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Thread: Camping Wife Rape

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    Camping Wife Rape

    My wife and I have been together for a long time. At times our sex life is smoking hot at others it could be better. My fantasy is to watch my wife have rough out of control sex with as many hard cocks as I can find for her. We have talked about one of her fantasies being cock everywhere but in her fantasy it is tons and tons of my cock. I guess like clones of me. She would never dream of having sex with anyone else even with my blessing. I think that my best bet to put my wife in position to have sex with multiple cocks is to setup a bunch of guys to ambush us and rape her while we are camping. The wife is in her mid 30's 6' tall short brown hair with 42 D breasts. I would classify her as a BBW with an awesome ass, the kind you want to get behind and really pump the fuck out of her.

    My wife doesn't like public sex or sex outside but she will do it for me if I beg her just a little bit. So it is a hot summer day and the wifey and I are in our favorite camping spot. Just after sundown I unzip my shorts and free my throbbing cock, with the sun down she knows it is time to get to work sucking my dick. When she gets down on her knees and starts to suck I decide to pull her dress over her head exposing her amazing tits and ass. Now one of the guys I have pre-arranged to rape my wife knows it is time to spring into action. He grabs his video camera and moves slowly and quietly into our camp. Before she sees the guy heading our way, I stand my wife up bend her over and bury my cock in her pussy.

    So the trap is set, no turning back now. The man heading her way is around 19 6' 2" with a 8" cock. I am so excited knowing this is going to happen I could cum in no time. Then she see the man out of the corner of her. She lets out a little scream and attempts to cover her breasts with her hands, I hold on and keep my cock in her, as long as I can. As we pre-arranged the man tells my wife that what we are doing is illegal and obviously he has us on tape sucking and fucking for the last 5 minutes. You can see how mad she is while she still tries to cover herself now with her dress to maintain what little bit of modesty she may have left. He then tells her that he would rather not call the cops but she will have to let him watch me fuck her until I cum. She is shocked and can't believe he would even think of making her do something like that. She looks at me with tears in her eyes hoping I can get her out of this situation. But obviously I have no intention of helping her out of this. I tell her that we really have no choice and have to do whatever this man wants. I can't afford to be arrested because I could loose my job and she could loose everything she has worked for as well.

    She only thinks about it for 10 seconds before she lifts her dress up over her ass again bends over and tells me to just hurry up and cum. So that is what I do I jam my dick back into her waiting snatch and start to slowly fuck her. She looks back at me with anger in her eyes and tells me to fucking move faster and cum in her. The man watching moves in closer and removes my wife's dress again. Every move this guy makes makes my wife tense up which feels great on my cock. He then reaches up and grabs a nice big handful of her tits. This is more than my wife had imagined would happen when she told me to fuck her and she really doesn't know what to say. Next thing we know he unzips his pants and his cock springs out inches from her face. He then starts to push his throbbing cock towards her lips. She holds her mouth shut tight but he has his orders and continues to push it past her lips and hesitantly she opens her jaw and takes it into her mouth. He then tells her he is glad she is such a willing cock slut and lets her know she is a fucking whore. This makes me fuck her harder and faster than ever forcing this invading cock deeper into her throat. My wife hates anal and he knows this so he reaches his hand up to her anus and inserts his finger knuckle deep into her pucker hole. This is the signal for the other hung guys to move in and join the rape.

    To my surprise my wife seems to be lost in her lust at this point, she is really starting to enjoy her total humiliation. Her pussy is so wet I can't believe it. Then she sees the other 3 guys moving toward her, but they already have there cocks out and are on her before she can think or stop them. They are on her ass, tits, and clit fingering and prodding. One of the guys lays down on the ground and they lower her pussy onto his cock impaling her vagina with the largest cock she has ever seen. I guess because I am just enjoying everything I haven't cum yet but now my fuck hole has been stolen from me. So I spit on my wife's anus and insert my cock all the way to my balls into her bowls with one push. This makes her start to cum, and not just the normal little cum she normally does she is out of control and squirting cum all over our cocks as she is fucked in all her holes for the first time. That is enough for me I unleash the biggest load of cum she or I have ever seen into her anus. I was nice enough to not fuck her for a week and save up my load so it would be larger than ever, masturbating myself to the edge multiple times every day to add to it as well.

    Now it is on these studs are all young and have been saving there cum just as I had for the past week some longer. They fuck and bang my wife in all of her holes for the next 3 hours. She starts to cum once ever few minutes during this entire time. These cocks start to cum in her pussy, in her ass, on her tits, in her mouth, and pretty much any where they can. By the time they are done she is totally covered in cum. My cock is totally spend as well, I lost count of how many times I came on and in her. Her body is totally used. bruised, and abused.

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    thanks for the story :)

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    Thanks for the new addition

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    I was so hard when I was writing this, I thought I might cum in my pants. My wife was sitting just a few feet from me while I was writing it. The only thing was she had no idea I was writing it. I hope that someday I can show it to her and see about setting her up for a serious fuck.

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    Great story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by facialforu View Post
    I was so hard when I was writing this, I thought I might cum in my pants. My wife was sitting just a few feet from me while I was writing it. The only thing was she had no idea I was writing it. I hope that someday I can show it to her and see about setting her up for a serious fuck.
    Guerilla-Erotica...writing on the sly. Cool!!
    Good story, also!!

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    I had a chance to actually take the wife camping this weekend, and while she didn't get raped it was in the back of my mind the entire time. It turned out the campground was totally empty, so I was able to get my wife to walk around naked with me all night. We had sex four times in just about every position I could come up with. The last fuck last for like 30 minutes and she came at least 3 times. I filled her cunt so full of cum.

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    That was great!! Outdoor sex is the best!!

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    So hot! Would love to watch my wife get raped by young studs

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    great story thanks for adding it

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    camping over the years with a lot of fucking, thanks for the story,

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    Funny I was just talking to my wife yesterday about going back packing. Now I am super interested.

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    great fantasy

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