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Thread: Little House on the Prairie (Caroline Captured)

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    Little House on the Prairie (Caroline Captured)

    Charles Ingalls relocating his family from Wisconsin to the banks of Plum Creek near the small town of Walnut Grove, in western Minnesota. Once the family builds and settles in their new cabin, Charles along with wife, Caroline and their three young daughters, Mary, Laura and Carrie begin to move into a life that is expected to bring better opportunities and advantages. However, it's not long before the Ingalls learn that life on the Frontier is not as easy as it seems. With little money to keep their farm flourishing, Charles must often take multiple jobs in exchange for his needed farming supplies. His wife, Caroline helps keep the family together with her nurturing and compassionate strength. Cooking, cleaning, raising the children and pitching in with the farming are what she does best.

    The day started out like any other day for the Ingalls family with Caroline up early making breakfast and packing lunches for her husband Charles and her three daughters to take into town for the day they would spend there, Charles at his job at the sawmill and her daughters for school.

    Caroline kissed her husband and children goodbye as they all piled into the wagon and stated their journey into town, then she set about getting her busy day started, there was laundry that needed washing, chickens needing feed, a cow needing milking and a long list of never ending chores that needed done.

    Half an hour after her family had left for Walnut Grove, Caroline was hanging out laundry to dry when three men on horseback rode up. They were Bill and Jim Cook and Cherokee Bill Goldsby, the only three of the Cook gang still alive after a shootout with lawmen. The men were ruthless desperados on the run to escape the hangman’s noose or being shot down as the rest of their gang had been.

    Caroline was startled to see the three rugged looking men ride up, it was obvious they were not from around these parts and had been riding for sometime based on the amount of trail dust on their clothes and horses. “Morning Mam, my companions and I were hoping to rest and water our horses for a spell, they are about rode out, and maybe buy some supplies from you for the trail ahead if that is possible” Bill Cook said to Caroline.

    What was Caroline going to say, no you can’t rest and water your horses and tell them to be on their way, no, that would not be the Christian thing to do and it might anger them, beside she thought to herself, they probably mean me no harm, the man seemed respectful and polite in the way he stoke to her.

    “Good morning gentlemen, of course you can rest and water your horses, I’m afraid we are short on supplies ourselves but Walnut Grove is just five miles east of here and the Olson’s mercantile can sell you anything you need, I have some biscuits and gravy I can warm up for you while you wait for your horses to rest and I can put a pot of coffee on if you’d like.

    “Well thank you kindly Mam, me and the boys could use a bite to eat and coffee sounds to good to say no to” bill said, and the three men dismounted their horses and took them to the watering troft while Caroline went into the cabin to warm up the biscuits and gravy and make some coffee.

    At the watering troft Jim Cook said to his brother Bill, “She looks to be alone here Bill, be easy enough to take the supplies we need from her, we don’t need to risk being recognized in town, we shook that posse three days ago, no need in risking Walnut Grove forming a posse of there owe to chase us”

    “I was thinking the same thing little brother” Bill said as he took Jim’s hat off rubbing his head saying, “It’s good to see you can use that head of yours for more than just growing hair on” and he laughed, “Now lets go get us some biscuits and gray boys”

    “I liked to get more off of that pretty little white woman than just biscuits and gravy,” said Cherokee Bill Goldsby”

    “That would certainly get another posse on our trail Chief” Jim said to Cherokee Bill.

    “Not anymore than robbing her of supplies Jimmy Boy! Beside we can ride the horses up or down that creek behind the cabin so no one will know what direction we leave by” was Cherokee Bill’s reply.

    Bill nodded at Cherokee, saying, “A man with a plan, and it has been awhile since we have had the pleasure of being with a real lady, now lets go get us some chow and coffee boys, what do you say”

    The three men were setting around the table shoveling the food in their mouths like they hadn’t eating in a week, burping and farting like pigs, Caroline was disgusted but said nothing. After they had finished Bill ask Caroline, who was busying herself washing the dishes “If you don’t mind me asking Mam what’s your Name?”

    “Caroline, Caroline Ingalls” she answered.

    “Caroline, now that’s a pretty name, almost as pretty as you are Caroline” Bill said as he got up from the table.

    The brash boldness of Bill’s compliment to her made Caroline very uneasy, and although she tried not to show it, her nervousness was clearly heard in her voice as she thanked Bill for his compliment, “W-well thank you sir, I-I am very flattered you think so, w-would you gentlemen like some more coffee” she ask, trying to divert the direction she seen the situation was turning into.

    “We have had our fill of coffee, biscuits and gravy Caroline, what we would like is something sweet if you catch my meaning” Bill said as he walked slowly over to where she was doing the dishes until he was standing right behind her and kissed her on the back of her neck.

    Trying to maintain her composure Caroline nervously said, “Please sir, I am a happily married Christian woman who has showed you gentlemen nothing but Christian kindness, now I ask you to please be on your way”

    Bill put his hands on Caroline’s shoulders and gently turned her around to face him, saying to her, “Listen to me Mrs. Ingalls, me and the boys are going to have you as our dessert, that is a fact, it’s going to happen, so it would go easier on you if you didn’t fight us, now I want you to take your clothes off”

    Now beginning to tremble with fear, Caroline, with tears trickling down her blushed cheeks sobbed, “Please sir don’t do this to me” Bill at this point grabbed the neckline of Caroline’s dress and ripped the whole front of it open, exposing her firm 34 C sized breast.

    “Get it off Caroline! You little Cunt! Get it all off right now!” Bill said angrily, growing inpatient with Caroline’s disobedience to his demands of her.

    “That’s it Bill! Show this little prairie pussy who is in charge!” Cherokee Bill said excitedly.

    With the front of her dress already ripped down to nearly her waist it was just a matter of sliding it off of her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor around her feet, and now Caroline stood naked in front of the three desperados, trembling from head to toe in fear and humiliation, and crying like a scared child as she tried to cover her nakedness with her arms.

    “Stop trying to hide yourself Caroline and undo your hair” Bill instructed her.

    Caroline’s long blonde hair fell down to the small of her back as she pulled out the hair pins that were holding it up in a bun, “Please you can take the supplies but I’m begging you sir please don’t bring this dishonor on me”

    “I’m afraid that you’re in no position to bargain Mrs. Ingalls, giving us something that we were going to take anyway will buy you nothing with me, but just to show you that I’m a reasonable man I will let you chose which one of us gets to dishonor you first Ha! Ha! Ha!” Bill said just before licking a tear from Caroline’s pretty face, “Now who’s the lucky man?”

    But Caroline couldn’t chose a man to rape her, all she could do was cover her face with her trembling hands and sob, “Please don’t do this to me please”

    Jim Cook wasn’t as hardened as his older brother Bill or Cherokee Bill Goldsby, and feeling sorry for the woman who had treated them with kindness and feed them, he tried to speak up for Caroline, saying, “Come on guys, we really don’t have time for this shit! Lets take the supplies we need from her, tie her up and hit the trail!”

    “Shut up little brother! You don’t call the shots in this outfit I do! The Chief and I saved your ass in that shootout! I seen how you froze up and that cost a lot of our guys their lives, and now you want to tell us what we need to do? NO! It is time you started pulling your weight in this outfit little brother! Are you with us or against us?”

    Jim knew you didn’t cross Bill and live, not even if you were his brother, “I’m with you Bill! You know that! It’s just…

    “Well shut up then and shed them clothes, your going to be the lucky man to nail this pretty little piece of prairie pussy first Ha! Ha! Ha!’

    As Jim was taking off his clothes Bill grabbed one of Caroline’s nipples and lead the crying and trembling Caroline to the bed her husband Charles had made for her, the only man she had ever been with, and she was crying and begging every step of the way, but Bill threw her in the bed saying to her, “You show my little brother a good time or so help me Bitch I’ll nail your pretty little ass to the barn wall for your husband to find when he gets back home!”

    Caroline was curled up in the fetal position crying trembling and scared when Jim crawled into bed with her, “Come on Mrs. Ingalls, open up for me, don’t make me have to hurt you” then Jim put his hands on her knees and started prying her sexy shapely legs apart and he climbed in between them, then grabbing her by her wrist he put her flat down on her back on her bed, pinning Caroline down.

    Caroline, feeling the head of Jim’s hard cock wiggling it’s way between her pussy lips sobbed, “Please don’t, please” but Jim chose proving himself to his big brother over Caroline’s honor and drove is cock into her tight little pussy balls deep with a loud grunt, causing the little lady to scream out in pain as his 7 inch cock plowed all the way to it’s root inside of her dry little pussy.

    “That-a-Boy Jimmy!” Cherokee Bill yelled, “Now make the little Slut squeal for us! I want to hear her squeal!”

    “Come on little brother! Give the little Bitch a good hard fucking!”

    Jim quickly lost the sympathy he was feeling for Caroline when he felt her tight pink meat wrapped around his throbbing cock, and coerced by his big brother and egged on by Cherokee Bill he hooked his arms underneath Caroline’s quivering little legs and curled them back, nearly doubling her in half and he began pounding his cock in and out of her pussy with reckless abandonment.

    Caroline had never been rough fucked before, Charles her husband was a kind tender loving man who had always treated her as he thought a lady should be treated, in and out of the bedroom, but Jim was just grunge fucking her, hurting her, making her squeal like his brother and Cherokee Bill wanted him to.

    “Stooop! Stooop! Pleeeeseeee stoooop! You’re hurting me!” Caroline cried, and Jim heard her pleas for mercy but his lust for her now out weighed his compassion for her and he continued driving his cock in and out of her now sore little pussy, his balls bouncing against the crack of her ass with every thrust until finally he began shooting his load deep inside of her, grunting in pleasure as he did so.

    Caroline could feel her insides filling up with Jim’s warm seed and feel his cock jerking and twitching around inside of her like a snake as he let go of her sexy little legs and collapsed down on top of her, and as the panting sweating outlaw’s cock deflated and slipped from her sperm filled pussy she could see Bill Cook and Cherokee Bill flipping a silver coin to see who got to do her next.

    “You lucky bastard!” Bill Cook exclaimed as the flip of the coin came out in Cherokee Bill Goldsby’s favor,

    “Get your ass out of that bed Jimmy Boy! It’s my turn to make this little yellow haired woman regret that the whit man she is married to ever brought her west of the great mother of all rivers” and Jim Cook climbed off of and out of Caroline’s bed, Jim knew Cherokee and knew how ruthless he could be with white women, but he also knew there was nothing he could do to help Caroline, so he got out of her bed and said he was going out to check on the horses.

    Caroline was scared half out of her mind when Cherokee Bill, who was standing naked beside her bed with his 12 inch cock standing straight up in the air jerking and twitching said, “Roll over on your belly Bitch!”

    “Please! Please!” Caroline begged, “If I said something to make you mad at me I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

    “Roll over for me Bitch or I’ll fucking scalp ya alive! You fucking little whore!” Cherokee yelled as his throbbing cock started oozing pre-cum from it’s piss slit.

    “If I were you I’d do as the Chief told ya Mrs. Ingalls, Ha! Ha! Ha!” Bill said, knowing what that ruthless Indian was fixing to do to the terrified Ingalls woman.

    Poor little Caroline, not knowing what else she could do complied with the Indian’s demand and rolled over on her belly, then Cherokee Bill crawled into her bed slapping Caroline on the ass saying, “Spread`um Bitch!” and Caroline complied, spreading her trembling legs, and Cherokee got on his knees between them.

    Kneeling between Caroline’s legs Cherokee Bill grabbed a couple of pillows and told Caroline, “Raise that pretty little ass up in the air” Caroline had never felt so frightened in her life and she sobbed, “Please! What are you going to do to me?”

    Cherokee Bill, grabbed Caroline by her long hair, wrapping it around his hand like the reins of a horse and he pulled back so far that it forced Caroline up on her elbows and knees, raising her ass to keep from having her neck snapped by the ruthless savage, and Cherokee stuffed the pillows underneath her hips then slammed her face down on the mattress.

    Cherokee then leaned overtop of Caroline, placing one hand on the mattress beside her head to hold himself up and the other hand he placed on her back between her shoulder blades to hold her down as he slid the tapered head of his big fat cock between Caroline’s meaty buns and pressed it firmly against the pucker of her virgin asshole.

    To say that Caroline was shocked when she realized what this Indian’s intentions were would be an understatement, “Stop! Wait! What do you think you’re trying to do to me? You can’t do that! Dear God you just can’t!”

    “Want to bet on it Bitch!” Cherokee Bill said, thrusting his hips forward as Caroline was squeezing her butt hole closed as tightly as she could, but try as she might to ward off the Indian’s anal assault on her Cherokee Bill managed to drive the head of his fat cock into Caroline’s tight little butt hole, the sudden stretching of her rubbery sphincter caused it to snap like an over stretched rubber band.

    “AAAAA!!! STOP! PLEASE STOP! PLEASE! You can’t do this to ME! PLEEEEEASSEEE!” poor little Caroline cried as she clawed at the sheets with her trembling fingers and pushed with her little toes trying to crawl her way out from under the Indian who was spearing her in the ass, but with his hand between Caroline’s shoulder blades pushing her down, Cherokee Bill had her pinned tightly down to the mattress as he delivered another thrust into her anus, managing to drive his cock another couple of inches up Caroline’s sweet little butt.

    “AAAAA!!! IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS!!! PLEASEEEEE! I can’t bear anymore AAAA!! NO MORE!! Pleaseeee! No more!” Mrs. Ingalls begged the Indian outlaw.

    “Oh you’re going get more little yellow hair Ha! Ha! I got another nine inches where that came from” and Cherokee Bill rammed her backside again and again and again, driving his fat 12 inch cock up Caroline’s ass inch by grueling inch, her anal cavity ripping around the Indian’s fat prick until his ball sack slapped against her pussy lips.

    Poor little Caroline Ingalls lay underneath that mean ole Indian with a constant blood curdling scream coming from her gut and her sexy little body going into convulsions from the intense pain of having her anal cavity so brutal ripped by the Indian’s merciless cock, and Cherokee Bill took his hand off of Caroline’s back and just let her flop around underneath him, jerking, twisting, twitching, shaking, and quivering from head to toe, with his cock fully impaled up her asshole.

    “And she said I couldn’t do it Ha! Ha! Ha!” Cherokee Bill mocking Laughed at Caroline, causing Bill Cook to break out in laughter as well, and that Indian just began pounding his cock in and out of Caroline’s anus, withdrawing it nearly all the way out on every stroke just to ram it all the way back up her butt hole, balls deep, just a seesawing it in and out of her without mercy, until finally his cock erupted inside of her anus, flooding her bowels with his hot cum.

    As Caroline lay there meekly sobbing, weak and dazed from the Indian’s brutal anal assault, Cherokee Bill pulled his cock out of her ravaged asshole and crawled up on his knees overtop of her, straddling her back on his knees and he used Caroline’s long blonde hair to clean off his cock, then he spat down on her, his spit hitting her on the side of her face. “Now there’s some gravy between your biscuits Bitch! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

    Caroline just lay there sprawled out on her bed after Cherokee Bill got up, not even bothering to close her legs, all her pride and dignity had been raped away from her and she was physically and mental exhausted. But Caroline Ingalls would find out there was no rest for the weary as she heard Bill Cook say…

    “Caroline, Oh Sweet little Caroline, yoo-hoo! I need you to get up and get your pretty little ass over here” and as Caroline lay there quivering in her bed she could see Bill sitting by the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee, and he was setting there butt ass naked, his 9 inch cock stiff and standing at attention, and she made no move to obey him.

    “We ain’t leaving till I get from you what I want Mrs. Ingalls, do you really want us around when your family gets back home?” the answer to that question was absolutely NO, and Caroline crawled to the edge of her bed and sat up, after taking a second to gain a little strength she slowly stood, but after taking only two little baby steps she feel to the floor, she was hurting to bad and was to weak to walk.

    “Please I can’t walk, I’m hurt, Please” Caroline begged Bill.

    “Than you crawl to me Caroline if you have to, but you had better get over here” Bill demanded, showing Mrs. Ingalls no mercy.

    The humiliation and shame poor little Caroline was feeling as she began crawling across the floor towards the leader of the outlaws was cutting clean to her soul, she had never felt so cheap dirty and used in her life, her long hair was dragging against the floor as she sobbed uncontrollably and Cherokee Bill was proud to see the crying terrified white woman leaving a trail of tears on the cabin’s wooden floor as she crawled over to Bill cook on her hands and knees, coming to a stop between his hairy legs.

    “On your knees and look up here at me Caroline” Bill demanded and Caroline complied, “Now Caroline I want you to kiss the head of my cock as lovingly as you would your husband’s and than I want you to take it in your sweet little mouth and show me one of your husband’s favorite times, you understand me woman?”

    Caroline looked at Bill with nothing but disgust and hatred in her teary blue eyes and told him, “My husband is a true gentleman and would never expect me to put his thing in my mouth I’ll have you know, Charles would never ask such a think from me”

    Bill slapped Caroline so hard across her face that he knocked her down to the floor, than he grabbed a fist full of her long blonde hair and pulled her back up onto her knees in front of him and leaning over with his face just inches away from hers he yelled angrily at her, “Well I’m not a gentleman and I ain’t asking you Bitch! I’m telling you! Or maybe you’d rather I do you the same way the Chief did ya and stick it up your little ass!”

    “NO! Please! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll do as you say, I’ll do it I’m sorry” Caroline cried, there was no way she ever wanted to feel another cock stuffed up her anus, and if that meant sucking this outlaw’s dirty dick then she would do it, even though the mere thought of it disgusted her, and she puckered up her sweet lips and kissed the tip of Bill’s throbbing bone just as he had instructed with a gentle loving soft kiss.

    Bill’s cock jerked with pleasure as Caroline’s soft lips kissed his throbbing cock, and his chest swelled in manly pride as he felt Caroline’s warm wet tears raining down on him and rolling down the length of his pulsating pole. Bill was a hardened outlaw and doing people dirty especially women made him feel like a big strong man, and as Caroline slid her quivering lips around Bill’s throbbing cock, taking it about 3 inches into her warm wet mouth Bill said to her …

    “Look up here at me Mrs. Ingalls, I expect a Bitch to look at me when I let her suck my fucking dick” and when Caroline rolled her big blue eyes upwards to look at Bill he could clearly see the sorrow and shame that she was feeling from sucking her very first cock, and to add to her shame he spit down in her face hitting her in the middle of her forehead, and his spitball slid down the bridge of her nose.

    The humiliation Caroline felt at that moment, as Bill’s spitball glided down the bridge of her nose and dripped from the tip of it down onto that dirty dick she was suck was almost to much for her to bear, and to hear Bill then complain about her performance made poor little Caroline feel so insignificant and cheap, “Bitch I told you to suck my fucking dick, not just kneel there holding it in your pie hole, now fucking suck it!”

    Caroline started sucking the outlaw’s cock just as hard as she could, wiggling her warm wet tong all over the belly of his bloated bone and bobbing her little head up and down on his shaft, making sure to never divert her eyes from his sadistic glare, trying desperately to please the ruthless man to his satisfaction, with him spitting continually in her pretty face, demanding angrily that she try harder, but no matter how hard Caroline tried Bill downgraded her performance, then Caroline made the mistake of letting her teeth rack across Bill’s cock flesh and he angrily smacked her face away from his cock, then he grabbed Caroline by her firm little tits and stood up, yanking her up to her feet by her tits and then lifting her up off the floor by them, and began shaking her violently with her screaming in agony, and he yelled at Caroline …

    “You ain’t chucking corn you sorry little cock sucking, sob busting, Bitch! I think I ort to just fuck you in the butt! Butt fucking is all you sob busting Bitches are good for!” and then Bill just threw her down on the cabin floor and Caroline was so terrified of the outlaw she crawled back to him on her hands and knees whimpering like a kick little puppy, apologizing to him as she hugged one of his legs and begged him for another chance to suck him off to his satisfaction.

    “Forgive me sir please forgive me! Please don’t be angry at me please I’m sorry, I’m trying I swear I really am, it’s my first time, oh please don’t stick it up my butt I’m begging you sir, I’ll do better I swear I will if you’d just give me another chance to prove myself to you, I’ll do better, you’ll see, Pleeeeeasssseeee!”

    Seeing this beautiful, happily married woman who just a short time ago had treated him and his partners in crime with nothing but kindness and feeding them the best plate of biscuits and gravy he had ever eaten, now naked and crying at his feet, hugging his leg and begging to suck his cock thrilled the sadistic outlaw to no end.

    “Alright! Alright! You sniveling little Slut! Get to sucking! But I expect to feel those tonsils racking across my dick this time! Ya got that Bitch?” and Bill stood there with his hands on his hips, feeling like the king of the mountain as little Caroline graciously thanked him for another opportunity to prove herself, before taking his cock back into her moth and sucking on it with a determination to please the outlaw.

    Caroline wrapped her upper lip over her upper teeth and made sure her tong covered her lower teeth as she began bobbing her little head up and down on Bill’s cock, to make sure not to nick Bill’s bone, forcing herself to deep throat all 9 inches of his cock, taking him into her throat until she could feel his sweaty balls against her chin, burying her nose in his pubic hair, and when he was ready to cum, Bill grabbed Caroline by her ears to hold her head still than jammed his cock all the way down her throat and held it there as Caroline’s constricting throat mussels milked his bone dry of every drop of his sperm.

    Caroline felt sickened as she knelt there, her stomach churning, filled with Bill’s hot thick sperm and Bill could see that she was about ready to throw back up his cum, and he warned her, “You keep it down Bitch! If you throw it up you will lick it back up off of the floor!” and fighting back the urge to heave back up the disgusting slim she was made to swallow, Caroline managed to hold it down.

    Caroline was still on her knees in the floor sobbing when Jim Cook came back inside the cabin, “I feed the horses and packed some supplies for the trail Bill, so whenever you’re ready we can head out” Jim informed his older brother.

    What’s your hurry Jimmy Boy?” Cherokee Bill ask, “I figured you’d be ready for a second shot at this little blue-eyed slut before we started eating trail dust again”

    “It is tempting Chief” Jim said, trying to not appear soft to his brother or Cherokee, “She sure was a mighty fine piece for sure, but do we want to risk holding out here any longer or get a head start down the trail before her man gets back home?”

    “Don’t worry little brother were going to get going”

    “C’mon Bill! I was hoping to nail her in the tail again before we split this place!” Cherokee Bill said looking down at the sobbing Ingalls woman.

    “And your gonna get your chance Chief, I think we would all enjoy some tail on the trail and so we’re gonna take little Caroline here with us Ha! Ha! Ha!” Bill said with an evil laugh.

    The three desperados with Caroline rode down Plum Creek for several miles to mask the direction of their travel before heading west towards Indian Territory and had put in a good days ride before setting up came in a wooded area in Dakota Territory, where Caroline was made to cook for the three outlaws, and after they had all eaten their fill Bill said…

    “Now it’s time for a little bit of fun don’t you think boys Ha! Ha! Ha!”

    Bill then rolled out his bedroll and laid down upon it, telling Caroline, “Crawl over here on top of me Mrs. Ingalls and get ready to saddle me Bitch”

    Caroline, who had never been permitted to dress herself after being made to strip earlier in the day, crawled over to the leader of the desperados, straddling his hips on her knees. “Now take my dick in your hand and align it where you want me to enter you and slide yourself down on me Whore” a few tears trickled down Caroline’s pretty face as she complied, taking Bill’s big bone in her trembling little hand and snuggling it between her pussy lips and a little squeal of discomfort escaped Caroline’s quivering lips as she slid herself down his thick long pole.

    “Now ride me Bitch!” Bill demanded, and Caroline started moving her hips around slowly going up and down on his thick pole that was stretching her womanhood to it’s limits, and Bill reached up with his hands, grabbing Mrs. Ingalls roughly by her firm, soft, creamy tits and began mauling them, squeezing them so hard he could feel the tips of his fingers pressing against the palms of his hands through her tit flesh, making poor little Caroline scream out in pain and cry like a spanked baby, and he was pinching and twisting her perky rosy nipples, deliberately causing her pain which brought him pleasure.

    “C’mon you lazy Cunt! Ride that big white horse! Jump up and down on it you worthless Hoe!” and Caroline was trying to pleasure the brute, rolling her hips, raising herself up and slamming her tight little pussy back down on Bill’s big bone as he relentlessly mauled her acing breast, yelling at her, “Faster Bitch! Harder! Ride me you Slut!” but try as she might to win his favor, poor little Caroline could not seem to satisfy the sadistic outlaw, but Bill was determined to have his satisfaction and as Caroline straddled him he placed his legs over the backs of her calves and said to Cherokee Bill who was watching …

    “Chief, take off your belt and whip this sorry little Slut! That ort to get the little Bitch to bouncing!” and Cherokee just chuckled with an evil grin as he slid his belt out of his belt loops and brought the belt up high over his head before bringing it whistling down through the air, striking Caroline across her back with it, “AAAAAAA!!!! Pleaseeeee Don’t Hurt Me Pleaseeeee!” Caroline begged, her voice filled with agony, “Hit the Bitch again Chief! Hit her again!” Bill barked, and again and again and again that Indian snapped his thick leather belt across Caroline’s welted back with a loud crackle as Bill held her in place with his legs draped across the backs of her lower legs and a firm grasp on her breast, and sweet little Caroline was bucking like a bronco, her long blond hair flying all around as she begged and screamed for mercy.

    Finally Bill had Cherokee cease his beating and pulled Caroline down against him, hugging her sexy quivering little body tightly to his, and told Jim, “Time for some brotherly bounding little brother, I want you to climb down here on top of this hot little Hoe and stick her in the ass!”

    Although Jim had a compassionate side to him, a hard cock has no conscience, and Caroline was such a beautiful woman that her beauty could tempt the soul of a saint, and Jim was no exception, plus he desperately craved the respect and acceptance of his older brother, so despite Caroline’s pleas for mercy, Jim was soon hovering overtop of her as Bill held her tightly, with his cock balls deep in her pussy, and Jim pressed his cock up to the pucker of Caroline’s asshole, and she desperately sobbed …

    “Don’t do it to Meeeeee! Pleaseeeee Doooonnnn’tttt Doooooo it toooo Meeeee!” but Jim did do it to her, he rammed his cock all the way up Caroline’s butt hole with one mighty thrust, and she let out a blood curdling scream that echoed through the dark woodlands until her screams were muffled by Cherokee Bill, who knelt down on the bedroll beside his two outlaw partners, grabbing two fistfuls of Caroline’s hair and crammed his big fat cock all the way down her narrow little throat and began face fucking her little mouth like it was a pussy.

    Time seemed to stand still for poor little Caroline, like a nightmare she couldn’t awaken from, the horror, the pain, the sorrow and the shame she was feeling as she gagged and choked on Cherokee Bill’s fat grease cock, and Caroline couldn’t tell her vagina from her rectum, both holes felt as if they were now one big hole as the Cook brothers seesawed their cocks in and out of her glory holes in unison as she lay sandwiched in-between them like a piece of meat.

    When the fuck frenzy was over Caroline Ingalls lay curled up in the fetal position on Bill’s bedroll sniveling and shaking, with the outlaw’s sperm seeping from all her body cavities except for her ears, as the three outlaws stood overtop of her laughing and giving each other high fives “Good work Chief, and you too little brother, I’m proud of you, now that’s get some shuteye, we have a long trail a head of us” and as Jim and Cherokee Bill rolled out their bedrolls, Bill Cook kicked Caroline off of his bedroll, “Get off of my blanket you filthy little tramp!” and poor little Caroline lay on the cold hard ground, shivering and shaking in misery all night long.

    After a week or so on the trail and out of supplies, the outlaws and Caroline came upon an Indian Trading Post, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, a place owned and operated by Clarence “Bear Claw” Calhoun. Bear Claw was an opportunistic pig of a man who got his nickname from a bear attack that he survived many years earlier that left him scared and cost him an eye, which he wore an eye patch over, and his business dealings were with the Mountain Men and renegade Indians who roamed this part of Indian Territory, and Bear Claw gave whiskey and supplies to the outlaws in trade for Caroline Ingalls, and Caroline was the best deal ole Bear Claw ever made, for she earned him a hundred times over what she cost him, Bear Claw prostituted Sweet little Caroline out to the Mountain Men and Indians as well as enjoying her womanly pleasures himself.

    The End.

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    very nice, well written and easy to read,, thanks

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    Great story! Luv how you detailed it so well. Please keep on writing!

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    Dammmmmm man this was great!!

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    Do you have more of this? I luv it.

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    Thanks, got me to cum. The 12 inch cock was a bit overboard though xD Besides a bra size in the text, especially when the setting is such that a term like 34C was not in use, is like suddenly jumping to conduit fireproofing in the middle of a love poem, kills the mood.

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    Jul 2008
    Very interesting story. I always thought that Caroline was just too good. Something negative needed to happen to her for her to become a more believable character

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