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Thread: All new take on the Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez story!

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    All new take on the Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez story!

    Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez part 1.
    By Lessex9

    Demi starts to get out of bed when a hand grabs lighty onto her arm. "Hey babe, where you going?" Joe Jonas asks Demi. "I got to shower I have filming with Selena today" She says as she holds onto his hand,
    "Last night was amazing, Demi" Joe says as he looks down and sees that he still has a hard on from thinking about it. Demi then looks at him and says "We still have time for a quickie bj" she leans down and slowly licks the side of his hard cock up and down she licks more and more then kisses the top of his head and slowly puts her lips around his cock, taking it in more and more then slowly going back up and then down she starts to go a little faster as it pushes againest the back of her mouth again and again.

    Then she stops sucking and starts to sit down on his cock slowly he enters her pussy, then he stands up while she is on all fours. harder and harder he fucks her "FUCK YEAH JOE FUCK ME GOOD!!!!!!!!" she moans. He starts fucking her harder and harder. "I am about to blow!" he yells! "FUCK ME!!! CUM INSIDE OF ME BABY!!!" she yells back and moans! He blows all inside of her she sreams "OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!" then he slowly pulls his cock out of her. "That was amazing baby" He tells Demi as he puts his arms around her. "Yes it was!" She starts to kiss him slowly putting their tounges in eachothers mouths.. "I love you Joe!" Demi tells him "I love you too!"

    Demi then leaves to go see Selena at filmming.

    Demi pulls into her parking spot in her black sports car hybyrd and gets out wearing a very tight red sun dress. She walks down the parking lot and onto set and sees Selena standing there in a Black shirt and jeans
    "Hey Girl!" Demi yells to Selena before walking over to her. "Hey Dem! how was your weekend?"
    "Amazing spent the night with Joe last night!" Demi says with a big smile. "Did you.....?" Selena asks with wondering eyes "Yes he even blew up in me this morning" Demi says with a smile while pulling her arm around Selena's back and pulling her in. "Wow!" Selena says with her mouth dropped open... "Mmmm I love it when you have your mouth open for me" Demi says right before she moves into kiss Selena wrapping her tounge around Selena's slowly they start to make out Demi licks Selena's lips and then says "How bout we go to my appartment on set?" "You mean the bedroom set on your show?" Selena asks while giggling... "Yes I do" Demi then grabs Selena's hand and walks to the Bedroom set. She then lays Selena on the bed and starts to undo her pants and pull them off... "Mmmmm no panties? were you waiting for me?" Demi asks while leaning into to lick her pussy. "Maybe" Selena says with a big smile.. Demi licks up and down Selena's pussy then left to right up and down slowly kissing her pussy lips then she slowly slides her tounge into her pussy in and out she moves like a cock fucking pussy. faster and faster she tounge fucks Selena "OH YEAH OH YEAH!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!" Selena moans as Demi then moves up her body slowly kissing her belly then starts to suck on her tits moving her tounge around her tit. Then they start to make out again slowly wrapping their tounges together and licking eachothers lips.. Demi goes back to her pussy tounge fucking her as hard as she can "FUCK FUCK FUCK MEE!!!!!" SELENA MOANS "OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH!!! MY PUSSY IS GOING TO BLOW UP ANY TIME NOW!!!" Demi fucks her harder and harder untill Selena blows pussy juices all over her face then Demi goes back and starts to make out with Selena again.

    "We have got to do that more offen" Demi tells Selena "Oh fuck yeah baby" They get dressed and walk out of the set and go into filmming.

    The end.
    Well at least till part 2 comes out!

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    Much improved :winknudge:

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    Much, much better! I still prefer a different tense, but it's very much better.

    Odd spelling error here and there too.

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    Thanx I enjoyed the read hope to see more from you

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    great story, great pairing

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    demi is such a sexy girl

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    good story, thanks

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