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Thread: True story about my sexy wife wanting my friend

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    True story about my sexy wife wanting my friend

    My Hot Wife 2/23/11.

    I’ll call My Hot Wife Jamie, and I’ll be Ray. The others we’ll call Dan and Kathy. This is an absolutely true story about my incredible loving hot wife Jamie. Jamie and I were married 8 years ago. She is sexy and fun, a blast to hang out with and sometimes a little goofy. I love her with all my heart, and for years I’ve been telling her how much I’d love to watch her get fucked by another guy.

    Jamie is 5’ 5” 125lbs with brown hair and light blue/gray eyes. She has a classic figure with a perfect sexy round ass, little soft waist and real luscious 34D tits that sway and bounce just like real tits should when I’m fucking her. Our sex life has had it’s dry spells just like any couple who has kids, but the sex has always been hot. Over the years she has become more comfortable with her kinky side and discovered that she is slightly submissive with an affinity for some rough stuff. Back before we were married, when we were crazy kids who had nothing better to do than party, we had a few encounters with a roommate of mine. Those were fun times, but more like just crazy party stuff, and a story for another time.

    This story starts about 3 months ago. Some old friends of ours whom we hadn’t hung out with in a long time, a couple named Dan and Kathy had recently become close friends again as they also had kids the same age as ours. After a few social events we got together for a dinner night with just us couples and our kids. The kids all had a great time as did we, and soon it became late. We put the kids to bed and the adults decided to hang out. We had been drinking wine and smoking cigars and things were getting fun. The girls were pretty saucy and were dancing to some sexy music. The talk had turned to their bodies post kids. There was the usual talk but Dan and I assured the girls that their bodies were fantastic and that we thought they were sexier than ever. Pretty soon their tits were out and they were rubbing them together and dancing for us. Before things got too crazy though our youngest woke up and we decided it was time to head home. Jamie and I had some of the hottest sex in a while that night when we got home. She wanted it rough and I was up to it, even slapping her across the face while I hammered her pussy deep causing her to cum like crazy.

    About a month later Dan and Kathy got a hot tub and invited us over to enjoy it. Again we had a nice dinner and the kids played until they were worn out and fell asleep. Jamie was eager to show off her hot body in her bikini in the hot tub although Kathy wasn’t so sure she wanted to go in. After some convincing she agreed. After some lively discussion and a couple bottles of wine the tits came out again. This time it was a little more sexual as the girls were making out and Dan and I were switching back and forth between playing with our respective wives tits and each other’s wives tits. Throughout the night I kept hafting to get out and tend to our son who kept waking up. At one point I finally decided to forgo my suit instead of taking it off to go in the house and put it back on to get in the tub. Soon enough everyone was naked and things were really getting hot. Kathy has huge DD tits and I was really enjoying sucking on them and squeezing them. At one point the girls were making out while I was fingering Kathie’s pussy and I think Dan was fingering Jamie’s pussy. The highlight of the night for me though was when I had Jamie stand up and bend over so that Dan and Kathy could get a good view of here perfect round ass. We were all slapping it as Jamie asked for it harder. I could tell that she was incredibly hot and horny from the attention. Unfortunately again our little one ended the party early and we had to head home. That night Jamie was so fucking horny that she agreed to one of my biggest fantasies. “I want you to do anything you want to me right now.” She said. “What do I want to do to you?” I asked here. “You want to pee on me.” She stated. “Oh yea? You want to let me piss on you?” I said, “Yea baby. I want you to piss all over me.” She said. We headed into the bathroom to the bath tub, but unfortunately either because I was to dry from drinking all night or I was just too rock hard I couldn’t do it. Even without being able to get a good piss out, we still had some of the hottest sex ever. I fucked her from behind with a huge dildo then finished her off by shoving my cock up her ass. She always cums when I fuck her ass.
    After that we had a few other nights over at Dan and Kathie’s that were fun but nothing like that night. One of them ended quickly because my daughter couldn’t sleep, but the girls had wanted to do a lingerie show. The next time I was especially horny for my sexy wife and kept grabbing and slapping her hot ass. I kept whispering to her how Dan just invited us over because he wanted to get his hands on her gorgeous ass too. We ended up in the hot tub again naked and things were hot but Jamie and Kathy had been drinking hard liquor instead of wine and Jamie got way to drunk. We called the hot tub quits and went into the lounge to cool off and help Jamie sober up. At one point Dan had headed into the kitchen to get another drink and Jamie went in to the bathroom. Dan came back with water and when Jamie got back we decided to go. That night Jamie was sick so nothing happened. She apologized but I assured her that it was quite all right and that maybe we should take it easy.

    The day after that Jamie was hung over and was out of commission. The next day things got back to normal. The following day Jamie called me into the bedroom while she was getting ready. She told me that she didn’t think she wanted to fool around anymore. When I asked her what had went wrong she said,” Dan and I have been flirting over texts the last couple days and, I just feel guilty. I have a hard time separating feelings.” I told her that it was perfectly fine and that if she felt uncomfortable that we could cool things down. I told her she should call Dan and tell him so that he was clear. I knew he would be a gentleman about it and would respect her. She called him and they talked about it.

    For the next couple of days Jamie and I talked about it and I assured her that I was not mad at her even though she felt guilty about flirting sexually with Dan. As we talked she became more comfortable. She had told me that Dan had told her that he thought she was so sexy and that I was a lucky man. He told her that that previous time at their house, when they were alone in the kitchen, (It turns out Jamie had not gone straight to the bathroom but instead had gone to the kitchen to tell Dan that she really liked him,) that he had wanted to kiss her. I assured her that it didn’t make me mad or jealous to know that, and it instead excited me to know that my friend was hot for my sexy wife, and even more so that she was excited about him. I told her that in my opinion there was nothing wrong with her being attracted to him and excited about their flirting, as long as she wasn’t falling in love with him and as long as she didn’t stop loving me, and didn’t keep any secrets.

    This apparently assured her, because a couple weeks later we were invited over again for dinner. We went over with the idea of not staying late as we didn’t bring the kids pajamas. However after Kathy and Jamie had had a few glasses of wine Jamie asked me to go back to our house and get the kids bed stuff so we could let them sleep and have some fun. After the kids were asleep, the girls had pulled out the lingerie, but before they could even start the show, the tits were out. I had just gotten Jamie a new bra that pushed her tits way up and she was teasing Kathy that she could compare to Kathie’s huge tits now, at least as long as the bra was on. The conversation quickly turned to Jamie’s beautiful ass and she was more than happy to pull down her tight jeans to show off how her thong went right up the crack of it. As things heated up, Jamie asked Kathy, “You don’t mind if I give your husband a lap dance do you?” “Why not?” she said, so Jamie hopped on Dan’s lap and started rubbing her tits in his face. He went right to them like a hungry baby sucking and squeezing them. Kathy hopped in my lap to let me get a couple handfuls of her giant tits as well. Dan was sucking Jamie’s tits, I was sucking Kathie’s and Kathy and Dan both were rubbing and slapping Jamie’s hot ass. While Kathy was a lot of fun to play with on my lap, I was much more interested in what was going on next to me. I was intently watching Jamie and Dan. He had his hand down her pants and soon the two of them were kissing and making out like a couple teenagers. At one point Jamie looked over to me. Her hair was all messed up falling all over her face which was flush. I could tell she was having a great time and I thought at some point she was going to cum. She later told me that Dan had his finger in her pussy and was finger fucking her close to orgasm. I knew that if I touched my dick I would have cum right there. I was hard as a rock and precum was leaking all over in my pants. Dan and Jamie would have stripped down right then and there and started fucking like rabbits, except that Kathy clearly was not into the whole scene nearly as much as the rest of us. Soon we all cooled down and got our cloths back into shape. Shortly thereafter Kathy left the room and Dan followed. Jamie asked me if something was wrong and I said I wasn’t sure. There was clearly tension in the air and Kathy did not seem happy. After a while Jamie and I decided to leave. As we were leaving Jamie asked Dan if something was wrong and Dan said that Kathy was upset that he had kissed Jamie. Kissed was hardly the word for it as they were exploring each other’s internal organs with their tongues. When we got home Jamie was a little miffed about what happened, but she was also so fucking horny that she didn’t really care. She lay down on her back and asked me to fuck her good and hard. We rarely do it missionary but I was so excited to look into her eyes and tell her how hot it was to watch her getting so hot making out with Dan. Her pussy was incredibly hot and wet, wetter than it had been in years, since we first started fucking. She also came just from me fucking her. Usually she needs clitoral stimulation and she had only cum twice before from just being fucked, the last time being on our honeymoon. We fell asleep cuddling in bed talking about how hot the night had been.

    The next morning Jamie woke me up just as horny as the previous night. She had been texting with Dan again that morning and was hot as a firecracker. After another hot session where I fingered her pussy and asshole until she came, then fucked her from behind until I dumped a huge load of cum all over her ass and back, we talked about what had happened. She said she talked to Dan and apparently he and Kathy had set some rules. Basically the rules were no kissing and no fucking. He had broken one of the only rules that idiot, but he had said that it was well worth it though, as it turned out he hadn’t been getting any from Kathy for quite a while.

    Unfortunately Kathy and Dan’s issues put an end to any possibility of Jamie getting to find out how good Dan could fuck her, and me getting to finally have my fantasy come true, but it didn’t stop Jamie and Dan from flirting or from me telling Jamie how hot it would be to watch them, or hear them, or hear about them fucking while I was asleep or at work. What did put an end to the hot sex though was Jamie getting injured from either our recent Dan inspired hot sex, or her vigorously abusing herself one afternoon after texting with Dan about how he could have been allowed to eat her pussy or have her suck his cock.

    About a week later Jamie had healed from her injury and was back at it. We had plans to go over to Dan and Kathy's again and Jamie was very excited. Kathy however backed out and Jamie was miffed. We decided to have a bottle of wine ourselves at home after putting the kids to bed. Jamie was horny and wanted to get it on. I asked her what had her so worked up as I knew she hadn't been texting with Dan that day. She said that Dan had texted earlier saying Kathy had sounded interested in getting together and that Kathy wanted to get it on with Jamie. That left us wondering what had happened to make Kathy back out, but either way I now knew what Jamie was excited about. She had thought she was going to get some more action from Dan. "You were looking forward to making out with Dan weren't you?" I asked. "Yea." She said. "Let's fuck baby." She said. I was hard as a rock.

    We stripped down on the living room floor. I grabbed a hold of her beautiful big tits and started biting on her nipples. She laid down on her back. She was horny as hell but not quite ready yet as her pussy wasn't sloppy wet. I leaned in and starting kissing her deep and hard. I was rubbing my hard cock up and down the slit of her pussy getting her wet. She looked down between her legs watching my cock rub up and down on her pussy. I was teasing her poking her pussy lightly with my cock as she watched it. I looked at her watching it and said, "Are you imagining that it's Dan's cock? That's what you really wanted tonight huh, was to have Dan's cock about to fuck you?" Her brow creased and she started thrusting her pussy up trying to get my cock in her."Yes." She said. I slid my rock hard cock into her now very wet pussy and pushed it deep in letting it fill her up as much as possible. She leaned her head back closing her eyes and moaned lightly. I dropped down and again starting kissing her hard and deep licking her tongue and mouth all over inside. I started fucking her deep, pulling almost all the way out then thrusting hard back into her, making her tits bounce and jiggle. She was breathing heavy with our mouths locked together wide open, our tongues licking and twisting together. Her eyes were closed and I knew she was imagining that Dan was the one fucking her hard while he kissed her deeply. We unlocked our kiss and she looked down again at my cock plowing into her pussy. She lifted her legs slightly and I said to her, "That's right, spread those legs open. Open up that pussy." With her legs spread wide open I started pounding her hard, fucking her with everything I had. She was grunting and moaning with every thrust, her head back, eyes closed and mouth open. After fucking hard for a while she wrapped her legs around me and held me in close grinding her pussy and clit against me. Our bodies were pressed together grinding together. "Oh god that feels so good." She said. Again I kissed her deeply. I pulled away and looked at her, her eyes were closed and her brow creased again. I could tell she was getting close and would cum soon. I leaned down, my mouth to her ear. "Could you imagine how good it would feel if it was Dan's cock in your pussy right now?" I said. "Just imagine if he was the one fucking you right now, how good it would feel to have his cock filling up your pussy." that put her over the edge. Her brow furrowed and her eyes pressed closed as if in pain. Her mouth gaped open and she started cumming hard. She was moaning and breathing, the breaths coming short and quick. "Uh UH uh UH UH!" I could feel her pussy convulsing as it squeezed my cock. Her cheeks were flush as she had one of the most powerful orgasms I've ever seen her have. Her gasps and moans turned to light laughter as she came down from her orgasm. "Oh god." she chuckled her eyes still closed. "That was fucking awesome." I said. "That was bad timing. I was already right there." she said. "I'd say it was good timing." I said. We lay together for a while my cock still hard inside her. I kissed her softly. She was spent.

    I pulled out and lay down besides her caressing her beautiful smooth skin. I chuckled. "What?" she asked a big smile on her face. "Could you imagine how hard you would cum if he really fucked you?" I asked her. She just lay there with her eyes closed and said, "mmmmm". We laid there cuddling, talking, kissing. I told her how fucking hot she was and how much it turned me on to have her wanting Dan to fuck her. She said it was so crazy that I was turned on by her having the hots for Dan. The crazy part is I totally am turned on. My cock wouldn't get soft as we talked about how she was so hot for Dan. How she wants him to kiss her, and fuck her hard and deep.

    The best thing about this whole experience for me, aside from being able to enjoy my sexy wife’s sexual desire for my friend, has been how appreciative we have become of each other. In contrast to the broken relationship that Dan and Kathy have, Jamie and I have been made very aware of how much we love and respect each other. I have gained a new appreciation of how wonderful and sexy my hot wife is. I have been reminded of the loving and trusting relationship we have, and how great our life together really is.
    True story.

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    A few years ago at the invitaion of his wife I partnered her husband. She told me he had been promisuous before they married but had remaind faithful as promised since they married about 18 months earlier. He had recently mentioned he was having difficulty being faithful and had almost strayed once or twice with previous partners. I was one of them and had rejected his advances as I was aware of his promise. I knew his wife and she approached me with the proposition of allowing him his to have his wish with me - but it had to be in her presence with the three of us in the room. I discussed it with her at some length as I was not really happy. However she believed that if he agreed to her witnessing us together it may help him overcome his desire. I had a feeling it may be leading to a three way and she assured me THAT would NEVER happen.
    We met and it all happened as she had planned it. He was almost hopeless and could not maintain his erection or reach orgasm - It was guilt he said. It certainly wasnt one of my best experiences.
    Afterwards we all talked about it and it was a little embarrassing. Amongst the things we discussed was - was I was willing to go through with it again if ever he desired to try again. I said I would providing the rules were the same.
    It never happened again - she rang me from time to time to check if he had tried to break the rules and I assured her he had not - with me anyhow.
    They now have a lovely baby girl.

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    Read this story somewhere else a long time ago. Good story with a TON of TRUTH in it. The morale of the story is ---- no relationship can grow or last where jealousy or insecurity lingers. Husbands LOOK, wives LOOK, husbands FANTISIZE, wives FANTISIZE - those that don't admit it are liars! When we go out what is important is YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE GOING HOME WITH - and what happens when out just plain excites things when you get home. I can not understand jealousy - you damn sure don't OWN the person - what makes them stay is emotion, love, respect, sharing, talking, giving. My input - good story we could all learn from. Jim

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    Thanks for the comments. Here is the latest.


    This week has been interesting. The drama of the situation between Dan and Kathy had Jamie thinking that she didn’t want to be involved anymore. A few days ago she told Dan as much, saying that nothing was actually going to happen until Dan figured out his shit. Jamie didn’t want to be doing anything behind Kathy’s back. However, during previous im sessions, Jamie had been telling Dan that maybe she would take a sexy picture of herself on her phone and send it to him, so later that day Jamie sent Dan a picture of her big juicy tits in her pushup bra that I had bought her. (if enough people leave nice comments maybe I can convince her to upload the pic here.) Shortly after sending the pic to Dan, Jamie proceeded to sext with him while getting herself off. “So what are you wearing?” he had asked, although he knew very well from the pic she sent.

    Jamie told me that this was more or less how it went:

    “I have on my tight Yoga pants that show off my ass,” She told him. “and a black thong.” She was already excited at this point, having been naughty and sending him the pic of her tits. “Oops; pants are off.” She texted to him. “thong is too.” She continued. She then asked him if she should use one of her toys to get off. Dan of coarse said yes. Jamie pulled out the big dildo that I got her years ago when we first started dating. It’s a good 9 inches long and about 5 or 6 inches around. It really stretches her beautiful pussy wide when I use it on her. “That thing is huge.” She said to me when telling me about the events of that afternoon. “It’s bigger than any cock I’ve ever seen.” “So how do you know how big Dan’s cock is?” I responded. She laughed and said, “Well I don’t, but that thing is huge.” At one point she tried to take a picture of the dildo and send it to him, but it wouldn’t go through. She did however proceed to fuck herself with it while Dan asked, “Are you imagining that it’s me fucking you?” She didn’t tell me what she said, and when recounting the story to me, when I asked the same question, she said she didn’t know, she was just getting off. I told her that she should have called him while she was fucking herself. Jamie told me all this on the phone that night while I was at work, which left me awkwardly rock hard at my desk.

    The next morning when I woke Jamie and I had a shower together. She told me that earlier that morning she had seen Dan when dropping off the kids at school, however nothing happened as they were in public. He did get a hand full of her ass though. I was totally hot in the shower thinking about Jamie fucking herself with her dildo and imagining that it was Dan’s big cock filling her pussy up. Jamie however was not into it. She said that she felt like she hadn’t been getting anything done lately and that she felt like “it” was consuming our lives. Everything lately had been about “it”. She did however bend over for me and let me fuck her from behind quick so I could get off, which was easy enough for me looking at her gorgeous ass.

    That night at work she told me that the afternoon was uneventful but productive as she did manage to get several errands done. She had however texted me earlier saying that she told Dan that if things blew up that night with Kathy that he could come over. Talking to her on the phone that night I was on pins and needles wanting to know what happened, but I didn’t pry. Eventually Jamie told me that Dan hadn’t come over because Kathy wanted to talk that night.

    The following morning was somewhat hectic and Jamie and I didn’t really get to talk much since we were busy with making important phone calls, taking care of the kids and general other things that being an adult requires. Before I knew it I had to head off to work. Jamie was just getting in the shower as I was headed out and I hardly had time to give her a quick kiss before heading out. I didn’t hear from her at all that evening. I checked my phone late that evening and saw that I had missed a call from her just a little while before. I tried calling her back but got no answer. After a little while I called the home phone. “Hi baby.” She said. “Can I call you back? Dan is just leaving.”

    My heart started beating fast. “Uh… sure.” I said. I sat rigidly in my chair squirming. My mind was racing. What had happened? I thought. Did Jamie not answer her cell phone because she was otherwise indisposed? I had told her once before that if anything ever happened and I wasn’t there that she had to either video tape it so I could watch later, or call me so I could listen in while he was taking her and making her sweet wet pussy his. The seconds ticked by and soon became minutes. I thought “dammit! That was the call and I missed it.” I was sure that Jamie had given in to her wanton desire for Dan and I had missed out. It seemed like an eternity as I wondered what was happening. Were they in a passionate embrace, kissing while they ran their hands all over each other, exploring their bodies that had moments ago been pressed together naked, fucking? My phone rang and I could barely speak.

    “Hey.” I said. I can’t really remember exactly how the conversation went except that Jamie said nothing had happened. She had called earlier to say hey and to tell me that Dan was going to stop by. But when he did the kids were still up and they couldn’t get any privacy. I found that I was relieved that I hadn’t missed anything, but also slightly disappointed. “All the better.” She said. “Oh yea?” I asked. “Would something have happened?” I added. “Yea, probably.” She said. Our conversation was short as Jamie had to get the kids to bed.

    This brings us up to last night. As you can tell, Jamie is as hot for Dan as ever, but conflicted because of the situation between Dan and Kathy. If only Dan was single or Kathy was willing to play.

    Please leave comments. Thanks.

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    story is very good hope to see her get fucked,,,,,thanks

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    very hot. any more?

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    very hot story

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    its 9 moths later

    Jamie could have had Dans baby bby now, update please. ;)

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    great story more please xxxxx

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    Dont leave us on tenterhooks....

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