. It happened almost a year ago now and it still seems like a dream.....

My mother in law isn't nice looking, as a matter of a fact she is over weight with massive tits and the type of nipples that stick out a mile when she is cold or when she isn't wearing a bra.

Anyway, after my Mrs decided to have a fling with an old school friend, I decided it was time for action and to get some revenge and that ment fucking her mother. You see her mum had made a sort of a play for me about 15 years ago when I moved into her house to be near my Mrs.

I had been in the shower and came walking out with just a towel on as she came up the stairs. At that moment she made a joke about ripping my towel off and then chased me grabbing at the towel and I have to be honest I craped myself and locked my self in the room, but trust me when I say, she was really trying to get the towel off me, but nothing more was said or happened after that and we moved out into our own place.

Anyway, about a year ago I nipped round after being at the gym to use the shower because mine was broke and went up stairs. While in the shower my mother in law knocked on the door and asked if I wanted my back scrubbed and laughed.

However, when I came out the shower she had gone downstairs and I went down to ask if I could borrow some talc. At that moment she said "I'll help u put it on if you want? but I'll need to get that towel off you" I then replied "You've got no chance of catching me" and ran up stairs laughing. Now at this point I didn't think she was behind me, but when I look round I saw her making her way up the stairs as I backed into her room.

She came to the door and said "Well do I need to come over there and get it?" to which I replied" I don't think you'll know what to do when you get it". She laughed and said "I have got kids you know..... You are married to one of them".

At that moment the tension was horney as hell as this over weight 60 yr old woman was stood there with her big tits looking at me with a look that said "Fuck the shit out of my old fat pussy".
You see, even though she still lived with her husband, they hadn't slept together in years and even had seperate beds. I knew this woman was dying for a good fucking, and after what my wife had done, I thought it would be rude not to.

I felt my cock growing under my towel with the excitement of what was about to happen. I walked over to her with our eyes fixed on each others and I also noticed her big nipples where sticking out under her vest top, like they were used for hanging coats on.

As I reached her I said "Well, what are you going to do now?" but before she could reply I dropped the towel on the floor & touched her hand and guided it to my cock. As her hand touched it, she let out "OH MY GOD, I cant believe we are doing this" . At that I said "I think we better make sure both doors are locked downstairs" and guided her in that direction.

As I locked the front door she headed toward the back door and I followed. As she locked it, I walked up behind her, put my arms round her and grabbed her big old breasts, with my cock up hard against her arse.
I then whispered in her ear "I'm gonna fuck the arse off of you" and she almost collapsed as she said "OH MY GOD".
I turned her round and kissed her violently and she kissed me back like it was the last time she was ever going to get kissed off a man.

In all the time I had know my mother in law, she had never swore and she didn't like swearing but today I was going to change that.

As I kissed her and we were both breathing heavy I whispered in her ear “What do you want me to do to you? Do you want me to fuck you?" And she replied "Yes, Oh Yes". But I wasn’t happy with that so I said "Say It To Me, tell me you want me to fuck you" and with that she said through gritted teeth "Oh my god I want you to fuck the arse off of me, take me up stairs and do what you want to me". Now I'll be honest, I almost came at that moment because I had never heard her swear before and it really turned me on. I grabbed her by her hand and took her upstairs back to her room.
I almost pushed her up the stairs as fast as her big fat arse would take her and I we reached the room I kissed her on her neck and started to push my hand up her top. I was about to feel the tits that I had stared at a million times and and touch the bra I had wanked on when I had found it in the bathroom on the odd occasion.

As my hand went slowly up her top, I could hear her breathing become faster and my heart was almost pounding out my chest. I finally touched the bottom of her huge tits and then touched one of her erect nipples that felt like a bolt sticking out of a wall.
She groaned “Oh Yes” and kissed me like she would die if she didn’t. Our tongues met with such force that it was like we had been waiting for this all our lives.
I couldn’t wait anymore, I ripped off her vest which left her with a white lacy bra on and where I could see the darkness of her nipples coming through the fabric.
With that I lowered my hand and put it down her shorts that she always wore around the house, to feel her blogs knickers and slowly push my finger into her pussy. Her pussy was dripping wet and she let out a “Mmmyyyyyyyyy Goddddddddd”.

I couldn’t wait anymore and I pulled off her shorts and panties in one swoop, by pushing them half way to her knees and then carried on to the floor using my feet. I need to fuck this pussy and I was going to no matter what happened now.
There she was, stood there naked from the bottom down and just her white lacy bra on that she had bought from Marks & Spencers and that was holding the golden prize of those big glorious tits.
I reached round and undid her bra and it fell to the floor in an almost slow motion type of way and before I knew I was stood there looking at her big sagging tits with the biggest erect nipples I had ever seen and I couldn’t help but put my mouth round them and suck & lick like my life depended on it as she grabbed my head and said “Oh FUCK, Oh FUCK”. With that I pushed her onto the bed where I was ready to do things to this woman I only dreamed about.

I'll finish it soon if u like it..........

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