied on you ever since I got my first hard on. I've always wanted to fuck you and seeing you let Tony screw you that way made me realize how you have been pretending to be a prim and proper women. When in truth your a little fuck whore who enjoys getting her pussy raped!"

It was to much talk for me when I needed to relieve my burdened balls of their cum. I grabbed my 7 inches of pulsing meat and slid it up and down her pussy. Confirming my suspicions that, despite who I was, her lusty body knew what kind of sex it enjoyed. Her pussy was sopping wet with moisture. Her hot oily snatch allowed my cock to slide right into her hole. With a gasp from both our lips her pussy bulged around my girth and clenched on to it like a vise. The pure heat of a woman's pussy was unbearably wonderful and I felt like I would lose my load in seconds. With out conscious thought my hips moved back and forth instinctively thrusting my cock in and out of her slick canal.

"Oh...OH...Oh god no!" she tried to fight the feeling. Her hands tied behind her back clenched into fists and she pressed her face into the bed in shame. I could hear the muffle gasps and moans she tried to hide from me.

"Oh fuck mom! You're pussy is incredible. I can't believe I'm actually fucking you! Do you like that?" I asked as I thrust deep and hard into her. "Do you like getting fucked like a whore?"

"Mmmghhh... No!" came her muffled reply.

"Come on slut I know you like it," I goaded her. "I want you to tell me you like it."

My thrusts were becoming more insistent as I began to pound her into the bed the same as Tony had done hours before. My balls were slapping against mound and her pussy juices were slopping around my shaft. I knew that she was loving it just as much as I was. Even if she didn't enjoy my fevered mind would have justified it.

"Oh God! Daniel please! Oh please stop fucking your mommy's pussy," she moaned, her hips beginning to meet my thrusts. "Oh my... Oh my. You're fucking your mommy. Oh Danny baby you're fucking your mommy's wet pussy."

"I knew you would love it whore." I hissed between clenched teeth. I felt my balls tighten up and my cock swelling even bigger. My mother felt it as well and knew that I was about to come.

"Oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck. Fuck my whore ass. Fuck it hard baby!" she screamed in pleasure. "Fuck it good baby but don't cum in mommy's pussy. I want you to force that big cock down my throat... Oh.... fuck... force it in my wet mouth and shoot that fat wad of cum all over...oh yeah.. uh... ugh... oh...harder! Make mommy swallow your cum baby!" she pleaded.

"Oh...!" I exclaimed nearing orgasm. "I'm gonna cum in your pussy first bitch. Then later I'm gonna fuck that sweet ass. Ahh.. here it comes whore!" I yelled as my head starting to spin and my juices began to spurt.

"Oh..fuck..No...no..uggg...ohhhh....ugh...ugh...ugh...mmmmmmmmmm!" she began as her pussy convulsed and her body shook with orgasm. "Oh...no baby...ugh...no not in mommies hole baby. Oh!"

"Oh...yeah! I groaned, my cum pumping out of my cock and into my mother's sloppy pussy. I could feel it leaking out as I continued to fill her with wads of cum.

Chapter Two

Her body shook and clenched as her orgasm subsided. Her body relaxed and she started to cry. Her shoulders shook with each sob she made.

"I'm so ashamed," she cried. "Why did I say those things? Why did you do this to me?"

"Sheez mom. You know you loved it. I felt you cum all over my cock." I stated defensively.

"I couldn't help it." she replied in a whimper.

As she cried I rolled her over onto her back giving me a clear view of her cum drenched pussy. Her hands were still tied behind her and I had no intention of letting her lose until I fucked her in every hole. She noticed me ogling her and begged me to let her free.

"Oh, no mother. I've got plans for you." I said as I ran my hand over her crotch. I watched her large breasts sway as I ground the palm of my hand into her clit. "You've got some training to do."

"What do you mean Daniel? You've fucked your poor old mother. Isn't that enough? You've shamed me and violated me. What more do you want from me?"

"You're going to be my little whore from now on." I grinned. "I think you'll make a perfect fuck slave."

Her legs twitched and her breath quickened and my hand became more insistent.

"No Daniel. No more, I can't take anymore."

"You'll take as much as I give you. This is something you're going to become quite familiar with." My cock had grown hard again. I pushed her legs up to where he knees were pressed into her shoulders smashing her breasts to the side. I quickly positioned the head of my cock on her brown ass hole. Her eyes grew large as I forced the head into her ass.

"Oh... god no. Fucking my pussy is one thing!" she begged. "I'm asking you as your mother to not fuck my ass... oh!" she exclaimed.

With a pop my cock slid all the way in. Someone had fucked her ass before because there was almost no resistance. It felt incredibly hot and tight; my first pussy and my first ass in the same day. All with the one person I had fantasized about years.

"Oh... god... your cocks all the way in my ass! It's so fucking big!" she cried out. She gave up any pretense that she didn't enjoy it and egged me on.

"All right you little fuck. Ram that big fat cock up your mommy's ass. Fuck it good and hard baby!"

"You like getting fucked in the ass mom?" I asked. "Do you?"

"Yes...I love it. Fuck me like a cheap whore, son. Fuck your mommy's ass hole good and hard!"

I laid into her ass like there was no tomorrow. Slamming my cock all the way in while I listened to her beg me to fuck her harder. Things were going to be really interesting.

...more to come!

Tex Tittler

This story is a fictitious delusional tale. It is by no means based on fact and I do not practice rape or incest. Nor do I condone it.

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