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Thread: Wife Mandy plays strip poker with old friends

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    Wife Mandy plays strip poker with old friends

    We held a big reunion summer party at my parents house last July complete with all our friends from back home and of course plenty of games, food, and alcohol. This one ended very similarly to a lot of our parties, but with a little different lead in. At around midnight, most of our guests had left with only a couple of stragglers left behind. They happened to be two of my best friends from High School. My friends Nick and his cousin Derick. They were still downstairs in the basement playing Asshole. We had all come up intense drinking gamers. At this point in the evening, they were completely drunk. With my parents out of town, Mandy and I knew they would be spending the night.

    I was upstairs cleaning up and my wife went downstairs to see how they were doing and to see if they needed anything. I had picked up all the empty cans and bottles lying around and was going to get behind the couch. I needed her help so I went to find here in the basement. I herd the conversation and froze dead in my tracks. Derick laughed and he said, "Why don't you pull up a chair and we'll play strip poker for old times sake?" My wife answered, "No way. I can't be playing those games in my inlaws house. Especially when my hubby's not down here playing with us." Nick said, "C'mon Mandy, he won't care. I know he loves watching you perform." My wife said, "Well hes not really watching if hes not down here is he?" Nick responded, "Well, we will let him in on it a little later, he's bound to come down here eventually" My wife just laughed and said, "You're a frackin riot, Nick." "Let's be serious." He replied, "I am serious." She then shot back, "Strip poker?" Derick replied, "C'mon, have a little fun with us. We're the last ones here and it would be a great way to wrap up the night!" My wife said, "I'm not sure about this. What if he comes down here and gets pissed I did this without him?" Nick answered, "C'mon, you'll have a good time. Besides, wont it be fun to try it without him?" She finally agreed, "Ok. But only a couple hands,you know, before we do anything crazy I want to go get him." Wow, my wife was going to play strip poker without me. I had to see this for myself. I hid at the top of the staircase. Fortunately for me, the lights above the staircase were off, so they could not see me spying on their card game. I watched as the cards were dealt.

    Derick is a year older than me, but slightly shorter than me and in pretty good shape. Nick is very tall. I am guessing he's somewhere close to 6'4" and he had a bit of a beer gut, but in fairly good shape overall as well. Nick and Derick were both wearing shorts and tee shirts that night. My wife had on a spaghetti strap top that showed some cleavage as well as accentuated her amazingly fit body. She also wore a small miniskirt. My wife was a pretty good card player but I knew she would fall for the same cheats that we had always used. She would be naked in no time.

    Nick started off as the dealer and everyone gulped down a shot of Baileys before looking at their cards. Nick announced, "Here are the rules. We are playing 5 card draw. If you win, you get to ask someone to remove one piece of clothing. Shoes and socks don't count. If you run out of clothes, then you can either quit or play on with other rules." Everyone agreed and they looked at their cards. My wife took 3 new cards and Nick and Derick took none. Derick said, "All right, lay your cards down." My wife looked down and yelled, "Yes, I win with 1 pair." That looked suspicious to me as it seemed like they threw the first round to my wife. They were definitely up to the same old tricks. We would always let the girls win the first couple hands so they never caught on we were cheating. She looked right at Derick
    and said, "Derick, let me have that shirt!" He took off his shirt and tossed it to her. Derick's chest was now exposed for everyone to see and he definitely trimmed up a bit since the last time I saw him. My wife seemed very pleased that she won round 1.

    They seemed to pull the same stunt on the second hand as my wife won again. She asked Nick for his shirt. After he took it off, I realized he didn't have quite the beer gut he used to. Apparently he had hit the gym a bit of late. My wife accepted the shirt, smiled and said, "Are you boys getting a little chilly yet?" The cards were then dealt again and this time Nick and Derick took extra cards. After everyone revealed their cards, Derick yelled, "Three of a kind, baby! I win this time. "Ok, Mandy, let me have your shirt." My wife smiled, stood up and gave them a striptease by slowly taking off her top. Underneath, she had on a black strapless push-up bra that accentuated her amazing breasts. Both of the guys wore large grins as she twirled the shirt in the air and then threw it over to Derick. They both continued to stare at her chest as the cards were dealt again.

    The next round went to Nick and he turned to my wife and with a wry grin said, "All right sexy, I want that skirt of yours." Mandy spoke up, "This sucks. You guys are ganging up on me!" She stood up and slowly lowered her skirt. As she bent over, she intentionally gave them a great shot of her cleavage as she removed the skirt to expose her Black thong panties. They had fire in their eyes to go with the giant grins already on their faces as she twirled the skirt in the air and threw it at Nick.

    Mandy then piped up, "I need a frackin win here. Give me some good cards!" as she tossed back another shot of Baileys. Nick smiled and dealt the cards. When the cards were laid down, Nick yelled, "I win again! Hmmm, who should I choose?" He pointed at my wife and said, "Sexy, time for that little bra of yours to disappear." My wife hesitated and Nick held out his hand and said, "Um, rules are rules." She swore and stood up and unhooked her bra and whipped it at him as her tits were exposed for everyone. She shook her boobs at them and yelled, "Get a good look, boys!". Both of the guys laughed and stared at my wife's tits as she sat down. Derick said, "Nice rack!" My wife just said, "Let me deal. I think you guys are cheating!" She took the cards and dealt them as Nick hung her bra from the light overhead. After everyone showed their cards, my wife yelled, "Yes! I frackin won. Derick, give me those frackin shorts!" He stood up and took them off, he must have stared at my wife's exposed tits too long because he had a bulge in his boxers. She said, "Little excited there, Derick?" Both Mandy and Nick laughed as he sat down seemingly embarrassed by the small tent that appeared in his lap.

    The next round of cards was dealt and my wife won again. She looked at Derick and yelled, "Time to hand me those boxers!" He pointed at Nick and said to her, "Hey, why don't you take his shorts? I'm already down to my boxers!" She quickly yelled back at him, "I get to choose anyone I want. Those are the rules. So hand them over!" Derick seemed a bit pissed but he got up and lowered his boxers and his dick suddenly sprang to attention. My wife had a big smile on her face as she stared at his unit, which was about 7 inches in length and probably about an inch thick. She said, "Very nice piece you got there. Too bad you're almost out of the game!" Derick sat back down and took over dealing the cards.

    No surprise, Derick ended up winning the next hand and looked over at Mandy and said, "Payback is a bitch. Now give me that thong!" My wife's smile disappeared as she reluctantly stood up and slowly lowered her thong and whipped it at him. He caught it and immediately hung it from the light above next to her bra, "Very nice landing strip you got here," He said. Both of the guys erupted in laughter as my wife flipped them the bird and sat back down.

    After the cards were dealt, and Derick won again. He looked at my naked wife and said, "Well, since you are out of clothing, here are your choices. You could either quit like a baby, continue playing alone, or go get hubby." My wife had a confused look on her face and replied, "I can't continue playing if I don't let him know what's going on." Derick smiled and said, "Isn't this a little exciting without him here. Do you or do you not want to play some more?" She replied, "I guess. What do I have to do?" He seemed very excited at her response and said, "I would like you to come over here and stroke my cock for 30 seconds." She smiled and said, "Really now. That's it. I think I can do that." I was stunned as she stood up and spit on her hands, knelt down and started stroking his cock up and down. Derick closed his eyes and breathed slowly. My wife stopped after counting to 30 and then sat back down. As the cards were being dealt, Mandy stood up and started for the stairs. She stopped when Nick called after her, "Where you headed sexy." "I'm not going any further until I get my husband." I stepped down the stairs and said, "Seems like you were doing fine so far without me." Her eyes popped with fear. I assured her I was just happy she would not do anything major without me and suggested I get to my shorts like Nick so we could finish the game.

    It was Nick's deal and after the cards were laid, he said, "I believe that is a win for the big guy. I'm sorry sexy, but I must choose you again." My wife spoke up, "All right, what do I need to do now?" He replied, "I think I will raise Derick's bid a bit. I would like you to come over here and suck on my dick for 30 seconds." My wife put her hands on her hips and said, "Wait a minute! You still have pants on...."Nick cut her off and said, "Sorry sexy, I believe I won that last hand. Those are the rules. So how about it?" She reluctantly agreed, and Nick pulled his pants off and out popped his massive cock. It was easily 9 inches long and incredibly thick. My wife closed her eyes as she inserted the tip into her mouth. She proceeded very slowly, taking in only the tip and maybe an additional inch of that rod, before coming back up for air. She repeated this for 30 seconds and then stopped. Nick seemed disappointed that the time ended so quickly but softly said, "I'll have to extend the time a lot for the next one"

    Derick grabbed the deck and dealt the next hand. He yelled out "Yes!" and pumped his fist when he saw that he won the hand. He pointed directly at Mandy and said, "I choose you." She retorted back at him, "Wow, big surprise on that one!" He said, "I, of course must up the ante once again. I would like you to come over here and give me a full blow job for 5 minutes." My wife put her hands on her hips again, but this time I noticed a bit of a smirk on her face. She did not say anything as she got up and knelt down and grabbed a hold of his cock. Her hand stated messaging her clit as she went to work. She started at his balls and slowly tongued her way to his tip and then proceeded to insert about four inches of it into her mouth. Derick started squirming in his chair. She continued to take in more and more of his cock on every downward motion. All of a sudden she managed to throat his entire member and held it there for a second while Derick grabbed the top of her head and said, "Awww, fuck. Awww shit!" She was going really fast now and Derick pushed down on her head to help direct his throbbing cock to the back of her throat. He yelled, "Oh fuck. you are amazing with your mouth!" She went faster making his cock disappear and reappear on every cycle. Finally he yelled, "Ahhhh! Fucckkk!" and at that point Nick said, "Times up." my wife used her tongue to slurp up Derick's pre cum. She then stood up and returned to her chair. Derick just sat there, collapsed in his chair with his dick now red and Swollen.

    My wife said, "I'm starting to have a little fun. Deal again." As we all laid our cards down, my wife raised both of her hands in the air and yelled, "Yes!" she looked at me and said, "I choose you. I want you to come over here and eat me out for 5 minutes." As I got between her legs, she told the other two each suck one of her tits. They wasted no time in taking up positions on either side of her and took her nipples into their mouth. Soon she was squirming with pleasure. She reached out with each hand started messaging Derick and Nick's cocks. Nick tried to move his cock to her mouth, but she denied him. "That wasn't part of the deal, those are the rules." she said. Nick then said "Time."

    I dealt out the next hand. Mandy seemed really confident and refused new cards. The rest of us all go extra cards as usual. "Alright, lets see what your so sure of." I said. She lay out a beautiful Aces over Jacks full house. Nick and Derick weren't even close with their two pairs apiece. I gave her a very wry grin and lay down an Ace through Five straight flush in spades. She just gaped. "I chose you." I said, nodding at Mandy. "I want you to give us each a lap dance, and we each get our own song." I told her. "Frack, thats easy." she said. "Since you won I'll start with you." Mandy sat down on my lap then, with her pussy right over my cock, and brought her tits right up to my face. Then she swung them back and forth a couple of times, letting them hit me lightly on the cheeks. She slowly ground her lips over the shaft of my cock. It seemed like my song was over in no time. She moved over to Derick to give him the same lap dance. While she was working him up, I leaned over to Nick and said, "When she goes to grind on your cock, make sure you rub her clit with the tip of you dick." I know Mandy, and I know she can't have her clit messaged that way without burring the cock into her pussy. As soon as Derick's song was over Mandy mounted Nick. She rubbed her tits in his face and began to move her hips down to grind on him. He held his shaft so that the tip of his dick teased her clit when she began to grind. She let out a gasp and quickened her light grind. I knew she couldn't hold out much longer and with a low moan she pushed her hips down, Nicks rod impaling her.

    Nick Picked Mandy up with his cock still burred in her and lay her over an ottoman. Her head was arched over the back side. Derick Positioned himself so he could slide his manhood into her mouth. I stoked my cock to keep it stiff as Nick Fucked her pussy and Derick throat fucked her upside down mouth. After a bit I couldn't wait any long and motioned for Nick to move over. Derick replaced him and began working himself into her welcoming cunt. I took Derick's place and slid my dick down Mandy's throat. The position her head was arched in, as well as the angle I was penetrating her mouth from allowed me to slide my cock deep into her throat. After a bit, I was getting really turned on, so I began to thrust really hard. Derick's equally hard thrusts forced me deeper and deeper into her throat. Every few strokes I would pull out enough to allow a thick mess of saliva to cover her face. I pulled out and Picked Mandy up, off the ottoman. I sat on the ottoman and lowered Mandy down onto me reverse cowgirl. The thick saliva that was still glistening on my cock made for a perfect lube as I impaled her tight ass. She slowly worked me all the way into her ass an picked up a good rhythm. Nick then mounted her and and worked his 9 inches into her pussy. Derick stood next to her and guided her mouth to his cock. Mandy started to convulse with strong orgasms from the intense DP she was recieving. Her increased tempo seemed to set us all off, so soon all three of us were grunting at the cusp of climax. Mandy Moaned, "I want your loads all over my face." She dismounted me and knelt between us and began to messaging her breasts with her hands. Almost at once we all started shooting streams of hot white seed over her face. She greedily took all she could in her open mouth, the rest covered her face. She smeared the flow of cum that streamed down her chest into a shinny sheen on her breasts. We all collapsed onto the couch and I looked over to Mandy and said, "I think we can finish cleaning up in the morning."

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    Thanks for the new addition

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    pretty hot story thnks

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    a very nice story

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    great story hehe but if I were the husband I would totally cock blocked those guys because they tried to force the wife to play without me
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    nice very very nice... thanks for posting

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    I loved this story so much!

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    Very nice story. Very hot.

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