Later at night, I was in my sleeping bag next Stephanie. that's whenI thought the moment was right. "Hey Steph!
-I'd like to tell you something.
-What is it?
-I saw something today...
-What was it?
-I was Jeen give a blowjob to Charlie."
She hesitated for a second and responded.
"She does that all the time.
-Yes, we all do that here.
-You do????
-Yes silly, who do you think Carolyne is or Wendy...

-No no no, Carolyne is a horse, and Wendy is a pig.

-Why do your parents do...
-I do it too
-You do??
-Yes, it's fun. C'mon I'll show you
-If you say so..."

She called Big into the room. Big was well, a big furry dog, and when I say furry, I mean furry. She pat him on the head, and started rubbing his butt. I noticed it wasn't just his butt, she was rubbing his testiclues. Big took no notice. She grabbed my hand and said "Put your hand under his belly,"

All I could feel was hair, until it touched me. It was burning hot. I placed my hand around it. Big yelped a bit. It was engorged, and red-hot. There was slime around the 8 inch rod.
Stephanie started to rub her pussy. I'll show you what's so fun about it.

She started to unbutton her pants, and got into her panties. Big took notice, he cock seemed to get bigger. She took of her pants, but kept on her shirt. I could see her snatch. The dog seemed to smell it too. The short fat stubby dog immidiatly ran from me and tried to mount Stephanie. Was she going to let this dog have her? Was she going to mate with this beast?

The dog, eager to start, drove his fat cock into her hungry pussy, which he'd known for years. Stephanie started to breath faster and told me "This is where the fun begins"
The dog was just pounding her like crazy. It was as fast as a jackhammer. I found myself a little jealous again.

The dog continued mating, while pulling back on her small body, to make sure his bitch wouldn't run away before they finished mating. She tried to say while screaming in lust " He'll tie with me soon. Look at the knot on his penis. See it getting bigger? He'll shove it inside my wet pussy."
Speak of the devil, thats what happened next, the dog had fully shoved his fat cock into her pussy. She was full. The dog's thrusts seem to quiet down. Stephanie's screams seamed to get louder and louder. "He's coming! He's coming! Oh, how I love his hot spunk."

It was then that I knew. I didn't know if it was Stephanie's big smile as the dog's red penis came out with a pop dripping with cum; the erection in my pants, or her parents proudly watching that confirmed this is what kept her from loneliness.

After Big slid out, he started licking her pussy and trying to clean all his spunk out. He had came so hard, he almost had as much spunk as Charlie the horse.

Jeen walked to me, unzipped my pants, and started to giving me a blowjob. After seeing the dog, I came instantly. With my cemen all over her face, she asked me "Do you want to join our little familly fun, now?"

I nodded as hard as I could

Stephanie's Farm copyright 2003-2005

Part 3 coming soon, if you want it

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