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Thread: Avatar: The Last Fuckbender

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    Avatar: The Last Fuckbender

    Disclaimer: I do not own the television series "Avatar: The Last Airbender." The characters represented herein do not represent the characters of the original story.

    This story is not connected to the original story. It takes place in the same locations only. The original story is tangential to "Avatar: the Last Fuckbender."

    Avatar: The Last Fuckbender
    Chapter One: Beauty on the Beach

    Aang could not keep his mind off of Katara. Ever since the young waterbender and her brother Sokka had discovered him in the ice several days ago, he had kept fantasizing about her, about her perfect teenage body and her gorgeous tanned face. Although he had never had sex, Aang loved masturbating and since he had met Katara and Sokka, whenever he had a moment alone to himself he would whip out his seven-inch dick and jerk out a quick one while thinking of the beautiful water tribe girl he was traveling with. Every time he climaxed he imagined it was all over Katara’s pretty face.

    Tonight was no different. They were camping on the beach. The next day was the day Aang would take Katara and Sokka to the Southern Air Temple. But right now Aang wasn’t thinking about his old home. Right now Aang was sitting stark naked on the sand in front of the moonlit ocean with his cock in his hand and his mind on Katara. He knew she was laying just a few yards behind him in the shelter of Appa, Aang’s sky bison. It turned him on to know she was so close. He slowly stroked his hard cock and imagined removing her thick robes and gazing upon her tight body, her tan skin, her perfect breasts, her perky young ass, her sexy little pussy just waiting to be penetrated.

    Aang was about to come when he heard a small sound. He stopped for a second and listened. He could hear nothing except the gentle lapping of the tide on the beach and Sokka’s snores from the other side of Appa. Aang shrugged and was just starting to pump his dick again when again he heard the sound. This time he stood up and turned around, his dick standing at attention straight in front of him. He couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, just Appa lying asleep and the embers of the campfire to the left just starting to die down. He knew Sokka and Katara were asleep on the other side of Appa so he sat down again and started to fondle his hard member. He thought of Katara, splashing around in the water in front of him, rubbing her body, putting on a show for him. Again Aang was just about to come when a voice whispered in his ear, “Having fun, Avatar?”

    Aang leapt up and spun around, his heart racing. There stood Katara in her night robes, thin blue drapes that shimmered in the moonlight and clung to her every curve. She stood with her hands on her hips and a playful smile on her face. “What the fuck, Katara,” said Aang, “what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Katara gave a little giggle. “I could ask you the same thing,” she said. Aang stood there awkwardly, completely naked and his hard dick still standing straight out. Katara’s eyes slowly moved down his body and rested on his manhood. “My, my,” she said, “isn’t he excited to be out?” She giggled again.

    Aang turned away from her, his face glowing bright red. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. He just wanted to jump in the ocean in front of him and drown himself. He was just contemplating doing this when he heard Katara’s soft voice in his ear again, “Can I help?” Aang didn’t have time to react; he felt Katara’s warm body press against his and her hand reach around the front of him and grab his quickly softening cock. He thought he would die with pleasure as she started to slowly stroke it. “Just relax,” whispered Katara in his ear, “I know what I’m doing.” Aang let his eyes close and let himself enjoy the wonderful feeling of Katara’s soft hands on his shaft, which was already back to full staff. Katara’shandjob went on for a full minute, but it seemed like an eternity to Aang. Nobody but himself had ever touched his dick before and he wanted it to go on forever. But things only got better when he heard the soft voice again in his ear, “Why don’t we see how your seven inches taste?”

    Aang thought he was going to have a heart attack as Katara moved around in front of him and slowly dropped to her knees. She brought her face close to his throbbing cock and blew lightly on the tip. Aang shuddered. Then she brought her tongue out and licked the tip lightly. Aang’s knees almost gave way. Then, with one fluid movement and without any warning, Katara grabbed Aang’s ass and pushed her mouth down over his cock, giving him one mighty deepthroat. This time Aang’s knees did give way. He fell backward onto his ass with a small gasp as Katara grabbed his dick and started stroking it with both hands. The next five minutes were a blur to Aang; five minutes of a warm mouth and warm, soft hands all over his manhood. A tongue on the tip, then on the shaft, then a stroke from the hand, then a deepthroat from Katara’s glorious wet mouth, then a hand fondling his balls; it was paradise. Aang started to moan deeply. “Uuuunnnh, uuuuunnnh, yes,” he moaned, “oh, yeah, uuuunnnhh.” When he felt the tingling sensation deep in his balls that he knew heralded his orgasm, he placed his hands on the back of Katara’s head and pushed her down onto his cock, then pulled her back and repeated the process over and over again. As he fucked Katara’s face he felt the come building up inside of him. “I’m going to come, Katara,” he said, “I’m going to shoot my come down your throat.” Katara couldn’t say much because of the seven-inch dick pounding her mouth, but she managed a throaty moan: “Mmmmmmm.” The moan was too much for Aang and he exploded into Katara’s mouth, his body jerking as wave after wave of hot, thick come shot into Katara’s warm, waiting throat. He held her head on his dick until the full length of the climax subsided, then he released her and collapsed panting onto his back. Aang had just had the greatest sexual experience of his life, but it was just getting started.

    “My turn.”

    The words were almost enough to bring his softening cock back to life. He sat up and gazed upon Katara, who had removed her robes and stood fully naked, glorious in the moonlight. His first glimpse of a nude female body actually did immediately bring his erection back. Katara was standing with her hands on her hips and her legs shoulder width apart. Aang’s eyes drank in the body he had been fantasizing about for days: the dark hair falling over perfectly tanned skin, the breasts that were large enough to fill a hand but small enough to support themselves, the toned legs that ran up to the trimmed pussy, a small glistening area that Aang longed to touch. “But I don’t know what to do,” Aang said. “You’ll figure it out,” said Katara, her eyes smoldering, “it isn’t that hard.”

    Katara lied down on the sand and spread her legs apart. She didn’t have to say anything; Aang immediately crawled over to the first pussy he had ever seen. He brought his head close and smelled the musty odor of a horny woman. This was the first time he’d ever smelled it, but he knew he would love that odor for the rest of his life. He brought his hands up and carefully inserted one finger into the waiting snatch. Katara immediately moaned, “Uuuunnnhh.” Her pussy was wet and warm and Aang loved it. It was tight, but not too tight. Aang instinctively knew she wasn’t a virgin. He started to bring his finger in and out of her, slowly at first and then picking up speed. Katara’s hand grabbed at his shoulders. “Uuuunh, yeah Aang, yeah baby,” she moaned, “like that, like that, uuuuunnnh.” Aang was really starting to pick it up now and inserted two fingers inside Katara’s dripping wet cunt. “Yes, baby,” moaned Katara, “now lick my clit.” Aang hesitated; he didn’t know what she meant. Katara released her vice from Aang’s shoulder and touched herself, a small button-like piece of skin at the top of her pussy. Aang tentatively leaned down and licked it. Katara immediately tensed and moaned even louder. “Uuuunnh, UUUUUNNH, yes, Aang, lick it. Lick my clit while you finger fuck my pussy. Uuuunnnh,” she groaned. Aang began to finger Katara’s snatch with renewed energy as he licked her clit with vigor. He loved the taste of her and he loved the reaction he was getting from her. Katara placed her hands on his head and pushed her down onto her pussy. After a few minutes of this Katara’s breathing got heavier. “Keep it up, Aang. Don’t stop baby, I’m going to come, uuuuunnnhh.” Aang was incredibly excited at the prospect of making Katara climax. He picked up his efforts on her pussy. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck yes,” Katara whispered. Aang felt Katara’s hand clench his hair and felt her body tense up, then he felt a rush of fluids cover his face and hand. Katara was beside herself, “Fuck! Fuck! I’m coming, I’m coming! Fuck yeah, Aang, uuuuunnnnh!” Aang lapped up the fluids from Katara’s pussy as her legs jerked spasmodically. He couldn’t remember being this happy in his life.

    “Fuck me.”

    The words took a second to register in Aang’s mind. He looked up and saw Katara, her eyes locked with his as she throatily whispered it again: “Fuck me.” Aang hesitated. Now that the moment had come he didn’t know what to do. “Now,” said Katara, “fuck me now. I need it, Aang. I need that cock in my pussy.” Aang moved up as if in a trance as Katara again spread her legs. Aang grabbed his raging hard shaft and directed it towards Katara’s beautiful cunt. As the tip met her pussy, Aang hesitated again. “Do it,” Katara begged, “please fuck me.” Aang didn’t wait again; with one mighty push he buried his seven inches up to the hilt in her. Katara almost screamed in surprise and elation. “FUCK! Fuck, yeah. Oh, yes.” Aang began to fuck her slowly, bringing his hips up and then down in fluid motions. “Uuuunnh, yeah, uuuuunh,” moaned Katara. Her pussy was tight, but like before Aang knew instinctively that she wasn’t a virgin. As he fucked her he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her warm, tight box clutching at his hard cock. “Uuunnh, harder Aang, harder,” Katara whispered. Aang began to bring his cock all the way up to the entrance of her snatch and then slam it all the way down. He pounded away at her and started picking up speed. He leaned down and their mouths met. Aang found it ironic that the first time he had kissed Katara was while he was fucking her. She moaned into his mouth while he railed her, her hands grasping his back and pulling him into her. They broke the kiss and Aang really started to pick up speed now. Katara sat up halfway and began to rub her clit. “Yeah, baby. Fuck it. Fuck that pussy,” she said seductively over and over. “I’m going to come again, baby. I’m going to come all over your cock.” Aang slammed away at her, holding her legs and pounding into her pussy. He felt her tense up again shudder as her warm juices flooded over his cock. She fell back onto her back and thrashed back and forth. “FUCK YES!” she moaned, “Oh, oh, oh, yeah, uuuuunnnh, I’m coming!” Aang felt himself getting close to his own orgasm. The familiar tingling sensation was building up in his balls. He had always fantasized about coming all over Katara’s face and he was so excited to do so that he missed the timing. He began to shoot his load into Katara’s pussy, but after about two shots he managed to pull out and shoot the rest of his hot come all over her toned stomach.

    Aang sat back, panting. He was afraid Katara was going to be angry with him, but she just sat up and made a movement with her hand. The come he had planted in her a few seconds ago came whizzing out of her pussy and into her waiting mouth. “Comebending,” said Katara, “it’s a technique I learned from watching my mom. I used to sneak into my parent’s sleeping quarters at night and watch them fuck. It was so hot and I learned how to comebend from her. I love the taste of hot come.” With that she comebended the rest of Aang’s seed off of her stomach and into her mouth. “Mmmmm,” she said, “I’m going to have lots of fun with you, Avatar.”

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    This is only the first chapter of many. The next several chapters are complete. I will post more if you all like this and want more.

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    Here is Chapter Two. Enjoy.

    Avatar: The Last Fuckbender
    Chapter Two: The Traditions of the Southern Water Tribe

    Aang, Sokka, and Katara flew towards the Southern Air Temple in the Patola Mountain Range. Sokka and Katara were obviously excited about seeing an air nomad temple for the first time, but Aang couldn’t keep his mind off the previous night’s experience on the beach. He still didn’t know if it was real or if it had been a dream. When they landed at the Air Temple, the three travelers decided that before Aang would give Katara and Sokka a tour, they should split up and look for food to add to their stores. Aang went off to the north in search of supplies.

    Aang didn’t have much luck in finding any food. As he returned to Appa to see if Katara and Sokka had found anything, he stopped suddenly as he heard a sound coming from the rocks to his left. He listened carefully. “Yeah, that’s it,” said a voice, “like that. Just like that.” Aang immediately recognized the voice as Sokka’s. His curiosity piqued, Aang tiptoed over to the rocks and carefully peered around them. What he saw made him give an involuntary little gasp.

    Ten feet in front of him, Katara was naked on all fours, her head bobbing up and down on Sokka’s large cock as he laid spread eagle on the ground. During their fuck session last night, Aang hadn’t had a chance to appreciate Katara’s perfect ass. But now here it was, tan, shapely and smooth, sticking up in the air and wiggling back and forth a little as Katara sucked her brother’s eight and a half inch shaft with vigor. Her ass was the most beautiful thing Aang had ever seen, stuck up in the air like that with her tight little twat winking at him from in between perfectly shaped ass cheeks. The sight was so hot that Aang immediately pulled out his quickly hardening dick and began to stroke it. Somewhere in the back of his mind he realized that he was witnessing incest and that bothered him a little, but right now he was too horny to care.

    Aang watched Katara give Sokka a masterful blowjob for a solid five minutes while slowly stroking his member and listening to Sokka’s moans of pleasure. “Uuuuunnh, fuck yeah Katara, that’s it,” Sokka sighed. Aang was just starting to feel his orgasm coming on when Sokka’s head suddenly came up and his eyes made contact with Aang’s. Aang didn’t know what to do. He was caught. But Sokka just raised a hand in greeting. “Hey buddy,” he said. Katara stopped her ministrations on Sokka’s cock and looked around. “Hi Aang,” she said as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Aang’s face registering confusion and a little bit of shock. He finally was starting to realize the gravity of what he was seeing. Katara sucking Sokka’s dick? Her own brother?

    Katara must have noticed the expression on Aang’s face and decided he deserved an explanation. “Listen, Aang,” she said, “in the Southern Water Tribe this isn’t considered strange or disgusting or anything at all. Where we come from, this is normal.” Aang raised an eyebrow. “It’s true,” chimed in Sokka, sitting up, “in our tribe there has always been a shortage of men compared to women, so family members fucking each other is common. In fact, it’s sort of a tradition. The first girl I ever fucked was Katara,” he said. “Yeah, I lost my virginity to Sokka,” said Katara, “I promise, Aang, it isn’t weird.” Aang walked out from behind the rock. Sokka continued to explain, “Last night I heard you two on the beach. I mean, who wouldn’t wake up to Katara’s moans? They were pretty loud.” Katara gave him a sexy little wink. Sokka went on, “I watched you fuck her, Aang, and I jacked off while I watched. It was the hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I decided I needed to fuck Katara soon. It’s been awhile since I’ve had her pussy. So, here we are.”

    Aang was starting to understand. This wasn’t weird at all; it was just part of their culture. “I understand,” he said. Just then realized his dick was still hanging out and still semi-hard. He was just about to apologize for intruding and excuse himself so he could go rub one out while the image of Katara’s youthful ass was still fresh on his mind when Sokka dropped the bomb: “Do you want to join us?” he said. Aang’s head snapped up and he looked over at Katara. “Oh, yes,” she said in a sultry tone, “please, Aang. I’ve never had two at the same time.” Aang was only too happy to oblige and his package was already starting to grow rock hard again at the prospect of what was coming.

    Sokka stood up and Aang walked over to Katara, who moved up onto her knees. “Ooooh, yes,” moaned Katara, “give me those hard cocks.” Aang and Sokka stuck their throbbing dicks out towards Katara’s face. She took Aang’s seven inches into her mouth and grabbed Sokka’s eight and a half with her hand. She licked and sucked all over Aang’s shaft while she stroked Sokka’s prick. Aang was in heaven; he had never been this turned on in his life. He couldn’t believe he was double teaming Katara with her brother of all people. Her warm, wet mouth felt incredible on his pulsing member. She would let her tongue lick all over the tip, and then she would give him one of her long deepthroats. Then Katara switched, letting Aang out of her mouth with a soft plopping sound and taking in Sokka. She grabbed Aang’s cock now and started to pump it with her soft delicate hands. Sokka and Aang were both moaning their approval. “Uuuuunh yeah, Katara,” moaned Aang. “Suck it, suck your big brother’s cock,” said Sokka. Katara moaned with a face full of dick. She continued to alternate between Aang and Sokka, licking and stroking, sucking and jerking, for a few more pleasure-filled minutes until Sokka said, “Time to fuck this bitch, Aang.”

    Sokka reached over and pushed Katara onto her hands and knees. Aang sat down on the ground in front of her and grabbed her head, guiding her mouth onto his cock again. Katara started bobbing her head up and down on Aang’s shaft with pleasure. Sokka got onto his knees behind Katara and slapped her ass with his hand. “You ready for this, bitch?” he said. Katara moaned in the affirmative around her mouthful of Aang’s dick. Sokka licked two of his fingers and shoved them in Katara’s twat to loosen her up, but quickly realized it was unnecessary. Katara’s tight pussy was dripping wet and ready for a good pounding. Sokka grabbed his prick and directed it towards Katara’s waiting hole, then buried it in with one massive heave. Aang heard Katara gasp over his cock as Sokka big dick entered her waiting pussy. Sokka started to move his hips back and forth, slowly fucking Katara from behind and then picking up speed. “Mmmmmm, mmmmmm,” Katara sighed over and over. Aang grabbed Katara’s head with both hands and started to jack himself off with her mouth, bringing his hips up to meet her face. “Uuuuunh, yeah, Katara,” he moaned, “fuck!” Sokka’s thrusts were really pounding into Katara now and she was constantly giving a muffled moaned against Aang’s face-fucking. “It feels so good to be fucking you again, Katara!” shouted a triumphant Sokka.

    After a few minutes, Aang pulled Katara’s head off of his glistening dick and pulled her away from Sokka’s relentlessly pounding shaft. He laid her down on her back and shoved her legs apart, then buried his cock into her sopping wet pussy. “Fuck yeah!” she yelled, “Fuck me hard, Avatar! Fuck my pussy good and hard!” Aang’s hips started to slam into her pelvis harder and harder, faster and faster. Sokka crawled over and swung one leg over Katara’s face so he was on all fours with his dick hanging down over her mouth. Katara grabbed his cock immediately and shoved it into her mouth, charging her head up and down on Sokka’s big dick. “Suck it, you fucking bitch,” he growled, “suck my cock!” Aang continued to slam into Katara’s pussy and with one hand reached down and rubbed Katara’s clit twice. That was all it took. Sokka’s dick popped out of Katara’s mouth and she screamed with pleasure as her orgasm overtook her and she came all over Aang’s cock. “AAAAAAAH, fuck yeah!” she yelled, “Yes! Yes! YES!” Sokka and Aang both stood up, Katara shuddering and shaking while her climax ran its course, moaning and whimpering on the ground. Sokka and Aang both started to pump their cocks furiously.

    When Katara’s orgasm finally subsided, she opened her eyes and practically jumped up onto her knees. “Come all over my face, boys,” she begged, “please, please come on my face.” This was it. This was what Aang had been fantasizing about ever since he had met her. The fact that he was about to shoot his load all over Katara’s pretty face was the best thing that had ever happened to him. The fact that Sokka was joining in too just made it all the better. Katara reached out with both hands and started massaging his and Sokka’s balls while they jerked their dicks in her face. “I need it,” Katara moaned, “I need your hot come on my face. Give it to me!” Sokka was the first to come, shooting three spurts of thick white come all over Katara’s face and hair. “Fuck!” Sokka yelled. The sight put Aang over the edge and he came too. “Take it, bitch!” he shouted. Five ropes of warm come spurted out of his cock into Katara’s open mouth and plastered her beautiful features. Katara wiped all of the come off of her face and licked it off her fingers. “Mmmmm,” she said, “I love fresh come.” Then she made the curious hand movements Aang had seen before and comebended his and Sokka’s mixed seed out of her hair and into her mouth.

    Aang looked over at Sokka. “I’m glad you guys are with me,” he said. Sokka laughed. “Me too,” he said, “this is going to be fun.”

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    great start

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    katara's mom was not a waterbender if you watched the last few episodes of the series. Great story

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    great start .... keep it going

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    Avatar: The Last Fuckbender
    Chapter Three: A Warrior's Training

    Sokka was exhausted. He couldn’t remember ever working this hard in his life. Since starting his training with the Kyoshi Warriors, Suki and the others had made him train for hours and hours on end without a break. At first Sokka hadn’t thought much of these girls; he thought there was no way they could make good warriors. But after humbling himself a little and training with them all afternoon, he was quickly beginning to gain a great deal of respect for these Warriors of Kyoshi. It didn’t hurt that they were all drop dead gorgeous, either. Sokka couldn’t see much under their loose robes, but from what he could tell they all had perfect bodies, made such by years of hard training and work. Suki was the most attractive, he thought. Earlier in the day, when Suki was helping him with a maneuver and had accidentally brushed her firm ass up against his crotch, Sokka had started to get a hard-on. It wasn’t that visible because his package never got fully erect, but he swore he caught Suki looking at it with a hungry expression on her face. And there were two other Warriors he had kept his eyes on. Even though in their uniforms they all looked pretty much the same, Sokka could tell these two were identical twin sisters by the cut of their noses and their high cheekbones. In his mind he had started calling them Green and Blue because of the color of their eyes, since that was the only way you could tell them apart.

    At the moment Sokka was lying on the floor of the training arena, panting. He had just gotten taken down by Blue after an intense training fight. Blue looked down at him with playful eyes. “Nice work, Sokka,” she teased. The other Warriors laughed. “He’s getting a little better,” said Green, the twin sister of Blue. “Yeah,” said another of the girls, “he’s becoming an expert at falling on his ass.” The Kyoshi Warriors all laughed again at Sokka’s plight. Sokka’s face grew red. “Now, girls,” chided Suki, “let’s be nice. He’s trying his hardest.” Suki walked over to Sokka and helped him up. “I think it’s time for a break,” she said, “Everyone, we’ll meet back here in an hour.” Sokka felt incredibly relieved. He was tired and his muscles were very sore. Most of the girls slowly trickled out of the room until Sokka was left alone with Suki and the twins, Green and Blue. “It’s hot today,” said Blue, “we should go for a swim.” Green agreed: “Yeah, we should go over to the stream for a while.” Suki looked at Sokka. “What do you think, Sokka?” she asked. Sokka shrugged and said, “Sure.” He was trying to appear nonchalant, but on the inside his mind was racing. Surely these Warriors didn’t swim in their robes, he thought. Maybe he would get to see a little skin after all.

    The four of them walked a short way to the south, through a small copse of trees and into a sheltered clearing, where a large stream wended its way through the wood. Nobody else seemed to be around. The heat of the day was keeping most everyone in the buildings back at the village. It certainly was unusually hot for how early in the spring it was. Most of the snow had melted off the ground and the cool grass underfoot was warm and soft. “Well, here we are,” said Suki. Without any further ado she and the twins started to remove their robes. As they untied their girdles they moved over to the stream and splashed water on their faces, removing their warrior makeup. They turned around with fresh clean faces and let their outer robes drop to the ground so they stood in their underwear. Sokka was stunned. The three bodies were almost identical: lean, fit, and toned without sacrificing any curve or shapeliness. The only difference seemed to be that Suki was a little more tan than the twins. The three young lovelies stood with amused looks on their faces. Sokka became aware that he was just staring at them with his mouth open. “Come on, Sokka,” said Green, “take off your clothes.” She giggled. “Yeah,” said Blue, looking pleased, “strip!” She laughed as well. “You heard them, Sokka,” said Suki, her smoldering eyes locking with Sokka’s, “down to your underwear.” Sokka was in quite a predicament. He couldn’t remove his clothes, because then the three girls would see the giant erection that had sprung to life in his pants. He stood there awkwardly, the girls looking expectant. “What the hell,” said Sokka finally, and he began to remove his clothes. He took off his shirt and then bent over to remove his pants. When he straightened the outline of his eight and a half inch rod was clearly visible, straining against the material of his underwear. All three girls were staring at his groin and the twins immediately began whispering to each other. But Suki just stood there, staring at Sokka’s manhood with a look of hunger on her face. Sexual tension was heavy in the air.

    Suddenly, and without warning, the twins rushed at Sokka. He instinctively took a defensive stance. As they approached they reached their feet around Sokka’s heels and pulled out his feet from beneath him. Sokka fell hard on his ass. He rolled to one side and sprung up, but Green was waiting for him. She grabbed him in a headlock and Blue grabbed his arms and held them behind his back. He felt a third pair of arms, Suki’s, wrap around his legs and pull them out from under him. He fell on his ass for the second time in ten seconds, but this time he couldn’t move. Blue and Green were each holding down one of his arms and Suki was kneeling at his feet, holding down his legs. Sokka struggled against their grip. “What the fuck?” he said, “what the hell is going on?” Suki looked directly into his eyes. “This is part of your training,” she said. “What do you mean?” asked Sokka. Suki smiled seductively, “Well, we’ve been seeing if you know how to fight like a warrior. Now we’re going to see if you can fuck like one.”

    Sokka’s heart had been beating quickly from exertion, but now his heart rate rose from excitement. He watched, entranced, as Suki leaned down and started to rub his cock through his underwear. It was already hard and straining to break free. “Let it out, Suki,” said Green. “Yeah,” added Blue, “we want to see it.” Suki hooked her fingers around Sokka’s underwear and peeled them off his legs. Sokka’s throbbing cock sprang free, raging and ready for action. All three girls gasped and Suki gave a little moan of anticipation. She leaned forward and wrapped her hand around Sokka’s shaft and began to stroke it slowly. Sokka closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Suki’s soft hands pumped his dick up and down. Sokka felt the weight removed from his arms as the twins moved down to join Suki. With his eyes still closed, Sokka felt the wonderful sensation of a tongue flicking the head of his cock. He opened his eyes to see not Suki, but Green with her tongue out, circling the head of his dick. Blue’s hands replaced Suki’s on his member now while Green licked and sucked the head. After a while Suki leaned forward and began to lick the underside of Sokka’s shaft and massaged his balls with her hand. Sokka was in heaven. “Uuuuunh,” he sighed. These three goddesses were giving him the pleasure of his life; three young beauties worshipping his big cock. The next five minutes passed this way, with the girls alternating positions and sharing Sokka’s dick.

    After a while the girls all leaned back on their heels and Sokka sat up. Suki and the twins reached behind their back and released their underwear tops, letting three perky sets of breasts free. Sokka watched, transfixed. Then they stood up and turned around, bending over while removing their bottoms. Sokka almost came right there as he gazed up at three perfectly toned asses with three beautiful shaven cunts set in between. Suki walked over and pushed Sokka back down onto his back, then stepped over him. Sokka stared up at her pussy. “Eat it, Sokka,” she said and sat down on his face. Sokka’s nose filled with the aroma of pussy and his tongue darted out between the wet folds of her slit, tasting her juices. Suki moaned with pleasure. “Oooooh, that’s it, baby,” she said, “yeah, eat my pussy.” Sokka felt a set of hands and a mouth take over his cock again. He couldn’t tell which of the twins it was with Suki straddling his face, but he didn’t care; it felt amazing. Whoever it was proceeded to deepthroat Sokka, plowing his dick into the back of her throat while he licked Suki’s pussy and nibbled lightly on her clit. After some time he felt the mouth removed from his cock and a tight twat take its place. He started to buck his hips, his rod pounding into one of the twins’ pussies. He heard moans coming from the fucking. “Uuuuunh, yeah, Sokka,” a voice said, “fuck me, pound it good.” He also heard another set of moans, and these ones interested him: “Uuuuuuunh, yeah, lick my pussy, ooooh,” but these were coming in addition to Suki’s moans, in whose pussy Sokka’s tongue was buried. After a minute or two Suki got off of Sokka’s face and he got a full view of what was happening. Green was riding Sokka in a reverse cowgirl position and Blue was standing in front of her with her hands on Green’s head. Green’s face was buried in Blue’s pussy while Sokka slammed away at Green’s cunt. He reached his hands out and grabbed Green’s supple ass and rammed up into her harder. He heard moans coming from his left and looked over. One of Suki’s hands was on her breast, squeezing and pinching at her pert nipples, while the other hand was between her legs, moving at lightning speed. Suki moaned while she frigged herself, “Yeah, fuck her, Sokka, fuck her good, that is so fucking hot, uuuuuunnnh.”

    After a few minutes of this Suki said, “I need a good fuck, Sokka. Fuck me now.” Green got off Sokka’s dick and he stood and walked over to Suki. “Get on your hands and knees, Suki,” he ordered. She quickly obeyed, turning around and presenting herself to him. He squared up and slammed into her pussy. Suki screamed with pleasure. “AAAH! Yes, fuck it, baby!” Sokka started to pound away at Suki from behind. Green moved up and lay down on her back in front of Suki, who immediately reached out and pulled Green towards her, burying her face into her pussy. “Mmmmmm,” moaned Green, “that’s it, Suki. Uuuunh!” Sokka wondered where Blue was but almost immediately got his answer when he felt a tongue lapping at his balls from behind as they slapped against Suki’s ass. Blue licked and sucked at his balls and shaft when it was available before disappearing again into Suki’s sopping pussy. “Fuck yes!” shouted Sokka, “You girls are amazing!” Suki moaned into Green’s pussy, Blue moaned into Sokka’s nutsack, and Green moaned out load.

    After a while the twins again changed positions, crawling up on either side of Suki on all fours. Sokka had three pussies to choose from, all being displayed to him. He was enjoying fucking Suki, so he reached out with both hands and rammed two fingers into the two pussies on both sides of him. As he finger-fucked the twins they moaned and bucked their hips against his hands. Suki had grown quiet and seemed to be shoving herself back onto Sokka’s throbbing cock almost with desperation, her hand up and rubbing her clit furiously. “I’m gonna come, Sokka,” she said, “don’t stop. I’m going to fucking come.” Sokka kept up his pounding and after about ten seconds he felt Suki’s pussy contract and spasm around his cock. “UUUUUNNH, yes!” shouted Suki. “I’m coming!” Sokka pulled out of her and lay back, pumping his cock. “Who wants my come?” he said. “Me! Give it to me!” shouted Blue. She crawled over and began stroking his dick, her face inches away from the tip. Green and Suki positioned themselves on both sides of Sokka, playing with themselves and moaning. “Yeah, come for me, Sokka,” encouraged Blue, “come all over my face.” Suki chimed in, “Do it, baby. Give it to her.” Sokka felt the tingling in his balls begin to build up. “It’s coming,” he moaned. Blue pumped Sokka’s cock faster and faster until Sokka grunted and a huge wad of come erupted out of his cock and hit her directly in the face. She continued to pump as three more spurts of hot seed flew out of the tip of Sokka’s shaft onto her. “Fuck!” Sokka yelled, “Take that come, bitch!” When his orgasm subsided, Suki and Green crawled over to Blue and began to lick his come off her face. “Mmmmm,” Suki sighed, “your come tastes good, Sokka.” Sokka smiled and said, “So, does anyone actually want to go for a swim?”

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    Great addition keep it up

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    Avatar: The Last Fuckbender
    Chapter Four: Katara's Big Step

    The night was warm as Katara and Haru leaned against the railing of the mining rig. Ironic that there was railing at all, Haru thought bitterly. Here in this secluded section of the prison rig the guards had removed the giant wall that surrounded most of the prison yard and replaced it with a length of railing. If you looked over the edge of the railing to the water below you would see that the current in this particular spot was such that the water eddied and swirled viciously backward into the pillars of the rig. If you jumped into the water to try and swim away and escape you would be dashed against the pillars and killed instantly. The guards were deliberately taunting them by putting this railing here, giving the prisoners a chance to look at freedom without the possibility of attaining it. For this reason, none of the other prisoners ever come here; it depressed them too much. Katara and Haru were all alone, and that was just fine with him.

    A lot of sexual tension had been building between Katara and himself ever since they had met back at his home village. He had noticed her staring at him a few times and he was sure that she had noticed him staring at her perfect body several times. Now that they were both prisoners on this mining rig things had got even more interesting with Katara’s hopes of helping everyone escape. Now Haru not only was attracted to her, but he had a newfound respect for her, which only turned him on more. “Nice night,” said Katara. “Yeah,” agreed Haru, turning to look at her. Katara continued to stare out at the sea. “You’ll see, Haru,” she said, “I’ll figure out a way to break out the earthbenders.” Haru stared at Katara’s beautiful face and his eyes also stole down her low-cut robes, gazing at her perky cleavage as she leaned against the railing. “Even if you don’t, Katara,” said Haru, “I’m just happy to be here with you.” Katara turned to look at him. Her eyes softened and a smile appeared on the worried face. Haru judged that this was the best time to make his move. He leaned in slowly and kissed Katara. There was no hesitation from her. She kissed him back fiercely. They stood there for a few minutes, kissing with more and more passion, Haru thinking he could try to take things a bit further.

    But he was surprised. Just as he was about to reach around Katara and cup her tight ass in his hands, Katara made the first move. Haru felt Katara’s hand cup his package lightly through his clothing. As Katara grabbed him and started to fondle his member through his robe, she bit his lip lightly. Haru’s dick immediately began to rise. “I’ve been wanting this ever since I met you, Haru,” whispered Katara. Haru could only nod. Katara gently pushed Haru so his back was against the railing. “Do you want me to suck your dick, Haru?” said Katara seductively, “Do you want a blowjob from Katara?” Haru swallowed, but again could only manage a weak nod. “Good,” said Katara throatily, “Because I want to taste it.” She sank to her knees in front of Haru and grabbed his pants with both hands, yanking them down. Haru lifted off his robe and his fully erect seven-and-a-half inch cock sprang forward, smacking Katara lightly on the face. Katara grabbed it hungrily with both hands and started to pump in up and down. Haru leaned back against the rail and closed his eyes, soaking up the sensation. When he felt her warm mouth encompass his cock he gave a moan of appreciation. “Oh, yes Katara, yes baby,” he said. He looked down to see his shaft buried in Katara’s throat, then reappear, and then disappear in her mouth again. As Katara jacked off Haru’s rod with her lips she swirled her tongue around the tip and shaft, her head bobbing in rhythm with Haru’s gentle hip thrusts. Haru reached down and grabbed the back of Katara’s head and started to thrust into her face more forcefully. Katara moaned with a mouthful of cock as Haru face-fucked her. “Mmmmmm,” she managed to moan. Haru’s balls were slapping against her chin as he thrust in and out of her warm, wet mouth. “Uuuuunh, yeah baby,” said Haru, “suck it.” After about two minutes of fucking her throat, he grabbed Katara by the arm and pulled her up. His dick popped out of her mouth, wet and glistening, with a plopping sound. Haru pushed her up facing forward against the railing so her back was to him. He ripped off her robes and then peeled her undergarments off of her.

    Haru stood back and stroked his cock, appreciating the sight. Katara was leaning forward against the railing, completely naked and with her ass stuck out towards him. His hungry eyes drank in the sight of her perfect, shapely ass, her glistening cunt beckoning to him from underneath. Haru sank to his knees and buried his face between Katara’s asscheeks, darting his tongue into the folds of her wet pussy. “Uuuuuuunh,” Katara moaned, “Yeah, Haru, eat my pussy.” Haru did so with pleasure, licking and slurping away at her slit. He loved the taste and smell of her. The mustiness from her juices filled his nostrils and turned him on even more. As he ate her he lifted one hand up between her legs and reached forward, finding her clit and rubbing it with his fingers, while jerking away at his cock with his other hand. “Aaaaaaah,” sighed Katara, “yes, yes, don’t fucking stop.” Haru continued to munch away at her twat and rub her clit for a few minutes, slowly picking up his pace. “Don’t you stop, Haru,” moaned Katara, “I’m going to come soon, uuuuuunh.” This gave Haru renewed fervor and he picked up his pace, his tongue thrusting in and out of the wet folds of her slit, his hand rubbing her pert clit. He felt her vaginal muscles begin to tense and contract. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Katara whimpered, “yes, yes baby. I’m almost there.” Haru took a deep breath and buried his tongue as deep as he could into her sopping pussy and at the same time pinched her clit with his fingers lightly. That sent her over the edge. “Uuuuuuunh, uuuuuuuunh,” Katara moaned, “I’m fucking coming, I’m coming all over your face, uuuunh!” Haru’s face was drenched with her fluids as her pussy spasmed and released her orgasm all over him. He licked it all up with relish.

    Haru stood up and grabbed Katara’s shoulder, preventing her from turning around. While she still leaned up against the railing, her ass out and her knees weak from her orgasm, Haru plunged his dick into her waiting pussy. “Fuck!” Katara said, “Yes! Fuck me hard, Haru!” Haru gladly complied and began to pound away at her from behind while she leaned, still standing, against the railing. Haru reached around Katara and grabbed one of her breasts, fondling it and pinching the nipple lightly. “Uuuuunh,” she moaned, “uuuuuuuunh!” As he fucked her he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her tight twat gripping his shaft and his balls slapping against her. “Fuck, Katara,” he said, “You’re so fucking hot.” His cock was plunging in and out of her pussy at top speed now as he slammed his hips into her. Haru was just starting to feel his come building up inside his balls when suddenly Katara said, “Stop.” It didn’t even register in his mind. He kept pounding away at her until she spoke again. “Haru, stop,” she said. Haru withdrew his raging dick from her and looked at her questioningly. “What’s the matter?” he said, “I thought you were enjoying this.” Katara turned around and looked straight into Haru’s eyes. “Haru,” she said, “I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

    Haru almost fainted with joy. Fuck Katara in the ass? This couldn’t get any better. “But Haru,” she said, “I’ve never done it before, so be gentle.” She looked worried and excited at the same time. “Don’t worry, Katara,” said Haru soothingly, “I’ve done it before and I know how to go about it.” Haru directed Katara to get down on the deck of the rig on her hands and knees. “Just relax,” said Haru. Haru got down on his knees and bent over, burying his face once again between Katara’s perfectly toned asscheeks. But this time his tongue darted out to her puckered asshole and began to lick it. Katara shivered. “Mmmmm, that feels good, Haru,” she whispered. Haru’s tongue licked and darted into Katara’s hole for a while, getting it wet and ready for the next step. Haru brought up one finger and inserted the tip of it into Katara’s asshole; slowly working it in and out until in was all the way into her. Katara was really enjoying this. “Uuuuuunh, yeah,” she moaned. Haru brought up two fingers now and repeated the process, slowly working at Katara’s anal cherry until it could accommodate the length of his two fingers. She was ready now. Haru straightened up and grabbed his cock, directing the tip against Katara’s tiny butt hole and applying steady, even pressure. Katara gasped as an inch sank in. “Oh, oh, oh, it’s so big, I don’t know Haru,” she said. “Just relax,” said Haru again. He began to slowly move his hips back and forth, working into her an inch at a time. When four inches were in Katara gasped again. “Oh, fuck. It’s too much, Haru.” she whimpered. “Relax, Katara,” he repeated. Katara did her best and her asshole relaxed enough for Haru to bury his full seven-and-a-half inches into her. “AH!” Katara shouted in a mix of pain and pleasure, “FUCK!” Haru decided not to fuck around anymore. He brought his cock all the way back to the opening of her ass again and slammed down into her, burying his shaft up to the hilt. “UUUUUUNH,” moaned Katara. Haru began to thrust now, slowly at first in long, steady movements. “Shit, it’s so much!” Katara whispered. Haru began to pick up his pace. He could tell Katara was beginning to get used to his cock and so he started to pound away at her ass. Whenever he needed more lubricant he would pull out of her ass and thrust into her dripping wet pussy once and then slam right back into her tight asshole.

    Katara reached back and started rubbing her own clit. She was really beginning to enjoy this. “Yeah, Haru,” she moaned, “Fuck my ass, baby!” Haru was enjoying himself too; he was assfucking the hottest girl he’d ever met. “You like it, Katara?” he grunted, “You like my cock in your ass?” Katara moaned, “Ooooh, yes, baby,” she said, “I love it. I fucking love it!” Haru’s balls began to tingle and he knew he was going to come soon. “I’m going to come,” he said, “Where do you want it, baby?” Katara couldn’t answer because at that moment she hit her second orgasm as Haru fucked her butt hole and she frigged herself with her own hand. “Uuuuuunh,” she moaned, “uuuuuuuunh, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck!” Haru asked again, “Where do you want my come, baby? I’m going to fucking come soon!” Katara moaned again, “Uuuuunh, fucking come in my ass, Haru! Come in my asshole!” Haru began to pound at Katara as hard as he could. His cock slid in and out of her faster and faster. “Do it, baby,” said Katara, “I want to feel your come deep inside of me!” That did it for Haru. He exploded, sending wave after wave of hot, sticky come down Katara’s asshole. “Fuck!” he yelled, “Fuck yeah!” Katara was moaning and rubbing her clit furiously, on an extended repeated orgasm now. “Uuuuuunh, yeah! It’s so deep! It feels so good in my tight asshole! Uuuuuunh!” she moaned over and over again. When Haru’s orgasm finally subsided, he pulled his softening cock out of Katara and slapped her ass. “Mmmmm,” she said, “that was good.” Haru chuckled. This was shaping up to be a very good night.

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    Thesr are great keep them coming

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    Avatar: The Last Fuckbender
    Chapter Five: The Slut of the South

    Aang and Katara sat alone on the edge of one of the tree houses in the Freedom Fighters’ hideout. It was a warm night and there was a gentle breeze playing on their faces. Aang sat quietly, trying to figure out the best way to go about this. He was restless, like he always got now when he was around Katara. Whenever they were alone together his mind would just fill with the things they had done together. He hadn’t had any action from her, or anyone else for that matter, since the Southern Air Temple. But tonight he was determined that was going to change. He wasn’t going to just sit around and wait for things to happen anymore. Tonight he would make the first move. And there was more to the plan. It was all riding on him. If he played his cards right, he wouldn’t be the only one getting a piece of Katara’s ass tonight.

    “Katara?” he ventured. Katara looked over at him. “Yes, Aang?” she said. Aang hesitated. “What is it, Aang?” she asked. “I don’t quite know how to ask this,” Aang said sheepishly. It was all part of the plan; the faked innocence and shyness. Katara looked at him steadily. “Just say it,” she said, “I won’t bite, Aang.” Aang hesitated. “You’re a really horny girl, aren’t you, Katara?” he asked finally. There was a moment of silence and Aang was afraid for a second that he had jumped the gun. But Katara just broke out laughing. “You caught me,” she laughed, “What can I say? I like a good fuck.” Aang smiled. The plan was working smoothly. “I can tell,” said Aang, “I mean, I did double team you with your brother a few weeks ago.” Katara smiled sexily. “Yes you did, you stud,” she winked, “and it was great.” Aang smiled again. “You know, Aang, I used to have quite a nickname back home,” said Katara, “they used to call me the Slut of the South.” She laughed merrily again. “I guess it’s because I would fuck anybody.” Aang turned to her. “But back at the Air Temple,” he said, “That was your first group experience, right?” Katara nodded. “That’s right,” she said, “it was my first time.” Aang pressed on, “And you liked it, right?” Katara laughed again. “Liked it? I loved it!” Aang smiled indulgently. “Would you like it again?” he asked. Katara turned slowly and looked at him fully. “What are you saying, Aang?” she asked.

    Aang gave a low whistle and the foliage behind them began to rustle. All at once three figures jumped out of the trees. They stepped into the light; it was Sokka, Jet, and Longshot, all grinning from ear to ear. ‘What’s this?” said Katara, looking confused. Jet laughed, “We heard you Katara. We’ve been listening this whole time, Slut of the South.” All four boys laughed. Katara pushed Aang. “You fucker!” she said, “This was your plan all along!” But she didn’t look angry; she just looked horny. “Well, Katara, there’s no hiding it now,” said Jet, “We all heard you say you like a good group fuck.” He winked at her. “So here we are,” he finished. Katara stood up with a smoldering look in her eyes and walked past them to the edge of the trees. Aang stood and joined the other three guys, watching her as she stopped at the line of trees. She turned around and grasped the clasp of her robes, unhooking it in one fluid motion and letting her robes fall to the ground. The four boys all gave a simultaneous gasp. They were expecting underwear, but Katara has surprised them. She wasn’t wearing any. “On warm nights like these,” she said in a sultry voice, “I prefer a more natural approach.” There she stood in all her glory, her perfect body shining in the moonlight, showing off her wares: her perky breasts with their exquisite shapeliness; her toned, flat stomach; her smooth, tanned skin; her long, flexible legs; and of course her sexy little shaven pussy, already glistening from her arousal. Four cocks began to harden immediately as four pairs of eyes drank in the sight in front of them. Katara sank to her knees. “Come and get me, boys,” she said.

    All four of them practically tore off their clothing, their dicks standing at attention in front of them. Aang with seven inches, Longshot with seven-and-a-half, Sokka with his eight-and-a-half inches, the thickest of the bunch, and Jet coming in at the longest with a nine inch shaft standing at full mast in front of him. All four of them walked over to Katara and stuck their rods in her face. “Mmmmmm,” she said sexily, “four big, meaty cocks. This is going to be fun.” With her left hand she reached out and grabbed Longshot’s shaft and with her right she grabbed Aang’s. She took Jet’s large member into her mouth as she started pumping the other two dicks. Sokka stroked his own cock and fondled Katara’s breasts as he waited his turn. Everyone began to moan as Katara worked their dicks. “Uuuuunh, yeah Katara,” moaned Aang. Longshot was breathing heavily. “Suck it, bitch,” said Jet. Katara’s head was bobbing back and forth on Jet’s cock, making slurping sounds as she greedily sucked him off. Her smooth hands were pumping Longshot and Aang with long, smooth strokes. After a while she took her face off of Jet and clamped her mouth over Sokka’s thick rod, then switched her hands to Aang and Jet, Longshot now jerking off his own dick while fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples lightly. Katara was moaning with her mouthful of cock, “Mmmmmmm.” Sokka grabbed her hair and started thrusting his hips into her face. “Uuuuuunh, yeah,” he moaned, “fuck yeah.” Katara’s attention on their cocks continued for about ten minutes, with her switching between dicks every few minutes.

    “Lie down,” said Jet and Katara immediately laid onto her back, raising her knees into the air. Jet dove down between her legs and buried his face into her pussy, licking and slurping with vigor. Katara began to moan, “Uuuuuuunh…mmmf!” but was muffled by Aang kneeling over her face and stuffing his dick down her throat. She immediately began to slide her mouth up and down on his dick, moaning around it while Jet ate her pussy. Sokka and Longshot kneeled down on either side of Katara and guided her hands onto their own pricks, which she began to pump furiously. Jet eventually unearthed his head from Katara’s sopping wet cunt and raised his hips, slamming them down and burying his nine inches deep into her pussy. Katara screamed around Aang’s cock, “Aaaah! Mmf! Mmf!” Jet began to pound into her, holding her legs and thrusting powerfully with his hips. Aang placed his hands on the ground and lifted his own hips and began to thrust into Katara’s mouth. Katara was getting face-fucked and pussy-fucked simultaneously while stroking two other cocks and she loved it. “Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned, “MMMMMM!”

    Eventually Sokka pushed Jet aside and grabbed Katara, flipping her over onto her stomach. Aang’s cock fell out of her mouth with a plop. “Get on your knees, bitch,” Sokka ordered. Katara raised herself up onto her knees, presenting her wet twat to him. Sokka squared up and thrust his thick shaft into her waiting pussy. “Uuuuunh,” Katara moaned, “fuck yeah! Fuck my pussy!” Longshot moved over to her face and she immediately stuffed his cock into her mouth. Longshot began bucking his hips, slamming his dick into her throat as Sokka slammed his dick into her pussy. Jet and Aang stood on either side, stroking their cocks and watching with lustful eyes. The smell of sex was heavy on the air for the next fifteen minutes and they kept Katara in this position on her knees, rotating out and taking turns fucking her pussy and her mouth. Eventually Katara pulled her mouth off Sokka’s dick that she was now sucking while Longshot fucked her from behind and stood up. “I have a surprise for you guys,” she said mysteriously. They all looked at her quizzically. “I want a dick in all my holes,” she said throatily, “I want to be triple stuffed.” Sokka looked confused. “But who took your ass first, Katara? It wasn’t me.” He looked at Aang, who shrugged. “Wasn’t me,” he said. Katara laughed, “It was Haru,” she said, “on the mining rig.” Sokka looked indignant. “You let that pansy fuck your ass first?” he said, “Now I’m really going to fuck the shit out of you!”

    Sokka grabbed Katara and laid down on the ground, pulling her over him so she was straddling him in a cowgirl position. He directed his cock into her twat and began to pound up into her. “Uuuuuunh, yeah,” she moaned, “Now someone fuck my ass! Fuck it now!” Aang jumped up behind her and grabbed his dick, spitting on her rosebud to lubricate it up, and then pushing his dick slowly into her asshole. “Fuck!” screamed Katara, “Yes! Fuck it hard, Aang, fuck my tight asshole!” Aang obliged willingly, thrusting faster and faster as he worked his hard cock into her deeper and deeper. Sokka and Aang were thrusting in unison now, their cocks slamming into her and meeting against the walls of her pussy, their balls slapping around. Katara was whimpering and rubbing her clit. “Uuuuunh, I’m going to come, uuuuunh,” she moaned again and again. Jet grabbed her head and stuffed his dick down her throat right as she hit her orgasm, flooding Sokka’s dick with her juices and moaning around Jet’s rock hard shaft, “MMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMMM! MMF! MMF!” The four boys began to take turns in this position until everyone had a chance to fuck Katara’s sopping pussy, tight ass, and warm mouth. Katara was in a state of euphoria as she was constantly filled in all three of her holes with a hard cock. She was having multiple orgasms every few minutes, and the euphoria was just rising and rising. The final and most earth-shattering orgasm came as Longshot was underneath her slamming into her pussy, Sokka was in front of her fucking her throat, and Jet was behind her pounding her ass. She couldn’t handle it this time and she fell over, all three dicks popping out of her as she screamed, “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUCK! UUUUUNH! Uuuuuuunh!”

    Katara writhed around on the ground for a full minute, whimpering and muttering incoherently as her orgasm shook her body over and over again. All four guys were standing around her now, stroking their cocks and watching Katara’s intense orgasm. When she finally came back to earth, she got up on her knees and shoved a hand into her pussy, frigging herself while she moaned up at the four others, “Mmmmmm, yeah, come on me, come all over my face.” The four cocks were throbbing and the four guys were grunting as they approached their orgasms. “I need it, please,” she begged, “I need to feel all your hot come on my face.” She continued to finger-fuck herself as she whimpered for their come. Aang came first, shoving his dick into her face and releasing four spurts of hot come onto her chin and left cheek, moaning as he came, “Uuuuunh!” Sokka was second, unloading three massive ropes of sticky seed into Katara’s open mouth and dribbling onto her chin. “Fuck!” he shouted. Katara was moaning with pure lust and pleasure. “Mmmmmm, it’s so warm and tasty,” she said as she licked it up. Longshot came next and lived up to his name, his first shot sailing right past Katara’s face and landing several yards away. He corrected his aim and his remaining four shots hit Katara full in the face and hair. Jet came almost immediately thereafter, yelling “Take my come, slut!” as his nine inches erupting with seven waves of thick, creamy come that flowed like lava all over Katara’s features. She moaned with joy as she wiped it all off her face and into her mouth, slurping it up and smacking her lips. All four boys were panting heavily. “Wow,” Jet said finally, “You really are the Slut of the South, Katara.” Katara looked up at him and winked devilishly.

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    Avatar: The Last Fuckbender
    Chapter Six: June

    Zuko was getting restless in two distinctly different ways. First of all, he was getting restless and growing more and more frustrated by the day with his fruitless search for the Avatar. Things weren’t getting better at all and it was really starting to get to him. He had to find the Avatar soon if he wanted to regain his honor. But right now Zuko was restless for an entirely different reason, and it had nothing to do with the Avatar.

    Zuko and his Uncle Iroh had run into a bounty hunter earlier that night named June who had a Shirshu. Zuko had heard of these legendary creatures with their extraordinary sensory abilities and he knew if anyone could find the Avatar it would be June and her Shirshu. He decided to enlist her in his service. At the moment he was waiting for her outside her temporary room at a nearby inn in the neighboring village. June had said that she needed to get some things before they left and she asked Zuko to come with her to help her carry some things. That way they would only have to make one trip and they could leave sooner, she had said. Zuko had agreed to come along, but mostly just so he could steal glances at her athletic body while they made the trip. Zuko was aching for a good fuck; he hadn’t gotten any since he left the fire nation. He jerked himself off every night just waiting until he could go back to his home country and fuck one of his entourage of girls. Sometimes while he masturbated he would fantasize about his sister Azula. She was insane, but she had a damn fine body and Zuko had always wanted to get his dick in her, sister or not. But most of the time he would think of Mai while he jacked off, the girl he had fucked most often back home. He suspected this was part of the reason he found himself so attracted to June; her jet black hair and fair, almost pale skin reminded him of Mai.

    Zuko was growing impatient. He had been waiting outside June’s room in the corridor of the inn for fifteen minutes now. “Let’s go, June!” he called through the wooden door. There was no reply. “Hello?” he said loudly, rapping the door with his knuckles. “Patience, fire boy,” said June’s muffled voice from inside the room. Zuko snorted. Fire boy, he thought, what a name. That seemed to be the only thing June would call him. Oh well, he didn’t really mind. A girl as hot as June could call him anything she liked. “Come on,” Zuko called again, “I can’t wait around all night.” Zuko heard June’s voice again through the woodwork, “I said be patient. I’m almost ready to go.” Zuko folded his arms and leaned against the door, without realizing that the latch hadn’t fastened on the door properly when June had closed it. As he put his full body weight on the door it fell open with a lurch and Zuko fell sideways into the room, twisting in mid-air and landing flat on his face with a thud. June immediately began to laugh at him. Zuko’s face grew red and he raised his head up from the ground, bitter with embarrassment, and began to say “Shut uh…” but broke off dumbly as his eyes focused on June. There she stood, hands on her hips, laughing at Zuko, and in her undergarments which consisted basically of a strip of cloth around her ample breasts and another small strip of cloth wound about her waist and crotch. Zuko was stunned. With her clothes off she was even sexier than he had imagined. Her athletic body was amazing: her large breasts and toned legs, her flat stomach and tall physique. The contrast of her dark hair against her fair skin was a nice effect, Zuko thought as he pushed himself up off the ground and stood. “Nice going, fire boy,” June said through her laughs. “Shut up,” Zuko managed this time quietly and resentfully. He hated making a fool of himself, especially in front of a babe such as this. “That was hysterical,” said June mockingly, “you really ate it.” Zuko was starting to get angry. “Shut the hell up, June,” he growled. June continued her barrage, “I mean, I knew you were Fire Nation, but I didn’t realize you were THAT stupid!” she goaded. Zuko’s temper flared. “One more word, June…” he started to say. “What?” June interrupted, “What are you going to do, hit me?” Zuko barked back, “I might, bitch.” June just laughed again. “I’d like to see you try, fire boy,” she mocked. That did it. Zuko raised an open hand and brought it down towards June, but she turned her body abruptly. Zuko thought she was moving to defend herself, but he was utterly shocked with what happened. As his hand went flying through the air, June turned her back to his swing so his hand landed right on her tight ass with a loud slap.

    Zuko locked eyes with June as soon as it happened. She was staring at him with an odd expression on her face. It was a mix between amusement and intrigue. Zuko thought he could detect a considerable amount of lust deep in those dark eyes as well. Zuko was about to mutter an apology when June whispered throatily, “Do it again.” Zuko looked into her eyes again. This time there was no mistaking it: there was an animal lust in June’s eyes. Zuko brought his hand high and brought it down on June’s ass again with a whack. “Oh!” gasped June, “that’s right, fire boy.” She locked eyes with Zuko once more. “I was a bitch to you,” she said in a sultry tone, “now treat me like a bitch. I deserve a spanking.” Zuko didn’t need more bidding. His dick was quickly growing hard in his pants. Zuko grabbed June’s arm and dragged her across the room, throwing her roughly face down onto the single bed against the far wall. Before she had time to react her raised his hand in the air again and brought it down with a resounding slap on her firm ass. June yelped. Again and again Zuko spanked her ass with June crying out in reply, “Oh! Oh! Ah! Yes! Slap my ass! Oh!” After about fifteen slaps Zuko reached down and untied the cloth that restrained her breasts and whipped it out from underneath her. Then he grabbed the cloth covering her ass and groin and ripped it off as well. He gazed down at a beautiful sight. June’s ass was red and there was a handprint from Zuko’s repeated spanks. But even more beautiful was the shaven pussy winking up at him from between her asscheeks. June’s arousal was evident in the glistening wetness coming from her cunt. “Why did you stop, fire boy?” asked June sexily, “I need a good long spanking.” Zuko resumed his attack, slapping at her ass forcefully with one hand and undressing himself with the other hand simultaneously. When he was completely naked and his rock hard eight inch cock sprang out of his shed clothing he straightened while he still smacked June’s tight butt. Although lying on her stomach, June caught a glimpse of Zuko’s dick as he stood to the side of her and she immediately rolled over and sat up. “That thing is MINE,” June growled hungrily.

    She leapt off the bed and grabbed Zuko’s shoulders, shoving him down so he was lying on the bed, spread-eagled, his cock standing straight up in the air. June climbed up between Zuko’s legs and grabbed his shaft with her powerful hands, beginning to stroke it smoothly. Zuko’s moans began immediately. “Uuuuunh,” he sighed. It had been such a long time since anyone else had grabbed his dick, and it felt amazing. June continued to jack off his rod, and then she bent down and blew gently on the tip of his cock. The tip of her tongue darted out and gave his cockhead a little lick. She continued to lick and blow on the tip of Zuko’s dick for a while and then began to work down the shaft, licking up and down the length of it while still pumping at it with her hand. After a few minutes of teasing Zuko’s cock this way, June lowered her head over it and plunged her face down on to the hard rod, deepthroating Zuko’s entire eight inches in one massive effort. “Fuck!” Zuko cried out, “Uuuuunh, yeah!” He continued to moan as June’s head began to bob up and down on his swollen prick. Zuko reached down and grabbed June’s breasts, fondling them and rubbing her nipples. June moaned sloppily onto Zuko’s shaft, “Mmmmmmm.” Her warm, wet mouth felt incredible on Zuko’s cock and he was having a hard time holding back his orgasm. He could feel that it was going to come soon. After a few seconds June’s other hand reached out and cupped Zuko’s balls, massaging them as she sucked him off. That was too much for Zuko and he grabbed June’s head and pushed it down onto his dick as he thrust his hips into her face, exploding into her mouth violently. “FUCK!” he shouted, “suck it, bitch! Suck it clean!” June began to greedily suck and lick off the remaining come from Zuko’s glistening member. When it was completely clean she looked up at him with fire in her eyes. “My turn, fire boy,” she said.

    She turned around on the bed so she was still on her hands and knees, but now with her beautiful ass in Zuko’s face, presenting her soaking wet twat to him. Zuko clambered around onto his knees and grabbed her ass, lowering his head and diving into her muff. June’s moans were loud as Zuko stabbed his tongue deep into her hot pussy. “Uuuuuuunh, mmmmm!” she cried, “Yes! Eat my pussy, fire boy! Eat it!” Zuko licked and slurped at her pussy, running his tongue up and down her slit. She tasted amazing. The juices of her arousal dribbled onto Zuko’s chin as he munched away at her twat and she bucked her hips backward into his face. “Uuuuunh, uuuuuunh!” she continued to moan. Zuko now began to thrust his tongue in and out of the folds of her pussy with smooth motions and lifted his hand to her swollen clit. He began to rub her clit feverishly as he tongue-fucked her. “Oooooooh shit, uuuuuuunh!” June moaned her approval. Eventually Zuko removed his face from her cunt and buried two fingers in it, finger-fucking her pussy with one hand and rubbing at her clit with the other. June’s moans stopped and her breathing grew heavy and ragged. “Don’t you dare stop that, fire boy,” she whispered, “don’t you fucking stop. I’m going to come. I’m going to fucking come.” She sounded desperate with the need to climax. Zuko picked up the pace, his fingers flashing in and out of her pussy and his other hand working her clit ferociously. In another twenty seconds he felt June’s pussy muscles contract around his fingers and then release a flood of juices. June became very vocal again. “OOOOOH FUCK! Fuck yeah! Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed, “Fuuuuuuck, uuuuuuunh!” Zuko kept at it until her orgasm subsided. By now his dick was rock hard again and ready for action.

    Zuko grabbed June’s ass while she still remained on her hands and knees and directed his cock to the entrance of her twat. “Oh, yes,” she begged, “Fuck me, fire boy. Fuck me hard!” That was all the encouragement Zuko needed. He buried his dick into her with one giant thrust of his hips. “Uuuuuunh!” moaned Zuko and June together. Zuko began to pound June’s pussy, his cock enveloped in the warmth and wetness of her tight twat. As he fucked her he raised his hands and began to smack her ass again. “Yes!” June cried, “Spank my ass! Fuck my pussy and smack my fucking ass!” Zuko’s hands and dick seemed to be in a contest of force. Both were giving it all they had, Zuko’s hips coming all the way back before slamming forward into June’s pussy at full force, and his hands slapping at her firm ass over and over with loud whacking sounds. “Fuck, June!” he shouted, “This feels so fucking good!” Zuko’s balls were slapping against June as her railed her for the next ten minutes in this position. After a while he pulled out of her and laid down on his back again. “Sit on my cock, bitch,” he ordered, “Ride it like you ride your animal!”

    June happily obliged, coming around and raising one leg over Zuko while facing him and then bringing herself down onto Zuko’s erect shaft. She let herself slowly sink down onto Zuko’s cock until he was all the way inside her, then she lifted herself up and began to ride him steadily. “Oooooh, yeah, fire boy,” she cooed, “Your cock feels so good inside me.” She began to slowly pick up her speed. “Fuck me good,” she moaned. Zuko grabbed her hips and started thrusting upward into her pussy, meeting her downward strokes. They got a rhythm going and they picked up their speed at the same rate until Zuko was pounding up into June’s pussy with extreme force and she was slamming herself down to the hilt of his shaft. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” June cried and moaned over and over, “Uuuuuuunh!” She raised a hand to her clit and began to rub it furiously as she grew quiet again. Once more her breathing grew heavy and ragged. She began muttering incoherently and Zuko knew she was about to come again. He pounded away at her cunt and in a few seconds he felt the rush of fluids drench his cock and balls as June again gave full vent to her orgasm, “Holy fuck! I’m fucking coming again! Uuuuuuunh! Uuuuuuunh! UUUUUUUNH!” Zuko felt the tingling in his nutsack and knew his own climax was fast approaching. “I’m going to come too, June!” he shouted as he fucked her harder and harder. “Come in my mouth again, fire boy!” she cried, “I want to taste your come again!” She climbed off of Zuko’s cock and clamped her mouth around his throbbing shaft just as he exploded for the second time, his hips thrusting into her face and firing five huge spurts of hot, sticky come down her throat. “Fucking eat it, bitch!” he yelled as she slurped up all his warm seed greedily. When June had licked his softening dick clean and sat up again, she looked at Zuko and smiled. “Okay, fire boy,” she said, “now we can go.”

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    i like it very much made me super horny

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    sweet man keep it up

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    Avatar: The Last Fuckbender
    Chapter Seven: An Old Friend

    Sokka and Katara were incredibly excited after having run into Bato. Earlier that night he had appeared near a stranded boat they had found and the reunion had been a joyous one. Now they were lounging in Bato’s sleeping quarters at the nearby Abbey after a traditional Southern Water Tribe dinner and were sharing memories, joking around, and generally enjoying one another’s company. Aang had wandered off some time before, but they knew he would be safe. He was probably just playing some game to amuse himself. Sokka was very excited about seeing Bato; here was another warrior from the Southern Water Tribe, just like himself, and also a friend of his father’s. In a way, Bato felt like family. Katara was also excited about being around Bato, but for a completely different reason. As the Slut of the South, Katara had fucked around with just about every member of her tribe, and Bato had been one of her favorites. Having him around again was making her very horny for some action and she hoped she could find some time alone with him soon.

    The three friends lounged around, chatting, for another half hour when Sokka announced that he was growing very tired. “I think I’m going to go to bed,” he said. Sokka stood up and stretched, yawning. “Good night, you guys,” he said and walked out. “Good night,” Katara and Bato called after him in unison. Katara began to get excited. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for. “Well, Katara,” Bato was saying, “it certainly is good to see you again.” His eyes were raking up and down her slender, fit body. “It’s good to see you too, Bato,” Katara said, “I’ve missed the fun we had.” Bato winked at her. “Not half as much as I’ve missed it, Katara,” he said, “I’ve been stuck with warriors and then nuns for months.” Katara laughed. “Well, I’m not a nun,” she said suggestively, “you can do whatever you like to me.” She winked back at him. The sexual tension was heavy in the air. They sat staring at each other for almost a full minute, the tension building. Then Katara pounced.

    Katara threw herself onto Bato, knocking him backward onto the ground, and kissed him fiercely. Her tongue darted into his mouth and he responded instantly, kissing her back with passion. His hands were already roaming all over her body, exploring the curves of her hips and ass. “I’ve needed this for a long time,” Bato whispered. As a reply Katara simply ripped off his shirt and began to kiss down his neck and chest, exploring his body. When she reached his waist she kissed around the hem of his pants and grabbed his manhood through the material, massaging it lightly. When she could feel it was fully erect she tore off his pants, his full nine inches leaping out and almost slapping her in the face. Katara wasted no time. She grabbed Bato’s hard cock and held it straight, then with one massive plunge she took him all in, deepthroating him at once. “Fuck,” Bato said through clenched teeth. Katara began to slide her mouth up and down Bato’s shaft, massaging his balls with one hand and gripping the base of his cock with the other. Bato placed his hands on the back of her head and began to thrust his hips into her face. “Yeah, suck my cock, baby,” he whispered, “suck it good.” Katara moaned around her mouthful of dick. She loved giving men blowjobs and she was enjoying herself immensely. She could feel her underwear growing wet from her horny pussy. As her head bobbed up and down on Bato’s prick she began to undress herself. She removed her robes and then her underwear while still sucking Bato’s cock. When she was fully naked she reached down and stuck two fingers in her own pussy, working herself up for Bato’s rod. She continued to frig herself while she slurped and licked all over Bato’s nine inches. “Uuuuuunh,” Bato was moaning, “Uuuuunh, yeah.”

    By now Katara was so turned on and ready for Bato’s dick that she didn’t even care to have her pussy eaten by him. She just wanted that cock in her and she wanted it now. She lifted her head off of Bato’s now glistening shaft and climbed up over him, straddling him. She lowered herself onto his nine inches slowly, moaning as she did so. “Uuuuuuuunh,” she sighed, “Your cock feels so good, Bato.” When his rod was fully buried inside her she lifted herself up again and started to bounce up and down on him. Bato grabbed her hips and began to buck his hips up into her, thrusting his dick into her soaking twat. “Fuck yeah,” Katara moaned, “fuck me, uuuuuunh.” Bato began to thrust harder, his balls slapping against Katara’s ass as her fucked her with glee. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Katara’s pussy muscles gripping his dick, massaging it at every thrust. They were really starting to get into it, really pounding away when the unexpected happened.

    Without any warning, Aang strolled through the entrance. “Hey Bato, do you know where…” Aang started to say but dropped off mid-sentence, his eyes widening and his jaw dropping. He stood staring at Katara bouncing on Bato’s big dick, getting the fucking she wanted. “Hey, Aang,” grunted Bato, not stopping his assault on Katara’s pussy. Katara looked at Aang with fire in her eyes, greeting him between moans of pleasure, “Uuuunh, hi Aang, uuuuuunh!” Aang stood there for a second, wondering whether he should stay or go. But he couldn’t ignore the stirring in his pants. He made a decision. Tearing off his clothes he leapt over to Katara, his dick springing to attention. He grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth, muffling a moan escaping her lips. “Uuuuunh…mmf!” He stood there, holding her head and began to thrust his hips in sync with Bato, fucking her face while Bato fucked her cunt. Katara responded immediately, sucking and slurping at Aang’s rod as he fucked her mouth with it. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned with a face full of dick, “mmmmmmm!” She reached down and began to rub her clit with her hand as Bato pounded away at her pussy. Bato and Aang were both moaning and grunting. “Uuuunh, yeah Katara,” said Aang, “suck it, bitch!”

    After a few minutes Aang unearthed his seven inches from Katara’s throat and moved behind her. He pushed her over so she was lying against Bato’s body, whose cock was still slamming up into her pussy. Katara leaned over and her breasts smothered Bato’s face. He immediately began to lick her nipples and nibble at them lightly while her fucked her. Aang knelt down, inches from Bato’s flashing cock and shoved his tongue into Katara’s asshole. “UUUUUNH!” Katara moaned in appreciation. Aang began to lube up her rosebud with his tongue, thrusting it in an out of the tight hole and licking around it. He inserted two fingers in her ass and began to finger fuck it. “Uuuuunh, yes,” Katara sighed. When she was ready Aang stood up and placed his dick against her asshole. “Yes, fuck my ass!” Katara begged, “Double fuck me, you studs!” With one mighty heave Aang buried his cock in her tight butthole and began to fuck it vigorously. He matched the speed and intensity of Bato’s thrusts, working in rhythm with him. Katara was in a state of ecstasy and almost immediately burst into an orgasm, flooding Bato’s dick with her pussy juices. “FUCK!” she screamed, “Yes! I’m fucking coming! UUUUUUUNH!” As Bato and Aang double fucked her she was sent into a cycle of repeating orgasms. She was constantly moaning and begging for more. “Uuuuuuunh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” she moaned over and over. “I’m fucking coming again, uuuuuunh!” she managed to say at least three times.

    Aang could feel his own orgasm building up in his balls. Bato, with more experience, had held back for this entire time. Aang picked up his pace, fucking Katara’s asshole harder and harder, faster and faster. “I’m going to come, Katara!” he shouted, “I’m going to fucking come!” Katara moaned excitedly. “Uuuuunh, come in my ass, Aang,” she whimpered, “shoot your come into my tight asshole, baby!” Aang thrust faster and faster until he finally came, exploding into her and sending three spurts of hot come into her butthole. “I’m coming!” he yelled. “Fuck yes!” shouted Katara, “it feels so good in my ass! Uuuunh!” When Aang’s orgasm ended he pulled his dick out of Katara’s asshole with a plop. Bato was still fucking her pussy raw. “Yeah, fuck it, Bato! Fuck my pussy!” Katara was moaning. Eventually Bato cried out, “Get on your knees, Katara!” Katara clambered off of his dick and knelt in front of him, massaging his balls as he jacked himself toward his own orgasm. “You ready for my come, slut?” he said. Katara cooed up at him, “Mmmmmm, yes. Come on my face, Bato. Come for me.” Bato lasted for another ten seconds before with one grunt and a cry of “Fuck yeah!” he erupted, shooting five massive waves of thick cream splashing onto Katara’s face and into her open mouth. The white of Bato’s come set against the tan of Katara’s face added a nice touch as she licked the come off her face. Then she made a movement with her hand and comebended Aang’s seed out of her asshole and into her mouth. “Mmmmmm,” she said sexily, “I’ll never get over how good fresh come tastes.” Bato looked over at Aang. “You’re lucky you found our little Slut of the South, Avatar,” he said. Aang nodded in agreement. Katara just giggled.

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    thanks good story

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    neat title

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    these are great

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    you are an excellent story-teller and your english command is good too. please do not stop. i got hooked on to this site because of your stories. please continue with the next chapter henceforth. thank you very much

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    Very nice story

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    Okay when are we getting one with. Toph

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    I usually don't read stories like these but I swill definitely be reading some more now, great story and details, makes me horny do much, I think that I almost orgasmed.

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    great job with the avatar stories

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    why is it hat so many good writers suddenly stop writing in the middle of a series when it is so fucking good!!!!

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    I only wish good writers like this could be published before or recognized before the drop of with out some apreciation like this guy writer3000. The avatar corporation probably shut him down

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    they should really make a story adoption post with all the good story's people start but never finish completed by other authors there's just so many awesome unfinished storys

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