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Thread: Camping

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    Hello this is my first posting on this site; I have enjoyed reading the stories here. Sadly this story is a work of fiction; please feel free to let me know what you think. It’s a bit long and takes awhile for any action to happen but anyway here goes:

    First Time

    I grew up is a fairly well off family, I went to private school and my family and I only ever spent vacations at 5 star resorts.
    This all changed for me when I started high school and met Barney. Barney was unique in my circle of friends as he did not come from money. He had earned a scholarship and his family didn’t have to pay for him to go to our school. Despite our different backgrounds we became great mates.
    The first summer after I met Barney he invited me to go camping with his family for 3 weeks. His family owned a small plot of land about a 2 hour drive from the city. Apart from a small shack his dad Brian had built there was nothing there but bushland. There was no electricity or plumbing or any luxuries. His family had dirt bikes which they rode around on tracks Brian had made through the bush. There was also a good surf beach about ½ an hour away. As a keen surfer I thought it sounded awesome.
    Barney’s family consisted of 2 younger brothers (Mitch & Joey) and his dad (Brian) and his mum (Sam). Brian and Sam were unlike any parents I had ever met; they insisted I call them by their first names which I had never done with any adult, and they spoke to me like I was an adult. Again something I was not used to. I also started to develop a crush on Sam. She was cute rather than beautiful. She stood about 5 feet tall and had a great body but I think I was just attracted to her personality and they way she seemed so confident in being herself. Unlike the women in my family who were always stressing how they looked and what clothes they were wearing.
    The first week camping was terrific; I didn’t miss the 5 star luxury my family seemed to depend on when we went away. There was good surf and I had learnt to ride a dirt bike pretty well.
    The end of the first week however was not so good. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick and was soon out in the bushes throwing my guts up. Barney got Sam who stayed with me most of the night and made sure I drank in between my trips to the bushes. In the morning Sam and Brian began talking about driving me home. I was distraught I didn’t want to leave. I told them I felt ok and just needed to catch up on my sleep and I would be fine. Sam told me to try and sleep and when I woke up she would give me something to eat, if I could keep the food down I would be allowed to stay. I agreed and hit my sleeping bag as Barney and his brothers drove off with Brian to the beach.
    I slept for about 3 hours and woke up feeling good. Brian and the rest of the family were still at the beach. Sam commented that I looked like I needed a shower and she would start up the hot water heater. With no electricity Brian had made a wood burning water heater which could heat water from the rain water tank, the only hitch was you needed someone to man the pump at the tank and pump the water otherwise no water would come out of the shower. I was impressed by the system as my father struggles to change a light bulb.
    The shower itself was on the outside of the shack and offered no privacy as it was completely exposed. Under normal circumstances I would not have felt comfortable showering there but I knew Sam would have to be manning the pump so I knew she wouldn’t be able to sneak a peek.
    The shower was great, I was able to wash the grime off and I actually enjoyed being naked out in the open. I wrapped myself in a towel and went to the pump to thank Sam but she wasn’t there. Just as I called her name she appeared from the shack wearing a towel herself. Her near nakedness surprised and excited me. “I thought you had to keep pumping for the shower to work?” I said.
    She smiled and said “5 minutes of hard pumping will give you 10 minutes of water. Would you mind pumping so I could have a shower?”
    I readily manned the pumped and watched her disappear around the corner. As I pumped I suddenly realized that not only was Sam naked right now just around the corner but if I pumped hard enough I might be able to spy on her naked. I pumped like a man possessed watching the clock. As soon as 5 minutes were up I crept inside the shack and went over to the window by the shower.
    Sam was naked in the shower washing her hair; she had medium sized breasts with large pink nipples, a flat stomach that led down to a triangle of black hair between her legs. My hand went down to my cock and started to pump it. I watched as she started to soap up between her legs. At one stage she turned around and I saw her gorgeous ass, when she went to pick up a shampoo bottle I saw her pussy lips and asshole staring back at me. A few more seconds and I would have blown my load all over the window but instead to my horror I noticed the water starting slow to a trickle. I raced back to the pump and hoped Sam would just think it was a blockage in the pipes.
    Sam reappeared a short time later wrapped in her towel looking refreshed. I was still pumping the water pump like a madman hoping she hadn’t realized why the water had slowed. “You can stop pumping now.” She said with a smile.
    I started to feel relieved until she said “Did you like what you saw?”
    I felt myself go red and I looked down only to see that I still had a boner which was making a tent out of my towel. I started to stammer but Sam said “its okay, I watched you when you were showering its only fair you watched me.” I went even redder.
    Sam then removed her towel and started to dry her hair with it. I sat open mouthed as this naked woman stood before me. “Do you like what you see?” she said. I managed to nod. She smiled and reached down for my hand and led me into the shack.
    Once inside she whipped my towel of and kissed me. We were the same height and it felt so erotic to have a naked woman pressed up against my naked flesh. She pushed me down onto the bed and started licking and kissing my stomach, going lower and lower. I groaned out loud as her mouth enveloped my cock, her hands stroking my balls and thighs. She moved her mouth down to my balls and started licking and sucking them. Just when I thought it could not get any better she pushed my legs up to my chest and started licking my asshole. I had never heard of anyone doing that to somebody else before, one part of me was shocked Sam was doing it to me and the other part was so glad that she was.
    She reached up her hand and started to jack my cock as her tongue continued to rim my puckered hole. I could not suppress the groan as her tongue actually began to force its way inside me. She seemed to sense I was close and sat up and impaled herself on my cock. I sat up and started sucking on her long nipples the whole time thinking “I’m fucking Sam, I’m fucking Sam.”
    Sam then got up on all fours and said “Please fuck me in the ass.” I looked at her delicious bum. I could see her asshole glistening with her pussy juices, remembering how it felt when she did it to me I leaned forward and licked her. “ohh yes” Sam screamed and reached back to pull apart her cheeks for better access. I reamed her just like she did me; I could feel her rubbing her clit as I plunged my tongue into her rectum.
    I couldn’t take it anymore so I sat up and placed my cock up against her hole. She pushed back as I pushed forward and it was in. It was tight and unbelievably sexy. I didn’t last long and was soon pumping semen into her bowels.
    We lay there for a while before she said “I guess that means you do feel better! You better go get dressed before Brian and the kids get back.” I scampered back to my tent to get dressed scarcely believing what had just happened. Brian, Barney and his brothers arrived a short time later and were pleased I was feeling better.
    Sam was wearing a short dress and started to serve up some lunch. Barney pointed to the back of her thigh and said “You’ve got something on your leg.” I looked down and realized it was my semen that must have leaked out of her ass. She scooped it up with her finger and put it into her mouth “Just a bit of mayonnaise” she said and gave me a quick wink.

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    Thumbs up Good Stuff

    Nice work on this first story you've shared with us.

    Just a little fine tuning as you might continue to write
    and things will be even better.

    Be sure to get your paragraphs separated to break up
    the text body.

    Thanks for a hot little tale.

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    Welcome to the Forum

    Thanks for the New addition...Keep at it and we look foward to more additions

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    Very good, I enjoyed the build up to the fun.

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    dont ever be sorry its to long

    chapter 2 plz

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    Chapter 2

    As I sat and ate lunch with Barney and his brothers, guilt started to creep over me. Barney and Brian kept talking about how great the surf had been and how it was too bad that I’d missed it. I tried to participate in the conversation but I was having trouble looking them in the eye, I’d fucked my best mate’s mum up the ass less than an hour ago, how are you supposed to behave after that. I felt bad about Brian too, he was a great guy and I’d just had his wife lick my asshole. I felt like a prick.

    The next few days seemed to get back to normal; we were all back surfing and riding the bikes. Everyone commented that I was a bit more withdrawn but I told them I was still recovering from my illness. I tried to avoid being with Brian or Sam, the former because I was guilty and the latter because I didn’t trust myself not to try and bury my face between her legs when I was with her.

    2 days later we were at the beach. All the boys, including Brian were out surfing while Sam was sun baking on the beach in a bikini that, when she revealed it when we first got to the beach, caused me to sprint to the water lest my cock burst out of my board shorts. The surf was pumping and we were having a great time. However, at one stage, after Barney and his brothers all caught waves it was just me and Brian. I tried to avoid eye contact and pretended to be concentrating on the waves when Brian said “Sam told me about what happened.”

    I nearly fell off my board. I started spluttering and stammering searching for something to say but Brian smiled and said “its okay, I don’t mind.” I looked at him dumbstruck. Brian smiled and said “We have an open marriage; Sam likes things I can’t always give her. She likes teenagers and lots of anal play.”

    Brain paused to look around to make sure the others weren’t within earshot. “I’ve never been into anal stuff, so Sam gets to find other playmates with my blessing on the condition she tells me all about it. I just want her to be happy and to tell the truth I love hearing about how these young guys all lust after my wife.”

    My amazement about what Brian was saying started to turn to relief, my guilt, though not completely gone was almost wiped away. Brian smiled “Sam and I could see you’ve been anxious about it, don’t worry about me. Sam likes you and I know you’re a good person, enjoy yourself but don’t go telling Barney.”

    I shook my head, I’d never tell Barney. Excitement started to creep through me, the last 2 days I’d convinced myself that my interlude with Sam would be a one off, now Brian had just given me the green light to try again.

    Back on the beach I smiled at Sam who grinned back at me. “Did you have fun?” she asked. “You bet” I said. I could hardly wait for a chance to be alone with her. My excitement cooled a little on the drive back as I realized that getting Sam alone would be hard. Our first time was the only time that I’d been alone with Sam and I doubted it could be repeated. I loved surfing so it would look strange if I stayed back at camp tomorrow. I couldn’t see how we would do it.

    That night I went to my sleeping bag feeling frustrated. I had spent all afternoon drooling over Sam, talking and flirting but with Barney and his brothers around it was hard. A few times Sam would walk past and casually touch me and after dinner I had walked behind Sam as she was washing dishes and pressed myself against her on the pretext of giving her my plate. She had ground her backside up against my cock which was rock hard but that didn’t last long as Joey came over with his plate.

    As I listened to Barney and his brothers quietly snoring I stared at the roof of the tent and tried to make my boner disappear. I got up to take a leak, I cast a longing glance at the shack that Sam and Brian slept in and went into the bushes. With no bathroom it was requested that we walk a decent distance away from the camp for toilet matters, I found a good spot and started to pee on a tree.

    A voice spoke from behind me “Great minds think alike”. I turned to see Sam standing in the shadows with a roll of toilet paper and a small shovel. She came up behind me and hugged me. She reached her arm under mine and took my cock which was still peeing on the tree and held it for me as I finished off. She started to kiss my neck, my cock now finished peeing was rapidly growing in her small hand. She used her other hand to stick a finger in my mouth which I sucked on. She then pulled it out and moved her hand down and pushed it down the back of my boxers.

    Her moist finger found my asshole and she started to play with it as she continued to rub my now rock hard cock. The finger at my asshole was rubbing in a circular motion not quite penetrating, I lent forward to give her better access and she pushed her finger in to her knuckle.

    She started pumping her finger in and out, keeping pace with her right hand which was pumping my cock. I started to groan, I could feel myself about to erupt. Sensing this Sam stepped back and pulled my pants down and had me step out of them. I started to turn around but she forcibly made me stay facing away from her. She crouched down and started kissing my cheeks, at the same time she reached up between my legs and started pulling my cock so that it was pointed at the ground.

    She started wanking me as she moved her mouth to my ass crack. As her warm tongue made contact with my opening I lent forward so I was almost bent double to give her best access. I relaxed my muscles as best I could and felt her tongue invade my rectum. I could hear her slurping as she tried to force her tongue in as far as possible. Leaning my head against the tree I reached back and spread my ass cheeks.

    Her tongue was now well inside me, it almost felt like her tongue was behind my balls. The sensation was too much and I sprayed what seemed like gallons of cum all over the leaf litter on the ground.

    I slumped to the ground trying to catch my breath, I looked up at same who was licking my cum off her hand. She smiled and said “excuse me a moment I still have to do what I came out here to do. She walked a few feet away, dug a small hole and removed her pants, squatted down and started to pee.

    There was a full moon (no pun intended) and I could see her quite clearly in the silvery light. After she’d peed she wiped herself and filled in the hole. She was still on her haunches with her back to me. I crawled over and pressed my face between her legs. I plunged my tongue into her pussy and sucked on her long pussy lips. Sam had her right hand between her legs and was furiously rubbing her clit.

    Sam reached back with her left hand and grabbed me by the back of my head almost forcing my face into her. I moved up and started feasting on her pink asshole. “Oh yes, you dirty boy” Sam cried as I speared my tongue as far into her as I could.

    After 5 minutes of furious reaming my teenage cock was rock hard once more. I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock into her slick asshole. I was soon pumping in and out as Sam alternated between playing with her clit and my balls. We both came together and collapsed into a sweaty heap on the ground, my cock still embedded in her ass.

    I pulled out and watched fascinated as her asshole opened and closed. When it opened it gaped to an obscene width, my cum was clearly visible and occasionally would spray out with little farts.

    “We’d better get back and get some sleep” I said. Sam still lying on her tummy reached back and inserted 2 fingers into her gaping asshole and pulled them out to reveal a big gob of my cum on her finger tips. She raised her fingers to her mouth and sucked them in “You can sleep, personally I’m going to spend a bit more time eating your cum out of my ass.”

    I think I was falling in love

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    Wink This Is Top Notch Work

    Silky smooth, a fine continuation of the story and the format
    makes it a damn fine read.

    This was a solid tale and nicely done as to the erotic
    interaction of the characters.

    Good work and thanks going out to you.

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    great story loved it

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    both installments were very good

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    tq.... great story...

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    Thank you so much for listening to the advice and breaking up the paragraphs! The story was hot throughout... the spacing in part 2 made it so much easier to enjoy!

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    thanks for a very nice story

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    thanks for the sotry

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    loved it

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    One of the best stories ive read. Is part 3 coming soon?

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    The build up is fantastic, good story

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    very very good story. i just wish there was a part 3

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