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Thread: The vampire fuck

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    The vampire fuck

    I stared at the woman across from me and smiled warmely watching her lusicous soft pink full lips bite into the steak. We were sitting in a small cozy resturant, the same resturant where i had met the person that completely changed my life. I watched as her soft full peachy lips moved to a rhythmous pace as she talked to me. Ignoring her voice, but focusing on her lips, i dropped a cherry into my glass of red wine and slowly picked up the glass, offering a toast to friendship as our glasses clinked together. I watched her throat bob as she swallowed the cold wine, while watching her, I too drank my wine letting the drops of the blood red wine fall from my mouth. As i licked my cold lips while drinking, i watched her face stare in alarm as she realized the wine against my pale skin, resembled blood. I let the wine wash over my thoughts and i remembered how i too had been sitting in that same chair when i met him.

    My story

    Since i was a little girl, i had always been an attraction and left a lasting impression on people. From when i was born, people found me absolutely gorgeous and no one failed to tell me it. I had full jet black curly hair and sparkling large grey eyes that were always filled with joy and laughter. My skin was somewhat pale and in contrast were my lips which were blood red. I know, this kinda sounds like i'm like part of the Addams family or some sort of goth person but i'm really not. My looks are just far different from others but that's what adds to my beauty. My eyelashes were long dark and curled just slightly at the ends. On my pale skin were a few tiny beauty spots which enhanced my outstanding beauty. By the time I was 13, i figured out my beauty and the power i had over people. At 13, my chest began to sprout little mountains of breasts. Compared to everyone else my age, my breasts were pretty big and when i wore my little pooh bear t-shirts to school, my breasts automatically became enhanced as they stuck out for the world to see.

    By 16, they had developed to a size 40D and thanks to my cursed genetics, i started lactating even though i wasn't pregnant. My huge breasts were firm to the point that they didn't sag, but very very very very soft; they were attractive to everyone, including myself. I loved to fondle with the soft firm breasts that attracted people far and wide. My areolas were large and my nipples were also large and long. When erected, my nipples stretched to an unimaginable size. My stomach was completely flat and a small belly button ring hung on my belly button. To the right of my stomach was a tattoo of a butterfly. My legs were long, sexy and i loved teasing people with them. My ass had to be the worst of my features though. My ass was not flat, it was curvy and was completly tight but it wasn't the kind that made you think of J'lo's ass. By the time i was in highschool, i'd figured out how to cheat and slut my way to getting the marks i wanted without actually having to have sex. I easily got accepted to the best universites in the country just by teasing. Once in university though, things began to get hard and i discovered that i couldn't slut my way with some teachers, some of them were actually "honest". I decided that it would be easier to take my courses during the night that way i wouldn't waste my life partying, and could focus more on school. That's when i met him.

    He was different from all the other guys i'd met. He had jet black hair like mine, dark eyes and extremely pale skin like he'd never seen the sun in his life. His body was well built with the muscles in the proper places to make him look so hot. He was always dressed completley in black expensive brand name clothing, and never talked, but the most interesting thing about him were his teeth which were white, extremly straight and very wolfish. At each side of his side of his mouth were teeth which resembled fangs and when he smiled, his fangs glittered in the night. He looked just like the perfect vampire. He was so dark and mysterious, i was instantly interested in him. I tried to attract him in everyway possible. I wore tight leather tube tops with plunging clevages and short mini skirts which rode up my butt to reveal sexy panties, but not once did he ever look my way. As fate would have it, we got stuck together for a lab and i was happy because i would automatically get an A because he was very smart. He refused to work during the day time claiming that the doctor told him the sun was very bad for his health so instead we worked at night. I remember the feeling i got whenever i was around him, one of pure sexual lust.

    The day we were to finally finish the project, i could no longer control myself. I invited him over that night for dinner, as he and i ate and chatted, i noticed how his eyes continually roamed over my half naked body. His look was like one of a man with sexual arousal, he looked like he wanted to rip my clothes apart and devour my body inside out. I could no longer take it and i jumped on him, kissing him, and running my long slender fingers through his soft hair. My control over him only lasted a bit before he got up and immediatly left without talking to me. He didn't come to school for a couple of days after that, but when he did finally arrive back, i noticed that the look in his eyes had changed. At age 23, i was old enough to recognize the look of lust that flashed in his dark eyes so i can't say i was really surprised when he invited me for dinner at the same resturant i was at right now.

    I remember exactly how i looked like, i was wearing a short red dress that stopped a quarter way down my knees with a plunging clevage and a push up bra. My dark curls were arranged on top of my head with trendils falling down, and i had worn a necklace with a huge diamond that dropped into my clevage and high heeled black shoes. He had left his jet black hair loose which gave him a soft look that contrasted with his masculine chiseled jaw. He had on black aramni shoes, black dress pants, a black dress shirt and a black suit. When we walked into that tiny resturant, heads turned and i was happy to be at the center of attention. Girls gazed enviously, wishing their dates looked half as sexy and mysterious as mine did, and guys gazed down my dress trying to get a peek at my nipples. We sat at the table by the window and he lit the candles, as the waiter took our order.
    "Lena...." he said testing my name on his lips. When he said my name, it sounded so foregin and exotic, it made me shiver with lust.
    "Yes.....Alex" i whispered back.
    He smiled revealing his sharp fangs, "Are you enjoying yourself"?
    "Well i can't really say, i mean the date hasn't even begun, i mean you could turn out to be the worst date ever" i babbled
    He laughed shortly, "such honesty, i like that." He stared at me for a second, and i was lost in his dark mysterious eyes. As the waiter came back, she dropped our steaks on the table, lingering for more than needed while smiling at Alex. I glared at her and she instantly left. I glanced at my steak which was well cooked and at Alex's which was dripping with blood. He opened the wine and poured it into our glasses, his eyes lingering on my clevage. I could already feel my pussy pounding and beggining to get wet and he hadn't even touched me yet. "A toast, to our outstanding mark on the project". Our glasses clinked and i stared into his eyes
    "I didn't do any of the work, you did everything, even presenting it".
    "Yes, but i couldn't have asked for a better partner" he said.
    He took a sip of his wine letting a drop fall from his cold lips to his skin. That drop resembled blood and i stood shocked realizing how much he resembled a vampire. He quickly dabbed the wine and took a bite out of his steak his fangs piercing into the bloody steak. I watched him amazed.
    "Aren't you going to eat?" he asked
    I nodded and took a tiny bite out of my steak. I wanted to eat all right, but not steak, the only meat i was in the mood for was cock, and not just any, his cock. I felt myself starting to get wet as i thought about sucking his meat and shifted in my seat. He gazed at me for a moment and held my wrist stroking the pale skin paying close attention to my vein.
    "Could we please leave"?
    His eyebrow rose in question
    "I.....just..." i couldn't find the words so i let my sentence trail off.
    He paid the bill leaving a large tip for the waiter and took my hand and walked out of the tiny resturant. As we headed into his black sports car, i could no longer control my dripping pussy. Once we were seated in his car, i grabbed him and began kissing him wanting him to touch me and eat my pussy. His lips were cold against my warm vibrant ones. I ran my fingers through his jet black hair and he suddenly took control, kissing me passionately while tugging on my bottom lip. He slowly moved down to my neck and began sucking hard, the last thing i remember before i passed out was his fangs biting into my the hollow of my neck.

    When i woke up, i had a pounding headache and couldn't see anything. It was completly dark where i was but i didn't need to see to know that i was completely naked. I was strapped to an examiners table sort of and my arms were strapped down and the room i was in looked like a surgeons office with drawers, tables, and sharp equipment everywhere; i whimpered in fear as i saw what was around me. My legs were spread apart further than their limit and my pussy was dripping slowly. I struggled in my bonds, trying to break free. Where the hell am i, I thought. Thoughts raced through my mind as i began to think of the things that could happen to me. Even though i was a 23 year old slut, i was still a virgin, and with my beauty, i could think of many people who would try and break my virginity. Where was Alex? i thought. I screamed while strugguling calling for help, but no one answered. As i continued to struggle, i heard footsteps like high heels clicking towards me. A lamp above me was turned on and the bright light burned my eyes. As i slowly opened my eyes to view my captor, i saw a woman in front of me wearing a get up that resembled the one Halle berry wore in cat woman.

    The only difference was that there were holes cut into the suit. She had cut the leather frabic around both her breasts and they were in plain sight for me to see, a black star though was on each nipple. She walked circles around me and i saw that the fabric around her pussy had been cut off, and it too was in plain view for all to see. She was gorgeous with dark black straight hair, extremely pale flawless creamy skin (which on most people would make that look ugly, but on her it looked gorgeous), her nose was straight and she had full pouty blood red lips. Her nails were extremely long, probably fake nails but they were really long and painted black. Her hips had the right curves and her amazing ass that was shaped in that tight leather suit begged to be smacked. Her legs were long and shapely, and on her feet she wore sexy black high heeled boots. I had always thought i was the sexiest woman on earth, until i saw her. She looked to be about a couple of years older than me.
    "Welcome" she said with a thick accent that i placed to be Romanian.
    "Where am i? and who the hell are you" i screamed.

    She didn't respond, rather she walked around me and opened a drawer bringing out a ball gag. I struggled as she forced it into my mouth. She smiled coldly at me to reveal a set of fangs just like Alexs'. I struggled against my bonds wishing to break free but i got no where. She purred as her violet eyes roamed hungrily over my body. I watched as she walked around and opened another drawere and brought out a riding crop. She walked around me letting the crop hit her hand as she stared at me. She turned around and took the riding crop and sent a whip at my breasts. I cringed at the pain screaming against my ball gag. She smiled coldly as she walked around me stopping every now and then to whip my breasts with the riding crop. I'm going to kill you when i get out of here i thought coldly. She stopped in front of me and continued whipping my breasts with the riding crop aiming for my pink nipples which were now standing up straight. I felt the tears falling from my eyes at the pain as she continued whipping my breasts with the riding crop but yet i felt my pink hot pussy getting wet. She noticed the juice dripping from my pussy and smiled, she took her riding crop and stuck it lightly on my pussy playing with my pussy. I could feel my pussy pounding with desire and lust. As if realizing my pleasure, she imdediatly stopped. She walked over to my stomach and stroked it tickling me with the riding crop. She continued smiling coldy at me as she climbed onto me placing her wet pink pussy dircetly on my belly button. I felt my breath catch at her weight. She wasn't heavy but with the way i was bound, it really hurt. I eyed her huge pale naked breasts, with it's soft pink nipples hungrily. I'd never been interested in women in my life, i mean i was heterosexual but i felt my desire rising as she straddled her self on my stomach.

    I could feeling my pussy becoming more wet as she rubbed her wet pussy on my stomach shifting up and down up and down her facial expression one of pure lust. She stared at my breasts while licking her lips as she dug her long black nails into my breasts moaning with desire. She dug her sharp nails harder leaving marks and i felt my pussy becoming wetter and my head starting to hurt from the pain. She fondled with my breasts playing with them like a kitty with a yarn of ball. She tweaked my swollen pink nipples and i saw the shock register on her face as milk came out. She quickly masked the expression and continued squeezing my breasts her eyes growing with wonder as more milk sputtered out. She placed her cold blood red lips on my nipples and bit them slowly at first, i could feel her fangs piercing into them. I gasped against my ball gag with pleasure. She began to suck and i watched as her throat bobbed swalloing the milk. As she sucked, she dug her nails into my breasts squeezing it causing more milk to flow into her mouth. She lifted her lips from my left nipple and concentrated on my right nipple biting harder than ever. I screamed against my ball gag shocked at the pain, she pierced her fang into my right nipple while digging her sharp long black nails into my breasts drawing a pint of blood from both my nipple and my breasts. She stopped sucking and lifted her head wiping the drop of milk from her lip. She rubbed her pussy harder against my stomach and i could feel the wet juices against my belly button.

    She climbed off my stomach and went into another drawer were she pulled out two thick pieces of rope, i watched confused as she headed towards me with ropes. She tied the ropes around each of my pale breasts tying them tightly and i could feel the blood starting to drain from them. She gazed at her handy work and smiled as her pearly white fangs glittered. She went to a tray on a counter and picked up six long silver needles. Smiling coldly, she walked to me her sexy heeled boots echoing in the room. She took off my ball gag and i moaned with pleasure as she played with my breasts a bit more squeezing each one at the same time seeing which breast squirted the milk the highest. The winner happened to be my left breast, smiling she took a 6 inch long sharp needle and jabbed it into my left breast. I screamed in pain as she jabbed it in more and more until the nipple poked out of the other side of my left breast. She did the same to my right breast jabbing the needle in harder than she did with the left breast. She took jabbed three more needles into each breast her fangs smile growing more and more evil at the sound of my screams. She eyed her handi work and stepped back.

    She walked to another tray and took 6 smaller 2 inch needles and jabbed 3 into each nipple. I watched as both milk and blood sputtered out of my nipples. She thirstly sucked the blood, and then the milk. My piercing screams echoed throughout the room. I saw a look of compassion pass her face as my face screwed up in pain. She climbed my stomach again making sure she rubbed her pussy against it. She leaned forward grabbing her large pale breast and placing a nipple in my mouth. I sucked hungrily eager to forget the pain of the needles in my breasts. After about 5 minutes of heaven, she got off my stomach and walked around to my pussy kneeling down to inspect. She spread my pussy apart, taking clips and cliping the lips of my pussy to the side of my thighs. She sniffed enjoying the aroma of fresh virginal pussy and i swear i saw her fangs grow longer. She slowly licked my pussy.
    "A virgin, i see" she said again with her thick romanian accent

    That was the second time i'd heard her speak. She continued flicking her tongue in and out of my pussy. I moaned with genuine pleasure, sensing my approval, she continued. She slowly bit into the centerfold of my pussy and i felt myself pass out for a moment with pleasure. She stopped for a second only to stroke her long index fingernail against my pussy, She slowly and carefully stuck her middle finger inside my pussy. I yelped at the pain, i was a virgin back then so even a small fingering hurt me. She slowly slid her middle finger in again, sliding it back at forth back and forth back and forth. I yelped with pain and pleasure twisting as she rubbed my pussy while fingering me. I felt myself about to cum and as if sensing my orgasm, she unclipped the lips of my pussy and shut it.
    "Don't cum" she commanded in that thick accent.
    As she was about to take my pussy into her warm mouth again, the door slammed open and i jolted shocked to see Alex. I knew he was responsible but through out my pleasure, i'd tried to convince myself that he hadn't been responsible for this. The woman quickly clipped the lips of my pussy to the side of my thighs, spreading my thighs further apart so my pussy was more exposed to Alex.

    "Hello, Lena" Alex said. His American accent had quickly been replaced by a thick Romanian accent. I hissed at him
    He walked around me stopping to squeeze my breasts and finger my pussy. From the dim light, i could see his hard on and i was scared at the size it was. Ignoring me for a moment, he spoke to the women who had sexed me for the past hour.
    "I have been betrayed by someone Sabrina" he said to her. His accent was so thick i could barely understand what he said, but at least i knew the woman's name was Sabrina.
    "Gather all the slaves, and bring them here" he said quickly. While Sabrina stalked out of the room, her big breasts bouncing along with her, he stared at me.
    "Why'd you do this", i gasped
    He eyed the needles on my breasts and stroked them. "You're telling me you didn't want this? You who tried to tempt me into fucking you?" He laughed coldly, the warm smile and the light in his dark eyes replaced with one of pure evil and hatred. He walked to the door and turned on all the lights and he quickly convered his face. It was then with the lights on that i could see the walls, and what i saw horrified me. Mounted to the walls, were thropys of Human breasts, asses, and much more. He fingered a breasts on the wall. "I think you're the one" he said. "These people..." he said, gesturing to the breasts, faces, and wriggling pussys on the wall "I also thought were the one, but they weren't. It pained me but i had to kill them, and these are their body parts. They too are now vampires". he said laughing coldly.

    I shivered in fear refusing to respond. Moments later, i watched shocked as about 60 women lined themselves in the room. They were completely naked except for the spiky collars on their necks and handcuffs on their hands and feet. Alex turned to them. "Someone has betrayed me" he said. "Whoever can tell me who, will get fucked tonight. I know who it is, but i am waiting for you to confess". As if to prove his point, he left his pants buttoned, but unzipped it and pulled out a large cock. I gasped, his cock looked to be about 11 inches, but the length was not what worried me, what did was the width, It was so thick, about 5 inches thick. I watched as the women licked their lips in anticipation. None of the women spoke though. After about 5 minutes, Alex sat down on a chair in front of a desk and nodded to Sabrina. Sabrina walked to a woman standing at the end with small B cup breasts but extremely large nipples, she grabbed her from the line and shoved her forward. "It was you" said Alex.

    "It was not, master, i am faithful" she said. As if to prove her point, she ran from the line and grabbed something that resembled fish hooks on the table. "I present you, with my most treasured gift, my nipples" she whispered. She cringed as she stuck the fish hook in her right nipple letting it poke out on the other side of her nipple. Closing her eyes, she yanked and i watched as her large nipple seperated from her breast. I watched as blood began to splatter out from her breast. Grabbing a fry pan from another drawer, she walked to a stove at the corner of the room and lit it. She placed her nipple on the fry pan and watched it fry, when it was "cooked" she placed it on a plate and walked to Alex, dowsing the nipple with the blood from her breast, she handed the nipple to Alex. Alex took a needle, and poked the nipple doused with blood from her breast and placed it in his mouth, he chewed then swalloed and said nothing. I felt vomit rising to my throat disgusted at what i saw.
    "You betrayed me woman" said Alex
    "But master, i did...." her sentence trailed off as the woman fell down and fainted from the pain.
    "Get the men and tell them to take her away" said Alex to Sabrina
    I watched as Sabrina ran off, and i too fainted from what i saw. I woke up a few minutes later to discover Alex's long thick cock only inches away from my lips and i felt the heat that was rising from it, i fainted once more.

    PART TWO COMING OUT SOON. this is kinda gory but i hope u liked it. PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT, when i see comments, i'll make a part two. I'd like to hear your opinions. Do not steal this story and do not copy this story without my permission. I would like all readers to know that i do not condone rape, and i think it's wrong!!!! This is just something from my imagination so don't get any ideas because of this story.

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    Thanks for sharing
    Note to self-Don't forget to stop and pick up battery's.

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    Lightbulb Redux?

    I liked this one and I commented on it back when it was posted
    up previously on the site.

    At first I thought this might have been a follow up to that
    story which I felt was pretty unique.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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    Nice start to an interesting story line. I look forward to part two.

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    I like this, looking forward to part 2

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    lets hear it for part 2

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