I continued to read about the bear, I told her to lean on me, come closer, I wanted her to be close. She seemed uncomfotable at first but I reassured her Daddy loved her. "I love you too Daddy" I leaned over and kissed her head. "Are you my good little girl?" , she looked up at me and said "Yes daddy" and smiled. The story seemed unusually long tonight, finally, the bear was coming home from his adventure to his family. I held Amy close to me, she tried to push away.
"Amy, I thought you were my good girl?, I asked firmly.

She frowned. "I am daddy."

"Come here then." She returend to laying close to me. "Put your leg on mine, get closer"

She slowly lifted her leg slightly, "Go ahead ", I urged. As she got near me, I could feel her smooth warm leg touch mine. It was so light. Something inside me started to twinge. I scooted over so my thigh was postioned right between her legs. I could feel Amys body tense. I finished up the story.

"Do you like it when I read you stories Amy?"
"Yes Daddy" she said softly.

I pushed my thigh harder in between her legs. She took a deep breath. "Whats wrong honey?" I asked her sounding quite concerned. She didn't say anything. I pushed my thigh into her again. "Does that feel good?" She didn't answer again. I rubbed her back and on the top of her butt. I coudn't help this growing need I was feeling.
"Don't feel bad if it feels good, Daddy loves you, I want you to feel good." "Don't you know that Amy?" She nodded.
My dick was getting hard, and the mix of disgust and sensualism was taking over. I leaned my head onto hers, her hair still wet, she smelled of watermelon. I took a deep breath and turned over, facing her. she was so pretty, her brown hair framed her face, and her big brown eyes looked so slightly scared.
I repositioned my legs so that mine went right in between both of hers. I pushed myself close to her. "Have you been kissing boys?" I asked suddenly. "no daddy..." she said slightly offended. "I think you are lying" I stated. She looked down. I rubbed her cheek and placed my finger under her chin lifting her face. I let my lips slightly touch hers. "Is that what you do?" She looked down again. Getting annoyed, I grabbed her hair and forced her to look at me. "Amy, are you touching boys too!?" "No daddy!" she protested. I let go of her hair and let my hand run down her side. She shuddered. I let my hand rest on her side. I rubbed her side, and I couldn't help but think about her skin, it was so soft, I only brushed in a little through the space between her shorts and shirt. I moved my hand near her top leg, my leg was still pressing in between hers as we laid on our sides facing each other. I reached under her shorts then over her butt to just feel the top, where it began near the small of her back. It was so soft. "Does that make my baby feel good?" She wouldn't look up, she was ashamed, I knew it did feel good. I was very hard by now, and through my cotton shorts I knew she felt it. I pressed it onto her thigh and her body tightened. "Can you feel that?" she nodded. "Give me your hand" I asked. she didn't move. "Give me your hand", I demanded now. She placed her hand in mine reluctently, I leaned back and placed her hand on my dick. She let it sit there. "Daddy needs you Amy, please make daddy feel good too." Just hold it and pull it honey" Amy fumbled with my dick for a second, trying to hold it with her little hand. It was throbbing from my babys touch, it was so soft. she trembled as she touched me. I rubbed her hair and back. I started to feel the head of my dixk getting wet already. I reached down and moved her hand. I squeezed my dick and got some precum on my finger. "Amy, close your eyes" She closed her eyes and I rubbed it on her little lips. "Lick your lips honey" she did, I watched her squeeze her eyes more as she tasted me on her lips. Her innocent eyes opened and looked at me. "Was that good? Do you want more? It would make me happy if you had more" I tried to convince her. I squeezed some more out and fed it to her. She seemed to actually enjoy it. She made a little noise and it sent a wave of heat straight up my back. I pushed her on her back. "Close your eyes" She complied. I was getting hotter by the second as I watched her laying there, he little buds on her chest barely sprung through her tank top and her shorts were oushed high exposing her thighs to the top. I sat up and leaned over her I pushed her shorts higher to expose on side on her little mount.. It was hairless and small. So pink. Amy imediately jerked over. "No daddy" she said in a whiny little voice. Her resisting made me want to more. I jerked back. "I am making my little girl feel good" "It will make me happy" "Don't you love me?"
I seen her eyes get teary and she said "yes daddy" I moved back down to her shorts and lifted them to the side again, this time I got closer a could smell the sweetness. My breath made her jerk her body. I just enjoyed her reaction. I breathed slowly on her mount. I pulled one side of her mount down exposing the tiny erect piece of her. I let my tongue hang slightly as I moved it once over her tiny clit. Amy gasped. "Daddy, please don't please don't " she broke the silence and whined again. I smirked, and pushed my tongue on her clit again, moving it faster and harder, knowing she had never felt this before. Her body whipped from side to side, I held her hips hard and made her take me licking her. she started to squirm violently, I wasn't sure if she was or could cum. But she was wet, and tasted sweet, so sweet. I couldn't stand it any more. I got up and stradled over her. I took my dick out of my pants. I didn't want to her her whining anymore. I pressed my dick hard on her lips. She closed them fast. I pinced her nose till she opened her mouth and I shovwed my dick as far as I could in her little mouth, she was gagging and waving her arms. I just did it once. I pulled it out, it was ready to cum. "Amy, I am sorry, but you shouldn't lay so close to Daddy, you made me do this"
She was crying now. She started to sit up and I pushed her back on her bed. She tried to get up again. "Get down, Amy" I said firmly and I held my hand on her chest. She placed her hand on mine trying to move it, but there was no use. I was getting impatient now, I needed to release. I grabbed her shorts and yanked them off. She let go of my hand "That's my good girl" I smiled at her. Her laying there, tears still on her cheeks, she was so little. I looked at her exposed mount, it was little and so pink. And still wet. I rubbed her a little, I didn't want to put my finger in her. She moved a little and squeezed her eyes tight. I moved my dick near her. "Amy, you must be quiet, do you hear me? If you aren't quiet I am going to have to whoop you, and I don't want to do that." I warned, She look confused, but nodded. I told her to close her eyes again. She did. I started to rub my dick on her, on her little clit I pressed harder then I had before, she gasped and I could see more tears forming. She started to resist and try to move, she moved her hipsand legs around and I grabbed her legs and lifted them over my shoulders. She cried harder. My dick was throbbing now. I rubbed my dick on her again, he still squirming made contact almost unbearble. "Stay quiet good girl" I told her. I needed it feel her young wetness. I lifted her higher and statred to push myself in her. My little baby winced and resisted more. I placed my hands on her chest to restrain her and pushed harder, she was under me moving all around trying to get away, I thought I would cum on her so I ripped through her hard and she yelled out in pain, I thrusted in her little hole, it was so tight it hurt, I held her down as I invaded her. She cried more, "Quiet!" I hissed at her. I slapped her hard and she silenced. I lifted her butt to me as I moved her over my dick, I pushed her hard into me until I raised my head in pleasure and groaned, my juices overflowing her hole as I came in my little girl. The sweet scent mixture of blood and cum filled the room and on the bed my little teary eyed girl laid cum drunk.

This is my very first attempt at a erotic sex story, I am open to any suggestions..please be honest. Thank You.

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