Mommy Story
By Must66 edit thanks to Wholemanz

I was home on this Saturday just getting up.

The only other person there was my mom.  My dad had to work that day and my sister
had spent the night at one of her girlfriend’s houses.

I had just turned 13 a few weeks earlier and felt like a grown up.  I have had a few wet
dreams and I knew how to take care of my own needs when I felt horny.  I kind of felt like it on
this morning but I decided to wait until later on in the day.

I opened my bedroom door and could hear moaning coming from down the hallway.  I
knew that only my mom was home and thought she might be hurt or something.

I walked down the hall in my boxers really quietly, because I wasn’t sure what was going
on, and when I got to my folk’s bedroom, the door was not closed all the way, so I put my eye to
the crack of the door to look in and find out what the moaning was all about.

I got quite a shock as I looked in.  There, on the bed was my mom, but she was not alone.
Our mixed breed dog was between mom’s legs, licking her pussy.

She must have really liked it because she was holding the dog by his ears and telling him,
he was a good boy.

I went back to my room and grabbed my digital camera so I could have something to look
at as I jacked off.

I took around 50 shots of mom as the dog licked her and some of her raising her butt off
the bed as she came.

Mom started to get up so I ran back to my room and hopped back into bed, faking as if I
was still sleeping.

All I had over me, was a sheet, so when she opened my door, there was nothing I could do
to hide the huge hard-on, which was poking up from the sheet.

Mom must have seen it as I heard her say, “Oh my!”

She walked over to my bed on her toes and slowly pulled back the sheet that was covering
me.  The head of my cock was poking out from the top of the boxers as she looked at it.

She whispered to herself, “That looks so nice… my how you have grown Jimmy,” she
pulled the sheet back over me and left my room.

I stroked myself for a few minutes and blasted a large amount of cum all over my chest,
got out of bed, cleaned up, and then sat at my computer.  I picked out some of the good shots I
got of mom and printed them.

As I got dressed, I thought of many ways I could use the pictures I had of mom.  Most of
the thoughts were of how I could blackmail mom into letting me fuck her.  My mom was still a
great looking lady, nice tits that I thought had to be at least 34C cups, long legs, but best of all,
she had a butt like no other one I had ever seen, it was the kind that each cheek would fit in the
palm of each hand.

I folded the pictures up, put them in my back pocket, and headed downstairs.

Mom was at the stove when I entered the kitchen, “I was just about to call you.  I am just
finishing with your breakfast.”
I sat down and looked at mom.  She had on a short skirt and a white blouse that you
could almost see through.  When she turned around to bring me my breakfast, I could tell she
wasn’t wearing a bra.  Her tits weren’t bouncing, they were that tight, but I could see the outline
of them as they pressed against her blouse.

She got to the table and bent down to give me my plate and when she did, I could look
down her blouse and see all of her beautiful tits, even her nice nipples.

She must have known I was looking at them, but she stayed bent over for a long time.
Finally she went a grabbed her tea and sat across form me at the table.  

Mom was making small talk with me as I ate.  Through the glass table, I could see her
legs and they were beginning to spread apart.

I felt my cock begin to grow, so I moved my plate to where it would hide my growing

I asked her when dad would be home, she told me he had called and said, he would be
kind of late, that he had a bunch of things to catch up on, and she also told me that Judy, my
sister, called and asked if she could stay at her girlfriend’s house for another night.  To which
mom had answered, that she could.
Mom looked at me and said, “Well, it looks as if it’'s just my handsome son and I for the
day.  Is there anything special that you want to do today honey?” she asked.

“I don’t know mom, maybe later,” I said.

I finished my meal, mom was getting up to take my plate away, and as she got up, her
legs spread apart even wider.

When she reached for the plate I looked between mom’s legs and she didn’t have on any
panties, showing me her trimmed bush.  That did it.  My cock was as hard as a rock now, again,
I put my arms across the table to hide my cock form her.

Mom was at the sink doing the dishes when the dog put his nose up mom’s skirt and gave
her a lick.  Not wanting to make a big deal of it, she turned and smacked his nose and looked my
way to see if I had seen what happened.

I had already turned my head the other way so she thought I had not seen what

“Do you want to go out to the pool honey?” she asked?

“Sure mom.  I’ll go to my room and then change into my suit.”

“Okay honey, I think I will do the same,” she agreed.

We both went upstairs to our separate rooms.

I changed into my swim trunks, which were kind of baggy on me and waited for mom to
walk by.  I was going to spring the photos on her now so I would have all day to fuck around
with her. (I hoped.)

Mom was walking passed my room, when I said, “Mom, can I see you for a minute?”

She opened my door and came in.

Damn, did she look hot!  Her top just barely covered her nipples and the bottoms were so
tiny, I could see some of her trimmed bush over the top of them.

“What is it honey?” she asked.

“Take a seat mom.  I want to show you something.”

She sat in front of my computer and I turned it on.  When the screen came to life, mom
was looking at the pictures that I had taken earlier.  “What the… how… where… who took

“I did this morning mom.”

“You get rid of them right now young man,” she snapped.  “How dare you spy on your
mother like that?

“I wasn’t spying mom.  I just heard you and thought something might be wrong so I went
to your bedroom door.”

“With your camera?” she said.

“No, I went back and got that mom.”

“Get rid of these right now!”  Mom began to hit the delete key when I told her I had made
other folders of them, plus I put them on a CD for safe keeping.

She was huffing and puffing when I told her I knew she came into my room and was
looking at my hard cock too.

“All right smart ass.  What do you want to destroy everything… money, more freedom,

This was going to be tough, but I held myself up and told her, I wanted her, I wanted my
mother to be my sex slave.  To do anything I wanted her to do, anytime.

She got up and headed for me with her hand above her head.

I yelled to her, “I wouldn’t do that mom, or dad and your friends might just see these

She stopped dead in her tracks.  She put her hands over her eyes and fell on my bed.
“How can you do this to your own mother?” she said.

“Because you have always made me horny mom.  Everytime I look at you I have wanted to
touch you and have you play with me.  I just love your body mom.  No one has a body as nice as

“Jimmy, that would be so wrong, that is incest.”

“Then how come you came in to look at me?”

“I, um… ah… I don’t know,” she said.

“I do mom.  You liked what you saw and I bet you thought about how it would feel.  Just
like you letting me see you at the breakfast table.  You wanted me to look at you, didn’t you?
You felt, horny then, didn’t you?”

“Oh Jimmy… I couldn’t… I meant, I shouldn’t have.”

I got next to mom on the bed and put my arm around her, rubbing her back.  I let my
hand come back around her and slid my hand just letting it feel the bottom of her boobs.

I heard mom take in a deep breath.

That’s when I let my hand go up and press against her tit.  I used my fingertips to pinch
her nipple a bit.

“Oh honey yes, don’t stop,” Mom turned her face to me and put her lips to mine.  She
opened her mouth to push her tongue into my mouth.

We were kissing like lovers.  The both of us were breathing into each other’s mouths
trying to catch our breath.

I pushed her bikini top up, exposing mom’s beautiful tits, playing with them as we kept

I felt mom’s hand gliding across my stomach and then down into my swimsuit.  She took
a hold of my very hard cock, and whispered to me, “God baby, it’'s so big and fat.”

At my age, I knew I was bigger than most guys were.  I was 8 inches soft and as big
around as a soda can.

Mom was stroking me up and down and it felt so good.

Pulling away from her mouth, I put my lips next to her ear, “God, I want to fuck your
pussy mom!”

“Jimmy, talk nasty to me, I want to hear everything you want to do to me.”

“I want you to be the sexiest mom ever.  I want you to tease me mom, show off your body,
make me want you, and be my nasty mother.  I will lick your cunt until you cum in my mouth,
finger-fuck you when we’re alone, fuck you in the car when we go somewhere, and have you
suck my cock while dads in the shower.”

“Oh Jimmy, your making me cum.  I will do anything you want honey.  I want to be so
nasty for you, just tell me to do it and I will.  Fuck me baby, fuck me, now, I want to feel my
son’s big cock in my cunt.  Oh God, give it to me.  Fuck me where your father can’t reach.”

Mom pulled off her bikini bottom and I took off my suit.

I stood above her looking at her as she pulled her legs up holding them up so I could see
she was waiting for my cock.

Holding myself up with my hands, I got close enough for mom to take hold of my cock and
guide it to her (sopping wet,) waiting pussy-lips.
She rubbed the head along her slit, stopping at her clit and rubbing it harder there, and
after sliding along her slit for a while, she said to me, “Baby mommy’s cunt is so wet and wants
your fucking big cock inside her.  Fuck me hard honey, do it now!”

In one push, I was all the way inside my mother and I felt my balls (slap) against her butt.

“Yes Jimmy, don’t stop!  Fuck me baby!  Fuck me!”

I began to really hammer my cock into mom.

She kept squeezing me tight, telling me how good it felt, and to never stop.

After about ten minutes, mom, and I were at our peak, “God Jimmy, mommy is going to
cum all over your cock.”

“Oh mom, I can’t hold back anymore.”

“Fill me up sweetie, let me feel your hot jizzum squirt inside me.  Oh God,
ccccccccccuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg Jimmy!”

I thought my ball were going to explode when I felt my sperm load running up the center
of my cock.

Mom told me she could feel it squirting inside her.

It felt as if I came for hours, although it was only maybe thirty seconds.

We were both covered in sweat and our bodies were sliding sexily against each other.

“That was the best (fuck) ever!” Mom exclaimed to me.

Then she told me, she couldn’t wait to do some of the nasty things I wanted her to do,
“Anything you want baby, mommy will do.”
The ‘Never’ end

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[#5571] 1spike ( 1640 days ago )
1spike avatar wow made me so wet, would luv 2 fuck my mummy and daddy, dog 2, so horny watch my bro wiv my mummy when my daddy licked my cunt, so hot, xx
[#5571] hersy123 ( 1640 days ago )
hersy123 avatar The best sex mom and sn storie ever damm that was hot
rreeves ( 1640 days ago )
rreeves avatar Good story. I was expecting a little more animal action, but you made up for it in incest. Well told, words spelled correctly.

Good Job
[#5571] BeastlyDreams ( 1640 days ago )
BeastlyDreams avatar Not into incest.. but it's titled animal stories? I thought I was reading something I wasnt. I cant rate since it's not really my cup of tea, it wouldnt be fair.
A.G.Thomas ( 1640 days ago )
A.G.Thomas avatar I too liked your story and can hardly wait for the second and any following chapters. Sure hope you've started writing the second chapter and if not it sure wouldn't hurt if you did.
[#5571] Faceman ( 1640 days ago )
Faceman avatar Dude, post more! Get the dog involved, and than add the sister. Get the dad sent to jail for white collar crime and make Jimmy the Man of a fucking incest house! I like the small build up, the teasing mom, and her quick cave in to blackmail.
[#5571] frank1011 ( 1640 days ago )
frank1011 avatar Damn that was fucking hot...I wish my mom was like that. I would like to chat with other moms who enjoyed that story.

frank1011 at hotmail
[#5571] krisitir ( 1640 days ago )
krisitir avatar that was great got me wet as hell! ;) but just a suggestion that you put this story in the incest stoy group cuase that whole stoy is about mom and son right? :P lol keep it up!ill keep my eye on these stories for sure!
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