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    Wink Messing around with my new step sister...Part 1.

    This story is entirely true; however the names have been changed.
    Please give me feedback, as this my first post.
    If this post is received well I will continue it and write about Ďwhat happened nextí ;)

    Ok let me begin by describing the situation, I was in year 9 (Australia) and I was 14, I was athletic but not particularly muscular.
    I didnít consider myself cool and the furthest Iíd been with a girl is kissing with clothed groping, this was interrupted by her mum... unfortunately.

    It was half-way through the year and my parents had divorced about 3 years ago, leaving way to endless parental middle-aged dating.
    My dad had been dating this 36 year old woman, she had an alright body, Iím not going to lie had tugged-one-out over her a couple of times ;) Anyway my dad had announced his marriage and they eloped in Vegas.
    Now this is where the story REALLY begins, upon their marriage me and my dad moved into their house and thatís when I realised... my dad had married the mum of a girl in my school... a seriously HOT girl in my school.

    She was 15 and even though it sounds clichť she was tall, blonde and tan amazingly sexy, from what I remember her tits was a solid C cup and her ass was amazing.
    From what me and my friends had heard she was a bit of a slut, anyway back to the story.

    Upon walking into my new home, I was greeted by Julie ďHey stepsonĒ she said as she gave me a hug, I probably grunted some semi-polite reply and shuffled onwards. I walked to the end of the hall and noticed a pool in the backward this was great considered it was a pretty fucking hot day.
    So I rushed out of the door, and thatís where I saw her, Bec was tanning by the pool in her bikini (which she filled out nicely) all I could do was stand there speechless staring at her amazing tits.
    It felt like forever, in reality it was probably 10 seconds before she turned around. I saw her start to laugh I was confused until I looked down and was greeted by the bulge of my erection standing out.
    I was so embrassed I didnít say anything and just ran inside.
    After living there for about a week, I had taken note of Becís panty collection, a collection filled with the slutiest underwear you could possibly find. There was g-strings, lace panties, velvet panties all in different colours and a few with a white stain on them curtsey of me ;)
    Anyway, it was the weekend so Bec was going out with some friends and my dad and stepmom told me they were ďgonna grab a bite to eatĒ by this they probably meant a quick fuck in a hotel room.
    Almost as soon as everyone had left the house (leaving me home-alone) I quickly ran upstairs into my stepsisterís room I pulled open her underwear draw, selected a pair, held it to my face and started to inhale the smell of her sweet pussy juices, they were still wet, she must have fingered herself just before leaving the house. I quickly whipped out my cock and started pumping it didnít take long to come and I shot my load right onto the Ďassí of her panties.
    A few hours later it was about midnight and I heard a car pull up, at first I thought it was my dadís but when I looked out the window I saw a group of drunk teenage girls in a car. When the car stopped Bec came staggering out upon reaching the door, a girl in the car (who also went to my school) yelled ďKeep your legs closed next time, ya dumb slut, that way you wonít have a limp!Ē and then the car quickly sped away and so did the sound of drunken laughter.
    I lay silently in bed, I couldnít help but get rock hard over the idea of Bec being fucked, she was hot, I would love to do the deed myself.
    I was just about to wank again when I heard Bec crash down on her bed, thatís when I got an idea, her mum would be so pissed if she found out about this so I grabbed my phone and quietly walked into her room for some nice blackmail pics. When I walked into her room and turned on the light I saw Bec clad in a tank top and a tight denim mini skirt with her panties rolled down to her knees, she was defiantly wasted.
    I raised my phone and started taking photos, but I couldnít help getting hard again. This was so hot. Plus I was curious if she actually had sex, I knew sheíd given blowjobs but sex is a different matter. I didnít matter how I justified it, I was horny, I started to edge down her mini skirt but fuck it was tight, I thought she might awaken from her drunken stupor. It took awhile but I eventually pulled it down to her ankles. And there it was, the first pussy I had ever seen (besides porn of course) and Jesus fucking Christ it was shaved smooth. I took a quick picture of her wet and shaven pussy, it would definitely some in handy later on, I also noticed a little dribble of cum leaking out of her wet cunt I couldnít tell if it was hers or someone elseís but either way it was fucking hot.
    I wanted more. So I tried to pry of her top, I could see she didnít have a bra on. Her tits flopped out, amazing, beautiful boobs with tiny nipples that sat erect on the top of them. I couldnít take any more of this torment I whacked out my knob for one last wank.
    I started to rub her tits with one hand as I pumped my teenage rod with the other; I thought this might be my only chance I have to touch her sweet pussy. So I went for it. I slowly brush her lower lips, they quivered and she made little gasp.
    I figured Iíve gone this far, I may aswell go further, so without thinking without checking to see if she was asleep I pushed 2 of my fingers into her moist hole, fuck me it was great, to this day it has been my favourite pussy ever.
    I continued to stroke my cock melodically as I fingered Becís wet cunt, her juices were beginning to flow in a steady stream and she was beginning to moan, I went faster and I was about to come, I figured Iíd give this girl a quick facial.
    I kept going whilst taking a steady aim at Becís face and OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it felt so good, that must have been the biggest load I ever shot in my life, strands of creamy white hung of Becís face like a sexual spiderweb.
    Her beautiful body was drenched in sweat, there was cum on her face and cunt and she still slept soundly.

    I took 1 final picture then left.

    If this post receives a good response, I will continue (the tale goes a little further

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    Great story hope to read more

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    Would love to see part 2 :)

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    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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    Great start! Would love to read more and find out how it ends!!

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    want to hear how you blackmailed her.

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    Great story! Got me going, and please, please continue :)

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    Great story, would like to read how it ends.

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    X cellent story more more more please

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    great story.thanks

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    It's so nice to see young people getting along.

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    Great, cant wait for more

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    Good stuff, cant wait to read the next part :)

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    Great story-- would love to read more.
    Just keep an eye on spelling- there were a couple of errors that were distracting-- like "courtesy", spelled "curtsey" "off" spelled "of" --neither of which spell check would catch.

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    I have a step sister I would LOVE to fuck (hell, I'll take just seeing her naked, she is HOT!)

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    My biggest regret is I never fucked my step sister she was hot as hell and wore seethru nightys to bed.. When i was older I was on a date with her friend and she asked me if My step sister and I ever had sex.. I said no and she told me it was a shame because my step sister wanted to bad but was afraid.. I said something to my step sister a couple years ago and she said yea but I cant now Im married.. I said so am I..lol she said nope cant.. DOH

    Your story did make me remember her in her light green see thru nighty though thank you

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    She wanted it and more! Can't wait for the rest of the story.

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    Like everyone else said, great story, ready for part 2.

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    Great story would like to hear more


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