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Thread: drunk wife rape

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    drunk wife rape

    this is a true story about what i did to my wife or let be done to my wife.It was new years eve an we were out at this bar getting wasted, it was right next to our hotel so we didnt have far to go when we decided to call it a night. My wife is a nice looking women with 34c tits a pretty nice ass, not to toned unless she's on all fours. when she drinks anything. she gets fucked up real easy. As we were walking, i had to hold her up cause she was out of it, these three black guys were walking by and one of them just lifted up her skirt an grabbed her ass, she diddnt even flinch as he stuck his finger in her ass. i just stood there drunk as hell as they took her from my arms and told me that they were going to have a little fun with this white little slut. I just followed these big black guys as they carried my wife to there room. when we entered they threw her on there bed, riped off her clothes an started shoving there fingers up her pussy and twisted her nipples till they got hard and red. One of the black guys got in my face an told me to sit down and watch how a slut was suppose to get fucked. Then he bent down and told me that they were going to rape her any way they wanted, an all i could do was nod. All three of them got undressed, there were three of the biggest cocks you ever saw. the smallest one must have been 9 inches long Soon they were all on the bed abusing my wife's pussy an tits fingering and sucking her tits, one of the guys got on top of her an jamed his dick all the way in her, it must have been 11 inches long and as thick as her arm, he started fucking her hard and fast as she just laid there, then she opened her eyes and started screaming from the pain of having that giant dick in her, spliting her pussy in two. the other two black guys just started laughing as she struggled to get away from the cock that was buried inside her pussy. As she was crying one of the other guys got in front of her face an told her to suck his cock, she was crying no so he slapped her face pulled her hair an twisted her head till she saw me in the corner rubbung my dick as she was getting fucked. when she saw me watchng her getting raped, the guy fucking her pussy grabbed her body and flipped her over on top of him, which was a que for the guy by me to get behind her. She saw what was about to happen and as she tried to get away, the guy in front of her started choking her till she opened her mouth to catch a breath then he shoved his cock all the way down her throat. As my wife was being facefucked, the last guy to have fun with her got in position and spit on her ass, took his finger and shoved it in all the way to the knuckle, took it out and shoved his cock all the way in her ass. I couldnt take it any more an walked up to my slut wife as she was being raped in all of her holes and started to shoot my cum al over her cock filled face. She was crying, looking at me with my cum on her face as all 3 of her holes were being raped by 3 black guys, they were fucking her silly as she tried to scream the guy face fucking her just jammed it deeper till she started to pass out from the pain. He grabbed her head an shot his load all over her face in her nose on her hair then slammed her face down on the bed,the guy fucking my wifes ass moaned as he shot his load of cum in her ass an pushed his cock as deep as it would go, his cock covered with blood an cum as he pulled it out. the last guy, the one in her stretched pussy started fucking her as hard and as deep as he would go, not caring about the pain he was giving her, he told her the only way he would stop is if she swallowed all of his cum, but she passed out before she could answer so he got up, threw her half on the floor and half on the bed and jammed his 11 inch cock up her ass so hard and so fast she started to shit all over his cock. He was so pissed off that he turned her over grabbed her head and stuck his shit covered cock in her mouth and pissed down her throat as he forced her to clean his cock till he came on her face. i was so turned on by that night that drug her when i get a chance just to watch her being raped and some times i let my dog have a go at my whore

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    Thanks for the addition.
    Don't worry... it only seems kinky the first time ;)


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    Needs a little work on sentence structure and paragraphs... but still good intent

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    Good story however you need to work on your punctuaction and paragraphs it makes it a hell of alot easier to read that way :)

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    definately a good story but as the others have said at least paragraphs will make it alot easier to read. Thanks alot for it though

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    some nice husband

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    Good story line, another chapter would be nice.

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    nice story, fucked up husband,

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    hard to read one big paragraph.......but gr8 story....

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    nice addition

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    wild night i fantasize about a 3 big cock rape===

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