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Thread: iCarly: iFuck a Girl

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    iCarly: iFuck a Girl

    Carly was lying down in the studio when Sam walked in.

    "hey Sam!" yelled Carly.
    "hey carly. Whatchya doin?"
    "just thinking." replied Carly.
    "about the next icarly episode?" asked Sam.
    "no. Sam, have you ever had sex?" asked Carly.
    "why do you wanna know?" replied Sam in a puzzled manner.
    "just curious." replied Carly. By now, she was really horny. Her pussy was beginning to get wet from this talk if sex.
    "well, if you really wanna know, I have had sex with my sister Melonie a few times. Made her squirt and faint each time." said a boastful Sam who was also starting to get* horny.
    "how does it feel?"
    "I can't really explain it. It is better if I showed you."

    Sam immediately took off her shirt to reveal two perkey breasts.
    Sam got down on her knees and started eating away at carly's pussy.

    "oooh, ahhhhh! Ouuuuuh!" moaned Carly in extreme pleasure. "that feels so goood!"
    "you haven't felt anything yet."

    Sam stripped off her short skirt to reveal a shaved pussy. She took out a large dildo from her purse.

    "What's that?" asked Carly.
    "this here is called a dildo." answered Sam.
    "how do you use it?"
    "take this and slide it in and out of my pussy."

    Carly complied.

    "that's good just like that." panted Sam. "don't stop. Ahhhhhh! Oouuuh! I'm cumming!"

    Sam's juices squirted all over carly's neck.

    "that looked like it felt good. My turn."

    Carly layed back and spread her legs. She shuttered in anticipation as Sam probed her clit with the dildo.

    "ready?" asked Sam.
    "yes, just go slow."

    Sam started to push the dildo inside carly's pussy. Carly winced and moaned as the dildo slowly penetrated her tight pussy.

    "ahhh!" cried Carly. She bucked her hips as she had a violent orgasm.
    "that... Felt... Soo.... Gooood." panted Carly.
    "first orgasm?" asked Sam.
    "yeah. After today this will definately not he my last."

    Sam and Carly quickly slipped on their clothes to film icarly.

    "hey guys! Ready for icarly?" asked Freddy as he came into the recording studio.
    "definately." said both Sam and Carly together.
    "you two seem to be in a good mood. What did you guys do before I got here?"

    Sam and Carly smiled at each other.

    "nothing much," they replied.*
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    Nice, love those girls.

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    nice sgtory :)

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    good story, thanks

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    nice story

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    great story hopefully there will be more

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    Enjoyed the read, do hope there will be more.

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    nice story wish it was longer and that freddy join in

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    great short story

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    great story thanks

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    Awesome story keep them coming.

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    nice story, cant wait for more

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    i agree, can't wait for more

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    cant wait for the next one!

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    Nice, hope for more.

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    carly and sam great story

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    Thanks for the story. It was very nice.

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    Thanks for the story.

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    short but good

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