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Thread: A Wet Road Trip with Mom

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    Post A Wet Road Trip with Mom

    Here is a quick tale of a young man and his mother as they travel down the road to an unknown destination. This blends a bit of water sport (Ok a lot) with just the right amount of mother son love.

    The story is very open ended and I hope to add on to it if interest warrants it.
    Let me know what you think and if I should continue this story line.


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    Talking A Wet Road Trip with Mom

    Mom came back to the car from the motel office with the room key in her hand. “Last room,” she said “we sure are lucky; the next town is over 50 miles away.”

    Mom parked the car and I grabbed the two suitcases from the back. The room was OK. Not the Four Seasons but we never had that expectation in the middle of New Mexico. I tossed the suitcases on the bed and started to unzip and open them up.

    Suddenly it hit me. There was only one bed in the room and it was just a queen or so it looked. “Ah, mom, are they bringing in a roll-a-way bed or something?” I asked.

    “Oh, no” she chuckled, “the sofa should be a hide-a-bed honey.” I walked over and lifted the seat cushion. Sure enough it was. Damn, I thought for a second I was going to get to sleep with mom.

    “Did you think you would have to sleep with your old mom honey,” she asked? Without thinking I blurted out, “I hoped so mom.” Mom looked up from her suitcase with a slightly stunned expression, cocked her head to the side and took a good long look at my face.

    “You’re serious aren’t you baby?” she asked. “I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to say that,” I lamely said trying to un-ring that bell. She wasn’t buying that for a second. “Oh no, you are not sorry young man. You meant every word of that very revealing sentence. I can see it in your eyes. I’m your mother and I know you too well. So tell me something, what is it that makes you want to sleep with your old mother. You haven’t wanted to sleep with me in a long time. I think the last time was during a thunder storm when you were 10 years old.”

    Mom kept her eye on me and waited for my answer. I was the stunned one now. I had to come up with an answer and try to get out of this pickle. My brain was turning to hormonal mush. All day I had been looking at my mom’s cleavage and legs. We were traveling through the center of New Mexico. It was hot and the A/C was not doing too good of a job in the car. Mom had unbuttoned her blouse down to her bra to allow some air circulation. Her skirt had ridden up her thigh and her legs were spread all day long struggling to keep cool.

    I spent a good part of the day trying to stay cool as well and hide my up and down erection. My mom is a MILF. She has a rack I just want to bury my face in. Her boobs are so good looking, what I have seen of them. And her legs are fantastic. She goes to the gym 4 days a week and it shows.

    My brain was not working fast enough; I kept seeing pictures of my mother blowing down her blouse to cool off her boobs. The most intoxicating image though was of her squatting down beside the car on the side of the road to take a much needed pee. We had pulled off on a side road, both of us needing serious relief. I flung the door open as we stopped and pulled my dick out. Mom was watching me and the road. We needn’t of worried about the road. It last saw traffic when New Mexico was still a territory. I turned a bit sideways though with my back to the oncoming traffic which gave mom a perfect side view of my pissing. I finished my torrential release and shook the last drops off.

    As I tucked my hose back in my pants mom got out of the car and walked around the back of the car to my side. “Watch the road honey and holler if any cars pull off the interstate,” she asked. Being the protector son I assumed a position of visual advantage to watch the road. This position also allowed me a perfect view of mom as she squatted and pulled her skinny thong to the side and released her own river of golden fluid on the New Mexico desert.

    The sight of that golden stream escaping her and forming a river away from the car had me hard in seconds. As fast as it started the flow ended and mom looked up realizing in a second that she had just put on quite an erotic show for me and had forgotten to get any paper in her haste. “Honey, grab me some tissue would you please,” she asked. I retrieved the roll from the car and held it out to her like a toilet paper holder. She caught on and pulled a few sheets down and tore it off.

    “Thank you honey,” she gushed and reached under her short skirt to dab up the hanging drops. I slid back in the car hoping she had not noticed my raging hardon.

    “Well honey, why do you want to sleep with your old mother?” The voice suddenly brought me back to reality. My eyes sent images to my brain of the real world. I looked up and saw my mother’s eyes; she was focused on my crotch. I followed her eyes down and saw the tent in my gym shorts. My eyes flashed back up to mom and she was looking right at me now.

    “I’m sorry mom, I’m so sorry.” I was nearly ready to cry. Mom saw the look on my face and moved right over to me and wrapped her arms around me, drawing me in close to her. “Oh honey, it’s alright,” she spoke softly next to my cheek. “I’m the one that should be sorry. It’s been so hot and all I’ve done is tease you today with my boob show and fanning my legs.”

    “No mom it’s my fault, I’m such a jerk. Please forgive me.” She did not release her gentle hug on me. She rubbed my back and cradled my head. “No honey, I think it’s a lot more my fault that you’re so worked up. I have to admit, watching you pee today get me a little hot and bothered. I know my little squat got you going too. I saw the tent in your shorts. So I have to pee again you want to watch?”

    I lifted my head and looked right at my mother. Again my hormone controlled brain caused my mouth to speak before my sensible brain could stop it. “Oh geeze, you bet I want to watch, I think seeing you pee is so hot.” My ears processed what I had just said and I was instantly ready to crawl under a rock. I just told my mom I thought seeing her pee was hot. “Cool,” she said and grabbed my hand pulling me toward the motel bathroom. “I love peeing in front of people and peeing for my son just makes it that much hotter.”

    Mom flung the shower door open and dropped her skirt to the floor. She slid her thong off and I saw her smooth hairless pussy for the first time. She stepped into the shower, leaned against the side wall and reached down to her crotch. “Get over here close so you can watch honey,” she began. “It doesn’t last long, I can really pour it out.”

    Just as I got close she opened up her lips and let loose with a hard pounding stream that reached across the shower to the opposite wall. It was a fantastic site to see. My dick was hard as a rock and I had my hand wrapped around it over my shorts.

    True to her word, the show was over in ten seconds or so. I started to grab the toilet paper but mom just turned the shower on and rinsed her self and the shower down.

    “How was that honey?” she asked as she stepped from the shower. “You like watching mommy pee?” I struggled for words, this was an incredible, surprising and most welcome detour in our little trip. “It sure looks like you enjoyed watching judging by that stiff pole in your shorts,” she said as she pointed to my groin. “I think you should show your old mother how much you enjoyed that show. Why don’t you take those shorts off and let that pretty snake out to play.”

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I pushed my shorts and underwear off. My mother took her blouse and bra off and there we both stood in the bathroom naked. “So I think we can sleep in the same bed tonight,” she said. “But we better mess up the sofa bed just so it looks good in the morning. Do you have to pee yet?” she asked.

    “Yea I do, I guess you want to watch too,” I said. “I want to do more than watch,” she said as she stepped back into the shower. “I want to feel that hot golden pee on me. Get in here and wash my butt crack down with that fire hose of yours.”

    Mom bent over and pulled her cheeks apart exposing her cute little butt hole and pussy. I stepped up behind her and aimed my dick right at her rosebud. My flow started and splashed onto her anus. It ran like a river down her pussy crack. She reached back and into her crack further and pulled her butt hole open ever so slightly. I targeted the hole and moved in closer putting my dick head just two inches away from her sphincter.

    Mom moaned as my flow lessened. I shook off the last drops, mom stood and turned toward me. She had the most devilish smile on her face. “So, let’s get cleaned off, dressed and grab some dinner. On the way back I think we need to stop and get a 6 pack of beer and a bunch of bottled water. I feel like getting real wet and naughty tonight and I believe my son is right there with me on this one.”

    Part two, the after dinner fun, to follow.

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    Thanks for sharing that story with us
    Note to self-Don't forget to stop and pick up battery's.

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    i love part one can't wait for part 2

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    oh yea that was a good part 1, cant wait for part 2

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    Wink Finding Water In The Desert

    I like the setting for the story and the lead in to what looks
    to be a very wet and wild time ahead.

    It provokes the imagery of some shitty little no tell
    motel amid the baking desert of New Mexico where
    anything could happen.

    I'll watch for the next installment of this one to see what
    this kinky pair decide to brew up between them.

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    yes, i'm excited to see what other kind of water fun these two can have.

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    Can't wait for part 2 !
    I Hate Myself And I Want To Die

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    well constructed story it would be nice to experience and looking forward to the next story

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    nice story wich my mom was like that

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    hot mom stories are great. now i have to go piss. any moms want to help?

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    I guess he never finished dinner

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    hey, that was a really good story.
    I am a fan of a bit of water sports action, or should i say, urine sport action. The thought of a golden shower is really pretty hot. What do the rest of you think?

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    thats so hot

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    Part 2 should be good

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    I love golden showers...very hot syory

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    love the storie it was good

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    Chapter 2: After Dinner Fun

    NOTES: I know it took a while to get chapter 2 done... Too many other interests and not enough time to write. Enjoy!


    The diner across the street was pretty busy. While we waited for a table the friendly hostess told us to help ourselves to the iced tea or other cold beverages. We accepted her offer and both sat down with large glasses of cold tea as we waited.

    30 minutes and two glasses of iced tea later a table opened up and we were seated. Dinner was fast to arrive and we had soon finished our burgers and more iced tea. I motioned to mom that I was going to the bathroom and started to get up. She reached across the table and grabbed my arm. Her blouse billowed open exposing her soft breasts. Her eyes met mine and she whispered, “hold it, I want it all when we get back to the room, let’s go.”

    I nodded and out we went. The supermarket was just a block down the street. We made our way there, picked up a 6 pack of beer and a case of bottled water. As soon as we got in the room I headed for the bathroom.

    “I have to go bad mom, if you want to watch you better hurry,” I said with urgency in my voice. Mom charged past me into the bathroom and in a flash had her skirt down and was sitting on the toilet. “Oh geeze mom, I gotta go bad, let me go first, please,” I pleaded.

    Mom looked up at me, spread her legs apart wide, backed up on the toilet seat and said “Go ahead and pee baby, aim it right in here.” She pointed to her now open pussy lips. I stepped up to the toilet my dick in hand ready to unleash my nozzle. “Are you sure mom, I’m gonna get it all over.” I no more than finished the sentence than I realized what a dummy I was. She wanted to get wet, that was the whole idea.

    I pointed my tool at her slit and opened the valve. Mom pulled her pussy open as my pee assaulted her clit. She began rubbing feverously as my flow started to subside. I shook the last drop off and mom reached out and licked the tip of my dick. “Oh that was great honey, let’s get a beer and keep this going.”

    I went out to the car and grabbed our ice chest and filled it up ice from the motel machine. We loaded the beer and half the water into the ice chest, cracked open two beers and sat down on the sofa together.

    “So honey, do you think mom is some kind of freak, are you ready to call the guys in white coats? Do you want to forget all this and get back home?”

    I looked mom right in the eye, “No way I want to go home now. No way I think you’re crazy. Yes you’re a freak, a totally hot kinky freak and I want to get freaky nasty with you all night long.”
    Mom picked up the remote and turned on the TV. Typical of all motel TV’s the entertainment menu came up. Mom scrolled right to the adult entertainment and started browsing through the selections. “Let me know if you see something that might interest you,” she said.

    I started to say something stupid when she stopped. “That’s it right there,” she said as she hit the preview button. The screen filled with a montage of 30-40 something hotties in swim suits shaking their boobs. The title was Backyard Mothers.

    “Yea that looks great,” I said. She pressed the purchase now button and the movie started to play. I’ve never watched a porn movie before and especially with my mom, wow! This was a pretty good movie too. Lots of good looking mother types lounging around pools and playing with their pussies. I was hard as a rock from the first scene and mom noticed.

    Mom liked the show too. She had her legs spread and was rubbing herself rather vigorously. “Take your shorts off son, get comfortable, that rod of yours needs some attention.” She was right, I needed to do something.” I stood up and dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor. My dick sprung up and stood proud. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and gave it a couple strokes and sat back down on the couch.

    Mom stood up and dropped her skirt to the floor and unbuttoned her blouse. She spread her legs a bit, thrust her pelvis forward towards me and slipped a finger into her wet slit and spread her pussy open a bit. “That’s a fine looking Johnson you got there son, look at how wet it’s getting me,” mom said as she sat back down on the couch and turned toward me. She lifted one leg up on the seat opening her pussy up wide for me to see.

    “Wow mom that is so cool. I’ve never seen a real pussy up close before. Are they always that wet?” I asked. “No, they get wet like this when a woman is sexually excited and ready to be fucked,” she said in a matter of fact way. “And believe me, I am sexually excited right now and ready for almost anything. And I mean anything.”

    I grabbed my beer and slurped down about half the can. Mom did the same and we both turned to look at the TV. The hot blonde mother was sitting on a patio swing with a vibrator stuffed up her pussy, swinging and moaning. “Hey mom, you ever do that at home,” I asked, pointing at the hottie on the TV.

    Mom thought far a second before responding. “Yes I have, not exactly like that but close. I had clothes on for the most part, a sun dress. I had my rubber dildo stuffed up my hole and was frigging my clit. The one thing really different though is as I had my orgasm I started peeing and just let it fly all over the patio.”

    “Holy shit, really,” I blurted, “that is so cool. I wish I could have seen that. You really like peeing don’t ya mom?”

    “I do,” she blushed, “It’s a terrible fetish of mine. I like to pee in unusual places and I like to play in my pee. I seldom pee without getting my hands at least a little wet.”

    I took another long swig of beer and casually stroked my dick a little more. “So, where have you peed at hom,” I asked? “Oh gosh,” she began, “Let’s see the most often place is of course the shower. I always pee in the shower. I get to play with my stream, hold my lips open and spray all over the stall. I practice my stand up peeing so I can pee other place and not get myself all wet, unless I want to.” She paused and smiled.

    “I do a lot of standup peeing at home. Many times I’ll let loose in the bath tub. It’s a lot easier than the toilet. I mean sometimes my aim is a little off. It’s not like I have a hose I can grab a hold of and aim you know?” I was listening intently to mom as she revealed her deep dark pee secrets to me. Her story continued, “I guess my favorite place to pee at home is outside. It’s refreshing and a little daring. There is always a certain sense that someone could see me. I press my luck a bit to by sneaking a pee in very public areas of our yard.”

    I leaned in closer to mom and probed for more information. “Where would that be mom?” I questioned. Mom looked across at me, smiled and began, “You know all those short sun dresses I wear, they are very comfortable and allow me a great deal of freedom when it comes to relieving myself outside. I seldom wear underwear with those so anytime I squat or even kneel it opens me up and allows me to pee almost anywhere. My favorite daring place is the front flower bed when I’m pulling weeds. I can squat down and let it go or even get on my knees and let a stream go out backwards. It’s so naughty, I love it. Those little episodes are usually followed by a serious wank session, often on the back patio where I can finish off with an orgasm squirt.”

    My dick was hard as steel. My mother is a total freak and I love it. I finished off my beer and grabbed a water from the ice chest. “So I assume you do a lot of peeing in the back yard too” I asked, hoping to get mother to continue with her stories. I was in total heaven learning all this stuff about my mom.

    “Oh goodness yes”, she gushed. “I have so much naughty fun in the back yard. I can pee almost anywhere back there. I love standing up and holding my pussy lips open and letting a big stream loose. It’s so refreshing but my all time favorite thing to do is sit or squat on the edge of the patio, spread my legs wide open and go for distance.”

    “Geeze mom, I never dreamed you did anything like this. I thought I was a pervert when I peed in the shower.” Mom looked at me with a devilish grin. “You’re not a pervert dear; everybody has some little thing they like to do that is a little bit off center, something that is not talked about in public. Mine is peeing; I just like the sensations of the hot liquid as it leave. Feeling it flow through my pussy lips is a very erotic sensation to me. I know several other women that enjoy it too.”

    “I have to pee again mom.” I stood up and held out my hand to help mom up. She stood and we headed for the bathroom. Mom stepped into the bathtub and sat against the back wall with her legs spread open lewdly. She grabbed her hanging pussy lips and spread them open exposing her vagina. “Pee right on my wide open pussy baby and make it last as long as you can please. I want to play with my self and if we’re lucky I might have a squirting orgasm for you.”

    I stepped up to the edge of the tub and aimed my dick. My stream started and I regulated the flow by squeezing the tip a bit to hold it back slightly. The sight of my mother starting to play with her clit was unbelievable. The feeling of my own pee straining past my finger clamp was also interesting. I was keenly aware of the sensations at the head of my dick. Even as I peed I began to get hard. This had the effect of slowing my flow as well. I had to step one foot into the tub to keep hitting mom in the target zone. Her rubbing and poking became more frantic and urgent. She thrust her hips up forcing her pussy closer to me. I stepped completely into the tub and sat on the front edge. Now level with mom I continued to target her open pussy. She was close to climax, I concentrated my aim directly on her hole as she assaulted her clit.

    Her orgasm came fast and hard. Her hips pushed out further and her golden spray erupted from her hole. It arched up and soaked me from the chest down. She convulsed at least four times and each time a shower of amazing nectar drenched me. My own flow had stopped and as I was basking in the wet feeling I began stroking my now hard dick.

    I pumped my dick franticly as my mind raced with incredibly naughty thoughts about my mother and her fantastic pee episodes. I felt the familiar rush in my balls and the tingling in the head of my dick. My cum launched from the tip of my member and hit mom on the belly. I managed three strong squirts and the trail lead right to her still open pussy. Mom rubbed my cum into her pussy and then licked her fingers clean.

    “Let’s shower and get in bed,” she suggested. “I think this trip is going to be fun and exhausting and we’re going to need plenty of sleep.”

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    Love this story, thanks very much.

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    nice one thanks

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    Good story, please keep up the good work

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    That was hot
    got me hot and bothered

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    Wow! Nice story

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    o.k story but not in to peeing

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    Great story is their more?

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    so frickin hot!

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