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Thread: high school began with a (gang) bang

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    high school began with a (gang) bang

    When I was a 14 year old freshman, I got laid for the first time. My mother was religious and forbade me from getting to close to girls, thinking I needed to save myself for when I was older and more mature. She even bought me a fleshlight and encouraged me to play with my cock as often as possible to curb my urges. But a 14 year old is never satisfied.

    One day in last period PE, I was playing kickball with a group of friends. I had to walk into the shrubs in the back of the field to retrieve a ball when I heard crying in the bushes. It was Tara, a fellow freshman. Tara was really cute looking, I had a crush on her like I had a crush on half the girls in the school. She was a tiny little thing—about 5 feet even, and 100 pounds soaking wet. She had light brown hair and was tan from playing soccer all the time.

    I asked her why she was crying and she told me that her parents had just split up. Her dad had just left her mom, and she hated him for that. He was coming to pick her up after class after not seeing her in a few weeks, and she couldn’t handle it. Her parents were religious too and she thought it hypocritical of her dad to fuck another woman when she wasn’t allowed to fuck anyone herself. We talked for a while, and when the bell rang to hit the showers, I gave her a hug. She grabbed my head and kissed me, then asked me to fuck her. My heart was racing and I was feeling all sorts of guilt and trepidation. I told her I had to go, and I ran over to the locker room like a dumbass.

    There were about 20 of us boys in that class, and we all stripped off our sweaty PE uniforms and went into the communal shower. I was sporting a huge boner from the rare moment of female contact I just had, but this wasn’t unusual in the locker room shower. There had been group masturbation sessions in there before. They just happened spontaneously—someone would start and the rest of us would join in. We were insanely horny young boys with a lot of cum built up. I had kind of a timid personality, but I was proud to display my cock. When it was hard it was 8 inches long, the biggest one among that particular group of guys, most of whom looked to be about 4 or 5 inches.

    Before I even had a chance to start stroking it, I heard a familiar voice from down the hall. “Are you guys decent?” the chipper, female voice asked. One of us naked guys shouted that we weren’t. “Good,” she said. In walked Tara, completely fucking naked. We all stared wide-eyed at her body. I’m pretty sure we were all hard the moment we saw her. She didn’t look like a porn star, but it was the first naked girl most of us had ever seen and our dicks saluted with respect. She had little perky A-cup tits, with pointy little nipples that stuck far out like pencil erasers. She had a bikini tan line and a completely shaved bush. She was just a girl, albeit a hot one who happened to be standing naked in front of an army of naked horny guys.

    She looked straight at me. “Are you sure you don’t want this, Mark” she asked me. Before I could answer, some jackass named Dan shouted that he wanted it. “Well, let’s follow me, then. I’m thirsty.” She walked out and down the hallway to the lockers and sat down on the bench. Dan followed her, as did a couple other guys. I waited a minute, then decided to see what was going on. I walked over and saw Tara sitting on the bench with Dan’s cock in her mouth. Three other guys stood next to him, beating their meat rapidly. One guy blew a load really quickly and his cum landed right on her little tits. She laughed and said to keep it coming. She grabbed another guy’s cock and started jerking it off. For a virgin she seemed really confident and assured. She must have watched a lot of porn.

    Dan started to cum and he pulled out of her mouth and jizzed on her face. Everyone was gathered around watching now, and she grabbed another cock and put in her mouth, then jacked two other guys off while her head moved back and forth. Everyone she blew, jerked off or who jerked off to her blew their loads on her face or chest. Before long, she was drenched in cum. It was all over, tangled up in her hair, dripping down her chin, and smeared all over her chest. I was jacking off, but too intimidated to go up to her and have my turn. I was as turned on as I’d ever been in my life, but I had trained myself not to cum too fast. When my mom gave me my fleshlight, she taught me how to edge so I could feel good for longer and then have a more intense orgasm by waiting to cum. I wanted this to feel amazing.

    The locker room was a hot, steamy mess. It was an orgy out of a Japanese bukkake movie but if the cast was a bunch of skinny, pimply teenagers. “What the fuck is going on here!” a deep voice shouted. Oh shit! It was Mr. Anderson, the PE teacher. We were busted. We’d probably all be expelled. My buddy Kyle took his dick out of Tara’s mouth and everyone froze. “I can’t believe all of you! You all have detention—at the very least!”

    Tara strode over to him and ran her hand along his crotch. “Are you sure you want to let everyone know what happened in your class on your watch?”

    Mr. Anderson gulped. We could see the sweat running down his forehead. He was about 50, tall and athletic. He no doubt had had his share of women in his day, but even he was transfixed by Tara and her sudden sluttiness. Actually, it was more than just sluttiness. This cute little good girl was now the 9th grade’s cum dumpster. Tara unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Mr. Anderson did not object. “We won’t tell if you don’t,” she said as she knelt down and started to polish his six inch knob.

    “You fucking slut,” Mr. Anderson moaned. “Suck it.” He grabbed her head and started guiding her to go faster. Her head bobbed up and down as she deepthroated him. We watched, kind of afraid for Tara. Was she still in control?

    Within 30 seconds of fucking her throat, Mr. Anderson came in her mouth. In a room full of teenagers, he was the premature ejaculator. We didn’t know what to expect when Tara turned around. Did that hurt? Was he forcing her? But when she turned around she had a big grin on her face. She was beaming. She started to finger her pussy. Mr. Anderson zipped up and fled the room.

    The guys who she hadn’t sucked off yet walked over to her. She continued to blow them, all while masturbating. I watched her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was missing out. I went over and stood with the rest of the guys lined up to get their cocks sucked. She really knew what she was doing. She was a cum-covered assembly line at this point. One guy would blow his load on her and she’d reach over to suck the next cock. Eventually she reached for mine. She didn’t even look at me, she was just staring at my cock.

    “Oooh, someone’s huge!” she cooed. She tilted her head to look up at me. “Mark! I always thought you were special.” Her tongue slithered up and down my shaft. Then she put her lips around my dome. She pushed her head down, trying to deepthroat me like she did with Mr. Anderson but she started to gag before she got there. She stopped. How could she stop—I was in heaven!

    She stood up and started to walk back to the benches. She gently grabbed my cock, leading me over with her. She knelt down on the bench and stuck her ass up in the air. “Take me,” she said.

    “Are you sure? Have you ever done this before?”

    “No, you’re the first. Fuck my ass, Mark!”

    The guys cheered me on. I grabbed my cock and started to insert into her asshole. I didn’t get very far and I pulled out. “It’s too tight for me,” I said.

    “I don’t give a shit, try again.”

    I tried again. I went in a little further. She moaned a little in pain. She was tighter than my fleshlight. She pushed her ass into me a little more until more than half of my 8 inches were submerged. Her eyes started to water, but she told me to go harder. I pulled out and then went back in. I started pounding faster and faster. “Oh yeah,” she said. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

    I smacked her on the ass a bit while I started plowing her. The guys shouted their approval. Some of them were hard again already. Dan, always taking the initiative walked up in front of her, and she started to suck his dick again. He had his 15 minutes of rest and was ready for more.

    “Hey, have you heard of the Eiffel Tower?” Dan asked me.

    “What do you mean?”

    Dan leaned toward me, over Tara, his cock still being serviced. He stuck his hand up. “Give me five!” I leaned over to high-five him. Our three bodies made an A-shape. Like the Eiffel Tower. I got it now. Very funny.

    I kept pounding away at Tara’s ass. She seemed really into it. Our bodies were perfectly in sync with each other. I felt the cum building. I was about to spurt. Even with my training, I could only delay it for so long. I looked up and into the distance and I saw a man walk in the room. He gasped. “Tara! Oh my God, sweetie!”

    It was her dad, obviously. Dan shot his wad at that moment, and then Tara pushed him aside to stare down her dad. She smiled at him, triumphantly as he looked mortified. “Fuck you dad!” she bellowed. He watched helplessly as I kept fucking her from behind. No amount of social discomfort was going to stop me at this point.

    Her asshole hugged my cock tightly as waves of cum burst out, filling her up. I raised both my arms up and yelled, “I’m king of the world!”

    The moment of ecstasy passed and I slowly pulled my cock out of her. She got up off the bench, cum covering most of the front of her body, and smiled at me. “Thanks, pal,” she said. We were all silent as she walked awkwardly over to her dad. She looked completely wrecked. The expression on his face was even worse. She walked right past him and he turned to follow. “Let’s go home,” she said. Crushed and defeated, he followed without a word. They walked out the locker room door and into the daylight. She didn’t even bother to pick her clothes up off the ground.

    We all stood around limp-dicked and emotionally exhausted. After the moment passed, we began to put our clothes back on and head home. I picked her panties up off the floor and kept them as a memento. 6 years later, I’m still jerking off into them.

    No one said anything. A few weeks later, Tara moved away with her mom. I never saw her again. I look for her every once in a while on Facebook, but she doesn’t seem to have a profile. Some rumors went around school about her being a slut, but I don’t think anyone from the locker room ever bragged about what happened. Mr. Anderson certainly wasn’t going to say anything about it. For us, I think that afternoon was a great memory that was almost too great to believe. Talking about it with each other would almost ruin its magic, somehow. But every time I saw a guy jack off in that shower, I knew who they were thinking about.

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    I like the story, it's not too rushed like some can be

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    Thanks, it took a while to write, because every time I pictured what happened, I would horny and have to stop and jerk off.

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    Good story! Thanks!

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    That was great. Thanks for posting it.

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    Good story. Wonder what happened to Tara.

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    loved the story

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    very good,thanks

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    lucky lucky lucky and awsem add an ifel tower and even better i like

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    Great story, enjoyed it!

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