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Thread: Black Roses' Incest Tales

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    Black Roses' Incest Tales

    I bring you a collection of short incest tales that will excite, arouse, and hopefully ejaculate something from you. I hope you enjoy. PEACE

    Black Roses’ Incest Tales

    "Mommy, Can I?"

    Catalina’s pussy was by far the best I’d ever been inside of. Every smack of my balls to her bare ass was making the hardness of my 9-inch long erection that much harder. I may never stop fucking this pussy, I thought to myself, It’s too good to ever come out of. The expression on Catalina’s face told the same. She was enjoying the fullness of my prick invading her cervix as I pounded harder and harder into this wet, magnificent fuck hole. Catalina’s bare 32 C breasts bounced in my face, and I met the right nipple with my tongue. I teased and licked the nipple, and swallowed the breasts. Catalina was cumming again. This was only her third time. I wanted so badly to cum inside of Catalina’s pussy. It was calling for me to do so, but before I could I had to check for permission. I looked over to my right at the woman who was bare ass naked, licking her own breasts, and fondling her pussy watching me fuck the juice out of her daughter’s pussy.

    “Mom!” I pleaded, “Can I cum in her mom?” I asked. “I wanna cum in her so bad.” I belted out. Just hearing me say those words must’ve sent my mother over the edge. She was nearing her own orgasm.

    “Yes baby, cum in her. Cum in your sister!” I got my confirmation, and I fucked Catalina’s wet snatch to my hearts content. She screamed and squealed at how good it felt to have my dick inside her. I placed her legs over my shoulders, and offered a few more quick thrusts.

    “It’s easier to get you pregnant this way” I whispered into my younger sister’s ear as I felt my own orgasm coming over me. I pumped young Catalina’s pussy a few more times, and then unleashed a furious explosion of semen into my sister’s cunt. She screamed, I screamed, even our mother screamed. Watching us as her two children fucked each other.

    “Was that good?” our mother asked. Catalina and I just nodded. Too completely worn out to even mumble a response. “Take a rest. I have a feeling you’ll be doing this again sometime soon.”


    "Welcome To The Family"

    Jake was finally going to meet his girlfriends’ parents. It was something he’d been excited about doing for months. Jake was totally in love with his girlfriend Dana. They’d been seeing each other for nearly two years now. Jake couldn’t fathom why it took Dana so long for him to be introduced to her parents, but he was soon to find out.

    Dana’s parents were in the living room waiting with Dana as she told them the news of her boyfriend, and that he was coming to pay a visit. The look on her parents faces were not one of joy or excitement. “So when were you going to tell us that you had a boyfriend?” her father Daniel asked.

    “I just want you guys to act normal. No funny family business, ok?” Dana pleaded. Her father stood up, and moved closer to Dana. He cupped her at her waist, and placed her hand inside his pants.

    “See how hard I am for you baby? Why not let us get a quick fuck in before he comes?” her dad asked.

    “He’ll be here in ten minutes!” Dana warned as her father scooped his and under her shirt and flicked one of her already perky nipples. “Alright, quick fuck.” She agreed, and hurriedly removed her skirt and panties. Her dad took off his pants, and out flopped his 10-inch cock.

    “Oooh, honey, the sight of your cock sliding in and out of our daughter is so beautiful!” Dana’s mom cheered. She sucked on her daughter’s tits as her father entered her wet pussy once more. This time he was more than aggressive. He thrust inside of his daughters’ cunt as if it would be his last fuck on earth; his balls ferociously smacking his daughter’s ass during all of his thrusts. Dana’s mother pulled her panties off to the side, and sat on her daughter’s face to have her eat her pussy.

    “You wanna fuck somebody else huh?” Dana’s Dad yelled, “You let him know this pussy is mine!” he said as he continued to pound away at his daughter’s delicious young pussy. Dana was eating away at her mother’s pussy as her father fucked her cunt, and she was loving every minute of it. Her mother exploded her orgasm in her daughter’s mouth just as the doorbell rang.

    “Oh god, that’s him!” Dana screamed as her mother slowly slid off of her face, but her father was still fucking her pussy. “Damnit Dad! Oh god! Stop fucking me, he’s at the door!” she tried to reason with her father, but he wasn’t stopping until he was finished. He grabbed her by her hair, forcing her to look at him as he stuffed her full of incestuous cock.

    “My pussy” he said as he reached his orgasm, and shot his incestuous load inside his daughter’s well-fucked cunt. He kept his dick inside of his daughter, then he looked up at her and said, “Go answer the door. If he’s coming into this family, he’s got to know what’s going on!”


    "Moving In"

    My cousin Janet and I had always been close. I guess that’s why it came as no surprise to me when she called me up out of the blue, and asked if she could live with me. Of course I said yes, but I had to admit that I had a secret agenda. Janet and I always fooled around when we were younger. We’d play kiss, or feel each other up, but nothing too serious. I was hoping I’d be able to make it serious. Especially since we were older, knew all the risks, and precautions, and the fact that it was just us two. Alone. No parents. No friends. Just us. I was going to fuck her.

    Janet had moved in, and we’d stayed together for two weeks so far. She explained her issues with her boyfriend, his family, and her side of the family. I was probably the only one out of the family that she could trust. One day, I came in from a long hard days work, and I notice the shower running. I knew it had to be Janet. She was freshening up for a night on the town. I went into the living room, but neglected to remember that she had to walk past me to get to her bedroom. She came out of the shower, soaking wet, draped only in a towel. She walked past me, said hi, and smiled. Her light caramel complexion mixed with a luscious set of lips, a curvaceous figure with 42 c tits, and an ass to die for. I knew this would be my only chance.

    She went into her room, and shut the door, but she didn’t lock it. I tugged my pants off, and slowly tip-toed into her room trying my best to not be noticeable. She had let the towel fall to the bed, and went looking through her clothes naked. When she turned around and saw me, she jumped in fright, and tried to shield her naked body from me. She noticed that I didn’t have on any pants, and my 9-inch cock was fully erect. “What are you doing?” she asked in a panic hurry. I grabbed her by her arm, and launched her onto her bed. She struggled to get up but I held her down.

    “I’m gonna fuck you” I told her. There was a tinge of excitement on her face, but she tried to cover it.

    “Why are you doing this? I’m your cousin!” she stated.

    “Shut the fuck up!” I answered her as I positioned my raging cock at her entrance.

    “No, don’t do it.” She silently whispered. I ignored it, and pushed my dick into her cunt. The warmth of it instantly wrapped me in, and I found myself thrusting inside of her warm wet fuckhole harder and harder by the second.

    “Oh god cuz, you feel incredible” I moaned. She said nothing. Holding all feelings of pleasure, shame, or hatred inside. So I continued to fuck her. Forcing her mouth to open, and shout out anything she chose. I fucked her pussy like there was no tomorrow because for so long I’d wanted this pussy to be mine.

    “Oh, you fucking asshole!” she shouted.

    “Yeah, that’s it.” I encouraged.

    “I fucking hate you. I swear to God, I fucking hate you!” she screamed, but I noticed she lifted her legs around my waist, and dug her nails into my ass. She was enjoying it. She enjoyed her own flesh and blood raping her little sweet pussy.

    “You love it, don’t you?” I questioned.

    “Fuck you.” Was her response.

    “Ok.” I replied, and picked up speed in my ravishing. Her head tilted back, and her walls began to clinch around my dick. I knew her orgasm was near. I knew we had to cum together. It would only be better, and make the experience a bit more rewarding. I fucked her pussy for a few seconds more, as her orgasm drew near, as did mine. I fucked her twat like life depended on it, and we both reached our climactic height at the same time. I unleashed all of my semen deep within her sopping cunt.

    “Great fuck cuz” I complimented as my cock slowly slid out of her wet hole. She didn’t say anything, she reached for my cock, and twisted it.

    “You ever pull that shit again, and I swear I’ll fucking cut it off!” she threatemed. She let go of my dick, and lied back down. “Now, fuck me some more!”
    Ain't nothing better than some pussy, 'cept some new pussy.

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    Excellent! Thanks!!!
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    Great short stories Blackroses....thanks for sharing them....

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    Thanks for the two short stories. Enjoyed them.

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    very very nice thanks

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    Sweet! Did it again! Thanks for Story of the Week guys!
    Ain't nothing better than some pussy, 'cept some new pussy.

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    Great Job on that also....Woo hooo way to go.;yr;

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    Great Stories. thanks for posting

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    Exclamation Congrats

    I enjoyed it too, nice work and a solid story with
    plenty of fire to keep it hot the way I like things. :shoot

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    Nice got me hot!

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    very good short stories

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    I loved them all. Especially the second one

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    Great! I wish they were all longer though.

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    excellent collection Thanks

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    great read, thanks

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    good collection of short stories...

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    average,I've read better

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    Great stories..thx

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    great posts

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    Very exiting, particularly Dana with her parents. My hubby too liked it and now we are going to do the same way with our two daughters. May be my sons also joins in.

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    It's all good, though I liked the first one the most

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    gd aditions mate anymnore in da pipe works

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    Great short stories

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    Awesome collection. Could use more, was almost there. lol More Please

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    nice short storys, thanks for them

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    nice short stories

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    Very exciting stories, Thank you

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    it was nice one, luv it!

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