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Thread: Harry Potter, The Fifth Year Is The Sexual One

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    Chapter 9: Revenge Can Be So Hot

    The year started out very bad for Harry Potter. He had made plans to fuck Hermione, didn’t work. The ministry had invaded Hogwarts with a real bitch named Dolores Umbridge, and to make matters worse about 90% of the school believed the rumors the daily profit had wrote about him. He had received multiple bad looks from the students of Hogwarts, and he was catching people whispering behind his back. Overall Harry was pretty fucking pissed off.

    At the end of the third day of school everyone was sitting up in the common room of Gryffindor tower. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sitting near the fire doing their homework and discussing their previous D.A.D.A. class. Harry had been given detention for speaking the truth about the ministry and Voldemort. The conversation went well and it looked like Harry was cheering up a bit. Then however he saw Dean, Seamus, and Lavender in the corner of the room, whispering and giving him dirty looks. Harry couldn’t stand it, his anger exploded. “If your going to sit over there bad mouthing me, you might as well do it to my face” he yelled over to them.

    The common room went silent; Dean, Seamus, and Lavender all had stunned looks on their faces. There was a full minute of silence before Seamus spoke up, “You’re right Potter. I wont speak behind your back. I know you’re a filthy liar”. Dean and Lavender both nodded approvingly behind Seamus.

    “Fuck all three of you” were all Harry could think to say, with a disgusted look he left the common room.

    “Attention lover” Dean yelled after Harry.

    “Shut up” Ginny yelled, who had recently risen from a chair in the corner. “Harry is telling the truth and you would all be wise to believe him”. She then looked at Dean and said, “You can bet ill never fuck you again”.

    “What” Screamed Ron who ran over and punched Dean straight in the face, causing a fight to break out in the common room. During the ruckus Ginny was able to slip out of the common room unnoticed.

    She walked down the hallways searching for Harry. She saw a open door halfway down the hallway, and walked inside. Harry was standing with his back to her looking out the window. “Harry are you alright” Ginny asked.

    Harry turned around and saw Ginny and smiled that smile that she thought was so cute. “Thanks for checking on me Ginny, im alright, just pissed that’s it”.

    Ginny walked up to Harry and hugged him and said, “Good Harry, their just dumb remember that”. Harry still looked a little upset and Ginny knew that he needed to be cheered up, especially after this awful few days. “Harry, is there anything I can do to cheer you up?” she whispered softly in his ear.

    “You shouldn’t have to worry about this Ginny” Harry said.

    “Well I can think of something that will help you” after she said this, Ginny reached her hand out and grabbed the waistband of his pants.

    “Ginny, you don’t have to do this”.

    “I want to do it, I want to make you happy. With that she pulled his belt out and unbuttoned his jeans. She got down on her knees and pulled down his pants as she got down. He stood there in his t-shirt and boxers as Ginny looked at the large bulge in his boxers.

    As she pulled down his boxers and his semi hard cock popped out inches from her face Harry said, “Ginny you’re the greatest”. She smiled up at Harry as her tongue snaked out and licked across the tip of his cock. Harry groaned as it made contact with his cock causing it to immediately rise to full mast of 7 inches. She licked all the way down its length until she got to his sack. She took one nut into her mouth and drenched it in saliva while sucking on it. Occasionally she would tug on it oh so gently causing a intense groan from Harry every time. She proceeded to do this to his other ball.

    After treating his balls to a great treat she moved onto to his shaft. She started by just putting his large head into her mouth and sucking hard on it. Her tongue was licking all around the head. She began to move down his shaft getting deeper and deeper not gagging at all. When she had his whole dick down her mouth Harry was in heaven. He could feel Ginny sucking so hard on his cock that her cheeks were dimpled, and he could feel her tongue working nonstop on the bottom of his cock. He looked down and saw her beautiful brown eyes looking up at him as she sucked on his cock and knew he was close to cumming. “You’re a master at blowjobs Ginny” Harry moaned.

    Ginny began to bob up and down as she jerked him off the bottom of his cock with one hand. This was too much for Harry who yelled, “Ginny, get ready, im about to blow”. She took his whole length one more it me all the way down her throat and waited for him to blow. Harry could feel her trying to swallow him and came down her throat not even giving Ginny a chance to miss a drop. Ginny pulled off of his cock and Harry helped her up and kissed her on the lips and then said, “Thank you so much Ginny, I feel much better now”.

    “Anytime you’re down Harry, ill help you. And don’t worry, everyone will realize how dumb Dean, Seamus, and Lavender are”
    “Ginny you just gave me a great idea” Harry said as he ran from the room to go find Ron.

    Harry and Ron spent the whole night skiving and had worked out there plan. They had found out a way to embarrass Lavender, Dean, and Seamus in a way the whole school would never forget. Lunchtime came and just to there luck the unlucky three had sat next to each other. The meals popped up and unknown to those three Harry and Ron had sneaked down to the kitchen in the morning and had seen their old friend Dobby. They gave him a potion to put into Lav, Dean, and Seamus meal.

    The contents of Seamus and Dean’s potion were a sex potion that caused the drinker to succumb to the wishes of anyone. The contents of Lavender’s potion caused the drinker to want to fuck and suck whomever hair was put into the potion. Harry and Ron had taken hair off of Seamus and Deans pillow.

    Harry and Ron saw each of them eat their meal and waited. Suddenly Lav pushed the plates and bowls in front of her off the table and pulled Dean and Seamus up onto it. Everyone looked up at them as they heard the clatter of the plates.

    “What are they doing someone yelled”

    “Yeah” another person replied. But they all went silent when Lavender turned and kissed Dean hard on the lips. Then she turned and kissed Seamus as well.

    Then she said to both of them and said, “Fuck me”. She then ripped her shirt open spraying the buttons all over the place. Her large tits popped out constrained in a big bra. Her tits looked to be DD and very juicy.

    “What a slut” someone yelled, to the laughs of many. Dean reached around her back and undid her bra. Her huge tits popped out no longer constrained by her bra. They were very juicy with big nipples. Seamus meanwhile pulled down short shorts to reveal a blue thong.

    “Rip it off her” a voice from the crowd said. Dean and Seamus couldn’t say no of course so Dean grabbed the backside of her thong and Seamus the front and they each pulled.

    “Uhhh” Lavender moaned as it was ripped off of her and her shaved pussy was shown to the entire student body. Lavender rubbed her pussy as she said, “Strip”.

    The boys again couldn’t say no, so in front of everyone they stripped. Everyone was impressed at the size of Dean’s cock, which came out first. But when Seamus pulled his cock out laughter filled the hall. “It looks like its 4 inches” someone yelled when Seamus was finally naked.

    Lav pushed Dean onto his back and straddled his waist. “I hope I can’t fit you” she said as she put her pussy lips to his cock and began to push down. It didn’t look like it would be able to fit. Her pussy was stretching nonetheless and Deans black dick popped in.

    “OOOO that’s must hurt” another voice commentated.

    “Get it all in her” someone yelled as Dean grabbed Lav’s hips and pulled her all the way down on his cock.

    “Your so tight” Dean yelled, as Lavender began to pull her self up and down on his cock. She was riding him hard in front of everyone. She would go up and down twice then grind her hips against him. She looked like a great fuck Harry thought. Dean and Lavender were going at it and Seamus was standing next to them not knowing what to do.

    “Hey you” some one said pointing at Seamus, “Fuck her in the ass, maybe she will feel your small cock”.

    Seamus got behind Lavender and pointed his cock at her tiny star. He pushed up against it and it slid in with relative ease. “Haha, she barely noticed” another person commented.

    The three of them worked out a rhythm. Lavender would pull up as Dean and Seamus would pull out. Then she would push down as they thrusted in. they were fucking hard for ten minutes. Lavender was shining from sweat as she was being fucked hard. Everyone could see her pussy convulsing as she came over and over again.

    “She is such a slut, she loves being fucked while we all watch” people laughed.

    “Im about to cum” Dean yelled.

    “Me to” said Seamus.

    “Cum in the whore, that will make her day” one more person yelled. Dean and Seamus pumped in and out a few times before they each blew inside of her holes. They stayed in this position for some time.

    “What is this” Barked Professor Umbridge, “You three follow me” Dean, Seamus, and Lavender were all escorted from the great hall with extremely embarrassed looks on their faces. Lavender also seemed confused as to why she had done what she had done. Harry assumed the potion had worn off.

    Later that night Ginny came up to Harry. “How did you make that happen, at lunch?” she asked.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about” Harry replied as he walked up to his dorm right after giving Ginny a nice hard squeeze on her ass.

    Ginny wasn’t fooled, she knew that Harry must have had a hand in this, and she intended to find out how.


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    Chapter 10: Not So Happy Hermione

    Hermione was not very happy with the first few days of the school year. The train ride up had somehow resulted in Hermione fucking Malfoy. Then when she returned to her friends they tried to pull a move on her. She probably wouldn’t have fought it if she had not just been fucked for any reason. Then when she got to school she found out that the new D.A.D.A. teacher was a bitch and was dreading there first class. Lastly she had a meeting that was coming up with Draco Malfoy where he would no doubt act like a douche bag towards her.

    The first week of school passed with Hermione not saying much to her friends. Her mind was focused on what she would say when she saw Draco. Every time she walked by him in the halls, he would smirk at her, and one time he sneaked up behind her and squeezed her ass. Harry and Ron were acting weird around her. Hermione had noticed them looking at her much differently then they used to. She was becoming more and more wet when she sat around them in class. For some reason ever since Sirius had taken her virginity she couldn’t get the idea of fucking her friends out of her mind. But she couldn’t do that now, she had to prepare for her meeting tonight with Draco.

    The first week passed quickly and Hermione found herself an hour before midnight waiting in the Gryffindor common room. She was sitting there with Ginny.

    “Hermione, you wont believe this but last week, me and Harry, well we hooked up, and I blew him”. Ginny said.

    It was clear that she couldn’t wait to tell her this, “Wow” Hermione replied, trying to make it seem as though she cared even though she was focused on Draco. “How was it, was he good, was his cock big”.

    “He was great, but that’s not what I wanted to tell you, I think I know why Lavender, Dean, and Seamus fucked at dinner”.

    “Yes Ginny” Hermione replied a little more interested.

    “It was Harry, he had something that made them do it, I don’t know what, but I know it was him”.

    Hermione was suddenly interested, “Ginny I need you to find out how, by any means. I have to go now but tomorrow lets talk some more”. With that Hermione got up and left out the portrait hall. She walked down the hallway and got to the prefect bathroom, she went inside and saw Draco sitting in the tub, she assumed he was naked.

    “Hello mudblood, why don’t you strip down and join me” he said in a cocky tone.
    “Shut up Malfoy, I don’t know what you’re thinking, or how you got those photos but this ends now”.

    “I don’t like you’re tone Granger, if you don’t want these photos to be public knowledge” and with a flick of his wand hundreds of photos appeared around the room some moving some still but all involving them fucking. “Then you will take off all your clothes and climb in the tub so we can make some arrangements, also you can call me master from now on”.

    Hermione stared at him for a minute before realizing that she had no choice. “As you fucking wish” she said. Then when she caught his eye she said, “Master”. She turned her back to him and started to unbutton her shirt. She then slid it off her shoulders. She reached around her back and unclipped her bra, letting her tits fall free. She quickly pulled down her pajama pants. She had worn old white cotton panties so Draco wouldn’t get a treat. She took a breath then pulled them down to and turned and walked into the tub. She covered her breasts and pussy as she walked. She slid into the tub and got in so that the water went all the way up to her neck. Do to the bubbles Malfoy could now not make out the rest of her body.

    “I don’t like how cold you are slut” Draco laughed.

    “Cut the crap master” Hermione cut in mockingly, “What do you want”.

    “Well over the next three weeks you will have to complete three tasks, I will be giving you your first one tonight, the next one next week, and the next one the week after. You could probably guess but they all involve sex”.

    “Fine” Hermione said, very angry. “What is the first one?”

    “Not so fast Granger” he said with a huge smile on his face, “First we fuck”.

    “What” Hermione replied shocked?

    “C’mon slut. You knew that I would want a piece of your ass tonight” Draco then climbed out of the tub and stood in front of Hermione completely naked. “I expect you to satisfy me tonight for as long as I desire, now get come her and suck my dick, till I blast down your throat”. She stared at him, not saying a word with her mouth wide open. Draco got mad, “Now” he yelled. “Come over here and pleasure your master or the whole Wizarding world will see our pictures”.

    Hermione nodded, she knew she had no other option; she couldn’t let her social status be destroyed by Malfoy. She climbed out of the tub. Draco’s cock twitched as he saw her body. She was covered in soap and water. Her wet hair went down her shoulders shiny black from the water, her tits looked great from the soap, and her nipples were hard. He looked down her flat stomach to her shaved pussy, which looked as tight as ever. Then down her long legs that seemed to go on forever. “God you might be a mudblood slut, but you’re so hot”. Draco said, “Turn around and bend over so I can get a good look at you’re backside”.

    “Yes master” Hermione said with a angry look on her face, she turned around and bent over showing her ass off to Malfoy. She felt so humiliated, so violated, so revealed as she stood there with Malfoy ogling her ass. She heard him walk up behind her and felt him put his hands on her ass. He squeezed her cheeks feeling her ass; he reached inbetween her crack and rubbed her tiny hole. Hermione shuddered, she was dreading this, she knew Malfoy would fuck her, and she new he would embarrass her when he did it.

    “Alright, that’s enough of that” she heard him say. Then she felt him flip her around and push her down onto her knees. Hermione gasped, she was now eye level with his cock. It looked huge. It was pulsing and there was a drop of precum on the tip. “So here is how this will work slut, you have 7 minutes to make me cum from a blowjob, or I will leak some of our photos, good luck, time starts… now”. With that Draco let out a deep breath and closed his eyes, and began to wait.

    Hermione stayed there on her knees for 30 seconds staring at his cock. Then she realized that she had no choice, she would have to do this, but worst of all, she would have to make it pleasurable for Draco. She reached out her hand and grasped his cock. She heard him moan and was disgusted with herself for her actions. Then she leaned her head in and licked the tip of his cock. Hermione couldn’t help herself she enjoyed the taste of his cock. For some reason even though she hated Malfoy she couldn’t deny she still loved sucking cock.

    At this point Hermione realized that she only had 5 minutes left to get Malfoy off. Hermione decided she would make him cum as soon as possible. She quickly took his whole length into her mouth without gagging at all. She had become an expert at blowjobs so quickly. She heard Draco moan and knew this must be working. She started bobbing her head up and down while her tongue swirled under his cock. She was paying special attention to the area between the head and the shaft of his cock. 2 more minutes had passed and Hermione was very surprised that Draco had managed to last this long. She started rubbing his cock with one hand while she sucked on his cock head. With her other hand she reached under his shaft and started rubbing his balls. She was gently tugging on them and realized that Draco was still maintaining good control. After another minute and a half of this Draco still hadn’t cum, but his breathing had become more halted. She heard him say, “You’ve got 30 seconds slut, you’re pretty close, I wonder if you’ll do it”. After hearing this Hermione started humming, a trick she had read about in a muggle sex book. It sent vibrations up Draco’s cock. At the same time she tugged on his balls and knew she had him. She felt his hands reach around her head and push her down all the way on his cock. She felt his cock pulse and then without warning her she felt him shoot his load down her throat. She gagged a little on the large load, he had at least shot 6 times, but she managed to swallow never the less.

    “Wow, you made it by five seconds very impressive” Draco laughed. He helped her stand up then led her over to a couch in the side of the room. Draco said, “Thank me for giving you my cum, then bend over the couch”.

    In a very flat tone Hermione said, “Thank you master, for letting me swallow your cum”. Then Hermione bent over the arm of the couch.

    “Well that was really not good acting Granger, I guess I am going to have to punish you for not telling me how much you loved sucking my dick”. With that he raised his hand into the air and brought it down hard on her right ass cheek. “Now thank your master for spanking you, and ask for another”. Hermione did nothing. So Draco hit her harder, however she kept on not replying. After ten smacks on each cheek Draco was wondering if she would ever break.

    He raised his hand for another but he heard her cry out, “Thank you master for this spanking its so good”.

    Draco then slapped her again as hard as could on her ass, “Ask for another”.

    “Please, again master” she called out. And so Draco continued to spank Hermione for ten minutes until her ass had two red handprints on each cheek.

    Draco bent over and whispered into Hermione’s ear, “Now, tell me how much you loved sucking my cock and swallowing my load, or do you want another round of spanking”.

    “Oh Draco I loved sucking your cock, I loved swallowing your cum, because I am a cock sucking muggle slut”.

    Draco smiled, that retort was better then he could have ever imagined. He reached his hand inbetween her legs to feel her pussy and was shocked. Hermione was dripping wet. “I guess you did really like that slut, well I hope you like this more”. With that he placed his cock at the entrance to Hermione’s pussy and pushed.

    He slid his cock all the way into her until his hips pushed up against her ass. “How does it feel slut?” Draco asked.

    Hermione knew what she must say, “Amazing Draco, I have never felt so full ever before in my life, now keep going”. Draco laughed he began to pound in and out of Hermione’s pussy hard he reached up and grabbed her hair and tugged on it. Hermione’s back arched as Draco pumped in and out of her. She had to admit, that even though Draco was doing this to her, it felt good, he was a great fuck. After every few strokes Draco would give Hermione a slap on the ass. After about ten minutes of fucking, Draco felt Hermione’s pussy getting tighter.

    “Feels like your about to cum slut am I right”.

    “Yes Draco, you’re so good, im going to cum hard, uhhh”. Hermione’s pussy tightened around his cock as she squirted onto Draco’s cock. Her juices covered her legs and his causing them to shine with her juices. Draco held still waiting for Hermione to calm down.

    When he felt she was ready he pulled out of her pussy. Good Hermione thought he must want me to finish him off with a blowjob. She began to turn around until Draco’s hands pushed her down from her back, and she felt his cock push up against her back door. “No, not there” Hermione screamed as she realized what he planed to do. She heard him laugh and then felt him apply pressure to her asshole. She felt it begin to spread as his cock started to go in. Then suddenly the head of his cock popped into her asshole. They both screamed out, Draco in pleasure Hermione in pain.

    Draco then suddenly pushed the rest of his cock into Hermione’s ass. It was so hot and so tight. Draco could feel it squeezing his cock randomly he didn’t think he would be able to last another 2 minutes. Hermione on the other hand was in a lot of pain; tears were trickling down her face. She felt Draco begin to pull out of her and cried out. Then he pushed back in. He did this a few times and out of nowhere a new feeling emerged in Hermione, something she had never felt before. It felt amazing. A orgasm was starting like none she had ever felt before. Draco was beginning to have halting thrusts, “Im about to blow slut, and its going right up your ass”.

    “Do it Draco, cum up my ass”. That’s exactly what Draco did. He came straight into her ass. The soothing hot cream was just what Hermione needed to orgasm one more time she sprayed her juices all over her legs and onto the floor she had never cum this hard in her life. Draco then pulled out of Hermione and pushed her down onto the couch.

    Cum leaked out of her ass as he said, “You will perform your first task a weak from tonight, I recommend you take this weak to heal up because you will receive a very brutal fucking”. With that Draco left the room.

    Hermione rested on the couch for nearly ten minutes before she crawled over to the tub and slid in. It felt great on her sore pussy and ass. She wondered at this point whether she said what she had said to Draco because she had to, or because he actually had given her the best lay of her life. After a hour bath Hermione walked back to the Gryffindor common room at 2 A.M. with a big limp in her step.

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    great story keep going

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    I love it, keep going

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    Chapter 11: The Baby Sister is Growing Up

    Harry and Ron walked down the stairs to the common room late at night. Everyone in the dorm had gone to bed, and they wanted to stay up so they went to hang out in the common room. Just as they went down Ginny walked by them on the way up to the girl’s dormitory. She saw them then said, “Oh hi boys”. She wiggled her ass back and forth as she by knowing that they would be staring at it.

    Harry and Ron of course both nodded hello, then turned to watch her walk away as her juicy ass jiggled and they both wondered what it would be like to ram their cock up it.“

    You wont believe it” Said Harry. When they reached the common room and became out of earshot from Ginny, He started to tell Ron about how Ginny had given him such a good blowjob right after his fight with Dean, Seamus, and Lavender. “She walked into the room and started asking me how I felt. I was pretty pissed off at Dean, Lavender, and Seamus and she came in and came onto me. She gave me such good head. I don’t know where she learned it but, wow, and she swallowed”.

    “Wow” Ron said, not even pissed this was his baby sister they were talking about. “She got so hot this summer, her tits came in, and god are they nice. But my favorite is that little juicy ass, I remember when I first noticed it when we went swimming at the beach”.

    “She would be a great lay”.

    “Hermione too, I wanna get them both. Bad” Ron said,

    “O yeah Hermione also” replied Harry. “Speaking of Hermione, where is she, we haven’t seen her for a few hours, not since dinner I think”.

    “Yeah that’s odd” Ron said, without much care. “She probably went to bed early”. They continued too talk for the next few hours about how hot those two girls had become. They got so carried away and before they realized it they had been talking for two hours about how much they want to fuck their friends. “Wow, its late” Said Ron with a yawn. “I think im going to hit the sack”.

    “Me to” Said Harry, “Lets go”. They were halfway up the stairs when they heard the portrait hole open. The both turned around to see who could possibly be coming into the common room this late. To there utter shock Hermione walked through. Boy did she look awful. Her hair was messy going all over her face, her shirt was unbuttoned pretty far and there was a substantial amount of cleavage showing, and lastly her pajama pants were put on back wards.

    They watched as she limped over to the couch in the common room and collapsed on it face up. They watched her for five minutes and realized she was asleep. They crept up next to her and began to look at her. Harry reached down and unbuttoned her shirt all the way and showed her tits. “Better then I could of imagined” Ron said.

    “You bet” Harry said as he reached out and grabbed one. Ron did the same and before they knew it they were both massaging one of their breasts with one hand and with the other they were both jerking off. They stood there for five minutes before Harry said, “We better hurry up and cum, I don’t know how much longer she will sleep”.

    “Give me a second, “ said Ron. With that he and Harry both started rubbing hard until they blasted all over Hermione Stomach and tits. “Wow, we really painted her” he laughed.

    Harry and Ron left the common room and about five minutes later Hermione woke up shocked at where she was, and the huge amount of cum on her chest. She figured what must of happened a pervert must of came down and came all over her before running off. Hermione shook her head and said, “Fucking creeps” before going over to shower before trying to catch some sleep for the next school day.

    Back up in the boy’s dorm. Harry and Ron had put on their pajamas and were about to go to bed when Ron said, “God Hermione had a look like she just got a serious fucking”.

    “Yeah she could use a shower, especially after our cum shots” Harry laughed before turning over and falling asleep. But what Harry said gave Ron a idea and he intended to use it. He went to bed with a smile on his face.

    That morning Ron awoke early. He looked around the dorm to make sure no one was up then went over to his trunk. He pulled out his bag filled with his sexual spells, potions, and devices. He took out the bug like device he had used on Padma and Pavarti and walked out the door towards the bathrooms. Instead of walking into the boy’s bathroom he walked into the girls. He pushed the door open slowly praying he was right. At home Ginny took showers very early every morning before everyone else woke up, Ron was hoping this habit continued onto the school year. He heard the shower running and peaked in.

    The site couldn’t be more beautiful. Ginny was alone in the showers steam surrounding her. Her hair fell down her to just below her shoulders soaked from the water. The rest of her body was shining from the soap and water that covered her. Her tits looked great covered in soap, and Ron looked down at that pussy that looked so tight and so good. Then down her slim thighs to her gorgeous calf’s, all shiny and soapy from the shower.

    Ron took out the bug, pointed it at Ginny and said, “Fly buddy”. The bug took off zooming through the water until it landed right on Ginny’s tit. It injected its venom into her causing her to grow attracted to her big brother very quickly. Ron waited 20 seconds then walked out from behind his hiding spot and praying to the heavens said, “Hey their Gin”.

    Ginny turned around slowly her body shrouded in steam making her look much more beautiful. “Hey sexy” she said with a pretty smile as Ron’s heart leapt. “Why don’t you take off your clothes and join me”. Ron nodded so happy at his position. He took off his shirt quickly then his pants and boxers his rock hard member coming into view. “OOO looks nice” Ginny purred, “And orange like me”. She pointed to her pussy and Ron could make out a fake orange landing strip on her pussy.

    He walked out into the shower as water fell all around him, covering him. He walked right up to Ginny and planted a big kiss. Their tongues met and started swirling together, playing with eachother. Ron’s hands rested on her lower back but they started to creep down. Ginny moaned as they grasped her ass and he started feeling and rubbing her ass cheeks. He was squeezing them amazed at how juicy and firm her ass felt, yet it was so tiny. Ginny truly had the perfect ass.

    He reached his hands up from her ass and enclosed each around her tits. They were just as good, a handful each and soft but stood up on her chest. He could feel those sensitive little nipples poking at his hands, and flicked them a little as Ginny squealed in delight.

    After ten minutes of this hot hook up Ginny felt Ron’s hard cock bump against her stomach. She reached down and enclosed her hand around it. “Yes, touch it” Ron groaned. Ginny started moving her hand up and down jerking Ron off and Ron was fucking her hand. “Why don’t you use your mouth” Ron said.

    Ginny began kissing down his chest; she got to his nipple and kissed them causing Ron to shiver. Before he knew it she was on her knees right in front of his cock. “I hope you love this big brother” Ginny said with her sexy smile. Before her tongue snaked out and licked the tip of Rons cock, causing him to groan louder then ever before. Ginny then opened her mouth and took his cock in. It passed over her lips past her tongue and down her throat.

    “Wow your good” Ron cried as Ginny took him into a deep throat right away. Ginny began bobbing up and down, taking his full length in with every plunge. Ron placed his hands on the back of Gin’s head and began to apply pressure. He pushed her down all the way on his cock and held her there for thirty seconds before she was allowed up for air. Ron did this multiple times. Ron was moaning and groaning harder and harder and began to start fucking Ginny’s mouth. She suddenly pulled off strands of saliva connecting her mouth to his cock. “Shit Ginny I was about to cum”.

    “Make me cum big boy” Ginny said as she stood up and spread her legs as she reached down with one hand and spread her pussy lips revealing the inside of it to Ron. Ron got down on his knees and had Ginny straddle his face. Her legs went around his shoulders so she was basically sitting on his shoulders with her pussy facing him. Ron reached out his tongue and ran it up her slit. He felt Ginny shiver in pleasure at this simple touch and heard her moan out loud. Ron was astonished at how sensitive she was. But it only turned him on more.

    He dove in sinking his cock deep into her pussy then running it up the length. His hands were holding her ass and squeezing her cheeks. Ron was paying special attention to her clit. After every few licks on her slit he would suck on her swollen clit while flicking his tongue off it. He was shocked at the amount of noise Ginny was making. She was constantly moaning things like, “Yes right there” or “OOOO lick me harder” especially when he touched a specifically sensitive spot.

    Ron was feeling Ginny shivering and knew she must be close to cumming, he wanted to push her over the edge soon so he could fuck her. He reached his hand inbetween her crack and started rubbing her asshole. The effect was immediate. Ginny screamed, “Oh my god Ron don’t stop right there, im cumming ooo”. Ron felt her juices spray and squirt all over his face but he didn’t stop he kept licking on her slit and sucking her clit, while his middle finger furiously rubbed her asshole. Ginny orgasmed for a straight 2 minutes before she finally came down., She climbed off of his shoulders and Ron stood up.

    “Alright Ginny its time to take the meat. Now bend over” Ginny put her hands up against the wall and stuck out her ass. Ron got up behind her and positioned his cock at her pussy. He looked up at her back to where the water was cascading onto her back, then to that beautiful red sleek against her back. He reached his hand up and grabbed her hair wrapping it in his hand and pulling making her back arch and that great ass stick out even more. He began to push his cock in. Her lips spread as the head popped in. Her pussy was so tight Ron thought he pushed and slowly his whole shaft bottomed out inside her pussy. “Ginny, this has got to be the tightest pussy ever, and its so hot”

    “If its so good Ron, why don’t you fuck it harder” Ginny said as she pushed back into Ron’s pelvis. Ron could only agree. He pulled his whole cock out before pushing back in again. He began to establish a good rhythm he was sliding his cock into her pussy at a rapid pace. Ginny met every one of his thrusts with a hard thrust back causing her ass cheeks to jiggle with the furious fucking.

    They had been fucking rapidly for ten minutes and Ron showed no sigh of slowing the pace. Ginny picked up one of her legs making her pussy even tighter around Rons cock. “That’s right Ron. Fuck me. Fuck your little sister like the slut I am”

    “You’re such a cock loving slut Ginny, and I love it” Ron said. Making his point by matching every word with a hard thrust. Ginny had already cum multiple times but it seemed that her biggest orgasm was about to cum. “O my, O my Ron Im cumming uhghggg” Ginny screamed louder then ever most likely waking up the rest of Gryffindor. She came her pussy gripping his cock like a vice restricting his movement. Her juices splashed onto her legs and Rons.

    “Ginny im about to cum” he said right after he orgasm passed.

    “Do it on my face Ron. Paint your baby sisters face white” Ron pulled out and pushed Ginny out of the shower before pointing his cock right at her face. She began to jerk him hard while moaning out enticing comments for him to blast on her.

    “uhhh” Ron Groaned as his load splashed all over Ginny’s face first hitting across her forehead, then each cheek, and once in the mouth. They all began to drip down her chin as Ron rubbed his cock across his face. Ron looked up at the clock and realized he had five minutes before he Ginny woke up. He got dressed and then began to leave but quickly shoved two fingers into Ginny’s pussy and pulled them out and tasted them. “God you’re great” He said then ran out of the bathroom up to the dorm room and hopped into bed. He lied their for ten minutes then as everyone woke up no one knew of Rons dirty deed towards his baby sister.

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    great addition hurry up with the next 1 lol

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    Gotta love Ginny

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    Ginny Has To Go See The Big Guy

    Ginny Weasley was sitting in her fifth period of the day, which just happened to be her least favorite D.A.D.A. Not only was she incredibly bored due to the incredibly boring style of teaching Dolores Umbridge the ministry toad had decided to use but because she was bad mouthing the boy she loved so much, Harry Potter. “You see there is absolutely no way that the Dark lord could have returned. You should not trouble yourself by believing the ludicrous accusations made by the spoiled Potter boy and Dumbledore, they would only seek to scare you and have you follow them into the dark. If I were you I would pledge my undying allegiance to the ministry of….”

    “Would you shut up” Ginny cut in. “Harry is a great person as is Dumbledore, you dumb bitch how dare you say they are liars” Ginny was on her feet shocked at what she had said, it had just came out of her.

    Umbridge showed only one second of anger before a smile split her face. A smile that scared Ginny realizing that Umbridge wanted this sort of reaction from her students so she could make a example of them. Umbridge said in a scary voice, “Straight to the Headmasters office then mine tonight at 8 for detention. I will have order”.

    “Fine” Ginny yelled as she stormed out of the office pissed like she had never been before. She figured she would go see Dumbledore because she knew he was on her side. As she walked down the halls to his office she pulled her skirt down a little and buttoned her shirt up one more. She had recently been trying to dress more sexual and it was working as she was getting more lusty looks from the boys of the school.

    She made her way to his office and saw his gargoyle, he said, “What’s your purpose”

    “I got in trouble my teacher wants me to talk to the headmaster”. The gargoyle moved aside and Ginny climbed up the spiral staircase and knocked on the door”.

    “Enter” came a voice from inside. Ginny walked in and Dumbledore looked up Ginny thought she caught him looking her up and down checking out her body but knew she must be mistaken. “Sit down Ms Weasley tell me why you’re here”.

    Ginny told Dumbledore about her class and he nodded the whole time. Then he said, “Look Ginny you’re a bright girl and you know about the order. But we cant be doing things like this we have to keep our temper under control around Umbridge”.

    This infuriated Ginny she stood up and walked around his desk and began to talk to Dumbledore face to face. “Why do we have to keep our mouths shut? There the ones who are wrong” Ginny yelled. Unknown to her a by-product of her emotional screaming was that her shirt had unbuttoned one button causing some cleavage to come into view. Also as she had stood up her Skirt had been pulled up revealing more of her juicy legs. She swung her arms up in the air causing another two buttons to come unbuttoned so her tits were hanging out, “They are such a bunch of fucking assholes, excuse me professor but we need to do something”.

    Ginny looked down at Dumbledore and saw a plain look on his face. He was staring straight at her tits. “Professor” Ginny yelled, “Are you even fucking listening to me”. She looked down into his lap and saw a huge tent. Then she looked at her shirt and realized her tits were practically hanging out. Ginny reached down and grabbed Dumbledore by his junk. “Look professor if this is the only way to get your attention fine”.

    Dumbledore’s face was shocked. “Ms Weasley, please stop. This is not appropriate”

    “C’mon headmaster I know how to get a man to listen”. She looked at Dumbledore’s face waiting for him to say something hoping beyond hope he would just listen until he took out his wand and waved it causing both of there clothes to disappear and said, “Alright, get on with it”.

    Ginny looked at her hand, which was gripped around a huge cock, it was 12 inches and semi hard. “Oh my headmaster its giant” she said her mouth agape as her hand subconsciously rubbed up and down on it.

    “Mrs. Weasley im sorry to inform you of this but its to late to stop now” Dumbledore replied with a perverted smile as his hands enclosed on each one of her ass cheeks giving them a firm squeeze as he pulled them apart. “Now I think we both know you have been a bad student, I think you need to give a good cock sucking to avoid detention”.

    Ginny showed surprise for merely an instant before she regained her composure. She realized that she wanted to be a naughty schoolgirl with her professor. Ginny leaned over making her ass pop out as she felt Dumbledore’s hand grip it harder she moaned as her mouth opened wider then she had ever needed it to be as the head of Dumbledore’s penis went straight down her throat. “OOO. Right there my naughty student”. She heard him say as she felt his hands move from her ass to the top of her head and apply pressure. Ginny was sucking hard on his cock and she felt it start to swell to full hardness. It must have been 14 inches.

    She didn’t know how much more of it she could take it was so wide and still so long. Dumbledore was pushing on her head hard and she had only been able to take maybe two inches. She felt Dumbledore suddenly push down again and swallowed another two inches. This had become too much for her. She lost her hold on air, as her eyes started to water, and she began to gag. Right before she lost her hold on consciousness she felt Dumbledore pull her off of his cock and look at her in the eyes before saying. “Since you couldn’t take me down your throat Ms. Weasley, it appears that I will have to stick my cock into both of your other holes to make sure you understand that you can never fail a assignment I give you. Now my little school girl asks me to punish you because you failed to suck my cock”.

    Ginny was scared. She couldn’t imagine taking his length in her pussy, let alone her ass, which apparently he wanted to do. But Ginny felt something different; she was so turned on as well by the idea of this huge cock pumping in and out of her. she could feel her pussy juice dripping down her thigh. Ginny lied down on Dumbledore’s desk as she said in the sexiest voice ever, “Punish me sir, show me why you’re the teacher and I am just your schoolgirl slut”.

    She looked as Dumbledore rose from his chair his cock bobbing in front of her. she felt him put it up against her pussy lips and begin to rub it on her pussy spreading her lips but not quite going in. Ginny could feel how big Dumbledore was and she was so turned on. “You’re so wet. Hopefully it will make this hurt less”. Dumbledore said as he suddenly rammed half of his cock straight into her tight pussy.

    “Oh my god!!!!” Ginny shrieked louder then she could have ever imagined. It would not have been surprising if the whole castle had heard her. “Its huge” She gasped. Ginny thought it would have hurt, but she had cum so hard from Dumbledore’s cock and all she could think about was getting the rest inside her, “More, give me more of your meat” Ginny cried in gasps.

    Dumbledore smiled as he pushed the rest of his cock into her. He bottomed out as he felt Ginny’s pussy wrapped so tight while she was constantly cumming hard on his dick. Her juices were pooling around the desk as her body writhed. Dumbledore began to pump hard into Ginny she had never felt this before, she didn’t know sex could be so good. Ginny was constantly cumming on his cock. Her body was on fire with pleasure as she felt Dumbledore squeeze her tits hard pinching her nipples causing her to make a extra loud moan.

    Dumbledore began to pant after a solid ten minutes of hammering Ginny. Ginny could tell and inbetween moans she screamed. “Cum inside me, punish your slut with your seed. OOOO” she cried out as she felt his dick explode in her without warning. He came harder then he had ever before. His eyes were filled with spots as he released numerous ropes of cum straight into her ass making her moan with every shot. Dumbledore pulled out and took a seat in his chair his cock still standing at its 14 inches rock hard and ready for one more round.

    Ginny could feel cum seeping out of her pussy. She was so shocked at how much Dumbledore had came. She got off the table and picked up her shirt and began to put it on but heard Dumbledore cough, “Mphh”. She looked over at him and he nodded toward his cock which she was amazed to see was still hard as ever. “You still have one hole left Ms. Weasley” Dumbledore chuckled.

    “Wait you weren’t serious about that” Ginny said, her mouth agape, “There is no way I could fit your cock in my ass, ive never had any dick up there”.

    “Oh good you’re a ass virgin that means you’ll be tighter then ever. Now Ms. Weasley you will come over here, straddle my lap and sit on my dick so it goes right up your ass, or I will punish worse then you could ever imagine”. As he said all this he moved his legs wider apart giving Ginny better access to his cock.

    Ginny realized she had no choice, besides she couldn’t help but be turned on by the idea. She had heard stories about being ass fucked, and heard it can be incredibly amazing. She put her legs around Dumbledore her face inches from his. She pointed his cock at her tiny star and began to push down. It didn’t go in.

    “You have to let your muscles relax” She heard him say, “Just sit on my dick, let it go inside you”. She began to push again relaxing her asshole. She felt it begin to spread and moaned aloud. It was amazing like nothing she had ever imagined. She finally got the head of his cock in and shrieked. She was being stretched so wide, yes there was pain, but the pleasure was insane, she already had a few minor orgasms but she knew a big one would come and it would be like no other.

    For the next ten minutes Ginny worked her way down Dumbledore’s cock having minor orgasms the whole way, while he gently massaged her nipples making her moan and squirm with anticipation. Ginny looked down and saw how much of his cock she had taken, “There’s so much left” she said inbetween pants.

    “Yes there is, about half. This will only hurt for a bit” Dumbledore then grabbed Ginny’s ass and pulled down, making her take his whole length.

    “AHHHHH” Ginny yelled in extreme pain. She had never felt this before his cock was huge; she thought that she was being ripped apart. She felt his hand gently massaging her cheeks, as she collapsed on his shoulder waiting for the pain to subside. After five minute of sitting with her cock up her ass Ginny began to get used to it, she began to like the feelings rushing through her. A voice in her cried out, “Fuck me Professor, fuck my ass, ream me. Make me your dirty student slut” as she was moaning this she began to rock beck and forth taking him in and out of her ass.

    She could feel him push back into her on every down stroke as he pulled at her ass cheeks and kneaded her tits. They had been going for a minute and Ginny began to feel a orgasm. It started on the edge of her toes but spread. The rush of feelings was moving all around her as she was hovering on the brink of orgasm. “This is amazing Professor”. Suddenly Ginny felt his hand reach down and in the blink of an eye he had shoved two fingers straight into her pussy and pressed down with his thumb hard on his clit.

    “OH MY GOD” she cried, “Im cumming hard”. She came all over Dumbledore’s lap as her juices pooled on his chair.

    “Im about to blow Ms. Weasley. Would you like it up your ass”.
    “Yes sir, splash your cum up my ass. Give me so much seed ill drown in it” she replied as she continued to rock on his cock.

    “Here it comes” Ginny felt Dumbledore shoot his huge load once again in her ass, sending her crashing through orgasmic bliss one more time to the level that she passed out from the pleasure.

    Dumbledore let his orgasm pass then pulled Ginny off his cock as cum seeped out of her ass. He stood up and pointed his wand at her. He modified her memory so it was like none of this had ever happened, then performed a spell that removed the cum from her ass and pussy so she would not get pregnant, and lastly one more spell so that her ass and pussy would not be sore from her brutal pounding. He redressed her and then woke her up.

    “Im sorry Ms. Weasley but you will simply have to keep quiet around Umbridge, and serve detention”.

    Ginny opened her mouth to argue but Dumbledore said, “Good day”.

    Ginny got up and left the room her ass shaking as she left, Dumbledore had a huge smile on his face.

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    as usual just when it starts to get good / interesting here we go again with that to be continued crap......of course we want more

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    Love your work, please more

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    great story, can't wait to read more

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    Omg I just came back to this forum and am starting to catch up on everything love this story please continue ;0

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    Continue please!!

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    great work please write more!

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    Please more

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    Very erotic! Your writing style is superb! Take all the time you need but please continue this story :)

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    Great story. I hope that you'll update soon.

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    i really love your work...hope to see a new chapter soon...

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    nice stories... plz continue...

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    Great story keep them going

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    nicely done, waiting for more

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