One night, about 3 weeks before my 14th birthday, my parents went out for the night. I had just gotten a brand new porn video from my friend, so I figured I would have some fun. I waited 15 minutes after they left, to make sure they wouldn’t forget something and walk in on me, and popped the tape into the VCR in the living room. The TV in my room is small, so watching porn isn’t that great. Our living room TV is a huge 52 incher, and I had never watched porn on it, and quite frankly, I was excited. On came the screen and sound, and it was amazing. I had never seen anything so real in my life. Feeling the boner in my pants, I whipped out my cock, and began playing with myself.

Now, before I go on, let me make mention of how our house is set up. The front door opens into the left side of the living room. The couch is in the center, and the entertainment center is on the right. A person standing in the front door could see everything, and I mean everything, in the living room. That being said, I’ll get back to the important stuff.

Five minutes had passed, and I was well into the swing of things. I was pumping my hand up and down, and even started moaning just for fun. You know, set the mood more. Then it hit me. The door opened, and there stood my dad. I could see his 6-foot, 180-pound frame in the doorway. I knew I was caught, yet I couldn’t even try to hide myself. I froze. Cock in hand, dad staring at me, and I did nothing. I was petrified. Relief swept over me as he made the first move. “Son, I’m going to tell your mother to wait in the car. Put your toy away, and I’ll be right back.” He walked out, and I did as I was told. The only two things I could think of were “Holy shit” and “I’m in deep shit”.

My dad came back, closed the door, and sat down next to me. Surprisingly, the look on his face was one of understanding, not anger. I started to feel a little break from the tension. “Jimmy, I’m sorry I walked in on you. While we were driving, your mother got a call on her cell saying the party was cancelled. Now, I saw what you were doing, and I’m going to ask you a few questions. Answer them honestly. How long has it been since you started playing with yourself?”

“Um, I don’t know, about a year I guess.”

“Are you sexually active?”

Goddamn, I wish. Although I was attractive in my mind (5 feet 8 inches, 150 pounds, very solid for my, and a football player at that), kids my age don’t have sex. They just don’t. I had wanted to, and there are a number of girls in my grade I would pork in a heartbeat, but regardless, I was a virgin. “No, not yet.”

“Do you want to be?”

“Well, um, Dad, do we have to talk about this??” I was getting more uncomfortable every moment, and needed a way out.

“Son, I need to know.”

“Well then, yea, I would like to have sex.”

“Jimmy, what I am about to tell you might come as a shock. You have to promise me this secret can’t be let out of this family, understand? Can you make that promise?”

Now I was getting really frightened. “Yea Dad, I can keep a secret, promise.”

“Your mother and I knew you would reach this age sooner or later. Every person does, male and female. You reached it a little younger then we thought you would, but that’s not bad; it just is. Cathy (my mom’s name) and I have been trying to figure out what to do once you hit this age. About two years ago, we mutually agreed on a plan, and have since decided it would be the best for you and the rest of the family. With me so far?”

“Yea, but what is this all about?”

“Easy son, I’m explaining as fast as I can. The solution we came up with was one we felt would help you the most. We would teach you the basics of sex, and once you became adept, you would learn the intricacies of it, using your mother as practice.”

Oh my god! My father was just told me they have been planning for me to fuck my mom! I had no clue how to feel. On the one hand, my mom was very good looking, and sexy as well. She had firm C breasts and a tight ass (she was somewhat careless in the morning when my dad was at work, I caught glimpses of her every now and then, long, brown hair, and very long, long legs. She was about my height, maybe an inch taller. On the other hand though, it was my mother, and that sort of stuff was just sick. I couldn’t do it. “Dad, having sex with my mom is wrong! I could never do that! That’s gross!”

“Really son? I bet you if you stared at your mom naked for a minute or two, you would be just as hard as you were when you were beating off to that porno of yours. Come to think of it, I’ll prove it right now.” My dad walked out of the house, and came back with my mom. He closed and locked the door and said, “Cathy, I’ve talked to Jimmy about our ‘decision’ and I want to test something. Can you strip down naked for me?”

“Sure honey.”

My mom reached up, and started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Uh oh, I thought, my cock is tingling. As she reached the last button, my cock was twitching a mile a minute, and I knew it was only a matter of time before my cock was exposed (out of curiosity, I have measured my cock before with my ruler. Even though I didn’t know where to technically start, I estimated my cock fully hard was somewhere between 5 and a half and 6 inches). My mom realized what was going on, and began to perform a little strip tease. Moving her arms to music no one could hear, she removed one arm from her shirt, and with a sudden lash of her hand, the blouse was on the ground and her perky tits were left bare except for a black lace bra. She moved one hand to her lower back and unzipped her skirt. Wiggling her hips, she slowly dropped the skirt to her ankles. She raised her left foot, kicked off her high heel, and proceeded to do the same with the other foot. I was now starring at my mom, who was smiling deviously, in a lace bra and panty set, with a raging boner in my pants.

“So son, if you can’t control your penis when your mom is in lingerie, how do you expect to stay calm when she’s completely naked and under your control?”

“Your right dad, as much as I know this should be wrong, I can’t help myself but feel that is right. Where do we start?”

“Have you ever kissed a girl Jimmy?” My mom was interested as well.

“Well, I have kissed a girl on the lips, but nothing with tongue or anything.”

“Ok Jimmy, here’s how to French. We lock lips, but keep our mouths open, trying to form a vacuum. Our tongues will meet in the center, and sort of play with each other. Think you can do it?”

“I can try.” I was tense. Not the kind of tense you get when the teacher calls on you. The kind of tense that you think soldiers feel when they are getting shot at. I was about to French my mom! I held my breath, leaned forward, and opened my mouth. I saw my moms face loom over me, and suddenly my heart raced with excitement. Her warm, soft lips touched mine, and despite the urge to close my lips, I kept them open, and pressed my face against hers. I slid my tongue out, and felt my mom’s saliva in my mouth. Wow, I thought, can it get any better? After a few seconds, I needed to breathe again, and pulled off of her.

“That was good Jimmy, but now, you got to get into it. Watch, I’ll show you how I kiss your father.” They locked lips like I did with her, but this time, they were going at it. Every few seconds their mouths released, and air escaped in and out. It was just like the guys and girls on porno’s, only in real life. I caught glimpses of their tongues, and it seemed like they were stuck in an ongoing wrestling match. My dad stretched out his hand and went to grab my mom’s firm butt, but as he did, my mom pulled away and said, “No no Martin, this is Jimmy’s time to learn. You’ll get your chance later. Now Jimmy, let’s try that again, this time with more passion!”

Once again, our lips sealed, but this time, I tried to pin her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. Every time I made a move, she would counter with a better one, and every few moves we broke briefly for air. Twenty seconds went by, and I felt it was time to make another move. I mimicked my dad, and slid my hand down my mom’s back, until it rested right above her left cheek. Here goes nothing, I thought, and grabbed hold in a gentle but firm grip. I was in heaven. I didn’t care that she had her panties on still; I was having a great time. My mom noticed my hand, let it enjoy itself for a few moments, and then broke the kiss. “You got the first basic down, now let’s see if you’re ready for basic sex.” That tense feeling was back, only much, much greater this time. “Follow me to the bedroom you two”, and with that, she trotted off. Glancing back at my dad, I realized this was real. Nervousness took over me, and I couldn’t move. Feeling a shove from my dad, I looked back at him. I realized she had been gone almost 30 seconds by now, although it felt like 3 to me. I began the short walk to my parents’ bedroom, with my father close behind. What I saw then, I will never forget.

Lying on the bed, completely naked, was my beautifully sexy mother. Her breasts cascaded down her chest like a secret waterfall. Her pussy, a part of the female body that I had gotten to know very well with my porn, was shaven, except for a little patch of hair at the top. I remember hearing one of the guys in a video call it a “landing strip”. Her legs were spread wide, so that I could see every crack and crevice in her lovely pink pussy. A piece of light brown ass could be seen underneath of her. “Don’t be shy, Jimmy, take of your clothes. Martin, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to be alone for the first time at least. You can have your way with me later.” My dad nodded, and walked out, closing the door behind him. By now, I was completely naked, with my boner standing straight out. “Come, Jimmy, come sit on the bed with me. Today, you’ll learn only the basic part of sex. Later, we’ll dive deeper into all there is to know. First, rest your knees so your knee caps are touching the bottom of my butt cheeks.” I moved, unable to speak, and spread her legs a little more so I could fit. My knees were now rubbing her hard ass, and the tip of my cock was only inches away from her pussy. “Now, the first time is going to go quickly, probably less then a minute. It will be a new experience for you, so take it slow. Lay your body down on top of me, and don’t worry about your meat yet. I lied down on her, and felt her massive tits against my chest. “Wiggle up to me, so we can kiss while we fuck.” After a little squirming, my lips with mere inches from hers, and I could feel her warm breath blowing into my gasping mouth. “Now for the fun part. Push yourself up a little, and look down. The first time, I’m going to guide you into me, but next time, it’s going to be up to you.”

My mom grabbed hold of my cock. I almost came right then, right there. Remember, no one besides me had ever touched my cock before that. I saw her line up my cock with the center of her pussy. “Now, slowly lay yourself back down, into you are completely in.” Doing as I was told, I gently lay back down on top of my mom, this time with my cock engulfed in her pussy lips. “Holy shit!” I screamed as I felt her pussy contract around me.

“Feel’s good huh? Now, let’s start kissing, and pump your hips in and out of me. Don’t stop until your load is inside of me.”

We locked lips once again, and began to kiss. I began to pump my hips nice and slowly, and then picked up some speed. Oh my god, I thought, I’ve been fucking her for 20 seconds and I feel like I’m going to blow already! As my thrusts came faster and harder, I could hear little groans coming out from my mom when we opened our mouths for air. In addition, my shaft and the area around my dick was getting wet, and I had no clue why. After about 45 seconds of fucking, I felt the muscles in me contract and expand, and I knew I was coming. I made one final thrust into my mom, and collapsed onto her. “You had your first taste of sex, how did you like it?” I found no words. “The more you do it, the longer you will go. I think this has been enough for you for one night, give mommy a kiss, and then go get through the shower. Oh, and on your way out, send daddy in, and tell him I need my pipes cleaned.”

I gave her a peck on the lips, and gently eased myself out and off of her. After looking over my mom again, my mom who I had just done something terribly wrong and right to at the same time, I got up and grabbed my clothes. I walked downstairs, and my dad asked. “Everything go alright?”

“Super,” I said with a smile, “but mom might have a problem. She said she needs her pipes cleaned.” My dad’s eyes lit up, and he ran off to their room. Wonder why doing handy work is fun for him, I thought, and went to hop into the shower. I took a nice long shower, probably 45 minutes long, and thought about what had happened, and what was going to happen.

By the time I got out, it was about 9:30 at night. My mom was back in the living room, cuddling with my dad. “Goodnight,” I said, and they responded, in unison, “A very good night, and more to come.” I went off to sleep, unaware of how much this would affect my life within the next few years.
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