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Thread: Maria's choice (forced father-daughter incest)

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    Maria's choice (forced father-daughter incest)

    I wrote this for a friend who has a huge fantasy about being forced to fuck her father and then getting pregnant. What can I say? It's her thing.

    The car sputtered and lurched forward, just barely making it into the very lonely looking gas station at the edge of the highway. Maria and her father, Dave, were making the drive across the desert to the university where Maria was going to start as a freshman. They were driving her car, which was full of her belongings. Her world was changing...and she was ready.

    Dave was driving. He had been since the car started acting up 50 miles back. The air conditioner gave out yesterday, leaving them to sweat in the heat. Today, the engine started to buck and sputter as it was doing now. With no cell coverage and no other traffic on the road, the isolated gas station was just what they needed. The car wheezed and coughed one final time as Dave pulled up to the pumps. There was a motorcycle with saddlebags on the other side of the pumps, but no sign of the rider.

    Dave looked over at the office. The "Open" sign was a sight for sore eyes. He smiled at Maria. "Don't worry babe. We'll get your old junker fixed. This is an old fashioned station, see the service bays on the side? Just wait here for a second and I'll go talk to the shop guy."

    "Sure, Dad," Maria said as he got out. She stepped out of the car with her long lean legs and raised her arms over her head to stretch. She was wearing a tank top and light cotton shorts, trying to keep cool. As she stretched, the tank rose up over the top of her shorts, revealing her smooth, flat belly. She walked around the car and popped open the hood. A mist of steam and hot oil rose out of the engine compartment. Not good at all, she thought. Her father was a pharmacist, not a mechanic. He couldn't fix anything mechanical at all.

    She waited for a few minutes, opening a soda from the cooler behind her seat. She put the cold can up to her forehead and started to wonder what her father, Dave, was doing. She decided to walk into the office...maybe it was air conditioned. She looked at the old building and saw a fan moving from side to side. "Shit," she thought, "just my luck."

    Maria walks over to the door and looks through the dirty sign of Dave. She walks in. "Dad? Where are you?" She crosses the small office to the doorway connecting to the repair bays. She opens the door and sees her father tied to a chair, gagged with a dirty mechanic's rag. Next to him is the station owner, blood dripping down his face, also gagged and tied. As Maria runs to her father, a shape moves behind her and grabs her arms, pulling them up behind her.

    "Well, what do we have here?" It's the biker. He was robbing the station when Maria and Dave drove up. "You are one fine piece of ass."He ties Maria's hands together behind her back and forces her to her knees. He ties her to a column and goes outside. He moves Maria's car away from the pumps, brings his bike into the service bay, and turns the sign in the office to read "Closed." Then he pulls the service bay door down and walks back to the bound trio. "Now we won't be disturbed."

    He unties Maria and drags her to face Dave. "He's kind of old for you, isn't he? He must be one rich fucker to afford a whore like you." Dave is infuriated, struggling against his bindings, but to no avail. Maria tells the biker, "He's my father."

    He laughs. "Daddy's girl." He looks into Dave's face. "Now, daddy. You're going to watch me fuck your baby's ass." Dave struggles again, his eyes wild with rage. The biker grabs a can of grease from the shelf and pushes Maria's shorts and panties down to her knees in one move. He flicks the lid off the grease and scoops some up with two fingers, which slip between Maria's ass cheeks and into her tight, unfucked asshole. She screams as he penetrates her with his fingers. Tears stream from her eyes as he forces his fingers in and out of her asshole, lubed by the thick grease.

    He puts his booted foot onto the back of Maria's neck and pushes her face to the floor as he pulls his pants down. He cuts the ropes from her wrists to let her push her face up off of the floor. His cock is thick and cut, surrounded by coarse dark hair. He circles his cock with his greasy fingers and slides them up and down his length. He gets onto his knees behind Maria, looks Dave in the eyes, and pushes his dick up against her sore asshole. "I'm gonna rip her apart now, Daddy." He grabs Maria's hips and pushes his cock into her asshole, stretching her open.

    He fucks her ass as she gasps and cries out, watching the fury in Dave's eyes grow. His starts his thrusts as long strokes, plunging deep inside Maria's ass. As he gets closer to his orgasm, he starts to fuck her faster, harder, finally grinding his dick deep inside her bowels, as he spurts his cum inside of her. She sobs as he pulls out of her, leaving her asshole gaping wide. He grabs her tanktop and wipes the grease off his softening cock.

    "That was fun, Daddy. Now what should we do?" The biker looks over at the mechanic and then back to Dave. "I know! I shouldn't be the only one to have a piece of this sweet ass."

    He pulls the mechanic's pants down around his ankles, still tied to the chair. He uses his large knife to cut the guy's briefs off of his groin. His cock is hard. The biker looks over at Dave. "It looks like this guy liked the show. I think he wants a piece of your baby too." The mechanic looks at Dave and shakes his head "No." He couldn't help getting hard as he watched Maria getting her ass fucked. She was built like a porn star...long legs, big, natural tits, perfect ass, shaved pussy and all.

    The biker walks over to Dave and leans his mouth next to Dave's ear. "Now, Daddy. You're going to cooperate, or you're going to watch me cut her tits off with this blade." He slid the edge of the knife under Dave's chin. "Just before I cut off your cock. Do you understand?"

    Dave nods...resigned to doing whatever he had to do to keep the biker from hurting Maria anymore. The biker pulls down Dave's pants as well, finding his cock still flaccid. "OK, bitch. Time to make a choice. Whose cock are you going to suck?" He grabs Maria's hair and pushes her face into the mechanic's crotch. She can smell him, his sweat, the shit left on his ass. She nearly pukes. "Him?" He jerks her over to her father's crotch. "Or Daddy?"

    "The other guy," Maria whispers. "What?" the biker yells at her. "Not Daddy? It's your choice. You're gonna suck the grease monkey then, right?" She nods her head. "While your father fucks your cunt." She screams, "NO!!!" The biker slaps her. "You chose, didn't you? So what are you complaining about now?" His lips touch her ear as he whispers this to her..."And if you don't, I'm gonna gut your Daddy, while you watch." She closes her eyes and her head drops. "I'll do it," she whispers.

    He pushes the mechanic's chair and Dave's around so they are facing each other. He makes Maria straddle her father's lap and pushes her face into the mechanic's crotch. "Now suck the nice man's cock, bitch." She gags as her lips surround his dick. Then she starts to bob her head up and down sliding a few inches of his dick in and out of her mouth.

    Dave's cock begins to stir as he watches his daughter's perfect ass move around in front of him, grease and cum leaking out of her. He gets harder as he feels her pussy lips touch his cock. She reaches her hand between her legs and strokes and pulls at his cock. She can feel him growing. She moistens involuntarily. She always wondered what it would be like to fuck him...she just never thought it would be like this.

    Dave starts to breathe harder through his gag as his cock is now fully erect. He can feel Maria's cunt wet on his cockhead as she rubs against him. She reaches between her legs and holds Dave's cock at the right angle and pushes back toward him, until he starts to slide into her. She moans and sucks the mechanic's cock harder as she feels her father's dick moving into her ready cunt.

    The biker smiles and watches as he realizes Maria wants Daddy to fuck her. "Yea, baby. Fuck him good." She moves back and forth, impaled on her father's cock, the mechanic's cock moving in and out of her mouth with her movements. He can't take it anymore and spurts his cum into her mouth. She spits it out around his dick, and focuses on the feeling of her father fucking her cunt. She grinds back into him and then raises and lowers her hips to feel him move in and out of her wet hole.

    Dave watches as her greasy asshole spasms open and closed as she slides up and down his cock. His hips start to move up and down in short jerky motions. She bounces herself up and down onto him. Then he cums, filling his own daughter's cunt with his jizz. She has had her own orgasms as well and slows her movements.

    They hear the door slide open and the sound of the biker's chopper fire up. The motor revs a couple of times and then he takes off with their money, credit cards, and keys. Maria unties the two men. They say nothing for many minutes. The biker cut the phone line, so they wait quietly for another car to pass by.

    The three of them talk and agree to say nothing. They would never catch the bastard anyway and the newspapers would have a frenzy over the salacious details of the crime. And nothing more was said, until Maria realized she was pregnant with her father's child. And she had another decision to make.

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    o.k. its just a story,,,,,,,,,thanks

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    Well written, quality story. Don't like it when the guys aren't clean though, that really turned me off.

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    Sorry I am not into incest - fantasy I hope. Brother and sister I can handle but parent and child - no way.

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    i liked it, a good read and made me hard

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    Thoroughly enjoyed it bro. Have liked all that ive read of your works!! Keep em coming!!

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