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Thread: My Son and Daughter Twins

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    My Son and Daughter Twins

    This story was written by myself a month or so ago so you may have read it.

    I did not like the ending, so I added more fun and a good climax to the end.

    Carolyn Matthews died two years ago in a tragic automobile accident, but she left me several of her stories to embellish in her name. Mark Seneca.

    "My Son and Daughter Twins" by Carolyn Matthews/Mark Seneca

    All characters in this story that participate in adult sexual activity, or view adult sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

    My daughter Kelly is on the phone with me right now. She and my son Kevin moved in with my ex-husband Frank on the other side of town about two years ago because his house is just a few blocks away from the University. It has been working out great because instead of a fifteen or twenty minute commute time each morning, they just hop on their bicycles and pedal to class.

    Well, that is all coming to an end shortly because Frank accepted a salary increase and is relocating to another state.

    I say to Kelly, "Of course I want you and Kevin to come back home and live with me again, except I made the third bedroom into my office. We will have to go shopping together and purchase a new bed for you. When the bed is delivered, I will give the guys a few extra bucks to move the office furniture into the den."

    Kelly replies, "Oh, you don't have to do all that for us Mom! Kevin and I started sleeping together a few months ago, so purchasing another bed is really unnecessary."

    I tell her, "Well, okay honey. You and Kevin start packing and come over first thing tomorrow morning."

    We continue our conversation for another few minutes, then I hang up the phone and go to the kitchen to make myself a drink. As I open the refrigerator door to get the tomato juice, I think to myself "Did my daughter just tell me that she sleeps with her brother in the same bed?"

    They are twins and I had them in the same bed until they were about ten years old before I decided to separate them. I bought them twin beds, but when I would check on them at night, I would find them sleeping with their arms around each other. However, that is when they were younger. They are nineteen years old now and I don't know if sleeping together as adults is proper behavior. I guess, I will just have put my personal opinions aside for now and let them do whatever they want.

    The next morning, I get up early, take a shower and spend a few minutes putting on a little bit of makeup. I don't need to wear very much because natural beauty runs in my family. At the age of thirty nine, I still look as good when I was in my twenties, and still wear the same dress size!

    When I am done applying makeup, I take a couple of steps back and admire my naked body in the mirror while I say to myself, "Yes honey, your body still rocks after all these years!"

    Suddenly, I hear a car come up the driveway and the horn beeps! Oh my goodness, my son and daughter are here already! I run to my bedroom and quickly put on a pair of shorts and a "tank top" then go outside to meet them.

    They have just opened the trunk of the car and are unloading their belongings on the driveway. As I run over to my son, I notice that he is staring at my naked tits bouncing around inside my tank top. When I get up to him, we embrace and I give him a nice "motherly" kiss on the lips.

    He leans back a little bit to get a better look at me, then peers down at my hard nipples poking through the fabric of my tank top and says, "Hello young girls, you two look lovely as ever!"

    Kevin has always had a great "sense of humor" and never fails to make me smile. I laugh for a few seconds, then grab his crotch and say "Is that a banana in your pants, or are you just really glad to see me?"

    Kevin smiles, then says, "I'm glad to see you and that is not a banana!"

    We both briefly laugh, then take a few steps over to Kelly and give her a big hug and kiss also. She looks really cute in her jean "short shorts" and a light blue bikini top! I hold her hand, then take a step backwards and say, "So this is what young girls wear to College now! It is quite a change from the uniform I wore in Catholic school!"

    Kelly giggles for a few seconds, then we spend the next fifteen or twenty minutes helping Kevin carry their clothing and other personal items into the house.

    I leave them alone in their bedroom to unpack everything, and go to the kitchen to make up a big pitcher of fresh lemonade. After about a half hour they join me outside on the patio next to the pool.

    They open the sliding door, then walk "hand in hand" over to the table next to me and get a glass of lemonade and ice. After we sit around for a while and have a lively conversation, Kelly stands up and says, "The water looks really inviting! Do you care if I go skinny dipping?"

    I tell her, "Oh my goodness Kelly! Go ahead and do whatever you want! You are not a guest in a house where you should ask the owner's permission to do something! You were born and raised here! If you want to swim naked, then go for it!"

    Kelly quickly strips naked, then looks over at her brother and says, "Kevin, you heard what Mom said! Let's go swimming!"

    Kevin looks over at me as if waiting for my approval, so I say to him, "The same thing goes for you too young man! This is your home too!"

    Kevin pulls his shirt off revealing his tan muscular chest and arms, then pushes his shorts down to his ankles. Oh my God! His cock must be six or seven inches long and it is not even hard yet!

    Kelly grasps his hand, then they step down into the shallow area of the pool and begin swimming around. After a while, Kelly swims over to Kevin, wraps her arms around his neck and gives him a tongue kiss right in front of me! I can see them twirling their tongues around inside each others mouths for at least a minute!

    What is going on here? Are they doing more in their bed at night than just sleeping?

    After a while I relax, lay back in the chaise lounge and close my eyes. I must have fallen asleep for a short period of time, because when I awake, Kelly is standing right next to me drying herself with a towel.

    She looks down at me and says, "Mom, Kevin wants you to go skinny dipping with him for a while like when he was little. He is waiting for you in the pool. It would make him really happy if you did."

    I look up at her and say, "Honey, I better not. I think that would be improper for a mother to go swimming naked with her adult son."

    Kelly responds, "Oh Mom, don't be such a prude! You are half naked anyway in that tank top of yours! Make Kevin happy and go swimming with him!"

    Kelly the wet towel on the chair, then says, "I'm going inside the kitchen to make the salad for dinner tonight like you asked me. Have a good time swimming with Kevin!"

    Kevin swims to the shallow end of the pool and watches to see what I am going to do. I look over at his "little puppy dog" face and say to myself, "Well, what the heck? I usually swim naked anyway and I should not start acting differently just because my son and daughter have come home to live with me."

    I stand up and pull my tank top off and throw it on the patio table, then look over at Kevin. He is flagrantly staring at my tits, so I tell him, "Don't look at me like you are some pervert at a "strip" club!"

    Kevin laughs, then I smile at him and take my shorts off. As I walk towards the pool Kevin softly says, "Nice. Very nice. Very, very nice."

    I step down into the water and immediately begin splashing him as I shout, "I told you not to look at me like that you pervert! Now stop, or I am getting out of the pool!"

    Kevin grabs me around the waist and pulls me close to him so my tits are squashed up against his chest. I begin struggling with him, so he gives me a quick kiss and lets go of me. I immediately start swimming away from him and he is right behind me saying, "Playing hard to get huh? I am gonna get you! I am gonna get you!"

    He is a powerful swimmer and within a second he reaches out and slaps my naked ass cheeks a couple of times. I yell at him, "That hurt! Don't do that again, or you are grounded for a week!"

    I reach the edge of the pool and start to climb out, but Kevin forces me to turn around and pins me against the wall. He holds onto my arms so I can't get away from him, then begins sucking on my breasts.

    I yell at him, "Kevin, stop! Stop right now! Let go of me! Let go of me right now!"

    After a few moments, he stands on the bottom of the pool, and I can feel his hard cock between my legs. He starts moving it back and forth, while he attempts to kiss me.

    I yell at him, "If you going to try to do what I think you are going to try do, then you better stop right now!"

    Suddenly, Kevin releases his grip from my right arm and reaches down into the water. He grabs his cock, positions it at my pussy entrance, the thrusts his hips upwards. Oh my God, his big cock just slid inside me about four or five inches!

    I yell at him, "You better stop right now young man, or you are in big trouble!"

    He just ignores what I am saying and starts slowly fucking me as I struggle and kick my legs around. After a couple of minutes I resign to the fact that there is nothing I can do, so I relax and try to reason with him.

    I try to convince him that what we are doing is wrong and is forbidden by society. While I am talking to him, I realize that I am actually starting to enjoy myself! Kevin is doing an excellent job and I start finding this whole situation highly erotic. The little baby that I gave birth to has grown into a man, and is now back in the same place where he came out of nineteen years before.

    I start to get emotional begin crying, so Kevin says, "Don't cry, I thought you wanted me to fuck you! I'm sorry! I will stop right now!"

    I immediately say, "Don't worry, I am okay!", then start tongue kissing him while continues ramming his cock inside me over and over again.

    After about five minutes, Kevin suddenly stops and holds me tight. I can feel his cock jerk around inside my pussy, then it starts pumping warm sperm. I almost begin to start crying again, but regain my composure and say to Kevin, "Honey, please don't think I am a bad mother for letting you fuck me! We should have never done this, but now that it is over, we should never talk about this again."

    Kevin gives me a quick kiss, then replies, "I will think of you as a bad mother if we don't do this more often!"

    I laugh for while then say, "Well, I don't want for you to think of me as a bad mother! I suppose we can do it once in a while if you want!"

    Suddenly, I notice Kelly standing right above us. She looks down and says, "Mom, I am getting hungry! Tell Kevin to get the charcoal grill lighted and cook those steaks and baked potatoes!"

    I look up her and ask, "How long have you been standing there?"

    She smiles, then says, "About five minutes!"

    About two hours later the three of us have put our clothes back on and are sitting around the patio table finishing our meal. Suddenly, Kelly's phone rings and she gets it out of her purse. It is my ex-husband Frank and he tells her that he just locked up his house and is headed out of town.

    Kelly pleads with him. "Daddy, please come over and study with me for before you leave! You are really good at "Biology" and we are having a test Monday! Please come over and let's study for a good half hour in my room before you leave! It would make me happy if you did!"

    About an hour later Frank shows up and rings the doorbell. Kelly hops out of her chair and runs inside to let him in the front door. After a couple of minutes, the sliding door to the patio opens, and they walk "hand in hand" over to greet me and Kevin. He tries to give me a kiss on the cheek, but I push him away from me. What a jerk he is! I caught him fucking my best friend, then he married her! Since then, she has gained a huge amount of weight and he is constantly trying to get back in my panties.

    Anyway, Kelly leads him back into the house to her room. It is starting to get dark and the pool lights automatically come on. I get a cigarette from my purse and light it up. Kevin goes inside and gets both of us a beer, then comes back and moves his chair closer to mine. I notice that he keeps staring at my hard nipples poking against the material of my tank top.

    I ask him, "What is on your mind honey?"

    He immediately replies, "I wondering if your "girls" would like to come out and play again!"

    I laugh for a few moments, then say, "Maybe later after your father leaves."

    He turns down the radio volume and says, "Listen Mom, they will be busy for another twenty or thirty minutes and will not even notice!"

    I guess I am a little "hard of hearing" because I immediately recognize my daughter's voice saying, "Oh Daddy, that feels so good! Keep licking me! Keep pushing your tongue inside me! Oh Daddy, you are the best!"

    I look around and see that Kelly forgot to close the blinds of her bedroom window and has left the light on! She and her father are completely naked and he has his face between her legs! What a fucking bastard he is!

    I figure if Frank and our daughter are enjoying themselves, then I should be allowed to do the same thing!

    I get up from my chair and stand in front of Kevin. He stares at me while I slowly pull my tank top off, then push my shorts down and step out of them.

    He says, "Oh my God Mom, you look so fucking sexy! Your body is identical to Kelly's, but you appear more sophisticated and glamorous because of the age difference."

    I smile, then instruct him to stand up, take off his shorts, and sit back down. When he sits down, he grabs his cock and starts stroking it back and forth while he while watches me walk around naked a few inches away from him. Every time he reaches to touch me, I slap his hand and say, "You are a naughty boy! You should not touch your mother's naked body!"

    After a while I say, "If you want to fuck me again, then run to room right now and get my black "six inch platform" shoes from the closet. They are right in the middle and you won't have any problem finding them! On your way back, grab us another beer! Now, get going!"

    Within two minutes, I step into my shoes and pop open another beer, then start walking around naked in front of Kevin again. He says, "Oh my God Mom, you look fucking awesome! I am about ready to shoot my wad anytime now!"

    I tease Kevin for a couple of more minutes, then put my beer down and tell him to get up from his chair. Just as I expected, the extra six inches of my shoes lines his cock up perfectly with my pussy, so he will be able to fuck me standing up. I reach down and guide his cock inside me.

    After I feel about five or six inches go in, then I let go of him and run my fingers through my long blond hair a few times. Kevin places his hands on my hips and starts slowly fucking me while I move my arms gently around his neck to help support myself.

    I look at Kevin directly in the eyes and say to him, "Do you like having your big cock inside your Mommy's pussy?"

    Kevin immediately replies, "Oh my God Mom, you have the best pussy my cock has ever been in! I had plenty of girlfriends during "High School" then I started fucking Kelly when we moved over to Dad's house. I love fucking her, but her pussy does not compare to what my cock is telling me now!"

    I savor the comments my son Kevin has just given me, but do not respond because I am becoming delirious with sexual pleasure. After a few minutes, I grab the back of his head and give him a "tongue kiss" that he will never forget! He moves his hands down to my ass cheeks, grabs on tight, and really starts giving me a good fucking!

    Oh my God, my son is fucking me so hard that my tits are flopping wildly around on my chest and my feet lift off the ground with each thrust he makes! I am in Heaven and pray to Jesus Christ to forgive me for my sins!

    Suddenly, Kevin gives me such a tremendous thrust upwards that my shoes fall off my feet, then he leans back and lets go of me!

    Oh my God, I am suspended off the ground with only my son's cock holding me up from the patio tile floor!

    As Kevin's cock slowly buries itself another inch or two inside me, I hear the patio door open!

    Oh my God, Frank and Kelly step outside and start walking towards us!

    I immediately command Kevin to let me down, then quickly grab my clothes and start getting dressed.

    When Frank gets a few feet away from me he says, "Well, it looks like incest is quite popular in our family! I am glad to see that you and Kevin are getting along very well."

    He just "pushed my button" and I am pissed off!

    I yell at him, "Frank if you ever mention to anybody what you just saw Kevin and I doing, then you better get ready for a lawsuit that will be in all of the newspapers! How long do you think you will be working at your new job when the "CEO" of the company sees you on the front page being accused of having sex with your daughter? Now, get your ass out of here and I don't ever want to see you again!"

    After Frank leaves the house, Kevin and Kelly jump in the pool and go swimming again while I go upstairs and take a shower.

    Later on, I am sitting in my chair watching television when the kids come join me. Kevin has on a pair of shorts, and Kelly is topless and wearing a pair of black panties. As they plop down on the couch, I ask them if they want to have a "grapefruit juice and vodka" drink with me. They say "yes", so I spend a few minutes in the kitchen making up a big pitcher of it with lots of ice.

    While I am in the kitchen, I can see Kevin and Kelly tongue kissing each other and Kevin is fondling Kelly's naked breasts. Oh my God, they are so open about their sexuality that they are totally uninhibited and don't care who is watching them! I think after a few weeks so we can get to know each other better as adults, then I better have a talk with them about ending their incestuous relationship.

    A few drinks later Kevin runs whispers something in his sister's ear then Kelly raises up slightly from the couch and pushes her panties down to her ankles. She uses her feet to toss the panties into the middle of the living room floor, then looks over at me and says, "Mom, have you ever had sex with another girl?"

    I had just taken a swallow from my drink and it seems to have gone down the wrong pipe! I urgently cough a few times, then tell her I am okay.

    While I regain my composure, I think about a few girls that I had sex with while I was going to college. I have not had sex with a girl since then, but have always wanted to do it again because I enjoyed it immensely.

    Kelly continues, "Mom, I have always wanted to have sex with you since I can remember. Is it okay with you if we make love on the living room floor while Kevin takes video of us?"

    I just sit in my chair for a few seconds staring at my daughter, then suddenly Kevin jumps up from the couch and runs upstairs to get his camera.

    Kelly opens her legs wide and starts rubbing her young bald pussy up and down as she says to me, "Mom, come over here and taste the best pussy you have ever had in your life!"

    I know I should be strong and resist my daughter's charms, but I get up from my chair and walk over in front of Kelly.

    Just then Kevin comes running down the stairs, aims his camera at us, and begins taking video.

    I slowly remove my T-shirt exposing my perfect set of breasts, then push my shorts down to my ankles and step out of them. Kelly sits up straight on the couch and begins running her hands all over my naked body. Kevin keeps taking video as Kelly leans forward and buries her face into my pussy. Oh my God, my little girl is licking the same place where I gave birth to her nineteen years ago!

    I grab the back of her head with both my hands and begin thrusting my hips into her face. She continues to frantically lick me for the next couple of minutes, then I feel a tremendous rush of sexual erotic pleasure shoot from my feet straight upwards to my brain! Oh my God, this is the most intensive orgasm that I have ever had in my life!

    After the orgasm, I suddenly feel limp and quickly sit down in my chair before I faint. I close my eyes and have a wonderful deep sleep for a few minutes. I dreamed of when my little girl was about twelve years old and she asked if she could "breast feed." I told her that I do not have any more "milk", but she can suckle my breasts if she would like. We continued doing that for years every Saturday night until she got interested in boys and started going out on dates with them. I felt so lonely and lost when that happened that I used to cry for hours.

    [The next morning]

    I am laying in my bed and feel a sudden rush of cold air sweep over me as my son pulls my blankets off.

    I look up at him, see his big erection, and say, "Kevin, what on earth are you doing? Get out of my room right now young man!"

    Just then Kelly walks into my bedroom with the video camera, then turns it on and starts filming.

    She says, "Kevin, fuck her good! We are going to make a lot of money when we sell this video of a young man fucking his real mother! The video company better pay us a lot for this one!"

    My son Kevin immediately pushes me over on my back, then reaches between his legs and guides his massive cock against my pussy lips. I struggle with him, but he shoves his hips forward and his cock slides inside me about six inches.

    I start struggling with him but he grabs my wrists and holds them above my head while he plunges his cock inside me over and over again.

    My daughter keeps saying, "Kevin, give to her good! Fuck her harder! Fuck our Mommy Kevin! Fuck her good! Keep fucking our Mommy! Fuck her!"

    Suddenly, my son yells, "Oh yeah! Oh Man! This has got to be the greatest feeling in the world! Ejaculating inside your Mother! There is nothing else in this world that compares to this! Are my nuts still attached! I think they blew off into my Mother's pussy!"

    I feel a tremendous gush of sperm inside me, then my son pulls his cock out and gets off the bed. My daughter Kelly gives him the camera, then she crawls in beside me.

    Kelly says to me, "Mom, can I suckle on your breasts?"

    I reply to her, "Honey, I love you!"

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    We need a little more added to this story to complete it!

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    very good story,,,,,,,thanks

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    loved the story, would like to see another part!!

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    good one .... wish I had sisters like that....
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    twin stories are sexy

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    I got conned by two twins when I was 17 - I let one have sex with me not aware he was a twin - a week later the other one dated me and we had it again.
    For some reason I thought the second time was a bit different - better - and asked him had he been practicing with somebody else. He said no - he had been watching porn and copied it. I believed him.
    I was telling a girl friend, Jan and she started to laugh an told me they were twins and they had both had sex with me. She had the same experience but had found out.
    The next time Adam (Twin1) asked me out I told him to bring his brother (Mike) and we could have threesome. He realised I knew and we had a laugh. The date became a foursome - Jan and I and the twins and we shared them both. We both admitted it was hard to tell them apart except Mike was better than Adam, but we didnt tell them.

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    Very hot, loved it!

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    great storry

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    very very very sexy

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    i had a long errection

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    Interesting story. Thanks

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    very nice story thanks

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    good more

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    Nice story

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    Wow what a great story! Please continue with part 2!!

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    I liked this ending better. Maybe a part 2 coming

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    still love it more

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    Quote Originally Posted by megan View Post
    I got conned by two twins when I was 17 - I let one have sex with me not aware he was a twin - a week later the other one dated me and we had it again.
    For some reason I thought the second time was a bit different - better - and asked him had he been practicing with somebody else. He said no - he had been watching porn and copied it. I believed him.
    I was telling a girl friend, Jan and she started to laugh an told me they were twins and they had both had sex with me. She had the same experience but had found out.

    The next time Adam (Twin1) asked me out I told him to bring his brother (Mike) and we could have threesome. He realised I knew and we had a laugh. The date became a foursome - Jan and I and the twins and we shared them both. We both admitted it was hard to tell them apart except Mike was better than Adam, but we didnt tell them.
    That's Awesome!

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